Sahuagin Greentext

By pkace04

>Be me.

>Owner of a hole-in-a-wall plushie shop.

>It’s not much, but it’s a living.

>Most popular with the young Alice’s, Bapho’s, and the like.

>From felt to cotton, I’d make them all custom order whether they needed it today or a month from now.

>“Here you go sweetheart. A nice fairy playmate for you.”

>Handing over a fairy plushie I made for a Leanan Sidhe gal, her mother and father gave her loving kisses and head pats before bowing in gratitude at me.

>Getting paid’s the main reason I do this of course.

>But I always feel a strong sense of pride whenever I see those kiddos walking out with a new friend.

>Alas, my hobbies have led to me being bullied by both boys and girls alike when I was little, so I don’t have much of a social life to speak of, let alone friends…

>Or a girlfriend…


>Hmm? That time of the week already huh?


>Walking in with her webbed feet that smelled slightly of the sea, I always had one regular that always seemed too old to be having dolls or plushies.

>“Hey. Who’s hurt this time?”

>About as silent as she was mysterious, she presented her large claws before opening both of her palms.

>“Oh? It’s Octogo that’s hurt this time? Well, that’s alright. I’ll get his tentacles and head all fixed up for you.”

>She was tall, sleek, and a gorgeous Sahuagin.

>You wouldn’t know it from her sharp, but hollow golden eyes and large webbed feet and hands, but she looked about as gentle as could be.

>Though I wish I knew her name.

>With no signs of uttering a single peep from the moment we met up until now, I read her body language and the very subtle groans and grunts she let out.

>Her expressions were equally as stoic as reading her emotions was basically impossible.

>I’d give her Plushies nicknames to try and break the ice, but she never responded verbally.

>Though she didn’t seem to hate the names either, otherwise she would’ve said…no, gestured to me that she didn’t like it.

>Despite that, I did know one thing.


>Whenever I was stitching something up, she’s be leaning down on the register table.

>She’d lay her arms flat on the table…

>She’d rest her chin on her hands…

>And watch attentively and closely as I stitched up every plushie she’s ever brought here.

>“Okay…just one more tentacle to go…then let’s stitch the little cut he has on his head.”

>The first time she came, she was soaked from head to toe since it was raining that day.

>She had the same stoic expression as before, walking quietly towards my register table before showing me the first plush she ever brought.

>A plushie of a leopard shark that had its entire belly ripped open and stuffing pulled out.

> On that day, I could’ve sworn she was as sad as could be despite being stoned-faced.


>Cut off from my trip to memory lane, she was leaning her head closer to Octogo.

>“Oh! Sorry about that. Here. Octagon’s finished.”

>Handing her patched-up octopus plushie, she’d gently cradle her plushies and would press them against her chest.

>She must really love her plushies


>Reaching for a hidden pocket in her one-piece swimsuit, she handed me the cash for repairs.

>“Thank you. See you next time.”

>Backing away from the register table, she gave me a slow bow of thanks before leaving the store.

>After that, well the rest of the day went on as usual.

>Making new plushies when I wasn’t doing anything and tending to customers whenever they came.

>This was my usual tedium and it stayed that way until another week passed by.

>Then the same, silent Sahuagin woman would come back with another plushie.

>Then another week with another plushie.

>Rinse and repeat.

>Each time she’d visit, I could’ve sworn that I saw some semblance of emotions in her eyes.

>Like the light in her eyes would return.

>I know Sahuagins are generally quiet monsters that seldom show emotion.

>But she has never uttered a single word since the day we met.

>I wonder what happened to her?

>The next time she shows up, I‘ll ask her.

>That was the plan…

>But she never showed up the following week.

>Then the next…

>For a whole month, she hadn’t shown up once.

>I hope she’s okay.

>Today’s somber weather and lack of customers didn’t seem to agree though.

>It wasn’t just raining, it was a thunderous, heavy rainfall that would send most animals into a panic.

