Anon's Super Birthday Adventure! Part II

By rekek

The ride to work was uneventful. As usual, all the pines, cedars, firs, oaks, maples, sycamores, gingkos and other sorts of trees I knew by sight but not by name lined the highway, slightly blurred as I passed them by. Ahead, a couple of miles in the distance, was the town of Gingko Cross. It was newly developed, built shortly after the Change around an abandoned train station. It was once inhabited by refugees during the wars of that time, trying to hide from both sides. The few feds who were guarding the people had been reassigned to the front lines, and the mamono, of course, were terrifying creatures who were transforming people into unrecognizablely fiendish monsters. So the story went anyways. A mamono patrol came, acting on their own initiative, and provided everyone with food, water, and medicine. That helped dispel the rumors, especially since they were on strict orders not to monsterize anyone who didn't ask for it.

Now it was a thriving small town of roughly 6,500 people, most of those centered around the station and the main street. The trains that came through station brought in travellers and new settlers who came from all across the state. Most of those new settlers would soon find themselves face-to-face with one of three main employers here: Hemstead Agricultural, which made agricultural supplies, tools, and some low-end machinery; Billings Lumber, the local lumber mill; and my workplace, Grimms Aerospace, the premier rocket and spaceplane assembly in my region.

I turned right at a three-way intersection that was just a hop and a skip away from town. Going down that road a couple of miles, I finally reached the premises.

Grimms Aerospace, what a place. Hidden in a clearing between all the trees, the facility was a collection of several buildings, on a grassy campus lined with concrete and stone paths to each building. There was a parking lot, and then an intersection where a road went down all the way to a small freight station. There, trains came to our company, dropping off supplies and picking up our parts and finished aerospacecraft.

The main building, which housed the lobby, assembly floor, offices, and design labs, was a steel-ribbed brick beast, stretching about three-four hundred yards in length, and roughly fifty yards in width. Then there were several satellite buildings. The one to the left of the main building was a garage, where all the work trucks and forklifts could be repaired and maintained. To the right of the main building was a squat building, about forty square yards, which was the "computer center", where Command and Control, Systems Development, and Technical Support were. To the right of that, were several trailers gathered together as the construction and foreman's office. Beyond them, were several rows of hangars, each containing different projects and prototypes we were working on, and, next to them, was the station.

I drove into an empty parking spot at the back, made for those with larger vehicles (and wives), and rushed out of the truck. I jogged past all the other modified vehicles, past the trucks and cars and vans, straight into the lobby.

Sitting behind the lobby desk was a very bored, very unamused orc, her squinting eyes glaring at me.

"Hey, Anita, sorry about being late again. I'll just check in and be on my way."

My apologetic greeting didn't deter her from making a disgusted sigh. Crossing her arms, she grunted. "Clock in and git to work then, Anon." Under her breath I could hear her grumble some strange words, something Orcish no doubt, like "Zekkin malnazh". I'd have to ask one of the girls what that meant when I got home.

Pulling out my ID card, a despicable little hunk of plastic with my face and name on it, I swept it under the clock-scanner, and with a satisfied beep, it read the card. A soft-spoken voice chimed from the machine. "Welcome to Grimms Aerospace, Employee ... Anon Y. Mous," it said rigidly. Then, as a chiding aside, "You're late again, Anon."

"Yeah, yeah, SAM, I know," I replied. The machine didn't give up, though, and continued. "If you keep being late, this project won't be finished. This is very important for the company and for -"

"Please, SAM, I get it," I interrupted. "Let me get to work so I can get this project finished," I added, beginning my march to the computer center.

Now ever since I was a wee lad in the pre-Change days, I dreamt of having a career that had something to do with the starry skies above. Even as what exactly I wanted to do slid from astronaut and astrophysicist down to aerospace engineer, then finally, in my lowest point, being fine with a simple janitor's position. Even cleaning shit-stained toilets was a noble cause, so long as it was devoted to sending men forth towards a great future exploring space.

