A Long Day

By tercio

Ininise the hellhound tried to focus on the breakfast dishes. It was hard. However much she wanted to help out the household she didn't like getting her paws wet. She had yet to find a type of waterproof glove which went on easily but still gave her enough manual dexterity to handle wet plates. Still, Ininise preferred to deal with soggy fur over the ordeal of breaking a dish and the subsequent inevitable flare of rage and frustration. Deep down she knew everyone loved her and would never blame her or truly fear her, but she was still profoundly ashamed of her occasional outbursts. Flaming eyes and a guttural growl were great in a fight. In front of husband and her sister wives? Not so much. Ininise definitely wanted to improve her self control before they had any children running around.

Of course, the boring domestic task proved doubly difficult thanks to the... distraction. Husband and Susan had woken up together a little early today and had been extra snuggly all morning. The human woman was now pressed up against a countertop with husband holding her from behind and nibbling on her neck. Ininise tried not to stare as Susan shifted a bit so she could step out of her panties and started unbuckling husband's pants. Husband's neck kissing intensified as he fondled Susan's breasts and began gently grinding against her. Thyra, their bicorn sister wife, casually stepped in to give husband a peck on the cheek and help Susan get one of her legs up on the counter. With the better angle husband was able to easily enter Susan and the cozy kitchen was soon filled with wet sounds and quiet moans.

Ininise envied the bicorn. After helping, Thyra was back to calmly going about her morning routine. Sure, she would constantly cast glances at the lovers and Ininise's sensitive hearing could easily detect the bicon's deep, rapid, aroused breathing. Thyra was clearly getting off on knowing that husband was taking her sister wife. But the bicorn was also happy to let husband and Susan have their fun. Ininise struggled with that. A big part of her wanted to jump on husband's dick herself, monopolize it. A wild, greedy part of her soul wanted to push everyone else aside, shove husband down, and take whatever she wanted. Which was everything. But that was wrong and she knew it. She loved husband, but she loved her sister wives too. Maybe not in quite the same way; Ininise wasn't a lesbian. She just cared about them all. A lot. She knew how much it would hurt Susan or Thyra to be pushed aside like that. The poor human girl especially. She was so insecure. Ininise wished she could just hug her all better. She'd never do anything to hurt any of them.

Then there was the other big part of Ininise. The part that was driven wild by the combination of the denial and the sharing. She'd tried to suppress that part of herself for a long time. Hellhounds were supposed to be untameable and dominant! Meeting Thyra had changed that. The bicorn had taught her that her secret desires were nothing to be ashamed of. Ininise could still be wild and fierce while being tender and generous with the people she cared about. Ininise didn't think her innate ability to rage would ever truly go away. The hellhound would gladly go berserker mode on anyone who threatened her family. But watching shy Susan open up to husband filled her with joy, even if it meant the human girl was technically taking something that Ininise could have been having right now. It helped a lot that it was so HOT. Ininise had given up any pretense of washing dishes and stared hungrily at the rutting couple. Husband was still kissing Susan's neck and Ininise could see his hands moving around under her shirt. The couple had worked up to a steady rhythm now. Susan was gasping in time with each thrust and reaching behind herself to grab husband's hips to try to force him deeper inside her. Ininise found herself breathing heavily and surreptitiously grinding her own hips against the edge of the counter in concert with them.

Ah, but that was another part of Ininise's complex tangle of emotions, wasn't it? She alternated between loving and hating the stupid silver seal hiding under her panties. The damn thing prevented her from feeling even the slightest pleasure from her sex! Her grinding achieved absolutely nothing. She constantly asked herself why she'd let them put it on her. She was a hellhound! She could kick all of their asses put together without breaking a sweat! The wild part of her raged that the stupid weaklings had tricked her into it somehow! She should beat them up and make them take it off her!

