Lord of snow part 2

By spurged

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” the tiny demon muttered, as she thumbed through various papers before shooting you a look from over the top of them. You had heard rumors about the sabbath, and while some were proving true others certainly weren’t. While all the various women here were diminutive and childish, it didn’t mean they were without curves and even more contrary to the rumors, they weren’t done up in weird mage bikinis. All of them, every single one of them you had seen, were dressed as if they were generic office ladies; albeit in clothing that was appropriately sized for them. “It’s like you incubized, but you clearly haven't, and it's all in similar manner to how we transform after joining our coven…,” specialist Astrid mumbled before trailing off, “And you’re sure you aren’t a wizard?”

“I have no idea how to use magic and have never shown any potential for it.” you answered, brow furrowing. You doubted you could have secretly been a wizard all this time, you didn’t have the strange issues that usually accompanied such people or at least from what you had heard.

Most of what you had heard sounded like a mix between a bad dream and slowly going nuts, if you didn't know what was going on; while that was somewhat true for you recently, it was dramatically different. Where your anxiety stemmed from an odd form of body horror, the usual was something more akin to waking up in a haunted house that followed you. Slamming doors, disembodied voices, and what could only be described as poltergeist activity were all generally caused by mana leakage from an unknowing mage not being able to control their powers. Your flavor of insanity was wholly different.

Portion control no longer existed as far as anything sweet, savory, or distilled was concerned. Something that had alarmed Cheryl even, whether it was because she was worried you would explode in some cartoonish manner or that you nearly eradicated her storehouse of fudge ice cream, you weren't really sure. If the latter, you honestly couldn’t blame her though, that ice cream was a dream. Your beard would regrow in minutes, no longer taking days, back to full length and no amount of dye would ever adhere properly to your snowy hair. You had also vaguely become aware within the last week or so that you might be able to just run a marathon if you felt like it, nothing you did anymore seemed to make you feel as if you were exerting yourself; while this was a welcome change in comparison to the rest, it still wasn’t very reassuring. Something weird was happening to you. Were you really transforming due to some kind of magic?

“This is highly irregular, if you were a woman I’d have half a mind to say you’re monsterizing but…,” she mutters, leafing through the papers as she scanned over them. “It’s very interesting. And you’re sure you didn’t do anything to cause this?”

“Absolutely,” you answer.

“Never denied any loans?”

“No?” you asked, almost wanting to make it sound like it wasn’t question. Why would it matter? “I work for Bandco-Gretal, the uh… the toy company. Not a banker.” this only earns you smirk from the woman before she sets the papers down with a slight flourish. “And you're certain you’ve never… you know, even in a dream with a weird centaur?” she pantomimes shoving a finger through others formed into a ring. You couldn’t help but look away as your face burned.

“No, I’m definitely not incubized.” you mutter, “I’m dead sure. My… w-well its probably going to be more than a girlfriend soon, she’s a Mamono. I was changing before I met her.”

“Interesting,” She mumbles, dropping one of the papers on the desk before her and scribbling some glyphs on it. “You smell like you have but the v-checker said no. Very interesting.”

“Is that normal for wizards?” You ask curiously, you admittedly knew little more than general rumor and supposition.

“No, not unless…. Well you know. A dream-taur and all that.” she waggled her eyebrows at you while her eyes meet yours. “And the scent doesn’t put your girlfriend off? Is she…?” She pointed two fingers upwards next to her own natural horns and you immediately realize the implication. You doubted quite seriously that Cheryl would ever consider sharing you.

“N-no. She’s uh…,” you pause, realizing you now had something new to worry about. “She says I smell like I have a lot of children, but that's all. Typically I get all kinds of varying comments about how I smell...”

“Oh,” the tiny demoness answered, a wry smile playing on her face. “So it changes for whoever smells you…,” she paused, scribbling it down on a nearby sticky note. “Sounds like she’s one of those then.”

“Those?” you asked curiously, unsure what she meant by it.

“Not my place, but you’ll find out eventually.” she stated giving you a smirk, something that honestly had started to drive you insane about Mamono. They were always like this. Not that it was a bad thing, sometimes it was quite endearing, but others it was infuriating. As much as you could reasonably figure it had to be that Cheryl would want a ton of kids, not that you’d necessarily be opposed. All you could do was sigh as you crossed your arms. “Well,” she paused mid thought as she scanned over more of the pages, “I’m going to be honest and straightforward about this. Okay?”