So that's why, when I got accepted to work here as a tech monkey, I ended up in the fucking Tech Support department. There is no meaner existence than for a man than to be stuck sitting on his ass eight hours a day answering phone calls and pointing out the obvious to morons. Even in this wonderful age of monsterhood, it's a nightmare; just imagine how many woefully dim-witted wurms and goddamned cheshire punks you have to answer every day, and then on top of all that, you have to go and fix any issues at base, too, so you're doubly fucked and not in the way I want.

At least I have my wives and my land to think of. Just keep it together and they'll be there to greet you when you get home.

Of course, that's not for another eight fucking hours. With a sigh, I crossed through the facility grounds and opened the double doors into the computer center. Most of the crew were already there, abuzz with activity and discussion. Several gremlins and automatons were assembling, disassembling, and reassembling all sorts of electronics for our ships; the grems' intense concentration, one's face reddening with each assembly, told me the process wasn't going very well. A crow tengu, hurriedly flapping her wings, flew past me and made a descending glide towards one of her coworkers' desks. That coworker, Toni the alp programmer, was hurriedly typing in the GremASM code as fast as >she could, and when the corvid came, Toni merely swatted at her.

"I'm busy here!" she reflexively snarled, before taking a look at who she was talking to. "Oh, Sarah, you came with the data. Sorry about that!"

Sarah pulled out some papers from her satchel and gave it to Toni, who promptly thanked her with a quick hug. Then she went right back to work, scanning the papers all the while.

Besides Sarah and Toni, there were about five other programmers making extremely last-minute changes to our software. Three were human men, Joe, Andy, and Ethan, and the other two were a goblin and a gremlin. (Un)coincidentally enough, these programmers were all married to each other. Joe to Toni, Ethan to the goblin, and Andy to the gremlin.

Overseeing all of this chaos was the boss, Ms. Takeyama Tomoko, Hakutaku at Large. Seeing me, she stomped past the chaos, stopping at precisely 4.52 feet away from my face.

"Ah, Mr. Mous," she announced matter-of-factly, a slight scowl in her face. "You're late. Again."

"Sorry, Takeyama-san," I apologized, bowing my head slightly as a show of sorryness. It didn't work.

With a heaving sigh, Tomoko pointed to the Technical Support section. "Go on, Anon. We've got to finish the prototype." Creasing her nose with her fingers, her care-worn face was agonizing over the stress of this project. For the past five months we've been working on this first prototype for a new spaceplane to show off to the Lady of our Region... but that brings me to what the hell a "Lady" is.

See, after the dust kicked up by the Change and the Change Wars settled, the official peace treaty America made had certain higher-level mamono take ownership of certain regions and states as feudal lords "for a temporary period until man and mamono have fully integrated with one another". And like the first, forceful time with a monster girl, the bad feelings fade away once it got going, as this feudal system turned out to be neither too intrusive nor too harsh. Instead, it was... kinda comfy, all things considered. The Ladies, who were the mamono whom the Mamono Grand Council decided was "best suited for the area", were generally laissez-faire about ruling their fiefdoms, and generally left day-to-day rule to the human leadership. Only in rare cases of a Commandment being broken, like deliberate murder or adultery, did a Lady interfere, and needless to say, they were merciless.

But I digress. That spaceplane, the Grimms Argojet/A1, was a make-or-break project not just for our company but also for the future of space travel. Our little team of monkeys, both grease and code variants, had made one of the first Bussard-capable ramjets for this plane. If we could just get the prototype working, we could show off its capabilities and launch it all the way up to low-earth orbit and land safely back, and our Lady would help get us funding to

With a sigh, I answered Tomoko, "I'll get to work, ma'am."

And with that, I went to the Tech Support office. Now, technically Tech Support wasn't all that bad. First off, while it's called "Technical Support", it was really a mix of IT, server center, repair, and call center. It retained that title even after the merger when half of our department was sent packing to the main facility in Houston. That left me, George, and Adam, the Three Musketeers. I did call center and part of IT, while George handled sysadmin and the other half of IT, and Adam handled repair.