Those feelings were all very stupid and irrational of course. For starters, the magical seal had a safety override which Ininise could trigger at any time. There was no need to compel anyone to free her. And Ininise knew that her sister wives would never force her into anything she didn't want to do. Hurt feelings aside, the two weirdos actually might have been a little excited if Ininise had dominated the situation and only let them have the crumbs of sexy times with husband. But... Ininise was the same way wasn't she? She loved it when her sister wives were happy. She loved watching them be happy with husband. She wanted to share all the good things in her life with the people she loved. And the stupid seal... it helped. With it on she wasn't so distracted by her own lust and could focus on vicariously enjoying her sister wives' pleasure. It was such a bizarre and exciting form of titillation. And then there was the other benefit to the seal-

"Ah! Ininise! I'm close! Get ready to help Susan!"

Ininise broke out of her reverie and moved to support Susan's weight. The human girl was a little out of it, glowing with post coital satisfaction, and husband had sped up to finish himself. There was a final grunt and husband pulled out of Susan with a satisfied sigh. Ininise held the human girl so she could curl up and hug her knees to try and keep the seed inside her. Susan felt as light as a feather in Ininise's supernaturally strong arms as she carefully carried her sister wife to the couch and set her down.

Susan hugged her knees a little tighter and looked at Ininise shyly, "D-d-do you think I'll monsterize or get pregnant first?"

Ininise frowned and smoothed out her sister wife's mussed up hair, "I wish you wouldn't worry about that so much. You don't have to change for us to love you."

"I-I-I know..." Susan's obvious insecurity broke Ininise's heart, "...b-b-but I do hope I become a really cool monster girl. Like you..."

"Haven't you heard? Humans are the real monsters!" husband hopped onto the couch and gathered his wives into a hug.

"Oh yeah? Then where do hellhounds rank?"

"Meh." husband waggled his hand and smirked, "Mid tier."

Susan giggled as Ininise shrieked in mock outage and pretended to punch their husband.

"See, I hate to do it but a gotta deduct points for the domestic violence." he smiled crookedly and kissed Susan's forehead, "Do you want to cuddle for a bit and watch the news before you have to start work?"


The three of them settled down for a brief respite, Ininise letting husband wrap his arm around her shoulders and Susan clutching husband's other arm while resting her head on his shoulder. The hellhound would never stop being grateful that husband always seemed to know just what to say to cheer Susan up.


Unfortunately they couldn't stay on the couch forever. Susan headed for her small office to log onto her computer and get some work done. Ininise didn't totally understand but it had something to do with 'web-based integrated business intelligence'. Whatever that was it let Susan work from home and make fairly decent money. More importantly it meant that Ininise thought that Susan was smart for understanding it and she tried to use that fact to encourage her. Susan might be constantly down on herself but Ininise wanted her sister wife to know that she was proud of her.

After kissing husband goodbye Ininise headed downstairs to join Thyra in their flower shop. Husband was well on his way to getting his degree and already had a job lined up with one of the big Danuki run businesses in town, but Thyra hadn't wanted to wait on building their net egg. Especially given how many children she wanted. Her family already ran a nursery in the nearby insect forest (a good business for an alraune, elf, and bicorn) so Thyra had convinced them that an outlet in town would be a good idea. It had turned out to be a shrewd investment and business had been pretty good lately. Their best sellers were cut flower arrangements for gifts and weddings. They were a big value add, but pretty labor intensive. Thyra had spent many hours putting together orders and was in the process of training Ininise to help out. It was frustrating at times. Ininise's paws weren't exactly optimized for the delicate work and the arrangements didn't get any easier to complete no matter how much the hellhound darkly cursed at them. You just couldn't intimidate a flower arrangement. But she could tell she was getting better, albeit infuriatingly slowly, and she loved spending time with Thyra.

The duo spent a few hours chatting happily while they worked, Ininise occasionally needing to work the register or help a customer. It was always amusing to see the reaction people had to a hellhound in a fragrant flower shop with soft classical music providing the ambiance. It could be a little embarrassing too, but husband said she looked cute in her frilly 'meido' work uniform and that was enough for Ininise. Speaking of husband, Ininise and Thyra's ears both pricked up around lunch when they heard him moving around in his room over their heads.

"I guess he's taking a break from studying..."

Thyra smiled knowingly at the younger monster girl, "Go ahead and check on him."

"I don't want to leave you alone."

