By spurg

Your marriage had agreed with you. The two of you had practically decided to get married after only a week of knowing each other, it wasn’t so much as a whirlwind of romance as it was a feeling of coming home and feeling, for the first time in your life, complete. The two of you had seemed to perfectly compliment each other in a rather happy way. Where you were often rather negative and almost a prematurely aged crotchety old man, Sydney was warm and sweet with a personality that could get anyone to smile. She stood just barely taller than you, being a living ball of fluff with mismatched portions of blue, gray, and purple skin that was stitched together while her head was crowned with soft, round horns; it had taken you a bit to get used to her appearance, but eventually you couldn’t imagine any kind of ‘ideal woman’ who didn’t look exactly as your wife did.

The two of you had met on portal day but hadn’t married till about two months later. It had taken time but compared to most of your friends and most of what you had heard of Mamono, you began to realize that maybe Sydney was different from most of her kind. It took awhile but you had slowly began to confirm this and piece by piece, each bit of evidence leading you to realize that your cinnamon roll of a wife was incredibly sheltered and rather innocent. Your wedding night should have been an immediate tell, but being in love makes you blind to ‘faults’; not that it really was one.

While she had been rather eager, things had been slow moving and after a time you had to take the lead and explain what and how things would go. No, penises were not segmented like worms. Yes, there was a possibility that it could hurt the first time assuming Mamono were built the same as a human woman. No, flicking your testicles wouldn’t be pleasurable at all. Yes, you were fine if the two of you fumbled about and if it took time to figure everything out for each other, you wouldn’t think or love her any less for it. Needless to say, things had taken a while as both of you had figured things out that first night as both of you learned things about each other's bodies and eventually passed out covered in sweat and entirely spent and worn down in the most pleasurable of ways.

The following months had been amazing but also overall an adventure in wedded bliss and hilarious problems with miscommunications, technology shock, or other issues resulting from how generally innocent and subdued she was for a Mamono. Slowly though the needful hunger that you had heard about from others bled through, but her soft and overly sweet personality seemed to temper it. Demanded sex usually was rare and mostly revolved around her demanding you take charge or let her please you in a mirade of ways and you could never deny her. Unlike your friends who’s wives would likewise fall into demanding moods, you never ended up with a limp, but you did tend to have the same goofy look plastered across your face the next day. Even on her worst of those days, like the regular full moons, it only made you love her more and feel like nothing could ever go wrong; until it did.

Mamono mana had for most intents and purposes had become known as a wonder drug, a literal panacea. Cancer patient? Here’s a dating service or a demon energy therapy. Genetic disorder? Ditto. In utero congenital issues with your unborn child? Expectant mother needs to monsterize. Minor tissue damage? Mana could fix that. There wasn’t much it couldn’t do and it had become the forefront of almost all fields of various research in practically every conceivable way.

So the morning you had woken up as part of your morning routine for work and noticed something you had been missing for most of your life, it wasn’t much of a shock. You had heard these kinds of things happened on occasion, but you couldn’t help but stare down at yourself in the shower; seeing something you had never seen as part of your own body before. Apparently your incubization had restored your foreskin. Touching and pulling back on yourself, you hissed loudly as both pain and pleasure jumped through you in an electric shock; mentally you rationalize the ‘pain’ an effect of it simply being overly sensitive from nerves firing off that you’d never had before, more than likely it was probably just pleasure.

Bemused you couldn’t help but figure that Syd would get a kick out of it, being more easily able to drive you crazy as well as melt your mind during some of her more demanding times. You couldn’t help but laugh softly, wondering at how she’d react to this surprise. Turning off the shower, you stepped out and caught a glimpse of your slumbering wife just a few feet away on your shared bed in the other room and with a disappointed sigh went about getting ready for work; what you wouldn’t give for even an extra ten minutes. At least once you got home you could show her, for now you’d let her sleep.

