SERs (Caregivers of unable Mamono)

By spurged

>you swallowed, unsure about how she would react to what you had planned

>you arms filled with frozen pizza, bags of junk food, and a carrying case for a third party cartridge console

>tonight was going to be interesting

>it had started simply enough

>you needed neet bucks and the new provisional govt said sure

>after some community service

>Ordinarily you would have sworn off of it and tried to find another way but…

>it wasn’t a bad deal

>The Caregivers of Unable Mamono had demanded that in exchange for your neet bucks, all you had to do was check in on a disabled girl and maybe spend time with them once a day

>and then your rent, and more, would be paid in full

>It wasn’t until you had met with one of the organizers that you realized that this might not be the complete cake-walk you thought

>normally disabled Mamono were rather rare and hard to come by

>romantic types usually scooped them up to baby and protect them

>you weren’t the type, but you did get the appeal

>the girls that you had been put to potentially deal with were what were considered “heavily” disabled

>this however was determined by Mamono standards

>so there weren’t paraplegics

>Instead you had gotten a run down on a few girls that your particular organizer that you could help

>A magically-retarded Cheshire

>as in, she was unable to utilize her natural wonderlander magic

>Then there was the solidified Slime

>There was even a Centaur who apparently lacked the horse backend, resembling a Satyros

>And then lastly, there was Madeline

>Immediately you had requested her, and apparently she had likewise did the same for you

>She looked normal enough, as far a Mamono went

>thick thighs, heavy chested, and weirdly alluring in a way that made you want to fall to your knees and thank God that you were a man

>the giant fluffy tail didn’t hurt either

>apparently she was a Danuki

>Some kind of money-raccoon or some such, whatever that meant

>But that wasn’t the issue

>Madeline’s ‘disability’ was known as Suppressed Emotional Response syndrome

>or SERs

>It honestly wasn’t a big deal, but you could see why the C.U.M. had effectively brought you on to be her link to the world

>emotions were a big deal for Mamono

>and not being able to express them in any manner was considered a rather severe disability

>And despite the oddity of it all, you did like your new ‘job’

>quickly you had found yourself throwing everything into begin her C.U.M. appointed companion

>you weren’t entirely sure why

>but something about her really had begun to grow on you

>Slowly, you reached out and rung the doorbell as you held your breath

>it took less than a minute, but bright eyes caught yours as the door opened

<”There you are Anon, you are late.”

>her tone came out flat and completely emotionless, her face was likewise completely unreadable as her large blue eyes surveyed you

“Sorry, I had issues finding those apple candies you mentioned but there wa-”

<”You found some?”

>her eyes snapped the bag in your hand

>you couldn’t help but shoot her a grin, feeling proud of yourself for finding them

>apparently they were her favorite

“Well, we can get into them once we’re inside. That was the plan, right?”

>Your would-be host eyed your items for a moment as she considered something

>in an instant Madeline had snagged the pizzas from you, stating something as she hurried off with them to the kitchen

>you smirked, following along

>Madeline’s house was quite impressive, though you did admittedly prefer your small and cozy apartment

>Something about the large, empty house left you feeling agoraphobic

>albeit indoors

>in moments the pleasantly plump woman had slammed the pizzas into her oven and had snatched the apple flavored sweets from you

>again she eyed you for a moment as she worked on the candy before motioning for you to follow her

>quickly you set the rest of your items down, game case and more still in hand

>as you headed for the living room, you knew exactly what this was about

>you didn’t need to be told as you began unpacking the console

>or when you handed a handwritten list of the games on it to Madeline

>you knew exactly what she wanted

>After the last time the two of you had hung out she had been insistent on playing some ‘human’ games

<”And your Pokemon games, are on this?”

>She asked, voice flat and emotionless

>the tone completely neutral and with a slow, almost uninterested pace

“Yup, they are. So which one do you wanna start with?”

>her eyes continued to scan the paper as you worked on slotting cables and syncing the one controller you had

<”The one you were ranting about, the one you said was the ultimate gen two experience.”

“Yeah, gimme a second.”