"I'll be fine. Go on. You can get lunch ready for everyone."

"If you're sure..."

Thyra waved dismissively and Ininise scampered upstairs to their private apartments. She could hear voices coming from Susan's room and stopped dead in her tracks. She knew she was being naughty, but she couldn't help herself. She crept to Susan's door as quietly as she could.

"-ut we already... I don't want to be greedy..."

"Don't worry. Thyra's mana is ridiculous. I could go all day if I had to."


Ininise bit her lower lip. For all that she didn't want Susan to think she HAD to monsterize, there was no way the human woman could avoid it given the enormous amount of monster mana she was being exposed to. And the classic symptom of monsterization and its aftermath was an increased libido. Ininise could hear the hunger in Susan's voice. The hellhound had no doubt what was about to happen. Sure enough, after some rustling and creaking of bed springs the heavy breathing started. Ininise brought her knuckles to her mouth to try to stifle her own panting. She was such a bad girl for spying... but it was so sexy she couldn't help herself. Her other paw drifted into her panties out of habit but was frustrated by the silver seal. The stimulation combined with a lack of release was driving Ininise wild.


"That's it. Spread your legs a little wider."


"Good girl. Now anyone lurking at the doorway can see everything. Like a naughty little hellhound maid perhaps?"

Ininise's tail went between her legs. Humiliated, she shamefacedly entered Susan's private bedroom / office. Husband was sitting on the bed and Susan was enthusiastically bouncing up and down on his lap. There were both facing the door and Ininise really could see everything. The hellhound worried her apron with her paws and tried to apologize, "I'm sorry for peeping..."

Husband laughed, "Are you? More importantly, are you bothered Susan?"

Susan probably wasn't in an entirely rational mental state but she still managed to gasp out, "Ah! Ininise! Look at me! Husband, AH!, husband is making love to your sister wife!"

"That's right. Because you're beautiful and smart and we all love you Susan." husband's hands roamed all over Susan's body, "Come here Ininise. I want you to help me show Susan that she's worth loving."

Ininise tentatively stepped forward. She grew a little bolder when husband gestured for her to come closer. It felt a little out of character for a hellhound but Ininise found that was bothering her less and less these days as she knelt before the couple. She was at the perfect level to watch husband thrust in and out of Susan. Her own loins were screaming for some kind of relief to the point where she could barely think straight. It was a wonderful torture.

"Oh God, Susan. You're so sexy."


"Please husband, fill her up!"

Husband laughed and redoubled his efforts. Ininise was forced to watch, frustrated and panting, as she clenched and unclenched her paws. She eventually settled into a crude and broken mantra of, "Yes... give it to her... oh God..."

Finally, Susan's moaning reached a crescendo. Ininise could have sworn she saw the woman's loins tremble uncontrollably before her entire body started to shudder. Husband wasn't far behind. He met Ininise's eyes and gave her a significant look. That was all the hellhound needed and she leaned in with her tongue out. She both cursed and praised her sensitive nose as she licked up the results of the lovers' congress, her head spinning from the scents. Susan squirmed at the touch of her sister wife's tongue on her overstimulated sex, and overbalanced a bit until she grabbed Ininise's head for support. The hellhound couldn't escape as husband popped free and the last of his seed spilled into her mouth.

Ininise would have done almost anything to be able to touch herself in that moment.

The weird submissive energy of the act overwhelmed Ininise. She dutifully cleaned both husband and Susan with her mouth, and then a soft towel she kept in one of her apron pockets. Her tail started wagging furiously when she looked up to see husband smiling at her.

He reached out the pet to head and praised her, "Good girl. Keep holding out and tonight will be super special."

Ininise thrilled at the promise but Susan was a bit more awkward. As usual, now that she was no longer lost in the act, she seemed a bit mortified at how lewdly she'd behaved. Ininise leapt to her feet and gave Susan an encouraging hug, "Hey, I meant it. You're really sexy. I'm so glad you're my sister wife."

Susan blushed and looked at her feet, "Y-y-you t-t-too..."

Ininise gave Susan another squeeze, "Do you want to help me make lunch for everybody?"