Work had been rough and infuriating, leaving you feeling drained and in a haze of fatigue; Sydney had lovingly agreed to let you take a nap and given a soft promise to wake you if she had a ‘need’ and would work on dinner in the meantime. The morning’s discovery practically forgotten entirely, a footnote on your day. You had slept rather well as you drifted off, your Bogey taking care of the house and dinner, or at least you had for awhile.

You felt a familiar sensation at your hips as cloth was pulled free and was roused by the sensation of hot breath on your navel which slowly trailed downward. You shuddered, stifling a whimper as you wanted her to continue on in thinking you were asleep. Lower and lower it drifted and you bit into your lip savagely as you struggled not to make a sound or move. Her largs plush claws grasping and groping at your hips, only to pause much to your disappointment. Violently your grasped quickly, earning another shudder from yourself, only for this new groping to suddenly lose any sensation of something sexual or even enjoyable.

A rough tug pulled a whimper out of you. A harsh, uncharacteristic squeeze. And a sudden, rough and overly quick peeling back of your newly regrown organ causing you to nearly draw blood as you fought not to make a sound. You couldn’t fight your body’s natural reaction to the rough treatment, even if you didn’t find it pleasurable, as part of you quickly hardened at the cruel ministrations.

“Anon.” Your wife calls out to you, the tone completely alien from what you had ever heard from her before. “Anon!” Her tone more harried, fear dripping from it. You swallowed heavily, breathing in.

“W-what is it?” You asked nervously, your mind unable to grasp what was wrong.

“Anon, are you injured?” Sydney sat up, throwing off the blanket and hopping up from the bed as she rushed to the lightswitch on the wall and practically slammed it into it’s on position. Light stab at your eyes and your wife let out a shriek; immediately you hopped out of bed and began touching at your lower body, imagining the bed had been filled with spiders or perhaps you were somehow wounded without you knowing. An allergic reaction maybe?

“Anon!” Her voice sharp and full of worry, shrill and terrified as she rushed over and grabbed at you, grasping you at the shoulders before dropping to her knees before you. “W-what happened? Are you okay?”

“What's wrong?!” You demanded, her fear becoming infectious. Immediately she grasped at your semi-hard length, gripping it tightly while looking you in the eyes fearfully.

“Y-your p-parts,” She tugs on them a little roughly, eyeing them with nothing but concern and fear as her eyes begin to glass over and look close to tears. “A-anon w-what happened?!”

You looked down, trying to see what she was looking at as your cock was painfully gripped by her. Your breath was short on your lips, not just because of the panic, but also somewhat shamefully because of the rough treatment which was fully alien to her usual very gentle touch; were you a masochist secretly? Your eyes saw nothing off about your sex, other than what you had noticed this morning which had caused your brow to furrow as your mind reeling and began to jump at various ideas. Reaching down you grip yourself and slowly, almost painfully peel back the newly regrown part of yourself, hissing at the intense sensation and shuddering at it.

“Do you mean this?” You ask curiously, seeming to pick up on it and wondering at how she couldn’t know this. She was an adult, she had gone through the same otherworld orientation as all other Mamono; was circumcision not addressed or had she not paid attention before crossing over during the DOTR? Your mind spun at the possibilities as she simply nodded, tears seeming to form in her eyes.

“I-it hurts doesn't it?” She asked, voice full of concern and desperation. “Is it a t-tumor?!” You could help but snort, finding the absurdity of all of this inappropriately hilarious; Sydney however did not find it amusing at all.

“W-what?!” She barked at you, eyes seeming to threaten to let loose tears, “S-something is wrong Anon! We might n-need to go to the hospital or m-”

“Calm down, it’s okay.” You interrupt, gently cupping her face as she was kneeled down in front of you; though due to her large size it merely meant that she was just barely shorter than you for once. “I incubized, I’m not cut anymore.”

