A Companion's dilemma Ch.3

By spurged

Breakfast was awkward. Biyu had apparently absconded with your phone yet again and after some trial and error, got it to dial back the last number it had encountered; Morrigan. Whatever had been discussed between the two of them had been resolved more or less amicably, because Morrigan was here and had helped make breakfast. You weren’t sure how to feel as you constantly felt an odd overwhelming need to hide under a blanket or simply leave, though you settled for avoiding eye contact as you sipped at your too hot coffee.

“So what do you think Anon?” Biyu asked with an amount of enthusiasm you hadn’t heard from her before. She was practically bouncing in her seat, grinning at the two of you.

“I’m uh…,” you swallowed, unsure of how to respond. Old habits and views boiling up inside you as you glanced between the two women nervously. This wasn’t back on earth and Mamono weren’t human women, so you doubted this was some kind of trap; besides, you knew the two of them better than that. “Is this normal here…?”

“Well…,” Morrigan started, face burning as she trailed off.

“Yes and no.” Biyu answered quickly, jabbing at a pancake with her fork while giving a grin. “More common in Zipangu, though it does happen here in the west but less often. You’ve never noticed men with more than one wife?” your eyebrows tented as your forehead scrunched together as you tried to think over it. You had seen groupings of people, but had they really been polygynist households out and about? It wasn’t as if any of them were wearing signs that confessed such. As you thought over it, it was possible at least; it certainly seemed to apply to your neighbors.

Dave, or at least that's what you thought his name was, might have had two wives. Though until now and having to consider it, it could just be his sister-in-law living with him and his wife; Mamono society was rather overly family friendly in ways you couldn’t quite understand. It wasn’t impossible that the younger look Lamia was the little sister, though that time you had caught her groping his rear out on the apartment walkway that one time seemed to torpedo that idea. But then again, Mamono were kind of weird; maybe she was his sister-in-law and wife? Did Mamono do that?

“I guess I never really considered it…?” you offered, feeling kind of silly. Slowly part of your mind began to populate the various people you did know and or would typically encountered through your day to day, reclassifying every encounter with the new point of view as you began to mentally note that there likely were a fairly good number of such marriages. Or so you assumed. “How does that… work exactly? Wouldn’t it be a mess?”

“It can be, but sometimes things like that make it all worth it. Life is messy, you know.” Biyu answered while waving her fork at you, a grin playing out on her face. You found yourself looking to Morrigan for some kind of general reassurance, only to find her red faced and trying to focus on nothing but her meal.

“And… this is okay?” you can’t help the nervousness that seeps into your voice. You had heard and known about the lengths that human women went to to get rid of a m- You shook your head slightly, trying to drive away your thoughts.

“Well, Morrigan doesn’t seem to mind.” Biyu answered quickly as Morrigan half dropped and threw her fork in a panic as her face began to blush darkly, her eyes snapping to the large panda-woman with a crazed and desperate look. Biyu ignored to clattering sound, instead only grinning harshly while she continued, “She had told me about this whole thing where she could be a dark sorceress and all of us taking tu-”

“M-Maybe, we should discuss things!” Morrigan half shouted, onyx eyes wide as her face was nearly as red as her hair, her ears raised as she was certainly alarmed by Biyu. Was Morrigan really into something like that? Wanting to engage in some kind of weird sex roleplay where, presumably, they’d all be running a train on you? And a dark sorceress? “S-such as what you were talking about before… just uh… well, just… you know, for the week.” That did remind you, this was only Biyu’s second day. What was the plan going forward? Sure you were ‘quitting’ but would it be fair to Biyu?

“Should I hold him down now or d-”

“You know what I actually mean!” Morrigan spat out in exasperation as her embarrassment clearly went beyond what she was expecting. If everything so far was an indication, what kind of a mess would the three of you, if not more, would get into day to day?

“Well, I’m sure Anon will want to go tend to his other job a-”

"Other job?” Morrigan quipped back quickly, confusion and curiosity playing out in her voice. Biyu let out an amused sound before turning in your general direction with a rather coy grin on her face.

"I uh… I'm kind of popular, as a streamer." Morrigan’s only response was to stare at you in confusion as she mulled it over, thinking it over. Her goatlike ears twitching as wrinkles split her forehead.