"I'll help too. If we all work together we'll be done in no time."


Husband had been right. With the three of them it had been easy to put together a really nice garden salad: Thyra's favorite. Although Ininise did insist on chopping up some leftover sausage to put on her's and husband's. Once had Ininise had run back downstairs to put up the 'Out to Lunch' sign and invite Thyra to join them the four enjoyed a very pleasant meal. Even if Thyra clearly knew what the others had been up to previously and was impossibly smug throughout. Once again Ininise felt a little bit envious of the bicorn. How could the one person who hadn't gotten any action at all be so self-satisfied?!

Once they were finished Susan excused herself to return to her work and Ininise offered to clean up so Thyra could take a break. Ininise tried to busy herself with the dishes yet again but the hellhound's heart started racing when she heard husband and Thyra getting snuggly at the table. They wouldn't. Would they?

Sure enough she soon heard husband's fly unzip. The poor hellhound developed a white knuckle grip on the fork she was washing and stood stock still, her ears straining to pick up exactly what was happening. Thyra, seeing her sister wife tense up, laughed musically.

"Come here silly. You can join in."

Ininise almost wished she could run away. Or at least jill off and get some relief! But instead she set down the fork and knelt in front of the bicorn. Thyra smiled at her, "Keep me company..."

The bicorn reached out with both hands and clasped Ininise's paws. The hellhound almost couldn't meet Thyra's loving gaze. The bicorn really did care about her and just wanted the best for her. Ininise fretted that she couldn't live up to what Thyra thought of her. The irony of the similarities between her attitude and Susan's wasn't lost on her. Fortunately, she was saved from further ruminations when husband entered Thyra from behind.

The bicorn was lying on her stomach so that husband would have easy access to her. The upshot was that Ininise had a clear view of husband over Thyra's shoulder. The fire growing inside her was stoked even more as she watched husband energetically thrust into the bicorn. She could feel Thyra's grip tighten and hear her breathing become ragged as the sensations started to overwhelm her. Once again Ininise was reduced to a mere spectator as one of her sister wives got what she desperately wanted. It wasn't long before Ininise's breathing was just as rough as Thyra's.

"Oh God! Thyra! How do you do that thing with your muscles?!"

Ininise thought that husband sounded almost desperate. Her eyes flicked to meet her sister wife's and Thyra giggled before whispering conspiratorially, "Horse. Pussy."

For his part husband seemed to really like whatever Thyra was doing and started outright jackhammering his bicorn wife while moaning. This was too much for Thyra and she collapsed into Ininise's arms while mumbling incoherently. Ininise held Thyra, uncertain of what else to do, watching wide eyed until husband finally shuddered in completion. At this Thyra clutched the hellhound tightly and screamed as her own sympathetic climax overtook her.

This time it was Ininise's turn to feel awkward in the aftermath. She grabbed some towels and mopped up the mess while husband moved to Thyra's front to cuddle, kiss, and share the afterglow. The hellhound had finished the dishes and moved downstairs to reopen the shop before they finished. She was happy for Thyra, she really was. But the building pressure of her own unmet needs was driving her insane!

By the time Thyra joined her sister wife in the shop the hellhound had ruined two roses, a daffodil, and a lilac branch with her shaking paws. Instead of being mad, the bicorn laughed sympathetically had took Ininise's paws in her hands.

"Having a rough time? It's OK. You really helped me out just now. Why don't take the rest of the day off?" the bicorn smirked and put her lips to Ininise's ear to whisper the last part, "You can look forward to tonight..."


Ininise could barely sit still during dinner, much to the amusement of the others. Afterwards she spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom staring at herself in the mirror fighting the urge to pop the seal and go to town on herself. It required to heroic effort to even barely manage to suppress the desire. She told herself just had to hold out a little longer.