>you couldn’t help but grin like an idiot

>if there was one thing you did love, it was at least sharing your love of gaming

>The cheap Zipangese ‘Mon’ console booted up seamlessly

>And in minutes, you were happily offering advice on what to do while Madeline worked through an open-world mod of crystal

>reworked chiptune music filled the livingroom as the two of you lounged on the couch

>a egg timer let loose a loud ring around the time she had barely hit the first gym

>the two of you shared a look before putting the game on hold for a break

>the pizza, while not the greatest, was more than adequate to ensure that neither of you talked

>all the while, Madeline shot you odd glances

>well, flat and emotionless ones, but the way she kept looking away if she noticed you looking back…

“Something on my face?”


>she spat out quickly, looking away again

>you weren’t dumb

>you knew what she was actually looking at

>you were a Man, she was a Mamono

>just because she wasn’t able to express emotions, didn’t mean she didn’t have any

>was she already plotting something like most Mamono would after a spending time with a guy and forming a connection?

>you knew this was a possible outcome

>hell, it had only been a week before people figured out the Mamono’s ‘game’

>Not that that was a problem

>you didn’t necessarily mind

>but as things were, getting paid by the govt to have a friend was pushing it

>getting paid to have a girlfriend seemed beyond insane


>Blue eyes caught yours, snapping you from your thoughts


>you slowly set down your pizza, giving the racoon-woman your full attention

<”I have to know. Why?”

>All of it delivered coolly in monotone as she eyed you with what you felt was curiosity

>if it was, there was no indication on her face whatsoever


>you asked back, forehead knitting together



>she stated almost matter-of-factly as confusion bloomed in you

>what the hell?

“Madeline, I don’t… I don’t understand.”

>again she looked at you, giving you the impression of a curious look before she set down her own piece of pizza

<”Why did you pick me? From the program, I mean.”

>you swallowed hard, having not expected this even with the sudden odd turn of things

>you sighed, trying to think of something good to say

>obvious stating the truth might not be entirely appreciated

>but then again, as a Mamono, maybe flat out saying that you picked her because she was good looking and you could tell she had a good sized rear…

>your face burned as you fought to look her in the eyes

“I uh… t-that is-”

<”I hired a private detective.”

>your eyes popped, unsure where any of this was going

<”She was quite thorough,”

>Madeline shifted, pulling a phone from her pocket which she immediately began pulling things up on it

>gently she held it up for you to look at

>an image of your apartment’s front door stared back at you from the screen

>you swallowed nervously

>what was this even about?

>this wasn’t going to turn into something weird right?

>This wasn’t stalking by proxy, right?

>had you done something to set her off and make her worry about you?

<”You aren’t very well off.”

>she stated in her usual monotone, eyes seeming to bore into you as if to accuse you

“I uh… well yeah.”

>prior to portal day you were an unemployed loser

>and then post portal day, you didn’t have any real skills

>at least not the ones that Mamono wanted

>Where the hell were you supposed to get a theoretical oblivion thaumatological degree?

>so you had settled for being a C.U.M. companion

>as poorly as that sounded

>though you had found yourself thinking about trying for being her cum compa-

<”Did you have a monetary motivation?”

>you did

>it honestly had come down to joining the program or risk loosing your apartment and worse

>you needed those neet bucks

>Not that homeless men faired poorly under Mamono rule but…

>did you really want to be one of those guys living on a ‘farm’?

>you shuddered, thinking about it

>You certainly didn’t want to have to resort to that

>sweat began to bead on your forehead

“I- It wasn’t like that,”

>you offered, hand finding your forehead and you swallowed hard

“I h-had to join the program or else I-”

<”Oh. Nevermind then.”

>you stopped and stared at the woman, unsure of what the hell was going on

“W-what do you mean nevermind?”

>blue eyes met yours as her animal like ears twitched for a moment

<”Well, I thought you had specific motivations in regard to me.”

>your frown deepened, as did your confusion

>What the hell

>was she serious

“What? You thought I picked you out specifically because you’re secretly loaded or something?”

>Madeline simply stared at you as a response as an awkward silence filled the air

“You’re kidding.”

>Madeline only continued the stare, though her large tail began to bat back and forth behind her

<”I am not.”

>you mind swirled as you began to feel as if reality itself had pulled the rug out from beneath you

“You thought I wa-”

<”I apologize. I made assumptions I shouldn’t have.”

>you simply gaped at the woman, unsure what you should feel about any of this

“You thought I was after your money?”

