Warm and Chill

By dreamilanon

As you stepped off the bus, you took the time to think about what was happening.

Shortly after the world was shook by the arrival of monster girls, many men were incubized forcefully. Some didn’t even need to find a partner to do it – it just took enough concentrated mamono mana, just like you. And here you are now, looking down at yourself – it would be hard not to mistake you for a child at first glance, with your smaller frame, lesser height, and less muscular appearance. The only thing that would easily bely that would be the finely sized adult penis that lay flaccid from your crotch.

Like a few others who had incubized, you had developed enough of a sensitivity to clothing that it became unbearable to wear it long term. Thankfully, some small towns had reformed to be the ideal getaway for people like you who suffered from that.

The process wasn’t anything painful, as shortly after the new demon empress kicked the united nations to the curb, a number of websites for incubized men like you came up. Signing up to one, you looked for houses that were looking for partners. Out of curiosity, you found a household consisting of a Yuki-onna and a Hellhound that happened to be looking for someone like you, and with no other appealing prospects, you agreed. You had skype calls with your to-be housemates for months on end to sort out the logistics of the move, and you were glad that you picked the ones you could. You only knew the barest of details beyond that, and their names were a good chunk of that – Junia and Mildred. Apparently, the town was fairly backwards in terms of tech, stopping in the middle of the noughties. It wasn’t interested in updating any time soon, either – some people (and places, apparently) just liked older tech.

And here you were, moving into one with the help of a couple of kind mamono who would be your new housemates.


Stepping into the town of Peach Bluffs for the first time was quite peaceful – it was a small town converted to a haven for people sensitive to clothes (or who just didn’t like wearing them at all).

Your first impression of the town was that of any good town in the area. It wasn’t too far from the nearest major town – it only stayed well out of the way because it couldn’t have public decency laws – but it was nice and cosy. There were plenty of nice-looking, distinct houses in neat rows. Most looked quite nice from the outside.

Heading down the street, few people were out at this time of day, but the ones you could see were quite happy, mostly. You could hear some guy arguing with his salamander daughter about a shaved ice stand. Before long, you could see an even younger girl run past them, jolting the man.

“Stop that!” he cried, as he ran after her, keeping his daughter in tow.

You followed them down the street, looking for your charges as you did. But this little girl was quite fast for a child and led the chase well. She only stopped when she didn’t look where she was going and bumped headfirst into a mailbox, stopping the chase with a jolt as her father went over to check her. As you approached, you heard the conversation more clearly.

“… she’s right here, can I, daddy?”

“Sure. Just don’t worry about trying to win over your friends with it. You have Daniel, don’t you?”

“Yes, daddy.” She walked over to the other side of the street, where a portable ice cream stand was perched up.

Following the little Salamander over, you saw it was staffed by a slightly mature looking yuki-onna. Her shapely, motherly form bearing no wrinkles or greying. She was easy to look up to now that you were a child again, and she handily passed out a cup of shaved ice to the lizard-girl, who walked back to her parent. After that, you decided to talk to her, and her face lit up brightly upon seeing you.

“Hi! My name is Junia, and welcome to my humble Ice stand!”

Bingo. You introduced yourself, and then pulled something out of your chafe-proof backpack and handed it to her to show who you were.

“Oh, it’s you! I’ve waited quite a bit for you… Want to help me with my ice stand?”

You smiled and agreed, of course. Why not?

She opened the door out the back, and it looked pretty comfy inside. You decided to listen to her as she washed hands with you and prepared to serve customers.

“Ah, didn’t know you were from there. I thought I might take the time to talk about my life before coming to this world.”

You nodded, interested in what she had to hear.

“Mamono have been lewd for a long time. I grew up in an isolated place, generally protecting lost travelers. Most of my peers were the same. Others wore their ceremonial garb when going out in the snow, but I didn’t mind. I loved being naked, actually! It helped me get closer to the cold.” She seemed quite used to it.

As you served customers, she continued talking. “I remember the day I came over. I heard there were lots of plain human men waiting to be turned!”

All through this, she continued talking, until she suddenly heard a sound from outside the stall. “Oh… Wait here a second!”