As bedtime approached Ininise was the first to head for the bedroom. In theory they each had their own private rooms, but apart from short naps during the day they all slept together on Thyra's enormous, low slung circular bed. Some Tanuki genius had realized the logistical difficulties of harem sleeping arrangements and made a fortune selling 'bicorn sized' beds under the pretense of making them oversized for centaur types. Unfortunately the comfy quilt top and firm springs perfect for supporting 'bed games' failed to comfort the agitated hellhound the way they usually did. Even the lingering scents of husband and her sister wives couldn't calm her down as she tossed and turned waiting for the others to arrive.

Thyra was the first. She giggled when Ininise gave her a pleading look then removed her clothes before snuggling up to her sister wife in the bed, crooning comforting reassurances that it would be over soon in her ear. Next was Susan. The human girl knew what was going to happen and shyly stripped in the corner, neatly folding her clothes and placing them on a chair.

For Ininise the situation was all too familiar. This was how the seal always got applied to her in the first place. She would lie in bed, naked, and her sister wives would 'hold her down'. Of course, a bicorn and a human woman would have zero chance of actually physically overpowering a hellhound who didn't want to be restrained. But Ininise always found herself voluntarily submitting to the gentle touch of the others. Even now, she was completely docile as Thyra and Susan carefully removed her clothes. Thyra simply had to place a single palm on Ininise's shoulder and the hellhound sank backwards onto the bed.

Despite the fact that she could have leapt up at any time and effortlessly defeated the other two women Ininise felt oddly vulnerable lying there naked. But in that vulnerability she found a strange comfort. She felt safe. And loved. And as they had so many times before, her sister wives lay down beside her. On the left Thyra held Ininise's paw and stroked her hair, occasionally taking time to gently scratch one of her fuzzy ears. On the right Susan held Ininise's other paw and tenderly caressed her belly.

"I'm so jealous of your girl abs..."

"No... Susan... you're so beautiful..."

"Shh, shh, husband loves you both. You're both amazing. And you did incredible today Ininise. This marks a full twenty four hours."

"I almost didn't make it..."

"But you did make it. And now you get your prize."

As if on cue their husband arrived. He smiled warmly at his wives before climbing into bed with them, "Are you ready Ininise?"

The poor hellhound could only whimper and spread her legs. Their husband chuckled affectionately and touched the runes on the silver seal in the 'release' sequence. Ininise gasped in response. After an entire day of perfect numbness even the cool air on her sex felt overwhelming. When husband carefully probed her entrance with his member she was reduced to making incoherent noises. His actual entry was enough to send her over the edge.

There wasn't much technique required that night. Husband simply maintained a slow steady rhythm, trying to hold out as long as he could while Ininise spasmed around him. Thyra and Susan held their sister wife's paws and pet her while she rolled her head wildly and shuddered. Susan eventually moved her hand down a little to massage Ininise's womb in small circles. At that point Ininise was still so sensitive and husband's member felt so large to her that she imagined Susan could feel the bulge moving around inside her.

But even the mana of a bicorn's husband not inexhaustible. Eventually husband had to slow and stop. Ininise was totally spent as well. The hellhound suffered through one final pleasurable tremor and was left sweaty and panting when he pulled out of her for the last time. She didn't even have the energy to act tough when Thyra and Susan kissed her forehead before nestling up to her and hugging her.

"Dammit... you stupid nerd... tomorrow... tomorrow night I'm going to bully you so hard there's going to be a you shaped impression in this bed..."

Husband managed to prop himself up on his elbow, "Hah! Are you saying you don't want to have any more special chastity days?"

Ininise blushed, "N-n-no... I... I didn't say that..."

Husband just laughed again and got up to turn out the lights. Ininise couldn't look him in the eye when he returned to pull a blanket over his wives.

"You're a good girl, Ininise."

Thyra shifted so husband could crawl in between her and the hellhound. It was a tight fit but the bicorn was able to keep holding Ininise's paw even with husband lying between them. Husband himself and Susan both hugged Ininise like a body pillow, their fingers intertwined. Everyone felt that today was a special day for Ininise and that she deserved to be the center of their love.

When Ininise fell asleep she had a very silly smile on her face.

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Thanks, this was good. For once I like a hellhound. "net egg" should be "nest egg" unless I've missed some joke, and you spelled "Tanuki"/"Danuki" inconsistently.




Damn that was gud