>Madeline looked away, her eyes locking to the television as she tried to fake being too deep in concentration to properly engage you in the conversation

>After a lull the two of you had made it back to console, but you couldn’t leave this alone

>did she really think you were some kind of a gold digger?

“I mean… aside from that one time, I’ve practically paid for everything so far. Even that time we went to that movie an-”

<”I said I was sorry.”

>her tone was flat as always, though something about it told you that there was a touch of hurt there

“Look, sorry. I’m not… I don’t mean to rag on you about it. It’s just… the accusation is a bit weird and it kind of…,”

>you trailed off, feeling awkward


>she finished for you, breaking away from the screen to eye you

“No I’m just… confused. Mostly.”

>you gave her a glum look before eyeing the bag of apple candies you had gone out of your way to find

>they were apparently her favorite, something that you had tucked away in your mind

>not because you thought you could get money out of her but because…

>well, she was a Mamono

>a slight ache bloomed in your chest

>Maybe it did hurt, just a little

>not that she really needed to know

>you were a guy, you were supposed to be reasonably stoic

>silence fell over the two of you as she tried to work her way through what should have been a third badge

>Her starter, a Shuckle, getting O’Ko’d by a gym trainer’s Geodude

>your eyes drifted about the fairly sparse house as you began to think things over

>She was loaded?

>the house didn’t seem like it

>nor was there anything to really indicate such

>hell, the first time the two of you ever went out somewhere she had called the burger and fries the pair of you had gotten ‘fancy’

>something that even just thinking over, made you grin like an idiot

>if she was loaded, she certainly didn’t live like it or even act like it

>but even then, why would she go out of her way to hire a private investigator to-


>immediately she stopped, turning to face you as she chewed on one of the gummy fruit candies

“Was there anything I did that made you worry about my intentions with you at all or-”

<”No. Nothing.”

>you shot her a knowing look as you realized the precise why of the investigator

>Instantly the plump racoon-woman turned beet red, though her flat expressionless expression didn’t change

>her eyes glanced to the screen, before shifting her posture as if to try and focus on more on the game

<”Anon, please. I am trying to beat this gym.”

>you snorted, annoyance suddenly taking hold of you


>She was going to pretend that the game needed her full attention that badly?

>it was a turn based game

>Even without the ability to properly express emotions, her embarrassment at being found out was rather transparent

“Madeline, the gym can wait.”

>quickly she paused the game

>turning to face you, though refusing to make eye contact as she dropped the controller and balled her hands on her lap

>you swallowed as odd jitters took hold of you

>it wasn’t as if you could be wrong, but you did want to hear it aloud for yourself just to be sure

“You like me, don’t you?”

<”I do not… dislike you.”

>she stated quickly and diplomatically

>you felt yourself grin like an idiot

>she really was embarrassed

“Do you have an investigator stalk everyone you don’t dislike?”

>her face remained unchanged, though her fists on her lap tightened as her eyes fought not to look at you directly

>all the while her face continued to burn hotly

<”Anon, please. I have very specific-”

“You like me and wanted to check to see if I was legit, just admit it.”

>Her tail batted about, one of her ears twitching as her eyes finally locked with yours

>her face as emotionless as always

>the the red certainly helped give you a general clue

<”I admit that I have an interest in you.”

“What kind of an interest?”

>you immediately pressed, your grin becoming more and more toothy

>a smug satisfaction beginning to play over you

“Tell me.”

>you bit your bottom lip, eyebrows raising as your amusement grew

<”You shouldn’t tease a girl like this Anon.”

>your breath caught in your throat at the toneless intoned threat

>you stopped instantly, letting your face fall away into something just as neutral as hers

>its not as if teasing her further would necessarily be bad

>if she was serious, you’d definitely know if you kept teasing

>but then you wouldn’t get the satisfaction of hearing her admit it

>though you did feel oddly giddy and anxious

“Sorry, I just…,”

>you trailed off, eyes pouring into hers

“It’d have to be serious though if you were willing to go that far,”

>her eyes broke with yours as she turned away, her tail now batting about faster behind her

<”I… I have considered you for more.”

“Like what?”

>you couldn’t help but ask

>Her eyes met yours, giving you an impression of surprise

>though her expression was still flat

>neutral as always, not that it mattered

>you still found yourself completely lost in her

>Slowly Madeline’s balled up fists flexed on her lap

<”I am a Danuki Anon.”