“A streamer?” she asked as a worried look began to play over her face. “Like in your underw-”

“I don’t do that!” you spat out, face burning. Nearby Biyu began to chortle as she began to dig back into her food. “I just play games, nothing lewd or anything like that. I focus on the…,” you trailed off, not wanting to say ‘experience’ and bring about a misunderstanding. “It’s about the games, the hobby. Okay?”

“Could I… watch one? Or maybe later we when you're doing it would you m-”

“We’re getting off topic,” Biyu interrupted, wearing a rather amused expression you had only seen her sport in the rarest of situations. “Anon… We need to cut my week short and well, do you think you could arrange things with your next ‘client’? We’d like to talk to her, about you and well, all of us.”

"I can see," you offered, "Can't really promise anything though… most of my schedule was built off of what you girls needed from me and whenever you all were available. So if Nina isn’t available, or one of the others… it just isn’t really in the cards."

"Well at worst we can all just kind of… start on things with the three of us." Morrigan said, eyeing her food again before giving you a sheepish smile. "And it might be nice to see your apartment.” you swallowed, thinking back on your rather small living space.

None of the girls had ever seen it, something that started as a ‘safety’ habit and simply continued. Not to mention the scenting that Mamono did, it wouldn’t have been good to come by smelling like a different girl all because one sat on your couch a week ago. And now you’d be meeting your other clients with an entourage and smelling of other girls; not to mention Nina, who was as close to what you’d describe as yandere as was realistically feasible. Though it could have just been because she was so starved for any attention from a guy.

Slowly you went back to your meal as you pulled your phone from your pocket, eyeing it as you went about going into your messages. A few notifications caught your attention as had tried to mentally compose something for Nina, mostly that Karla had messaged you. Something that she usually didn’t do at all unless something was wrong or to ask you to pick something up on your way when visiting; though that was nearly two weeks from now. You opened the contact and a message appeared before you.

<Hey, Anon. If you could sometime, I need to talk to you.

Apparently sent just an hour before, so with a touch of worry you thumbed out what you could.

>What’s up? Everything okay? I actually need to talk to you too, something has come up.

A series of dots populated a word bubble, Karla apparently responding as fast as she could. You sighed, hoping it wasn’t anything too serious. You already had a ton of stuff to deal with overall, in particular the mess you found yourself in simply because you weren’t able to shut yourself off from the rest of the girls. Why were you so soft? Or was it moreso something they all did to you?

Quickly you backed out, entered another thread of messages; this time Nina’s. Your thumbs danced over your screen as you tapped out a message to your needy Akaname.

>Something’s come up, would you be able to talk sometime soon? Would be able to see you sooner too if you’re available.

As soon as you exited out of the thread, your phone pinged and alerted you to a response; Karla. Both Biyu and Morrigan looked your way curiously at the sound. You gave a sheepish glance at the two of them, before turning your attention back to your phone.

<My fridge died, you wouldn’t mind helping… would you? I know you’re usually busy during the week, but I need you to rescue me if you could

<What’s going on?

Curious eyes regarded you, both onyx and the unfocused blues which sent a shiver down your spine to have both of them looking at you so intently. You knew it was only a matter of time before one or more of the girls might decide that they were done waiting on you; done waiting for the others and that they’d have to just deal with the sloppy seconds, or perhaps fifths. Nervously you bit at your lip, recalling Biyu and her moon-phase and the liklihood that that could lead to trouble. Mamono were like piranhas, as soon as one bites… and you had just had to be so soft-hearted about five of them.

“It uh… we have a slight change of plans,” you started as you eyed your phone again and began thumbing out your reply. “Karla… o-one of my other clients, she needs help.”

>Would you mind a few guests and a weird conversation?

“Okay, so… like bailing her out of jail o-or…,” Morrigan started, giving you a concerned look as she tried to guess at the situation. As if you had some kind of want for dangerous women. You had just picked decent people, people who weren’t given the attention they honestly deserved. You wondered if you should even bother with that conversation, let alone how and where it would lead. You knew of things that Biyu’s mother had spouted out that definitely shouldn’t ever be repeated, especially around her daughter.

