Manticore and Scorpion Bully Anon

By tipper

>Be me

>Anon B. Oring Jr

>Work dead end office job at a call center

>Mostly employs monsters that use venom for some god forsaken reason

>Apparently they're "really good at convincing customer"

>Currently being carried to medical office on the floor because whenever I walk by the girls try to nicks me with their venoms

>I know for sure they're doing it on purpose but whenever I try to complain to HR I get told that they "don't mean it" and how "accidents happen" and "ill just have to learn to deal with" and "No we cannot put corks on their pointy bits"

>Fucking dark priests I know they're in on it

>The girls carrying me are the girtabilu floor manager Sally and the manticore from the mail room Susie

>Sally keeps "apologizing" for hitting dead center in the stomach, even though she does nothing to hide her smirk

>Susie also "apologizes" for slamming her tail into my leg when she went to pick me up

>Can't even respond due to the venom making me incapable of movement

>Finally reach the floor medical office and they set me down on a comfy bed

>Dick is currently titanium super alloy

>On staff kraken nurse says there's no antidote for the venom

>Would call bullshit I can see it on the shelf right behind her, but girtabilu venom is still running through my blood

>Says there's to much of both venoms in my blood too to let it run its course and that it will have to be sucked out

>Both the Sally and Susie volunteer since it was their "accident" after all

>Kraken just smirks and leaves the room, making sure to shut the door behind her with the distinctive click of it locking

<"You ready Sally?"

<"You know it Susie!"

>They waste no time removing my clothes from my limp body

>Sally starts to suck me off while Susie shoves her tongue into my mouth

>As they take turns sucking, riding, and kissing me, they also make sure to "accidentally" pricking me with their tails

>By the time they've finished and had their fill I'm utterly worn out

>Sally leaves Susie to snuggle me for a bit while she goes to get the Kraken nurse again

<"Well Anon, hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!"

>Yeah I did but like hell I'm telling either of you that

>She just smiles at me staring daggers at her and gives me a sqeeuze like I'm some sort of teddy bear

>God you are lucky your soft

>Sally returns with the kraken to reevalute my condition

>Doesn't even take one look at me

<"Oh my there must've been more in your than I thought!"

>No shit

<"Yes I believe you'll need to stay over night while Susie and Sally get more out of you"

>Wait what

>Susie and Sally just give me a look of smug that would put a cheshire to shame

<"You'll two will probably need the energy to keep up, so I've left some special medicines in the fridge, as well as some holstaur milk for Anon. Can't have him falling asleep or you two can't "monitor his condition""

<"Well, have a good night you three!"

>As she leaves the two girls just look at me, give me a kiss on each cheek and smile

>This is gonna be a long night

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