“You have no idea what's wrong with me?” You asked in a resigned tone, hand going to your forehead.

“Basically, yes.” She answered, slapping the papers down on her desk as she threw herself back into her chair. “But, if you’re open to it I want you to keep coming back for observation and periodic tests. It could take years to fully understand what's going on with you, but unlike your doctor we’re actually interested in finding out what.”

“Well, it’s better than nothing.” you grumbled, though you did have a touch of relief. The fact that she wasn’t brushing it off like you were crazy or pretending as if nothing was somehow wrong did make you feel better. At least she was trying. “Sure, I guess. Not like I’ve got anything to lose.”

The rest of the next two weeks were rather normal, at least as far as ‘normal’ was for you lately. You sighed as you swirled your glass of whiskey, the steak bites and sweet potato fries biting at your nose with their aroma as they demanded to be eaten. Cheryl was across from you with an exact copy of your meal, a worried look painted on her face as she regarded you.

“Is something wrong?”

“It's…not great.” you mutter without thinking, eyeing your drink as your thoughts drifted this way and that. It wasn’t. Nothing had been gained from the thaumatic studies with the sabbath, something that was starting to make you wonder if they were instead simply studying how you were changing out of curiosity and weren’t even bothering to posit ideas on how to stop or even reverse it. But then again, at least they believed you. And now you had faint marks that were bleeding through from beneath your skin, something that had worried you to a degree and had only become more worrisome as you realized they were straight and angular, bearing an appearance of something decorative. It was insane, but you just knew in your bones that you were ‘growing’ tattoos now. Cheryl simply looked away from you, seeming to wilt at your comment.

“I-I’m sorry I c-could make someth-”

“N-no. Thats..,” you choked, realizing that you had screwed up. “I mean me, n-not the food. I’m not… I’m not doing great.” you set down your drink, a slight sting settling in your chest. “Your cooking is great as always hun,” you offer to reassure her. She really was a great cook, if you hadn’t swollen up and turned into Thomas Nast’s vision of Santa, you’d likely have been putting on a ton of weight anyways.

“Do you want to… talk about it?” her voice wavered, steeped in worry. It had been more or less the only thing the two of you had spoken about. Or at least tried to. Sure there were moments where the two of you would discuss a litany of many other things, but eventually the two of you would end up discussing the elephant in the room. You, or rather your warping body. You didn’t want to talk about it, you were honestly sick of talking about it. Maybe if you tried to talk about something else that she didn’t want to you could kill the conversation without it being too apparent? You knew exactly what you should bring up. She had been avoiding from telling you ever since Halloween.

“You never did tell me the story about that wizard-king,” you state, looking over at her. Immediately you notice her posture change, no longer relaxed or even holding a calm sort of demeanor and instead taking on something rigid and even looking away from you.

“I uh… it’s not appropriate for kids.” she stated and you snorted loudly, grinning stupidly at the excuse.

“Honey, Eliza isn’t here. Remember?” you answered, trying to repress a chuckle at her often used response. More often than not it was her answer to anything that Eliza wanted to do. Pre-Mamono horror movie you had on your dvd shelf? Not appropriate for children. Violent video games? Not appropriate for children. Your ‘weird’ soda that you kept in the fridge? You better believe it wasn’t appropriate for children. While Eliza did happen to be around a little too often as a favor to Cheryl’s sister, she had honestly started to grow on you; the terrible little punk.

“I-I know t-that,” Cheryl stumbled, her face lighting up into a hot cherry red. “It’s too much for dinner conversation.” she spat out quickly, her voice wavering with a touch of embarrassment.

“That violent?” you ventured with a concerned tone, knowing full well that likely wasn’t the case. Everything that involved Mamono revolved around sex, romance, and having as big as a family as possible. The only issue was, which was it that she was focusing on? Cheryl wasn’t really overly forward as some Mamono tended to be, tended to fluster easily over some shows of affection, and definitely wanted a baseball team’s worth of children; all of which were equally possible choices for whatever had turned her into a lobster. Maybe all of them at once?