“No, she’s… Karla’s basically agoraphobic.” you responded while looking over the screen and waiting for a reply. Despite not looking, you knew both of them had slightly surprised looks on their faces. “She’s uh… well she’s a fleshgait. It’s her fridge, it may have died.” This got you some incredulous looks from the two of them, though these gave way to ones of worry.

<I guess not? Is everything okay?

>Yes, but it’s complicated.

The three of you stood outside of house that sat on the edge of the city’s boundaries with a freshly picked up fridge, a nice set of pine woods forming a small forest behind it. Karla’s place while modest and aging, weirdly made you feel nostalgic much like she did; like coming to a place you knew was home, but hadn’t seen yet.

The new fridge had been arranged for and more by Karla, the three of you had only had to pick it up. This was after you had swung by your apartment and grabbed your laptop, you’d need to stream and possibly do a quick update for your fans, something that worried you about how Karla might view it; or how intrusive Biyu or Morrigan might become in regards to it. It wasn’t as if revealing your situation would ruin you as a streamer but things were already bad enough with some of your fans and their banter about Baphomets; you did your best not to react, but sometimes you couldn’t help it. How bad would it be if they learned of Morrigan? You’d never hear the end of it. At least you had survived the Alp banter arc.

“This place smells interesting,” Biyu muttered, pressing close as a thick paw wrapped itself around your arm. Her walking stick in her other paw, though it was still folded up. “It smells nice.”

You couldn’t help but grin, happy that so far first impressions were going well. If the plan was to see about a possible… group? Herd? Harem? Whatever the hell it’d be called, the girls would need to get along at the very least if not outright like being around each other.

“A lot more fresh air out here.” you offered as a quick explanation as you found your other hand being snagged up by Morrigan as she shot you a slightly concerned look before looking back towards the small house.

To say Karla’s house was small was a bit of a misnomer, it was but it was more akin to what you would have seen back home on earth in random parts of the south; something that would have been more akin to a cabin than a house. Not that you minded at all. It was incredibly cozy. Paint worn wood paneling, laticed and arched windows, and old style porch that crowned the front door; all of it always made you want to go in and just take a nap.

“So uh…,” Morrigan trailed off, squeezing your hand in her own clawed paw before looking back up at you. “Let’s introduce ourselves.”

“Yeah.” you muttered in reply as a nervous grin played out over your face. Slowly, worriedly you started towards the front door with either woman attached to each side as your face began to burn. How would she react? Karla wasn’t typically overly possessive of you, at least not in a way that would mean this ‘couldn’t’ work. Sure there were times when you weren’t allowed to get up from the couch and her need to hold you while an old tube-television blared out old movie reruns that neither of you were watching, but it wasn’t like she was scary or worrisome with her wants. Not like Nina.

The three of you slowly made your way to the front door and as soon as the door was before you, Morrigan quickly rapped on the door with her furry paw. Biyu shifted against you, sniffing at the air curiously as a grin began to work its way on her face.

“I like this place,” Biyu muttered out before turning to look at you, “What does it look like Anon?”

“Well… it’s small in a cozy way an-”

Instantly the door before you was flung open as the large pink-skinned woman peered out of the doorway at you with ruby, almost iridescent eyes. Tusk like fangs and large ruinious claw like hands stared at you, though you didn’t fear them at all. A pair of worn out sweats with torn out knees adorned her as well as a sports-bra while her disheveled and messy white hair crowned her head.

“A-anon… h-hey.” She managed nervously, her multi-toned voice reverberating with the sound of what should have been something truly terrifying.

“Hey, we got the fridge.” you replied, smiling up at her partially out of nervousness at the odd situation as well the sudden and odd sensation the came with being around her. The weird nostalgic sensation that made you feel like you were home. Something you had often wondered if pre-maou was a hunting tool of flesh-gaits or not.

“T-thanks.” Slowly she leaned slightly out of the frame of the doorway, eyeing the box and seeming as if she was scanning the area for anyone else. Morrigan took note of this with a bit of a worried frown while Biyu simply sniffed at the air some more.

