A Witch's Tits

By tercio

< "Kyaa! Why are you always messing with my nipples?!"

"What? I like your breasts."

< "Y-you're such a p-pervert..."

> your wife Suzy squirms on your lap but doesn't make a serious effort to break free

> depressingly, you can tease her nipples with your fingers while keeping your thumbs hooked under her armpits

> you can sense her relax as your hands massage her pectoral muscles

> you can feel her ribs expanding and contracting as her breathing picks up in excitement

> she's flat as a board is what you're trying to say

> this is not how you imagined sexy times with waifu

> you're a tit man! your hands are supposed to be sinking deep into supple milkers right now

> instead you might as well be feeling up a 16 year old boy

> you suppress a sigh as your wife leans into you and starts grinding into your little buddy

> it isn't like you don't love her

> you're incredibly compatible in every other way

> for example, the sex is amazing you think to yourself as she starts to unbuckle your belt...


> you're enjoying the pleasant drowsiness that comes with having rather thoroughly made love to your wife

> repeatedly

> at some point the action moved upstairs and you're lying on your back in bed

> Suzy is lying on top of you with her head resting on your chest

> she's still wearing her oversized witch hat and stripey stockings with opera gloves because she knows you love it when that's all she's wearing

> she's good like that

> you gently stroke her long, lustrous hair and she makes a super cute cooing noise

> you feel like an ogre

> she's perfect

> why can't you accept her for who she is, nonexistent tits and all?

> you manhandle her petite body into a little spoon position

> (she likes it when you assert physical dominance like that)

> (you aren't completely worthless, you can do stuff she likes too...)

> start to fiddle with her nipples again

> squeeze and massage the place where the tits would be

< "Ah! Are you really not sated yet you savage?"

> she says it like an invitation

> you can't believe how lucky you are

> feel even worse about not being satisfied with her tits

"Haha. You know, they say that if a boy massages them they get bigger."

> oh crap, Freudian slip

> Suzy suddenly seems very still and quiet

> shit shit shit

< "I'm sorry..."

> is she crying?!

< "I knew you liked big tits, but I raped you anyway. I roped you into marriage because I was getting desperate! I'm horrible!"

"Suzy, no!"

> she tries to break out of your arms but you hold her tight

< "I was already thirty! I could tell everyone was worried about me. I was worried. Terrified of being alone. But lolicons are actually really hard to find! Especially with stupid cowtits and musclegirls and nerdy girls and tomboys and big sisters and dommes and every other kind of crazy, super sexy, super popular girl running around!"

> you want to stop her, reassure her, but you can tell she's pouring out her heart right now

< "So when I met you and saw your mana, and we were so compatible... I thought I could make it work even if you weren't into super petite flat girls."

> she's hanging limply in your arms now, defeated

< "I didn't even ask you. I just went ahead and claimed you without ever thinking about what you wanted. I even used my magic to stop your mana from changing me because I was afraid what the other witches and Baph-sama would say. I cared more about what my stupid coven thought than what my own husband wanted. I'm the most self centered bitch ever. All I cared about were my own selfish desires..."

"Suzy, that's not true."

> she ignores you, lost in her misery

> you spin her around and grab her shoulders so you can meet her gaze

> it hurts your soul to see those eyes full of tears

"Listen to me Suzy. Listen. This is very important: I. LOVE. YOU."

> she bites her lower lip but keeps crying so you very gently shake her

"I don't care about breasts or asses or anything stupid like that. I care about you! You're the best thing that ever happened to me! You're kind and thoughtful and loyal and ridiculously generous! I wish you'd think about yourself more! Everything you do is for me! The way you dress, the way you act, everything you do makes it obvious how much you love me! I want to return that love! I want to give you every good thing in the world and then some because that's what you deserve!"

> Suzy has stopped crying but her eyes still glisten with tears

> you sigh

"Look, yes, I like big breasts. I like breasts in general. But I like it when you're happy a lot more. I feel so guilty about preferring a breast size other than yours."

> your cheeks color and you look down in embarrassment

"I've been playing with your nipples so much because I thought that maybe I could train myself to love your breasts the most."

< "Onii-chan..."

> you're filled with a sudden furious resolve


> you forcefully throw your wife down on the bed and capture her wrists before she can react

> she reflexively tries to kick you off but she's no match for your brutish strength

> resistance quelled, you cruelly attack her defenseless flat breasts with your mouth

> you lavish your attention on her perky little nipples

> it isn't long before Suzy strops struggling and starts breathing hard

> you don't even need to check if she's wet or not when you hilt yourself in her


> you're gasping for breath yourself when you finally pull your softening member out of your wife

> Suzy gives you a sly look and holds her legs open so you can see a little bit of your seed dribble out from between her wet lower lips

< "Ah... Onii-chan was so rough with me..."

