Maria the Hellhound

By abeja

>Down the street there is a group of hellhounds talking

>A small figure approaches them

>"Hello, fellow hellhounds!"

>"Who said that?" They look around and finally notice a small hellhound

>"Kid, are you lost or something?"

>"I'm not a kid, I'm 25!" The little hellhound says

>"Well, somebody didn't eat her meat" The group laughs

>"Hey, why aren't your eyes flamy?"

>"It's a... condition"

>"I'm new to this neighborhood and I want to join your pack, my name is Maria"

>"Eh, what the hell, welcome to my pack Maria"

>Maria starts to wag her tail in excitement, she made new friends

>The alpha cellphone rings

>"What?... A party? Where? uh hu... yeah, nice!"

>"What is it?"

>"Ok girls, we got ourselves a party!"

>They all howl

>"hehe, Maria howling sounds cute" A hellhound pats her head

>They all walk together, make a few stops and finally get to the house where the party is

>The alpha walks to the garage door and knocks on it "Hey, we are here!"

>It opens, a boy greets them "Did you get it, Wendy?"

>"When have I ever let you down?" She hands him a box

>"Come right in" He leans close to her, "Dad and mom are not home the whole weekend"

>They all grin and walk inside the garage

>Once inside they find a bunch of guys staring at CRT screens, with PCs connected to each other, there are cables all over the place

>"Hey! Who are you?" A young man walks to them

>"We got invited to the Wan Party"

>"Wan? No, this is a LAN Party" He waves at all the computers and the guys playing games on them

>"LAN?" The alpha asks, while all the hellhounds tilt their head to one side

>"Local Area Network" Maria answers

>"Yeah, what she said, anyway could you..."

>The alpha extends her paw and a hellhound puts a bunch of pizza boxes on it

>"...come right in!"

>All hellhounds high fives each other

>Each sits next to someone playing a videogame

>Maria stops and notice they are one guy short

>"Maria, what are you waiting for go and take a sit" The alpha tells her

>"But, you will not..."

>"It's ok, I can wait"

>Her tail wags and takes a sit

>She observes him playing a few minutes in silence

>"You are pretty good at Battlefield 1942" Maria says

>He looks at her "Name is Vic, nice to meet you" and shakes her pawn while he waits to respawn

>"My name is Maria"

>"Hey, Maria, hit me"

>She complies

>"Not me! That slice of pizza, I want a bite"

>She grabs the pizza and puts it near his mouth

>He bites it, this makes Maria's tail wag at full speed

>All the other girls are teasing or messing around with their guys

>"That was fun! Man I'm hungry" They rest to eat more pizza and drink soda

>"Hey! Why are there so many inside the garage?"

>"Nice! We can add more computers to play videogames!"

>They connect a few computers and some claptops

>"Wan vs Man, Round One!"

>Wan loses, but at least Maria manage to save them from a horrible defeat

>"Wan vs Man, Round Two!"

>They keep on playing, eating and drinking

>"AWWWOOOO! A win for the Wans!

>The wans manage to win one round out of 24

>"Dudes and dudettes, I'm tired, lets hit the sack and play tomorrow morning"

>They all turn their computers off, set small bed sheets as walls and go to sleep

>"What now?" The hellhounds ask their alpha

>"Pick the one you like" She waves them away

>"But what about you?"

>She licks her lips "The boy that let us in, I babysitted him since forever, today... lets just say he isn't going to need babysitters anymore"

>They all grin and giggle

>Each hellhound 'persuade' themselves in different tents

>Maria cant believe how easy it is to get a male, so she gathers her courage and enters Vic's made up room tent

>"Eeehh, uuuhhh, can I sleep here?"

>"Sure!" He raises his bed sheet and Maria lays with him

>Maria and Vic are staring each other in silence, they are too embarrass to speak

>Moaning comes from different directions

>She feels something on her hip "What is that...?"

>"...That's my... Flashlight!" He takes out a flashlight


>She turns around since seeing his face is too much for her, then she feels something poking at her butt"

>"That... is not a flashlight..." Says Vic

>In the next morning, everyone gets up, most of their cloths are torn and their backs scratched

>The alpha is holding hands with the boy that let them in

>Maria is walking funny, she can still feel it and wonders if that is normal

>"Good morning everyone, lets eat some breakfast and PLAY VIDEOGAMES!"



>They keep on playing until evening and decide to give it a rest

>"We should plan a Wan Party next" The Alpha suggests

>A guy thinks for a few seconds "I guess is doable if..."

>Another interrupts him "We are going to need more cables and routers..."

>The alpha leans in closer to Maria

>She whispers "Wide Area Network"

>They all go to their homes to introduce their new girlfriends

>The Alpha walks Maria home

>"It was fun, see you tomorrow!" Maria hugs her

>"No problem, oh you don't need to paint your body black, we don't mind having a Kobold in our pack" She pats her head and walks away

>Maria howls “Thank you!”

The End

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