When I got there, George and Adam were waiting there. George was the resident neckbeard, now only in spirit since he lost all his weight fight-fucking his Oni wife, and one hell of a Linux autist. This man, whose prowess with scripting and networking was unmatchable, was half the reason the company was up and running, and God forbid he ever retire. I'm not sure how Gandra would handle having her man swinging his katanas around the house.

Adam was a mechanical engineer, long-haired, clean-shaven and placid even in the midst of chaos, and although he certainly wasn't as autistic as George, he was the smiling face of the Tech Support Division. He was Ol' Reliable, and if something mechanical was broke, no matter what, he could fix it. If he couldn't fix it, it was well and truly fucked.

And then there was me. Honestly, as much as I shit on the Tech Support angle of things, I really do appreciate working on this project. At the very least, Grimms pays enough to cover the farm, and I can rest easy knowing the girls and I won't go hungry. In terms of actual job performance, though, I was good at my job, but I was nowhere near the expertise of George and Adam.

George was busy a-tapping the keys on his laptop, his Suika shirt unashamedly and proudly on display, covered only by his oversized black leather jacket. He wore long cargo pants and socks with sandals. Even with the Change, some people never change.

Adam wore a long-sleeved collared shirt and jeans, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He was tinkering with a broken machine part, which fit with a piece of navigation equipment on our rockets.

The both of them glanced up from their work to look at me.

"Ah, so you've finally arrived at our abode, Anon," George said. "Be wary, for the work we are to perform is of the utmost importance and - "

"Yeah yeah, hey George, how are you doing?" I responded. He was a right chuuni, so you had to cut through the bullshit and interrupt him to get on with the day.

"Quite well, all things considered. My colleague and I were just discussing about the festivities for today, and -"

"Don't tell him, George," Adam admonished, his eyes never moving from the part. "It's supposed to be a surprise."

I grinned. "Isn't the surprised ruined if you say you've got one planned for me?"

"Yeah, but you don't know what kind it is."

"Fair enough, then. I'll wait to see what magic you've got cooked up today."

With that said, I went to my station and sat my butt down on the leather-covered office chair. Almost immediately the phone rang. I swore under my breath. I pleaded for bargains from the god of phones, I made vague promises to myself and violent threats to whomever was calling. I sighed, relegating myself to the work at hand.

I picked up the receiver.

"H-hello, I-I'm WAN-WAN-wondering about y-your model rockets..."

Oh great, an autistic Anubis with a stutter. I furrowed my brow in frustration. This was going to be a long day at work.

I just hope the girls were having a better time than I was.


Jade, Christina, and Brigid sat around the empty table, together in silence. Christina was anxiously fidgeting with her hair, caressing her braids with each hand. Jade's arms were crossed under her breasts, her hands tightly balled into fists. Brigid was deathly still, lost deep in her thoughts.

Finally, Jade broke the silence. "How do we get pregnant?" she asked.

Christina stopped her fidgeting. Brigid returned to reality. Both considered what the raven-haired lamia said. It was a hard question.

"I... I don't know, Jadie," Christina sighed. "I really don't."

Brigid murmured, "How do we know we aren't being... hysterical about this?"

"Hysterical?" Jade turned towards Brigid. She was dead serious, nothing hysterical about her. Of course, maybe there was a little hysteria... but it was for a good reason! "Look, Bridge, it's been two and a half years since we met and married Anon! How many times have we fucked him? Hundreds of times?Aand we still aren't pregnant yet!" Swallowing for air, she continued, a single tear on her face. "I want to have our happy ending!"

Christina said, "Just look at all our friends, neighbors, Anons' coworkers, even the human women around here... They've all got kids. I don't want to, it's not right to, but I can't help but envy them. Why are we stuck being childless while they get kids?" Bowing her head, hands still on her braids, she added, "Are we just... cursed to live without them?"

Brigid sighed. "We can't worry ourselves to death over this, sisters. We need to -"

Jade looked at her incredulously. "We have to worry about this. This is something that'll be a part of our lives till death do all of us part."

Brigid continued on, as if Jade hadn't spoken at all. "We need to make sure that there is a problem in the first place. What if everything's okay, and it's just not our time yet?"

Centaur and serpent looked at her with curious gazes. "What do you mean, Bridge?" Christina asked.