"Dammit woman! You complain about me going after you but you keep trying to push all of my buttons!"

> Suzy shrieks and giggles as you grab her and roll her up in a blanket, creating a 'cuddle burrito'

"There, geez. Maybe my little buddy will actually have a chance to recover before the next round now, you little temptress."

> Suzy makes a big show of pouting

< "Want hugs!"

"Ugh, fine."

> you pretend to be aggravated as you retrieve Suzy's witch hat, put it on her head, and sit up with her in your lap and your arms around her

> she makes more cute cooing noises as she nestles into the hug

> you spend some time quietly enjoying the cuddle before Suzy shyly speaks up

< "I... I had been thinking about letting your mana change me. A little."

"Suzy. I thought we were over this. I love you just the way you are."

< "No, I mean, I- I'm not totally opposed to looking a little different."


< "I'm not a genius witch from an ancient bloodline like Maria. I don't have a Familiar sister wife like Violet. I'm not a strong, athletic sword witch like Isabella. I was born a witch so I don't have a special relationship with Baph-sama like the girls she turned herself, Theresa and Elizabeth. For the longest time I felt like I was just the bland add-on. Just a background old maid character who didn't even have a husband. Part of the scenery that didn't stand out at all."

> like before, you feel helpless in the face of your wife's sad confession

< "And yet... Maria might always try to tease me and boss me around, but her genius is erratic. She messes up all the time and has to come to me hat in hand for help. And I don't really have a special relationship with Baph-sama, but I think she sees me as the most reliable. Baph-sama talks about how wonderful it is to be childish all the time, but she still likes having someone around who's at least a little more mature than the others. Someone she can count on. When Violet, Amaranth, and Isabella get into arguments, which is all the time honestly, Baph-sama usually depends on me to sort it out. So I thought maybe... maybe I could be the big sister type for the coven."

> Suzy shyly looks down

< "And I thought that maybe it would be OK if a nee-san was a little bigger than the others..."

> you hug your wife a little tighter

"Suzy, I want you to be happy. I'll support whatever you want to do. Just please promise me that you don't feel like you have to change on my behalf."

> she smiles wanly at you, but seems to take your request to heart

> you decide to try to lighten the mood a little so you smirk and flick her in the forehead

"And don't grow a penis or anything like that, OK?"

> Suzy shrieks in outrage and tries to headbutt you

> you dodge, laughing, and your little cuddlebug rests her head on your shoulder

< "S-stupid! I... I wasn't thinking growing stupid cow tits or anything like that. Just maybe letting myself get a little taller. And a little... 'bigger'. The Sabbath bylaws state that AA cups are permissible."

> she blushes

< "And if I had double A's I'd be the biggest in the coven."

"Maria wouldn't like that very much, would she?"

> Suzy tilts her hat down to hide her face but you can tell she's smirking

< "She couldn't do anything. Her husband is a flat chest fanatic."

> Suzy giggles

< "I can imagine the look on her face when one of her experiments blows up and she needs my help to fix it. I could just smile down at her and give her a patronizing 'Ara ara...'. It would drive her up the wall."

> you laugh with her, imagining the scene

> but then, like a bolt of lightning, you can see it`

> Suzy as she thinks she might want to be

> she's already pretty tall for a witch

> a little taller and she could have long colt-like legs

> you thrill at the thought of those in stockings

> to keep to Sabbath bylaws she'd probably be super thin and rangy

> big breasts wouldn't even make sense on a body like that!

> small ones would though

> little double A's like she said

> just enough to get a handhold

> just enough for a little squeeze or mouthful

> the thought is intoxicating

> you can practically feel something shift inside you, click into place

> impelled by this revelation you blurt out

"Jesus Christ. Suzy, you'd be A+ number one jailbait."

> you realize your wife is staring at you in open mouth shock

< "Your mana! It just-"

> the surprise on Suzy's face transforms into a malicious grin

> you can hear her fingers snap inside her blanket burrito and suddenly the blanket magically transforms into long strips which strike like snakes to bind and gag you

> crap crap crap crap

> Suzy very rarely wants to bully you sexually but when she does she's merciless

> the look on her face as she stands up in the bed and walks toward you is terrifying (and exciting dammit)

> she kicks you over with one stockinged foot and then gently steps on your treacherously hardening manhood

< "O~hohoho! Is Onii-chan a huge pervert who wants to violate an innocent teenager?"

> you whimper into your gag as she starts to rub your poor, overstimulated penis with her foot

> Suzy sighs theatrically

< "I suppose it's up to me to take care of my perverted Onii-chan..."

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