“Well,” Morrigan began, “We’r-”

“Want to do a time-share on Anon, more permanently anyways?” Biyu interrupted quickly, point a large furry digit at you as she motioned blindly. “Or would you want a group thing?” Morrigan blanched, looking horrified while you couldn’t help but look at Biyu in surprise. Of course. The lunar phases, you had almost forgotten about it. Her inability to control her libido might complicate this. “Plus, now that this is.. is this most of us Anon?” Her grip on your arm tightened as her face burned, her glassy unfocused eyes finding your face as you realized where this was going.

“F-five. T-there’s uh…,” You found yourself stuttering as you shot a look to Karla, silently beginning a plea for forgiveness. She wasn’t in the dark about your position as an ‘escort’, but you did tend to ensure to never mention it at all to keep things more natural. More personal and special. While you weren’t having sex you did know that holding hands and even napping together was a big deal, practically like having sex.

“Perfect, so since we’re in majority we can go ahead and claim him!” The panda-woman explained excitedly, teeth sinking into her bottom lip as she reached out blindly as if to invite Karla along somewhere. “So what do you think? Morrigan would need to go first, but I wouldn’t mind waiting so long as you let me hold him down an-”

Karla crumpled, dropping completely into a heap in the door way. Your Baphomet letting out a gasp as Biyu turned to look you over. If you didn’t know better, you would have panicked, but you did know better and was used to Karla’s weak constitution.

“So… is she saying yes?” Biyu ventured, flashing an enormous grin at you. “What’s going on?”

“Sorry,” Karla offered from a heap on the couch. “I-I just get nervous sometimes a-and… well,” She trailed off, eyes bouncing between the two women who were now sitting in various parts of her house. Morrigan on a too tale chair in the kitchen that bled into the livingroom where Biyu sat in a lazy-girl sniffing at the air excitedly between shooting a grin where she thought you were as you sat next to Karla.

“Do you think you need a blindfold?” Biyu ventured, her face burning hotly as she gripped at her own knees with her large paws. Saliva beginning to build on her lower lip. Was she about to drool? Karla immediately shot you a rather worried look, eyeing you before casting a similar glance to Morrigan.

“It’s uh,” you started, not sure how to phrase it.

“It’s my time of the month,” Biyu stated with a odd satisfaction and you felt yourself grimace involuntarily at what you knew that to mean as opposed to what a Mamono would mean. “A-am I being too pushy? I just… A-anon’s here and this is most of us…,” your face burned, realizing exactly where this was going. Just like the day before, she wasn’t likely to calm down at all until she got a decent dose of cum. “I-is it hot in here?” She asked suddenly, swiping a paw across her forehead and letting out a rather fake cough as her face began to turn red.

“I guess we should deal with this first,” Morrigan muttered in a annoyed tone as she hopped off the kitchen chair and plodded over to you on your spot on the couch. One of her paws grasped at your knee as stood off to the side of you, her onyx colored eyes bored into the Flesh-gait next to you. “Well Karla… are you as nuts about Anon as we are?” Karla’s ruby colored eyes flitted to yours and gave you a look as if to beg for forgiveness as the large woman began to wilt.

“I-it’s not… I- I am, b-bu-but…,” Karla started, face burning as she looked away from you.

“I-I know that marriage is a big deal and all and you hardly know the two of us,” Morrigan states while motioning to herself and Biyu, “But I know if we jus-”

“N-no!” Karla’s spat out as her eyes popped for a moment before quickly touching at Morrigan’s shoulder, “I-I mean yes… I just. C-can I speak to Anon p-privately? I-It’s just…I uh…t-that is…,” Karla’s red eyes snapped to yours as her usual pink face was a flushed cherry red.

“Sure,” Biyu answered for the perplexed Baphomet, who seemed more taken aback by the nervousness of the woman who was easily larger than both of them. Immediately the poor fleshgait seemed to relax, most of the tension in her body simply dropping away.

“T-thanks.” She muttered out quietly as a reply before slowly getting up and heading for towards what you knew was her bedroom.

“I-I’m scared Anon.” Large arms squeezed at you from the pinned position on her bed. Her breathing smooth and rhythmic as she held you close, spooning you.

“Why?” you couldn’t help but ask, the question practically tumbling out of you on its own. Was she worried about the others? About losing you? About just getting married in general?