As she ran outside, she jumped immediately at a thief. Following her, you ran naked after her bare blue body visible in the midday heat. She seemed to be holding up quite well for a snow spirit, especially since you thought she would melt – you handwaved it as magic at work, and followed after her. Focusing on her backside was easy and hard at the same time – in a place where everyone is naked, it seemed like the logical conclusion, especially since you had become more boy-like and had to look up at her, but the full-blown public nudity meant it seemed only slightly more noticeable due to the skin tones of the women in the area varying wildly. Thankfully, you at least had a motivation to be careful, as a wound would also be obvious if you scraped yourself.

The chase didn’t take too long, and soon she caught up with the thief, and badgered her to give back the stolen goods. She turned to look at you.

“Ah, good to see you followed me!” she was quite out of breath from the chase.

Walking back wasn’t too awkward in the slightest. You told her you were tired from the chase, so you decided to head back to the stand.

“Ah… I have been making shaved ice for a while now… I make ice cream too… but I think it’s best if you have it from the tap. If you do a good job, I will let you try it! What do you say?”

Obviously, you decided to agree. The job was relatively easy, thankfully. A few hours passed, whereupon you met several interesting mamono. One of the first interesting things that happened was a witch of a local Sabbath chapter walking up to you.

“Hi there… Would you be interested in joining the Sabbath?” she spoke to you with a smile. She tried puffing out her chest and belly, looking just like a human child… save for the fully grown patch of pubic hair right between her legs. It looked wilder than yours when you had pubes.

Junia looked down at the little girl, smiled, albeit with a slightly nervous disposition, and said, “Well… he’s my ward. But I can go into child mode every now and then. Want to see?” the witch nodded, eagerly looking at her as Junia snapped her fingers, and in a jiffy, she went back to the form of a child roughly your visual age, albeit still recognizably her. The witch seemed elated as she sized up the alternate form… and then a little disappointed for some reason.

“No pubes?”

“Why would I?” Junia said.

“Pubes are great! I have them and I love my big brother’s!”

Junia paused for a moment before she spoke. “…Whatever suits you, miss.”

A baphomet strolled by, making a rude face at the witch. “You admit to liking those ugly TUMORS?”

This set the witch off. “You have no right to say that to the congregation of the hair! I’ve been in the hair metal scene for the longest time, and your bald baby pussy has nothing on my fine forest!”

“Back off, heretic! I’d get closer to a holstaur than the likes of you!”

“My Onii-chan is wild and untamed!”

“More like open and unashamed!”

“I’ll sock it too you!” the witch had forgotten that she was apparently going to buy shaved ice.

“Fuck you!”

“Double fuck you!”

“I’ll burn you and every tumor off your dirty body!”


The two started fighting quite angrily, and before long they were being pulled away by a pair of officers. Junia stared at the two with you, and turned to you, trying her best to ignore the mess of it.

“That was something we should ignore…” she said. “But no worry, it happens every now and then and rarely makes a stink. Kind of why I am glad I never joined the Sabbath myself. Always fighting over every little thing.”

Before long, you had both gotten back into business. The rest was relatively uneventful, mostly just the guy you saw earlier that led you to Junia in the first place, and a few elementals who were looking for something to cool off in the hot summer heat. Before long, Junia had decided it was time to reward you.

“I think you’ve done wonderful! Now, how about I tell you something you didn’t know about Yuki-Onnas?”

You were interested. She beamed and reverted back to her adult form.

“Mamono have been able to convert their breast milk into all manner of forms. I have done it, Mildred has done it, and I think most non-Sabbath members have done it. Ever interested in Ice cream?”

You were.

“Well, I thought I might show you…” suddenly you heard a buzzing noise and she picked up the phone under the desk.

“Hello? Mildred? You want to meet our new housemate?”

That sounded interesting. You caught her attention after she said that, and she put the phone on speakerphone. Through it came the slightly deep sounding voice of a woman.

“Hey darlin’… you want to come over?”

Come to think of it, you didn’t get to look at the house you had moved into much. You heard it would be just your kind of home, but not much more was known beyond that. You eagerly accepted.

“That’s a joy… I would love if you could come over, hun!” the voice on the other end spoke.

Junia smiled. “I’m sure he will. We might need a bit of time to do something, give me a second, Mildred.”

