A Very Rare Plant Indeed

By tipper

>Be me

>Anon K. Reginald

>Explorer extraordinaire

>Have traveled far and wide, my journey bringing me to the heart of the zipanganese jungle

>The local tribes and villages have a story of an extraordinarily rare plant within the region

>I must have it for my knickknackatory

>It has been several days since I set forth, my tea rations having run dreadfully low

>Mustn't be deterred though, for I'm getting close to the area the locales had described

>Has been dreadfully lonely though, but I had to leave Jeoffry with the boat, lest the locale savages see it as a fine prize

>Suddenly I become perturbed, hearing a faint song

>Now who the devil could also be out here

>Following the almost siren like song to it's source

>After coming around the final tree I see it, a most ethereal beauty washing herself in the river

"Excuse me Madame" I say averting my eyes, not wanting to be rude "But what are you doing all the way out here?"

>She turns her head to look at me

<"Oh my, someone finally found us~"

"Us?" I say perturbed

<"Oh yes, me and my sisters have been out here for so long. We we're starting to think no one was ever gonna find us"

>Suddenly I feel two sets of slender arms wrap around my own

"O-oh, hello ladies" I saw, a blush starting to form on my face

>I try to move the conversation forward

"T-terribly sorry, but have any of you seen a rare flower around by chance"

>They just giggle

<"Oh of course mister, but you seem exhausted. Come sit and rest with us a while first"

>Before I can stutter and answer they start to walk me over to a spot by the edge of the river, their arms still tightly wrapped around mine

"W-well what kind of gentlemen would I be if I said no to such hospitality"

>They just giggle again as the bathing sister joins us

>Suddenly a sharply sweet smell pierces my nose

"What is that?"

>They all giggle before one of them speaks up

<"Your new home darling~"

"Wait what?"

>And with that I'm lifted into the air, as if I weighed no more than a handkerchief

>Before I know it I'm thrown into some sort giant pitcher, it's walls reaching at least three feet above my head

>I land inside with a splash, a strange translucent pink liquid soaking me up to my waist

>In a panic I start trying to scramble up the walls, but they simply secrete more of the liquid making them slippery and my efforts to escape worthless

>As quickly as I fell in, my clothes start to dissolve as the girls call out to me from the top

<"Enjoying your bath mister?"

>I angrily reply

"Let me out of here you fiends!"

>This simply earns me for more giggles

<"No can do mister, it's not good for a husband to leave his home"

>Husband? What are they talking about?

<"Don't worry honey, you won't be in there alone"

>And with that they move in

>But not with a splash, no, they slither in and I finally see what I had missed before

>They have no legs, instead past their buttocks seems to be giant stems

>It is then I realize, THIS was the flower I was search for

>They grab me as the last of my clothes dissolve, their gentle touch and caress lighting my nervous system with pleasure

>I scream out a moan and nearly collapse into the liquid, but the girls catch me

<"Like what you feel darling? That liquid is special. It removes all those pesky clothes and makes you oh so sensitive. Don't worry about it wearing off though. So long as you stay in here with us, it will just keep seeping deeper and deeper into, meaning we can do so many fun things, like this!"

>With that she shoves her tongue down my throat, cause me cum instantly, splattering one of the other girls as the rest falls into the pool, dissolving as fast as my clothes.

>The third sister speaks up as my mouth is mercilessly assaulted

<"You did very good dear! So fast too! I can tell you're gonna love it here, and remember, it only gets better from here~"

>And with the other two go down on me

>My cock, my mouth, my nipples, my legs, my stomach, it matters not, for no part of me goes unmolested

>And so my journey ends, forever trapped in this pitcher flower, sustained off the nectar of these girls

>But I care not though, all that matter now is me, them, and the pleasure that overwhelms me every second of every day

>I only hope Jeoffry, my companion and friend finds this flower and takes it back to the estate, so I may show these girls what the word "decadence" truly means.


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