“No, it’s not violent. It’s just not necessarily appropriate for d-dinner.” Cheryl responded quickly as she refused to look you in the face.

“Oh. So it’s ‘that’ kind of a story.” you stated flatly and despite focusing on your meal, you could swear the large Polar-bear woman suddenly had steam coming off of her as her skin tone somehow went into a deeper shade of red.

“N-not exactly, D-dont get the wrong idea.” She mumbled, her large paws coming up as her claws began to tap together. “I-It’s just… k-kind of… a bit much to talk about, t-too risky.”

“Dangerous?” you ask, repressing a snort as you take a swig of your whiskey, eyes flicking up to survey the large woman. Was she threatening to try and take you, claim you, in her own flustered and roundabout way? Was the story so steamy that she’d lose complete control?

“I-it could be,” Cheryl answers, her blue eyes leveling with yours as she gave you a rather intense look.

“I could live with that,” you answered back, face burning as you stared intensely at your food. Her passive 'threat' quickening your pulse and making your skin feel too hot. “Do you think y-”

“Yes!” Cheryl half shouted, her fork and knife clattering to her plate suddenly as she dropped them, her own face cherry red as she tried to collect herself. “Y-yes, I’d… yes.” one of her clawed paws grabbed at her drink, swallowing it down quickly as expectant eyes bore into you.

The two of you stared at each other expectantly for what felt like a solid ten minutes, Cheryl with her eyes smoldering while you patiently waited for the story. It was a steep cost all things considered, but it wasn’t as if it would be unpleasant. The last few months were far longer than most Mamono were willing to wait and you had to admit you were rather nuts about her. Just the idea of having her at your side sent a sensation of butterflies in your guts; but what about yourself? You could barely deal with seeing yourself the way you were, what if you were able to change back to normal? Would Cheryl even want to stick around? Slowly you brushed your thoughts aside, Cheryl was a Mamono, it's not as if she’d abandon you at the drop of a hat just because of your appearance. Not to mention, what if the solution was to incubize? Or even crazier, what if incubization cured you but she preferred you this way anyways? Most of her desire to talk about your new looks was to reassure you.

“So…?” you lead, hoping to get her to start.

“R-right now? In the dining room?” She squeaked out, face burning as her eyes went wide, though they lost none of their prior intensity. “I mean… w-we could but don’t you think in the shower or maybe the bed w-w-”

“No, the story Cheryl.” you demanded, face burning as inappropriate thoughts swam through your head. She wasn’t wrong. The shower would be heavenly, the bed would a great second place to it. That and anything involving the large bear woman without a bed would likely put you out in traction or throw out your back. And that would be under the assumption whatever furniture could survive such an assault.

“R-right,” she murmured, looking away in embarrassment and all you could do in response was grin. Mamono and their one track minds, not that you minded. Your own mind was running in parallel. “I… i-it’s not too dissimilar to your people’s Santa. But,” she paused, burning a hole in her dinner with her eyes.


“He uh… well, I already told you he was a wizard-king. He… he used his powers and all of his time to help his people. Eventually, due to a curse, he began using all of his time to farm during the waning growing periods and making toys since none of the children could go outside.” You nodded absently, it did sound like Santa to a degree, though the food delivery was definitely different. “The curse had been laid by a foul demon and with each passing day it would grow colder and darker, until eventually it was almost a perpetual winter.” That was a steep departure and the kind of language you didn’t typically hear from Mamono. Foul demon. Even Mamono that were often antagonistic to each other often wouldn’t go that far and it wasn’t as if bear mamono had issues with demons. As far as you knew anyways.

“This was before Mamono?”

“Yes,” she answered softly, eyes jumping up to look into yours. “Eventually things became unbearable an-” you couldn’t help but grin stupidly, eyebrows raising up in a clear sign of amusement. It was a weakness, “Oh you! That's not funny,” she grumbled, her paws balling up into fists. “Cal, I’m going to really give it to you if you want to be mean.”