“What does that mean?!” She demands angrily as tears start to form, and for the first time since meeting her you have to admit you can finally see how bogey are related to ogres, the confusion and touch of rage twisting her usual gentle expression into something legitimately terrifying, her expression more than enough to cause you to try and pull back away from her. “What do you mean ‘cut’?! What was…,” She trailed off, her multicolored patchwork skin seeming to pale out at the same time as tears began to roll down her face, the hamster in the head beginning to turn the wheel. “No. No, no no no.” She whimpered, sitting down on her rear in front of you and seeming to deflate.

“What's wrong?” You asked, slightly confused. Was she upset that your foreskin had seemingly regrown?

“Anon… y-you were m-mutilated,” She sobs out, tears rolling down her face which immediately makes your chest ache. It's almost enough to make you cry. “O-oh Maou, I liked i-it tha-... oh, Maou!” She buries her face in her large claw like hands, letting out a loud sob as she trembles and begins to weep and all you can do is awkwardly grab at her and hold her, an odd pain blooming in your gut and chest. You have no idea what to do, what to say or even how to begin to address this. Sure Mamono had one track minds about anything involving sex but you doubted anything to do with the sudden violently increased sensitivity would be able to offput any of the preceived trauma of pain you couldn’t recall or what had been stolen from you.

Days had passed and eventually you had partially gotten Sydney to forget most of it, though on occasion it would flare up and she’d go into an uncharacteristic rage. She would at times begin ranting about your parents, doctors, ‘chosenites’ and more and it was enough to make even Alex Jones blush. A third of your phone bill had seemingly become dedicated to her various attempts to contact the Maou’s provisional government and filing petitions to have practically everyone involved either executed, sent back to the abandoned world, or forcibly altered into Mamono.

Usually when she got like this there was only one way to get her to calm down and while it was somewhat painful and grim work, you had started to become addicted to it. Whether it was as a result how worked up she would be and overly rough as a result, you had no idea; but you started to find reasons to bring up your parents, doctors, of ‘chosenites’ like a overly knowledgeable person inciting a conspiracy theorist into unhinged ranting, only instead of a spurging spectacle these outbursts resulted in you howling like an animal and limping the next day. Marriage had agreed with you, but the current arrangement didn’t.

Enough was enough and you had decided on something drastic. In retrospect it was likely a terrible idea and the aspects of what it involved naturally terrified you, but the terror of it was far less than how things were quickly souring between you and Sydney. You wanted to simply be held again, to have the old slow and gentle touch that had driven you crazy about her when the two of you had started ‘dating’.

You sighed solemnly as you sat in the waiting area, you had no idea how she’d react if she had any idea of what you were doing; but you had to do this for the sake of your marriage and for her general sanity. Enough was enough. And despite your apprehension, you couldn’t help but be relieved when the receptionist told you to go ahead and enter the doctor’s office.

It had been a whole two weeks since you and Sydney had seen a dentist. You knew full well that Dr. Noritz was absolutely not a dentist, but the concept would keep reasserting itself as well as feeling you shouldn’t question or push it any further. What kind of a dentist didn’t even have a dental chair or the associated equipment? Immediately a wave of that odd sensation came back, causing you to shudder and push the thought away.

Whatever the reason for seeing her was, for both of you no less, you couldn’t really fully recall. You knew more clearly that the two of you had been unhappy, practically miserable though Syd could barely recall, and most of what she could seemed drastically different from what you could; maybe it was a really bad toothache? Odd that you both developed one at the same time. How had the doctor fixed that without any equipment? You shuddered again at the thought only for your wife to squeeze you in her large pillowy arms as she murmured something you could only half hear but your body immediately relaxed. It didn’t matter, though it was odd that a mindflayer would choose to be a dentist, wasn’t it?

What did it matter anyways? Everything was great, neither of you had a care in the world and the only real matter of issues lately was whether the two of you should consider having a truckload or a busload of children. You rather enjoyed those arguments, the two you ending up in each other's arms on the couch while claiming either position was superior till each of you eventually fell asleep to the rhythmic sounds of each other’s breathing.

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yikes dude, do i even wanna know how they fixed this such that mana won't make it a problem again?