"It may not be an issue with any of our fertility, us or Anon."

"So you're saying he's not shooting blanks, and we're not fumbling the ball?" Jade replied.

Brigid grinned wanly at the analogy. "More like, um, the goal's too far away, I guess." Sports never were her strong suit.

"So what do we do, then?" Christina asked.

Brigid sat in silence for a minute, thinking. "Oh, there's an old herbal fertility treatment we can try," she said, getting out of her chair and walking towards a bookshelf. Jade and Christina followed her, faintly hoping that whatever the banshee was looking for was worth the effort. Brigid rifled through the tomes and grimoires, many of them aged second, third, and fourth-hand copies imported from magic shops at the motherlands. She finally found the right one, a thick old leatherbound book, pulling it out from the shelf. She showed Christina and Jade the cover, which had the title, "Treatments for Men and Mamono, or: How to Aid in Familial Increase from Herbs Commonly Found in Realms Natural and Spiritual".

"This will help us?" Christina asked skeptically, her eyes narrowing at the cover. She was no stranger to magic, but she never quite liked it compared to more wifely medicines like good stews and honeyed teas.

"What do we need to get?" Jade hurriedly hissed.

"Peace, sisters," Brigid implored, opening the book up on the table. Bending over, she perused the table of contents, her eyes guided by her finger. Christina and Jade looked on with her, trying to keep up with the banshee. After finding the right recipe, she flipped the book to that page.

"There we are," she murmured. "The Potion of Fertile Birth... That'll give us what we need."

Christina, despite her skepticism, grinned with some relief. "Good job, Bridge."

"Hot damn, we got it!" Jade roared triumphantly, emphasized with a hard slap to Brigid's ass. Brigid jumped with a surprised gasp, turning to Jade with a displeased gaze. The lamia grinned innocently. Brigid turned back around, blushing.

"Y-yes, now I'll read the ingredient list. We'll need... Two swithes of mula leaf, one swith of oster root, a cup full of niggleberries, a pinch of Devilcabbage and a drop of vinegar. The solvent is water and the flux is fresh mare's milk."

Jade and Christina nodded. "How much is a swith again?" Jade wondered aloud, scratching her chin.

"That's three-quarters of cup," Christina answered before turning to Brigid. "Okay, how do we make the potion after getting the ingredients?"

"We'll crush the berries into a fine pulp, and mix that with the vinegar and the water. Then we'll crush the mula leaves and oster root into a fine powder. We mix both into the mare's milk and then boil it."

"Wait a minute," Jade interrupted. "Where are we getting the fresh mare's milk? We don't have any milking mares..." She trailed off as she and Brigid looked at Christina.

It took a minute of processing for the centaur's face to darken to a deep red. "D-don't even go there, you bitches..." She murmured, bashfully crossing her arms over her mammaries.

"It's for us, sister," Brigid softly responded.

Jade was more direct: "You wanna get pregnant or not, retard?"

Christina sighed. "Fine... Can we do it after we've got everything else?"

Brigid and Jade nodded.

"So, we just need to go out and find these in the woods?" Jade asked.

"Yes," Brigid answered. "You'll find mula plants hugging the ground and oster near mushrooms. Niggleberries are iridescent black, and Devilcabbage looks like purple kale."

"Oh, not too hard, then," she said to no one in particular. Grabbing ahold of Brigid's and Christina's hands, she proclaimed, "Okay, we're doing this for Anon and us! Let's get this shit and let's get knocked up!" And with that, the three slithered, trotted, and ran out of the back door.

The back yard was half an acre large, surrounded by a split-log fence. There was the shed - the one that replaced the exploded shed - where all the tools were kept. Next to it was the firewood pile, stacked roughly and not at all neatly, such was Anon's laziness, but it had enough wood to last the rest of the winter. A low stump lay a couple of feet from the firewood, its corpse mutilated with axewounds. On the opposite side of the yard was a picnic table. For prettier and warmer days, the four of them would eat their meals out here.