“Is that a threat or are you trying to get me to do it more?” you teased still grinning, earning a rather venomous leer and a look that promised to throw out your back if you persisted. Part of you wanted that, desperately, as weird as it was to want. Maybe getting put into traction would be worth it, it was a small price to pay for teasing your girlfriend and having the mother of all orgasms forcefully coaxed out of you.

“Eventually things… couldn’t continue.” She stated, eyeing you with suspicion. The implicit threat making you giddy as your pants tented.

The story went on for a while. The wizard-king fighting fruitlessly against the magical weather all while trying to discover the source and never getting anywhere. Slowly his small kingdom waned, things becoming harsher and more desperate as his people, one by one (even the nonhumans), eventually had to abandon the area. Until it was just him, an empty little fiefdom, and a lone bear-beastman. With just the two of them and dwindling resources, they began to ration things while still hunting for the source of the curse.

And then one day under the assumption that the little kingdom was empty at last, the foul demon responsible came to collect what she was after. It wasn't until Cheryl started to go into detail about how the demoness went about degrading and soiling the wizard-king's throne that you had to call bullshit. Full on having a victory slick while badmouthing a guy in a painfully tsundere way was not the hallmark of pre-Maou monsters: it was something a Mamono would do. Hell, one of your friends had gotten 'married' that way; accidentally forgot his keys and came back into his office only to find the mailclerk relieving tension and personal frustrations. Cute couple.

You sighed, somewhat drowning out the rest of it as you could already guess what would happen; at least in this Mamono version. They punished the demon, likely in a vaguely sexual manner, and then the wizard-king and beastman realized they were in love and fucked like rabbits after the curse was lifted. Typical, and likely why it got Cheryl all hot and bothered. It wasn't until she began going on about the truly indecent things the two began to say to each other while trying to engage in sex with a bound demoness nearby that you let your mind wander while focusing on your food.

So what had actually happened? You'd likely have to find a better source. Though, guessing wouldn't be that tough all things considered. The demon likely was confronted by the two and subdued and forced to lift the curse before being contained or banished. Then, either the wizard-king got lonely or his lady beastman companion got a little too friendly for whatever reason, maybe a heat? Pre-Mamono human-monster relations were rare and uncommon, so while Cheryl was very pleasing to ogle, touch, and even kiss; one of her distant ancestors likely wouldn't have been, or at least as much unless you had been living years alone in a frozen hellscape. They'd be more bear than psuedo-succubus, unlike Cheryl was now with cute bearish qualities and a body that could make you thankful to be a man. Then again, that didn't necessarily mean they were less able to rape a man, just less likely. Then there was the apparent pre-Maou pseudo-Mamono that cropped up every now and then in Mamono history. You’d definitely have to look into this yourself.

"And then, eventually, everyone came back to the kingdom and they lived happily ever after." Cheryl finished before giving you a rather chaste and happy smile. Had she forgotten what she had promised would happen at the conclusion of the story? Part of you was disappointed, but another part of you was somewhat relieved; your hips would live to see another day. Maybe. “So…,” Cheryl started, trailing off while giving you a look you couldn’t place. Her larpe paws resting on either side of her plate as she eyed you with curiosity.


“So… s-should I chase you or I uh… o-or maybe that is…,” she trailed off having apparently not forgotten at all, the intense look coming back to her eyes as she looked you over. Despite how unsure she was, the way her eyes pierced into you made it clear that there was at least some aspect of it that she was absolutely sure of. All you could do was swallow as you considered your options.

“I’ll uh… I’ll come quietly,” you answered. Even with the changes that had been taking place with yourself, you doubted you could outrun her or be really successful trying to fight her off; not that you wanted to. The few times the two of you were alone and able to really engage in touching at each other or feeling the other’s lips, the two of you nearly and often would get lost in each other. Cheryl’s only response was a soft smile, one that made a chill run up your spine as you found your blood began to burn and parts of you stirred in anticipation.

“Good.” She stated flatly, eyeing you again before standing up and beginning to leave the room. Anticipation welled up in you as did anxiety. Slowly she stopped at the doorway that lead off into the living-room as she glanced back at you with a smoldering gaze, licking her lips hungrily. “C’mon Cal, you promised.” Her tone was huskier and more needy than you had ever heard from her before and you swallowed hard, knowing that you weren’t going to be getting any sleep tonight.

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