>Maybe I should close up shop early…

>After all, no one would be crazy enough to go out in this weather.



>When I heard the door open, I saw the Sahuagin woman come in.

>Soaked from head to toe, I could hear her struggling to catch her breath as she wearily walked towards the register.

>“Ah! W-why are you here in that weather?! I know you’re an aquatic species, but there’s lightning out there too you know?”

>Drenched from head to toe, I ran to the back of my store to get her a towel to dry off with.

>“Here, dry yourself up okay?”

>When I tried giving it to her, she shook her head before staring right at me.

>“Hnnngg! HHHNNNGGG!!!”

>In her webbed hands, she showed me the leopard shark plushie she brought in the first time she came here.

>“Spotty. He’s in a really bad shape…”

>Unlike before, Spotty had deeper cut marks around him and was basically torn in half.

>The stuffing is an easy enough fix, but Spotty lost too much fabric to cover him up properly without stitching in some new fabric to replace the ones he lost.

>To be honest, at this point, it might be better off offering her a new one.


>She desperately wanted me to save Spotty with how much noise she was making.

>“Alright, I’ll do everything I can. Just sit tight.”

>While I was on the table fixing him up, the Sahuagin woman was pacing around back and forth.

>Like a mother who’s worried about her child, she seemed like she was in such a panicked state.

>The way her tail swayed around restlessly to the way she was moving her fingers…

>Her fingers…

>I just noticed, but she had bandages around her fingers. Did she get hurt?


>When she heard me call her out, her ear fins perked up before she turned to look at me.

>“What happened to Spotty? There’s no way his injuries here would’ve been caused by you. Did someone do this to him instead?”

>Spotty was in a bad enough shape as is, but the fact that he was soaking wet made it hard to stitch him up properly.

>“I can’t help but think someone did this to Spotty. But aside from that, why are your fingers covered in bandages? Did the ones who did this to Spotty hurt you too?”

>Standing completely still, she remained completely quiet as the only thing I could hear was the sound of heavy rain and thunder outside.

>“...I did that…to Spotty…”

>She…she talked!

>But more importantly…

>“What do you mean…you did this to Spotty? That’s impossible. I know you’re a gen-”

>“I’M NOT! I…I…I just made it worse! Spotty… was hurt real bad by some bullies…so I tried to fix him! But I just made it worse…”

>Tried to fix him?

>“I get it…that’s why you have those bandages on your hands…”

>Why would she try to fix Spotty by herself? She’s never had trouble coming here before to let me fix her plushies…


>“Was that why you were watching so closely whenever I was stitching up our plushies? So that you could do it by yourself?”

>I was expecting her to nod at that point, but if anything, she shook her head.

>“That…that was part of it. I figured that if I could fix my plushies by myself and show them to you, then maybe I could feel accomplished for once.”

>Walking closer to the register table, she placed her hands on top of mine, utterly encompassing mine with the sheer size difference between her hands and mine.

>“I’ve always been reckless with everything I do. I have terrible delicate control, so I end up cutting and scratching stuff by accident.”

>I never knew. With how cool and quiet she was, I never would’ve imagined she had trouble controlling her strength.

>“I want to change…but it’s just not possible…is it?”

>When I looked deep into her teary eyes, I saw the desperation for a solution beneath them.

>Shaking feverishly as her lips quivered with fear, I have to make sure I give her an answer that doesn’t destroy her morale…

>What she needs is…

>“You know…a person can always fix things on the outside.”

>I gently laced my fingers around hers. Her scales were tough, but she was trying so hard to be delicate when she curled her fingers around my hands.

>“It’s harder for people to change on the inside. Sometimes, It takes more than some fancy or pretty words to help inspire someone.”

>To calm her down, I smiled at her and rubbed the upper surface of her thumbs with my own.

>“You don’t have to change. You’re already as gentle as could be on the inside.”

>Seeing a subtle change in her eyes, I saw light in them for the very first time.