“I’ll wait.” The other voice said, as she hung up. Junia turned to you, and smiled. “I think I can take you there… but let’s not miss out on something, shall we? Follow me.”

Behind the stand was a private room. A table was on there, with a nice stand that looked like it would be comfy to sit on. Other than that, it was irrelevant to you. Junia picked a pair of rubber gloves off of the desk, and ordered you to lie down on the table.

“Looks like a medical platform, doesn’t it?” she said. “To be more concise as to why I am doing this, I don’t think I would be able to hold you out in public, and I don’t know if you are going to enjoy being babied a little too much… so I think for now, I will do it the easier way.” She cupped a breast in one hand and started working some mamono magic. “And as to what I am doing, I don’t think a man your age would admit to wanting to do this, but if you would like some free Ice cream, this is the way to get it.” She approached you, placing her left breast near your mouth. “Open wide!”

You hadn’t thought about it, but this seemed a little interesting. Nonetheless, you decided to go and follow her advice, and opened your mouth. Her nipples were now a little larger, and before long, you suckled her gently. You barely thought much of it, but tried your best not to bite too heavily – always a fear during oral sex. Hell, you feared that you were going a little too fast with this woman you would be living with, too – but you shrugged it off for now.

Not wanting to upset your hostess, you smiled. Of course, it was a bit disorienting knowing that mamono were a bit more up-front sexually… but at the same time, this wasn’t something you wanted to turn down, though you were glad that this was being kept away from the world – probably went the same with sex in a place like this, come to think about it.

It tasted a bit off-putting having a cold feeling on your tongue as you sucked the yuki-onna, even as you tried to keep suckling.

But the real shock came when another taste entered your mouth: her milk – or more correctly, her ice cream. Your eyes widened a bit as this occurred, but you swallowed every gulp you could. As it finished up, Junia sat you down, a little red but still smiling.

“I… should have mentioned that mamono produce varying things from their breasts. Milk, chocolate milk, water, nectar… and in my case, Ice cream.” Of course, you looked at her and realized that she probably was selling her own produce at the stand.

Nonetheless, she brushed it aside easily enough since you had a second housemate to visit.

She walked you down the road, and as you both did, she continued her discussion of Mamono.

“…Yeah. As it turns out, jumping men all the time was quite bad for the mental health of just about everyone. So there was a new demon empress in charge who fixed things by making sure monsters didn’t act so aggressive. It took a lot of talking, but for the most part, it worked, and everyone started working together better. Some were just so aggressive that they wouldn’t change…”

You paid as much attention as you could to her on the walk. Surprisingly enough, you barely even looked at the breasts or genitals of anyone as you walked down the street – even hers. The rumors about people getting used to it quickly enough were probably true too. Still, you imagined what this town might be like to those who were prospective – maybe there was something that pushed it beyond simple novelty.


Finally, you arrived at the house. It looked wonderful, thankfully. Three stories and a nice garden were visible from the outside, but you imagined it had to be even better inside.

“Looks wonderful, doesn’t it?” Junia asked you. You agreed. “Well, Mildred’s waiting for you, and I have some work to do. She has a condition that means she must live here, probably like yours.” She opened the door, and immediately, you could see it opened into a fine looking entrance leading into a living room. “See you soon!” Junia said as you closed the door behind her.

With that settled, you decided to see Mildred in the flesh for the first time. Approaching the comfortable-looking couch, you saw a slightly chubby Hellhound, a little bigger, bustier and curvier than Junia, and considerably hairier and wilder, both on the head and between the legs. She was quickly trying to stow away something oblong placed in the couch, but she then turned to greet you.

“Greetings, Honey… I’m glad you finally arrived.” Damn, she spoke in a fine meter.

“Wan to sit down with me?” She certainly seemed friendly. The Wagging tail certainly made her rather eager-looking – of course, you had heard about how aggressive hellhounds were, but you decided it was something you would have to roll with now. You complied.

“Care to tell me about yourself, hun?” Not wanting to upset her, you told her a fair bit about yourself, forgetting that both of you were naked.

