The battle of light and darkness at the beach

By beljin

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The battle of light and darkness at the beach

"Uhm, girls, can I have the-" It'd been two minutes now, and they still hadn't put up the sun shades - either of them.

"Yes, Mastah!" A perfect chorus of unisono responses interrupted their squabble. "Just a moment..." "This is important!"

He sighed...and went to look for a solution.

Meanwhile, the kikimora maids Laura the Dignified and Lily the Proper were still bound in an unbreakable duel of words.

"I already unwrapped it!"

"I was already standing here!"

"We can't let this get on forever..."

"...or mastah will get sunburnt!"

"I brought sunscreen!"

"I brought sunscreen too!"

None of them had let go of their respective sun shades, demonstrating an impressive, almost choreographed martial arts dance of cute girls with lances of stick and cloth, fencing for the true spot at the center of the towels they had arranged on the beach. A spectacle that even had a small group of relaxed lizards watching with interest who had just passed by chance, returning from the cool waters, bets on the victor emerging with the severity and impact of up to two helpings of ice cream, though the maids in their swimsuits were far too busy to notice the growing gravity of their conflict. Clearly, there was only one way for this to end.

"If I let you put up the shade, I get to put the sunscreen on mastah's back!" A wild proposal, turning the struggle on their battlefield upside down within a split second, as unpredicted as a beach ball gently rolling by, chased by happy little hellwan kids with oversized straw hats. Somewhere, a banjo was playing.

"No, you put up the shade, I will apply the lotion!"

"Okay, I put up the shade, but I get the lower back at least!"

"No! Both upper and lower back need careful, thorough expertise!"

"A compromise! You get the left side, I get the right side!"

"A solomonic judgement! But the middle! Who makes sure the most important border along his sensitive spine is well-cared for?"

"I do!"

"No, me!"

"The sun is dangerous, we can't have this going on for forever!"

"I know, that's why I brought the 'heavy protection' cream!"

"'Heavy'? No, that just prevents mastah from getting tanned! The sun is not that strong today! I brought medium sun milk!"

"Better cautious than burnt by the fire!"

"The weather report predicted rain for tomorrow! We must not waste this chance for toned, beautiful..."

Both of them slightly drooled, the fencing conflict forgotten for a second. But only for a second!

"A compromise! A combination of protection according to the geometric mean!"

"No! The average is superior!"

"Fine! Geometric mean today, average the next beach day!"

"It is agreed! Mastah?"


"AAAAAAAhhh! Where did he go!"

Two hawks, squinting their eyes, shading them with a hand each, scanning the surroundings back to back, slowly turning like a spiral of synchronized swimmers.

"Okay! You guard our stuff, I will patrol the perimeter!"

"No! I will look on the left side, you on the right!"

"The other way around!"

"I found him! He's t-t-t-t-"

"Talking to someone!"



"So, the second left after the..."- the talk of the tall, mysterious stranger in a broody dark cloak as known to be a source of danger from so many traditional maid-and-maiden stories was interrupted. This stranger in the form of a beautiful elf in a white sundress was slightly surprised for a moment by the two flashes of light, whirling up sand in their tracks, heading straight - or well, as straight as the labyrinth of towels on the beach allowed - for mastah's arms, grabbed and clung to like a life vest. ""

"Great! Thank you!" Mastah smiled. The elf wandered off, to bring the two drinks in her hands back to some unknown fortunate soul.

"I've got to get something quickly. I'll be right back. But nobody is watching over our stuff at the moment! Could the two of you do that for just a bit longer?" Not that that was any real danger with all the people around and watchful lifeguards flying their rounds keeping an eye on land and sea, occasionally dropping into the depths for a refreshing shower - or to bother their swimming partners. Still, asking for 'one of them' to do things had been a mistake he hadn't made as much since the two of them had proactively offered to hire themselves into his home - simultaneously.

"Our picnic treats! Fine! Don't be out too long!"

"You still need to apply sunscreen!"

And two happily buzzing swimsuits left a trail again. Meanwhile, mastah went to chase the unknown. Or rather... to purchase darkness.

"...and the strawberries to finish it off!"


Two buzzing souls, reapproached unnoticed by a returning courier - of course the sunshades weren't up, still direly needed for a battle - no longer about supremacy of which 'meidolon academy'-emblem-adorned flagship should be presented, as they were entirely identical apart from a slight shift in emblem colour - but for entertainment to pass the time. Of course the maids had long applied sunscreen before coming here, like any dutiful person would know to do - not that they'd admit that, in the hopes of having mastah apply the 'forgotten requirements' - and not risking to pass a chance on doing the same to him either. After all, a beach was just an unbeatable ambience for such things.

The banjo player nearby, wherever they were, had seemingly picked up on the dramatic happenings and provided a catchy upbeat dancing melody matching their movements. Or maybe that was just their favourite song.

And then, everything changed when the non-meidolon-academy-sunshade faction attacked with a dramatic flap, causing them to drop their weapons, converge, and hug each other instinctively.



But the surprise of the sound was followed by an even more shocking realization, as mastah put up the newly purchased sunshade- right in the center of their towels, to protect against the rays from straight above, and put up the other two on the sides, for a triangle of coolness sufficient for them and the ice-cold treats they had brought with them.

And the worst part! The sunshade had no emblem at all! It was just plain blue!

"Uhm...Lily? Laura?"

The impact of this detail overthrowing all the earlier hard negotiations was enough to stun the maids and have them lie on the central towel, almost as if someone had knocked them out or put an icecube down the back of their suits. Not that they had gotten mastah to do such terrible things to them yet...

He sighed. Having double the trouble was already tasking enough, he couldn't afford to buy two of everything that was intended for him as well...Maybe that solution had been a bit too heavy-handed, but it was time for things to settle down a bit. Time to get together and find an all-in-one solution.

And true enough, the maids in eternal rivalry and currently in a mutual hug quickly recovered.

"Did you apply sunscreen yet?"

The banjo stopped. Two spawns of the abyss, slowly rising peril. Playtime was over. The sharks had smelled blood. Four sparkling eyes bright with motivation...and only one way for things to end.

For some reason, they were mixing cream from two bottles, but if that was the weirdest thing left in their relationship, then nothing was stopping the three of them from having a great day at the beach. Somewhere, lizards had to settle for one helping of icecream each to resolve a bet, but that made it easier for everyone to get their favourite. And the best was yet to come.

"Ahhh...ah! Ahhh..."

"I didn't know you had such sensitive shoulders, Lily."

"I-it is very important to h-heavily and thoroughly massage the skin on such a h-hot day..."

"...M-Mastah, h-hurry, I need some as well..."

Just as hoped for, it looked like any remaining tensions were radically dissolving. Maybe the sharks had turned out to be colourful tropical fish after all? At least, those under this particular sunshade on a wide and beautiful beach. Unless the shade was just covering swelling thirst...

It is very important to stay hydrated...but luckily, they had brought along supplies for everything, almost everything. Some things are only proper in the dark, which was a long time, many swimming sessions and even more strawberries away from the brightness of a sun near its zenith.

The banjo picked up again, even if for some reason or the other, none of them noticed.

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