Role Play

By midnightchan

>Long fucking day at work

>God damn, do those suits have no souls? At this point even a mind flayer might be better

>grind through until at last, sweet home! Ahh, the benefits of a committed relationship

>come in the door

>no dinner on the table

>still a mess of pots and pans in the sink

>dirty laundry strewn across the living room. Oh god, is that from last night?

>only light's coming from the bedroom

>See your dark elf GF glued to the computer, shouting into her headset as they fight a huge raid boss

>wearing only a sports bra and her old track shorts, stretched to the limit by her wonderfully lush deriere

>well then

>sneak up behind her

>yank off the headset and chuck it across the room

>blow softly in her ear before she can react

<Anon, what the f—aaaah! <3

>oh yes. them there ears were MADE for teasing

<Anon, please I'm trying to—

>ignore her sputtering protests, start massaging them

>she practically melts before you, moaning and rubbing her head instinctively against your hand

>lean in and lick the nape of her neck

"how 'bout dinner?"

>relent, leaving her flushed, breath ragged

>look her straight in the eye. You both know what you mean

>opens her mouth to reply but no sound comes, desire battling with pride across her face

>before she can reply a dogwhistle comes out of the speaker

>"Damn girl, from the sound of it that's no man-servant!"

>recognize the voice as her friend Jackie

>hellhound, of course. Husband's actually a pretty cool guy. But that gives you an idea.

>Your GF is mortified, dark skin tinged purple with embarrassment

>turns to you with resolve, rising from her seat

<That's right, know your place! A lowly human like you is lucky to have a proud dark elf like—

"I know."

>rush in. She moves to slap you for your insolence but you grab her wrist midair

>with your other arm you pull her close against your chest

"Princess loves to be in control," you taunt, "but the high elves have seize the lower city, Princess."

>her eyes widen with recognition of the line from a certain light novel

"and now, I'm your only way out. Tonight you do as I say."

>to emphasize your point you reach under her bra and roughly grope her breast

>she struggles, but your surprise attack earlier left her weak to pleasure

>you easily drag her over to the bed

>pinch her nipple for good measure

>she yelps and you steal a kiss, ravaging the inside of her mouth with your tongue as you lay her down

>break the kiss, a trail of saliva still linking you

>her fetching red eyes are hazy and unfocused

"Now, Princess, isn't it time you admit defeat?"

<You'll never break me, blackguard

>the regal certainty in her tone almost makes you believe her


"We'll see about that"

>pull her bra up in one swift motion, letting her ample breasts swing free as she flails about

>use it to bind her arms above her head while the hand other kneads an ear between thumb and forefinger

>she's not struggling anymore


>keep at the ear while your other hand teases down her body

>tracing down her collarbone

>circling the areola of one breast before flicking its erect nipple, making her gasp

>rubbing across the curve of her waist and the flat of her stomach

>finally diving beneath her track shorts and plunging one finger inside her, then another

>she can't surpress a moan

>you pull your fingers back and in front of her face, glistening with her juices

"Your body's honest, Princess. Why not admit what you want?"

<I..I'm a noble dark elf

>she bites her lip

"Not what I asked," you wisper, then gently lick and suck the tip of her ear

>it twitches with delight as its owner cries out in bliss. She's getting close

>pull back

>she looks at you needily

"Say it."

<I..I want it

"Oh? You don't sound very sincere. Maybe you really don't need my help"

>pretend to get up to leave

<No! I need you! Fuck me! Jam your insolent human cock into my noble dark elf pussy. Make me cum!

>without missing a beat you strip, revealing the raging boner you'd been trying to ignore for a while now

>she helpfully kicks off her shorts, then her now-soaked panties, turning her rear toward you

>Share a knowing look. This is what you both want

>rail her hard and fast from behind while your hands roam

>she's so wet that no matter how hard you go there's no resistance

>just that incredible tightness gripping you. she must have cum as soon as you put it in

>damn, you won't last long like this

>slow down, pulling her in for a kiss by her hair

>somehow hold on

>she gives a wet plea


>Seeing her beg like this enflames your lust into an inferno

>go wild. Start slapping that perfect ass. With every strike her pussy tightens. You're at your limit

>Cum the hardest you've cum in months, both of you screaming like animals lost in your primal lust

>As the haze of pleasure fades you collapse onto the bed, pulling your GF tight against you

>for a long time she says nothing. you look to her with concern. Did you overdo it?

>She brushes her white hair aside and kisses you

>not the desperate battle of tongues from before, one that conveys her love and adoration

<Welcome home

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