“Ah, I should tell you some things about me as well.” Her reactions were admittedly friendly enough that you decided to listen. “I was born to a family of seven, all sisters and that... I was the third child, and born with a condition that prevented me from wearing clothes for long. Scratched even more than my hairy crotch!” You wondered a fair bit about the mutations that mamono could have – the second demon empress was said to have added it. Of course, you were bearing the shota condition from incubization. Of course, it was probably better than the more embarrassing or non-kosher ones that prevented mamono or incubus alike from partaking in normal society, mostly left over from the first demon empress. “I take it you have the same – and I’ve learned not to mind it, because it has it’s advantages! I actually have thicker skin from it, and I have been learning how to gain it’s positive side effects – preventing sunburn and forgoing clothes everywhere, even when it’s chilly and blue are parts of it! I could teach you the same, hun – though I think the fact that you are a tiny little boy again is a part of it.”

You’d been seeing naked bodies everywhere so much that the fact that you had had your puberty reversed had been forgotten by you. You flinched as she bought that up – Junia seemed to treat you as an adult for the most part, so Mildred’s attitude was even more conspicuous to you.

“And I do admit that’s a nice big cock, too.” You blushed a bit, uncertain of whether to cover your crotch right now.

“Anything you want to watch?”

This town apparently still had community television like back in the 90s co-existing with DVD, and it appears Mildred had quite the fair collection of the latter and decent access to the former. Checking the channels, you found a quaint little channel airing a wonderful show in the vein of The Twilight Zone, known as Still Life.

“Ah… I enjoyed this when I first arrived…” Mildred said to you.

The two of you sat for a time, content to enjoy the show as it was. Certainly, it was a chilling show, and you were all the more glad it was watched during daylight, but your hellhound partner seemed to be content to sit there, her tail wagging. She must have enjoyed it a fair bit, judging by the noticeable though still somewhat realistic reactions she had to it.

Once it was done, she called you over for a fine lunch. Surprisingly, she decided to make a fine set of tacos during the day, but you thought it wouldn’t hurt in the slightest. Though what was noticeable was the fine spice she had added to the meal. It certainly tasted like no other spice you had had before – it was truly an out-of-this-world thing.

It made you wonder what it was exactly for a few moments, but as you finished it up you suddenly knew where to get some more by a simple visual cue: a little orange drop coming from one of Mildred’s nipples.

She rubbed her breasts and chuckled at you sensibly. “That’s quite popular here, hun.” She wiped the drop off with her paw and gave it a lick, which you couldn’t describe how to feel about. “Now, sit down for a bit, I need to turn on the AC for a very specific purpose.”

After doing just that, Mildred went and gave you a nice big hug. She was quite warm, and thank the higher powers that she turned on the AC. If the winters around here were chilly, you’d at least have a nice girl to cuddle. But the thing that shocked you was how motherly she was – maybe you had expected something different from a Hellhound? Regardless, the thought vanished as soon as she set you down and decided to bring you to your new bedroom.

And indeed, it looked like a great one! You had managed to have all the necessary possessions bought there with you, though that closet wouldn’t be seeing much use for obvious reasons, and you even had a nice TV and a desktop for all your gaming purposes. You certainly were a lucky one, even if it didn’t feel like it at times.

Of course, with that all settled, Mildred still had her un-sated lust. “I will be downstairs if you need me, hun.” And with that, she headed downstairs. You decided to catch up on a game that you had been playing for a while.

Sitting down and playing that fine game you had managed to take care of, you had noticed how fine this place was while you looked out the window. It didn’t exactly distract you from the game, but you did wonder if you would tire of it at some point – indeed, it wasn’t like you had much of a choice unless finding a way to remove your clothing allergy happened. You went back to playing, and kept at it until you decided to go downstairs for something to eat. As you did, you heard Mildred in the study.

As you finished eating, you were wondering what she was doing, and probably assumed it was nothing particularly out of the ordinary for a mamono. Of course, she was probably rubbing her hairy cooch, but you debated to yourself about whether you should look before you heard the door open.

But as you opened the study, you saw that it was a recording of sorts that was playing. She apparently been watching it, and you decided to take a closer look as she noticed you.

“Hey, hun. You wondering what that is?” she asked you. You said yes.

“That was a vid from a time when I was a younger and much less worldly darlin’, when I had to scrape by. A time I had to work a lot through. She pat your head, which felt odd in a sense but bizarrely good. “I would love to tell you more. I used to travel for a time before mamono came here. Told all my tales on recording for others to see. I should show you the vids! Come back to the living room, we can have a great look.”