“I-It’s scary. D-don’t you think it’s scary?” she sighed, muscles tensing as she held onto you.

“I know marriage can seem kind o-”

“N-no, that's not what… I-I mean…,” the large woman huffed softly, arms tightening on you as she pressed even closer. Her hair and face touching gently at the side of your own. “I… s-sex.”

You felt yourself seize up, your own muscles tensing as you locked your jaw. She was scared of sex? Karla had a litany of issues and anxieties but as a Mamono, could it even be possible?

“Well…,” you bit your lip, confusion blooming in you as you mentally tried to process what you had just been told. “Would you like to talk about it?”

“That's why w-we’r-”

“Right. Sorry.” your shut your eyes tightly while frowning, wanting to curse at yourself. “Is it anything in specific?” you waited in awkward silence after asking the question, worry starting to pool in you. You didn’t want to lose any of the girls, you honestly were quite attached; but to lose one of them over the fact that sex was too scary…? Part of you couldn’t bare it. It was weird and an oddly cruel twist of things.

Slowly one of Karla’s large clawed hands made its way down, pressing close against your stomach before hooking a thumb into your waistband. Instantly you tensed, part of you reacting in anticipation at the sudden unannounced action. A heavy breath rolled across your neck, barely punctuated with a soft whimper at the end of it.

“I-it… the s-smell and the way I feel when thinking about it.” you heard her inhale sharply as a shiver ripped through her body and you suddenly realized that to a degree why she was ‘scared’. It didn’t have anything to do with the obvious or even the more bizarre things you had seen or read on the internet; it actually made perfect sense. Karla was a big girl, a fleshgait, and could snap you in half if she wasn’t careful; or in this case, literally shatter your pelvis into nothing. “I don’t… y-you’re so small and soft, i-if I-”

“R-right. Yeah.” you cut her off, knowing exactly where this was going. While it was worrying, it still wasn’t enough to deter you. “Karla,”

“Yes Anon?” you felt her tense again, her breath catching as she clear began to hold her breath.

“I’m not worried about that,” you answered as you felt her begin to melt against you, her held breath coming out all at once. You couldn’t help but smile, feeling a bit more relaxed yourself, though you were slightly worried for your hips you knew that everything would more or less be okay in the end. Besides, you keep streaming with a shattered pelvis, couldn’t you?

“W-what about w-when we… t-that is,” she spat out quickly, while there was a touch of exasperation to her voice it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been moments before. “W-with everyone l-looking a-an-and-”

“W-we don’t have to do that.” you spat out quickly, Morrigan and Biyu’s discuss from earlier in the morning coming to your mind. Morrigan apparently wanted a group session, allegedly, but you were a gentleman and the girls would have to figure that out on their own; if it was ever going to happen. “Nothing much would really have to change just… well,” you blushed deeply, the oddity of the concept rolling in your mind. You simply showing up periodically to fulfill your responsibilities did seem to form an odd guilty and lonely feeling in you, though it wasn’t as if Karla would truly demand to be kept separate. You knew that.

It’d likely only be a month or two before she fully warmed up to the others and began demanding to be the lovable and anxious mess you knew at their houses. Or even a possible shared property? You didn’t know. What you did know was that it wasn’t likely that the girls would necessarily want to be absolutely separate.

“E-each of you would get to have me whenever you wanted,” you bit your bottom lip, an instinctual fear welling up in you. Could your pelvis survive? “I’d… the only thing to change would be that I’d belong to all of you. Permanently.”

“S-show me.” For the first time you had heard Karla finally issue a real demand to you. Usually she’d ask or at least gently suggest things until you got the hint. But this was new. And did she actually mean…

“R-right now?”

You sighed, working on getting setup for your stream in spare room you had often found yourself in when staying with Karla. Apparently Karla wanted you to show her ‘right now’ as in a few hours after getting to talk more thoroughly with Biyu and Morrigan; you didn’t mind, but you were somewhat dissappointed and a touch blue balled. But that didn’t matter right now. You had a few videos to upload and a several new ones to make.