>“And if you want to work on being gentle with your hands, well I can help with that. It’s the least I can do since you’ve helped me change…on the inside…”


>I guess I forgot to mention this.

>Up until I met her.

>I never had the courage to try and change my mind.

>Always giving up before I put the effort in.

>She’s the first person I refuse to give up on.

>She deserves better.

>The first emotions I see her expressing shouldn’t be one of tears and anguish.

>“It’s because you’ve helped me change that I want to help you. Though I guess I’m lying since I would’ve helped you regardless…”

>Dammit. I’ve come this far! It’s now or never!

>“I…I don’t even know your name yet…but…I…I love you!”

>The glimmer of light in her eyes shimmered brightly as I felt her grip tighten around my hands.


>Come on…

>Say something…

>The suspense is killing me!


>Movingly swiftly without warning, she jumped over the register table while holding my hands.


>Forced to lay flat on my back on the ground, she was sitting right on top of me.

>“Shellby…that’s my name…”

>Feeling something wet falling down on my face, I saw that Shellby was crying.

>Though her tears only told half the story as she was smiling.

>I’ve never seen her smile before…

>The closest she’s ever done to expressing happiness was hugging her plushies close to her chest.

>“You mean it right? Do…do you really love someone as brutish, quiet, and weird as me? Someone that keeps plushies around even in her mid 30’s?”

>Mid-thirties huh? I never would’ve guessed considering how beautiful she is…

>“Of course I mean it. I’m a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them. You’re an absolutely gorgeous and gentle Sahuagin to me…Shellby…”

>Letting go of my hands, she desperately tries to wipe the tears flooding her face away.

>“I-I’m so glad! I never thought anyone would confess feelings of love for me! I’ve always been too scared to say anything because I always looked like a weirdo to others around me for carrying my plushies around!”

>It was slow, but she was starting to slow down as her tears started to fade away.

>“I don’t think that’s weird. I mean…look at me. I’m a grown-ass adult working as a plushie maker and repair shop owner. Though…I guess I can understand how you feel since the people I knew thought I was a weirdo too…”

>When her tears were all used up, she leaned down until her face loomed above mine.

>Standing only a few inches above my face, her gentle smile and golden eyes were a striking sight to behold…

>“That’s right. You do understand…don’t you? If that’s the case…”

>Giggling softly this time, I felt an odd, warm wetness right above my groin.

>I know she’s still wet from the rain, but the wetness and heat I felt from where our two groins met were…hotter…

>Does this mean…

>Oh shit…

>I…I don’t think I can move on this quickly!

>Desperate to change the mood before it’s too late, I saw Spotty who was lying on the floor next to me.

>“I…I should get back to fixing Spotty…”

>I try to reach out and grab Spotty…

>"Spotty can wait…"

>Stopping my hand short by pinning my arm down with her hand, she leaned her face down even closer to mine.

>She was so close that I could feel the subtle warmth ebbing from her lips.

>"For the longest time…those plushies were my coping mechanism. To feel them close to my heart, I'd nuzzle and kiss them lovingly whenever I felt lonely…"

>Ever so subtly, I felt her grinding her groin against mine…

>"When you wondered why I was watching you sow so attentively earlier…the real reason why I watched so closely…was because…”

>Dragging the hand she used to pin my arm down closer and closer to my hand, she gently laced her fingers between mine.

>"I was imagining what it'd be like to hold your hands…"

>Sitting back up, she used her other free hand to pull something down behind her.

>Then, pulling her other hand away, she pulled the straps on her shoulder down.


>Ignoring me, she fully exposed her slender, yet alluring body.

>When I saw her face, she had the same stoic expression she always carried before.

>However, I felt that she was stoic not because she was being emotionless like before…

>Rather, it looked like she was mentally preparing herself.

>"You gave me the push I needed to try something new…"

>Her eyes were momentarily fixated on her bandaged fingers.