Picking up a recording camera, she sat you down beside her back in the living room and you started watching some videos. The first one she showed you was basically her walking in a forest at night – one that seemed a little more European. She certainly seemed a bit younger in this video, judging by her build and hair. Whoever the cameraman was, they were doing a good amount of work with her. The video had her rambling for a bit at the first leg about a Cheshire with a mamono mana mutation that caused chronic flatulence that she knew, but it wasn’t too bad. It picked up as she looked around some ruins and did some poses that showed off her hairy armpits and crotch quite well.

It did strike you as to the logic of how she got this camera with nowhere to charge it before she arrived, and so you decided to ask.

“Ah… I found it one day! Admittedly, someone must have bought the thing over!”

Second was a video of her older sister’s birthday. Of course, everyone was clothed, save for her, which went unnoticed as she was the one running the camera. The sister in question had a lighter hair color than her, and wore some fine looking clothes. The other sisters in the video all looked similar too. But what stood out the most was the one man – presumably her father – standing wearing fine clothes and petting the girl fondly.

“Curious, hun?” she asked, and paused the video. “Yes, that’s my father. And the girl? Elsie was a sweet girl indeed, though she had no sex urge at all. None! Guess they had to have me to make up for it.”

Resuming the video, Elsie opened her gifts, one of which was a brooch that looked like it cost a lot. As the video concluded, one could hear her expressing gratitude.

Mildred then picked out a third video, one which seemed to be her going for a walk during the day in the local countryside, but not much that seemed to interest you. In the middle, you heard a knock at the door, and promptly let Junia back in.

“Good to see you!” the snow lady said. “Mildred was nice, wasn’t she?” You agreed.

“Excellent. I… thought I might say, it has been good to see you get used to this.”

She went down into the kitchen, and started cooking something for dinner – a traditional Japanese meal for Junia and you, and a steak for Mildred. You and Mildred decided to help.

“So, how was your first day here?” Junia asked you as you started cooking.

Indeed, you had already had had a fine time at Peach Bluffs, in part due to the friendliness of your two hosts, and it looks like they were going to prove fine housemates.

Nonetheless, Dinner proved to be mostly uneventful except for one thing, as Mildred spoke to you for a moment.

“Hey, there’s something I wanted to ask you, hun…” she looked a little nervous.

“I.. know this is a lot to ask of a stranger, and I thought I might ask of you… if we could get frisky down there at some point soon. I ought to tell you the details…”

The idea sounded curious, and you don’t know exactly what you were thinking, so you decided to give her the go-ahead.

“You know how Mamono often have more lust than usual, right? I… thought it might be worth bringing up in case you wanted to do it.”

Maybe it was the nervousness of wanting to not let her down, or the part of your lizard brain that said you had to do it, but you agreed after a bit of discussion. Though the two were well aware that it would take some time to establish the relationship first. Still, you knew it would take some time, so sex was something you decided not to bring up for now.

Still, though, something about your housemates seemed bizzarely appealing to you, and though you knew this relationship would take time to develop, you prepared anyway.


The next several days passed uneventfully, as most neighbors weren’t too in the know of Junia and Mildred and you, and the few that did come other weren’t as interesting as either of them, so you decided to stay at home and catch up on some things.

After about two weeks had passed, one day, you walked downstairs, to see Mildred with a her eyes glazed with lust. As you approached her, she took notice, her long, pointy ears on end.

“Ahhh… you wouldn’t mind it, would you, hun?”

At the same time, Junia also walked in. She was apparently quite fond of the sight, too, though she seemed to be blushing a bit more.

“…I suppose we’ve known each other long enough… do you think the same?”

You agreed, despite it feeling a bit odd, but knowing mamono and how starved for intimacy you could feel at times, you probably weren’t worried in the slightest. Both the Hellhound and the Yuki-Onna took note, and grabbed some things in preparation. Both Mamono set themselves up on the couch, and invited you to sit down between them. Turning on the TV, you could hear a fine bit of background music playing. Both ladies decided to place a hand on your crotch, feeling you up gently to make sure you felt good.

“Relax, it won’t freeze too much…” Junia said.