Jade shivered as she slithered along the grass. The cool weather wasn't suited for her kind, needless to say, but even so, the image in her mind's eye of the little sneklings she would have with Anon gave her the strength to move forward. If it meant her death, she would try and get the ingredients! Christina and Brigid seemed to have the same thoughts in mind, and with determination they set out into the world...

--- ----

Several hours later, they were back in the kitchen, the herbs and berries in hand. Christina found the niggleberries, Jade found the mula leaves, and Brigid found the oster and Devilcabbage.

The three worked on the potionmaking. Jade crushed the berries and Christina poured the vinegar and water into the berry pulp. Brigid crushed the leaves and root with her mortar and pestle. After all that, now only one thing remained...

Jade looked at Christina with the smuggest gaze possible. Brigid grinned slightly. Christina was just embarrassed.

"Okay... Fine," she said with a sigh. "For us and our kids."

Slowly she pulled her blouse up, her equine tits begging for release from under the clothes. She jerked the blouse up, and they flopped out. They were quite an eye (and mouth) full. Like Jade, Christina had big nipples, but smaller areolas.

Jade and Brigid both gazed into the tits, as though they were hypnotized by the sheer size of them. No matter how many times you saw them, they were still that amazing.

Christina blushed a little. "Well, hurry up, sisters!" The two came back to their senses and went to Christina, each grabbing ahold of a breast. Jade had the right, Brigid the left. Jade started the milking, squeezing the nipple with her usual gusto. A jet of milk spurted out of her nipple. Brigid followed up with a squeeze of her own, drawing more milk out. Christina smothered a moan with her hand, her quickening breath hot on her hand.

Christina had lost count of how many times her sister-wives had pumped her, but eventually they stopped. Looking down, she saw the bowl completely soaked in her milk. With a moaning sigh, she pulled her blouse down. Jade gave her a kiss on the cheek, before moving up to her ear.

"Just wait until Anon gets back, Christy," she whispered, lusty sensuality oozing with each breath. "You. Are. So. Fucked."

Christina grew even redder than before, and, for some odd reason, before Jade could slither away from her, she grabbed the serpent and gave her a kiss on the lips. "I'll be waiting, Jadey." were the words that came out of her mouth, despite herself. Brigid, hard at work mixing the powder and leaves into the milk, shook her head as Jade slithered over to her.

"Not now, I'm mixing everything here," she muttered. If it were any other situation, Jade wouldn't have been deterred, but in this case, she just resorted to fondling petite Brigid's curves, making sure, as before, to squeeze her ass again. Brigid squeaked.

"That's enough, you silly hen," Christina interrupted, having returned to her senses earlier.

"Fine," Jade sighed, sticking her tongue out at the centaur. Jade had her antics, the not-unwarranted "fooling around", as she called it, being one of them. Jade liked her girls as much as Anon did, although the latter could never tell if it was part of the pecking order, if she was just so libidinous she took it out on the others, or if she truly loved them as more than friends. Regardless, it was something Anon never minded too much, so long as it didn't get in the way of actual work.

Once the mixture was complete, Brigid told the others the plan. "This potion can be ingested either through drinking or putting it into food. Given we're making pizza and spaghetti for Anon's birthday, we can drink some of the potion now, so that we're ready in a while, and then we can bake the rest in the pizza. Any questions?"

Neither Jade nor Christina had any. With that, all three scooped handfuls of the potion and drank from their hands. In due time,

With that, it was time to get to work on making the birthday boy's supper. Christina took over the majority of the duties, leaving Brigid and Jade nothing to do. With that, Brigid grabbed a book and started reading, while Jade sat in front of the TV playing video games.

Christina sprinkled the potion into the dough, trying to get it distributed as evenly as possible. Taking a quick look up at the clock, she noticed the time: 4:31 PM. Anon would be coming home in the next thirty minutes.

She looked down at the pizza dough. Was this really going to help? She wondered, before shoving that thought aside. She made a silent prayer to whatever god would listen, that she and her sister-wives could get pregnant.


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In the headcannon I use for this story, it depends on species, but most tend to be able to produce multiple offspring. For the three girls, we'll find out if it's infertility or just impatience.


Aww man, I thought mamonos were super fertile?