>you couldn’t help but grin stupidly at the statement, even though it was delivered in complete deadpan

>you knew you had to drag this out

“You want to financially exploi-”


>she practically shouted at you, though it was still flat in tone and delivery

<”Anon, I am a Mamono.”

>you smirked

“I can see that.”

<”I… despite my condition I do have the usual wants and drives Anon.”

“Is that a problem?”

>Madeline’s fists smacked against her generous thighs as her eyes seemed to grow more intense

<”If you continue to tease me this way, it could be.”

>you couldn’t help your expression as you continued to grin at her

“Sorry. I’ll stop-”


>her eyes glinted and glimmered and you swallowed as a sudden burst of anxiety took hold

>while you were happy that a rather cute girl was more or less confessing to you…

>you did want to be able to walk after everything was said and done

>You had heard and seen stories

>the talk show episode of a man who was left in traction while his Amazon wife apologized in hysterics definitely came to mind

>that wasn’t a particularly good episode off Jerri Springer, the man had protested the entire time that it was the best sex of his life and he ‘needed’ more

>you weren’t sure if you’d have the same reaction, but you did know that you did like Madeline

>and that you also liked walking…

>Slowly you reached out and touched at her fists, your eyes locking to hers as you hoped this would work

>Madeline shivered, her eyes dropping to your hands as she opened hers

>slowly the two of you interlaced your fingers together

>Madeline’s breath hitching as her face began to turn bright red

“I… I want something slow and gentle, at least for the first time.”

>Madeline simply nodded silently, her face neutral as she slowly locked eyes with you again


>you squeezed her hands in yours, eyes pouring into one another’s

<”You… really don’t mind that I-”

“Weren’t you just demanding that I antagonize you till yo-”


>the plump woman let out a sigh, her eyes going back to your hands as she gave them her own squeeze

>slowly she shivered before looking at you again

>you swallowed, excitement and anxiety beginning to take hold as you realized what was going to happen



<”Would you prefer here or my bed?”

>you bit your lip savagely

>hard enough to draw blood

>this was really going to happen

>Slowly you leaned in and kissed her

>the first round had been slow, sensual

>and lead to a new found excitement as you found Madeline’s usual placid face change expression for the first time

>her grit teeth and furrowed brow

>her teeth biting into her lower lip as she let out a moan

>Madeline may have been cold and robotic with her emotions but…

>maybe you could get used to the idea of making her make faces for you

>What had come after though, you were starting to wonder if it was a mistake

>You shuddered as you felt Madeline shift on your lap, her tail obstructing your view for a moment

>your length throbbed pleasantly in her tight and wet folds as you fought not to snap the controller in your hands in half

<”You are close.”

>you fought not to moan as you tried to focus on the game infront of you

<”I am going to win Anon.”

>you grit your teeth, trying to focus

>you had to beat the third gym

>at least before it was too late

<”This will be the third time I beat you,”

>you shuddered again, letting out a groan as you maneuvered your character into the gym

>why had you agreed to this?

>clearly it was because you were stupid and overly horny

>The first round had done that to you

>robbed you of your ability to think about anything other than her plump body

>So of course you had taken her up on her challenge

>You figured it would be easy

>you’d get to do something mildly perverted with your new wife

>you knew the game inside and out

>it should have been easy

>But Mamono were something else entirely

>you werent exactly experienced

>but your general experiences with your ‘girlfriend’ jill told you that each successive round should get harder for you to cum

>instead the opposite was happening

>you felt like your soul was being pulled out of your body while your cock melted in a vicegrip made out nothing but pleasure

<”You will culminate.”

>you shuddered, gritting your teeth harshly enough to shatter stone as the controller in your hand creaked

<”Culminate now. I command it.”

>her demand was delivered in her usual flat, emotionless tone

>but it was more than enough as your newfound sheath began flexing and gripping you hungrily

>oh fuck

>you moaned loudly as you dropped the controller

>you began to tremble as she clamped down on you, her tail now fully blocking your veiw

>not that it mattered anymore

>in seconds you were emptying into her

>all of your muscles going slack as you shook and a moan ripped through you

<”I told you I would win.”

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