“Hope my paws are up to your dick, hun…” Mildred followed up.

As you returned the favor, the intimate moment between you continued and you felt yourself very slowly fading in the fuzzy feeling you had between them. You noticed out of the corner of your eye Junia giving a gentle rub to one of Mildred’s breasts, the Hellhound seemingly tickling at the sight.

“Ahhhhhh, thaaat feels gooooood…” She let out as she accepted the grope. The two remained focused on you despite this, feeling the urge to just let all the stress and worries inside fade. They had a fine partner down there to keep them both occupied, and they weren’t worried in the slightest. Relaxing made it even more noticeable.

Before long, both women had started touching hips with you, and the feeling of having a warm rear touch one side of you and a chill rear touching the other. It felt inexplicably good as they started moving their hands to explore you more. Soon you had started moving even closer to them. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Junia taking an anti-contraceptive pill, hinting at what was to come soon enough.

Mildred pressed you as she decided to fondle your sack a bit more, and before long, you found yourself licking Junia’s cold nipple again – the other one, this time. You knew what you were in for, and you could eventually feel the taste of that delicious ice cream again. Mildred’s paws felt up the rest of you for good measure, and you enjoyed the taste you were getting even more. Soon enough, Mildred let her tongue join the action as she started licking your butt and taint to your pleasure, the rough texture adding to the good feeling. You didn’t pay much attention while Junia nursed you, but you probably couldn’t tell how much of her was focusing on Junia as well.

After enough of the cream, the two women prepared to finish off the night, their legs spread and their vaginas ready to be put to use.

Laying you on the curved sofa flat, you could feel as your vision was blocked by the Mildred’s ebon pussy and Junia’s cold folds wrapped around yours. They were certainly putting some things in place to avoid carelessly crushing your head or pelvis, and while it felt a little awkward you found yourself thanking for in as the two started making sounds of pleasure again. Before long, you could feel your erection enveloped in the Icy pussy – one of the greatest pussies you believed you would ever enter – while licking out the scent of an supremely warm one. Though this commotion, you could hear both of your housemates feeling a state of bliss from riding you in their relationship. You were enjoying this quite dearly.


“That feels good, Hun… Ah!”

After enough build-up, you could feel yourself release inside Junia, though you weren’t going to believe that that seed was used for a baby or go to waste. It was also around that time you could feel a nice layer of sweet hellhound juice be released on your face, courtesy of Mildred, and Junia’s equivalent fluid covering your crotch.

In the afterglow of the threesome, the three of you laid carefully for a while, as you enjoyed Junia’s pussy with your penis. Mildred was first to pick herself up off your head, not wanting you to suffocate. As she went to go grab something to clean up, you were content to sit there inside the Yuki-onna you had come to know, her face as happy as all there of you were. She rubbed a finger near your crotches and had a taste.

“Mmmmm… that was great for a first time…this is a little unladylike of me, but I think your dick deserves a nice sucking at some point… wouldn’t you agree?” she said.

You nodded, weak and still hazy from making love. Of course, if mamono fluids tasted this nice, it probably felt the same way.

“Yeah… It’s something of a tradition here, eating fluids. It’s one of many culinary traditions that are around these parts.” Huh, you thought. Maybe that’s why people enjoyed this town, beyond the 24/7 nakedness?

Soon after, Mildred came back with a paper towel to clean up. You felt yourself being cleaned off nicely enough, and Junia did the same. Before long, the three of you stood there, tired but happy. You thought it wouldn’t be long before you could easily forget about the sex. Hell, there were still clothed people in this world, but you didn’t feel the need to shock them at all. Peach Bluffs was a wonderful place to live for someone like you.

Still, though, you were tired from the fucking, and the two decided to help you make dinner again, this time being a homemade pizza night. As you had the meal, it felt as though it had all gone back to a family atmosphere despite earlier.

Junia pat your head as you ate. “I know there are things in life we can never predict, even with the presence of divination and other similar powers. But if you like what your life is now, we can’t blame you for that.”

“It’s great, hun. I would love to fatten my ass with you by my side.” Mildred said, kissing you on the forehead.

The more motherly instincts in both of them had certainly arisen, and quite thankfully you had no repercussions toward this. And with that, the three of you had a great family night together.

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