>"Even if you're terrible at it or you screw it up, what matters is the drive to try right? In that case, I want to return the favor for giving me the courage to move forward."

>While she robbed me of my senses with her heartwarming confession, she skillfully and carefully slipped her clawed fingers between the seams of my button shirt and pulled it open.

>"Shellby, hold on for a second!"

>Ignored yet again, she leaned back down and pressed her wet chest against mine.

>It was cold for a few seconds…

>But after those seconds have passed, I felt a comforting warmth leech down into my chest.

>Staring at her golden eyes, I knew what she was up to next as she slowly puckered her lips.

>"Shellby, I…we need to take proper steps first! This is a big decision to make after all, right?"

>Finally, she stopped moving.

>"We need to get to know each other more intimately"

Staring right at me with no changes to her facial expression, she closed her eyes and smiled at me.

>"But we know plenty about each other. Otherwise, you wouldn't have told me you love me so easily."


>She's right…

>"I love you…and I intend to express my love verbally…and

>Reaching down for her groin, I saw her lift her waist just enough to give her hand the clearance needed to pull the bottom of her one-piece where her groin is aside.

>"VERY physically…"

>Without giving me a chance to retaliate, she pressed her lips hard against mine.

>Contrary to her gentle, stoic nature, her kiss was deep and ravenous.

>Lost in complete delirium of her emotions, her tongue danced furiously with mine while letting out deep, sensual moans that lit the inner man that laid dormant within me.

>With my thoughts mired with the sounds of her sweet voice and the feeling of her starving sex swallowing my manhood, I tossed proper etiquette aside to properly reciprocate her love.

>Be me.

>Owner of a hole-in-the-wall plushie shop.

>Scratch that.

>Owner of a family-run hole-in-the-wall plushie shop.

>Taking care of a big order of twenty plushies for a local non-funded mansion that houses the homeless and the less fortunate kids living there.

>Not-so-slender Sahuagin Waifu standing next to me as she watched me at work.

>Having gained race track curves and a bountiful chest, our three-month-old Sahuagin baby Annalise was currently partaking in her mother’s wonderful bosom.

>“Sorry if I can’t help you with the order at the moment…”

>“Don’t worry about it. We finally got Annalise to stop crying, so honestly, you’re helping a whole bunch.”

>Giggling softly, Shellby’s smile was something only I saw often.

>She would still look stoic and emotionless for the most part.

>But when it’s just us, she smiles whenever she could or would pout whenever she got frustrated.

>A range of emotions…all for my viewing pleasure.

>“Heh…I gotta say though, Annalise is quite a special Sahuagin. She’s so loud.”

>Having gotten used to sewing thanks to my guidance, Shellby was able to sew a yellow shark hoodie hat for Annalise.

>“I wonder where she got that from? Putting that aside, whose fault is it again that we now have said baby in my arms?”

>With a chuckle, I stopped working for a moment and stood up.


>Slinging my right arm around my wife’s shoulder, we both stared at our pride and joy before she starts falling asleep.

>“Oh? She’s about to fall asleep. Quickly now, she needs her special buddy to sleep comfortably.”

>Referring to Spotty, Annalise inherited Spotty who was now a patchwork of random patches of cloth of various colors, if his namesake wasn’t appropriate before, it certainly is now.

>Handing Spotty to her, Annalise cooed happily and hugged Spotty before falling asleep.

>“Hopefully…with how loud and affectionate she is…she’ll have no problem finding someone to love…just like how I found you…”

>Smiling softly at me, her golden eyes were as striking as ever.

>“Hehe…I’m glad you came into my life Shellby.”

>Kissing her softly on the lips, we both giggled and leaned against one another.

>“I love you Shellby…”

>“I love you too…darling…”

>We garnered quite a reputation with the locals as the happiest couple in town.

>While Shellby remained quiet and stoic in public, I guess the baby we have together is proof enough of how happy we were.

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