Dullahan Clingwrap Prank Greentext

By pkace04

>Be me

>Admittingly Lazy fuck who’s just trying to enjoy his day off playing video games and munching on chips.

>“Ha! He got hit by a coconut!”

>Working retail hell, these lazy days are absolute bliss…

>“Hey hey hey! What do you think you’re doing? You’re not in Ancient Greece you know?”

>Fuck me…

>My childhood friend and self-proclaimed rival. My opposite in every way possible…

>“Dammit! Irida, this is my day off! Can’t you just let me rest for one fucking day?!”

>Always having her way with me, this little shit is the very definition of an active woman. Wearing a typical sports bra and spats combo.

>Though, she also had this weird fixation on neck collars.

>No matter what she wore, she always had one on her.

>“Having an off day is exactly why we should go out and exercise! If you sit around all day eating and laying on your couch, you’re gonna get fat!”

>Without my consent, she grabs my shirt collar and drags me out with me.

>I want to fight back, but she’s deceptively strong and could easily knock me out.

>So I had no choice but to go with her.

>Then the same thing happened again the next week after.

>Then the next…

>Again and again and again.

>“RRRAAAAH!!! Dammit! That’s it! Time for a little payback!”

>Today, I’m gonna pull a popular prank on her and film her.

>So, with my hand-held camera ready, I wait for her to inevitably show up.

>Then, with a loud boom, I heard Irida call me out from the front door.

>Hehe…there she is…

>“Dammit Irida, go the hell away! And don’t you dare try and drag me away again!”

>Hearing her scream out in annoyance, I could hear her stomping her feet.

>“Huh?! You’re just asking to get dra-”

>The moment I heard the shrinkwrap hitting her face, I stood up from my couch and started recording.

>“HA! Gotcha!”


>Am I seeing things?

>As my perception of time slowed down, I saw her body falling forward while I saw her head hitting the shrinkwrap.

>“O-Oh shit!”

>Setting my camera down on top of the couch, I ran right for her head, catching it before it fell to the ground.


>No way. It’s just Shrinkingwrap, not a fucking chainsaw!

>Wait, more importantly, I’m holding onto her dismembered head!

>“Irida, I didn’t me-”

>Taking me by surprise, I saw no blood pooling from where her neck is. In fact, when my tears cleared up, the look on her face showed that she was just fine.

>How the hell is she still alive?!

>Hold on…

>Putting that aside…

>Irida’s cheeks were beet red, moaning ever so softly…and erotically while staring at me.

>The hell…

>Are her eyes…h-he-heart shapped?!

>Seeing a shadow in front of me, I turned around and saw her body moving on its own.

>Slipping her hands under her top to play with her nipples, I saw streams of heart-shaped smoke coming out from where her neck is before hearing Irida giggling, causing me to turn my attention back to her.

>“Clever boi. You definitely got me with that prank…”

>With a lewd smile, I felt something wet land on my chest.

>Grabbing whatever it was, it was the spats she was wearing. The crotch area of her spats was soaking wet.

>Turning my attention yet again to her beheaded body, she stood even closer to me with her top completely gone.

>Groping and fingering herself, I realized the fatal error I just made.

>“I guess we’ll do a special kind of exercise today…one that requires the cooperation of the one you love…”

>If I had known she was a Dulluhan

>“So…Answer me this…Are you gonna cooperate so we can do light exercises?”

>I wouldn’t have done something stupid like this…

>“Or are you going to fight back and turn this into an anaerobic exercise?”

>Her body moved closer and closer, until she was standing right on top of me. Her love juices dripped onto my face.

>“Please fight back…”

>Just like that, my plan to prank and blackmail her completely backfired.

>Attaining the dreaded status of her race, Irida became a headless horseman as she made me her steed.

>Forced to play along since my camera recorded the whole ordeal, she turned the tables on me and threatened to show her friends if I didn’t cooperate.


>I hate to admit it…

>This is more humiliating than working out!

>But this is also…turning me on…

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