Slowly and methodically you plugged everything into the laptop you had. Headset, wired controller, a mic, and finally your webcam which you aimed in a conspicuous manner to only be able to capture your hands. You might be the fairer sex in this world, but you weren’t a e-boy and you didn’t want to cause that to be a thing, you were here to try and enjoy a game and review it.

As soon as things booted up, you pulled up your browser and after a quick post were certain you’d have at least a good fifty if not more possible watchers. But for now, you were going to chill out for about fifeteen minutes to give anyone who noticed your post an opportunity to prepare for your stream or simply make a note of it to watch later.

Your eyes snapped to the door of the spare bedroom as thoughts burgeoned inside of you as well as a deep curiosity of what the girls were discussing. You chewed softly on your lip, debating what to do for only a moment before you came to the conclusion that you could go snag a soda and drop a few eaves on your way back to the room. Besides, it wasn’t as if you weren’t ever going to know what the girls were discussing; you had caught enough of the start of the conversation to know it was the three of them debating on who was going to get to go first and how. You had to be nosy though, specially since you had the time and your curiosity was eating at you.

You got up and checked your phone, wanting to make sure that Nina hadn’t finally got in touch. You weren’t sure if you wanted her to get a hold of you at this point or not, not that you weren’t just as crazy about her, but the logistics and reality of things were certainly frightening. Maybe tomorrow? Otherwise if the three other women were plotting to ride you hard and put you up wet, Nina certainly wouldn’t help with the situation. Thankfully, you had no new messages; though this did, oddly cause you to feel a touch of disappointment.

As an Akaname, Nina would often demand that you do some yardwork, exercise, or literally anything that would leave you sweaty and dirtied before coming over. Thankfully it had never gotten to the point of her demand you roll in garbage. But you had stuck with it and her because she needed you, and odd cruel femdom kick of hers as well as how she made you feel kept you coming back like a drug addict. Overly harsh, verging on sadistic tongue action and heavy cleaning definitely wouldn’t help in your current predicament; especially if it meant having to deal with four other women simultaneously. Or even worse, dealing with her after four other women.

The rough and tumble construction worker and her off putting sexism, much like each of the women, had awakened something in you. Though with Nina it was something that a mix of annoyance, respect, and sexual-fear somehow began to feel like something you needed in your life. The things she did to you with her tongue and how easily she’d exert control over you with it, kept you in state of worry and want. But in the end it usually ended well enough on its own, you nervously holding onto her side while half-dressed as the two of you sat on a worn out couch and she worked on a beer while bullying you about how you had sounded while she had worked you over or making demands on what she wanted for dinner. Nina wasn’t bad, but clearly a very different kind of person from the others.

You sighed, preparing yourself mentally before heading out towards the kitchen for your soda. As you set out, you listened intently, eyes roving over every nook and cranny you could. But only silence and empty space met you, and you grumbled as your eyes locked with Karla’s closed bedroom door. Of course they went for a private conversation, the only issue was why. What were they planning? You shrugged to yourself, heading back to your computer as you shut the door behind you.

You had been streaming for a awhile, having gotten into the groove of it and had to admit that you were enjoying what was essentially Mamono-zelda. Stopping only to snag a good number of beers from Karla’s fridge. It was fun enough and the game was clearly well polished outside of some fairly rare physics-engine issues but you were starting to regret having chosen it. The early cut scene that introduced the big bad as overly monsterous corrupted spirit drawing an unthought exclamation out of you and for the last hour or so your chat and notifications were filled with nothing but bullying.

You eyes snapped away from the screen as notification rung out, your eyes quickly scanning it as you groaned audibly. You were admittedly becoming annoyed, but you had more or less, asked for it. You shouldn’t have muttered out fuck while Gantilda splashed across the screen, towering over the ruined castle as her spectral form jiggled this way and that.

==A hate for baphs, and awe for beegs. Anon’s tastes are superior. 10/10 husbando==

You frowned, not wanting to necessarily respond but unable to stop your inebriated self. You weren’t drunk, not really. Besides, even though it wasn’t planned, it was time for rambling and ensuring the next few months were filled with soft-controversies as monsternet denizens would get to see videos of you without context saying moderately outrageous things. At least by internet and Mamono standards.

“I don’t hate baphs,” you muttered as your mind wandered to Morrigan, of your confessing to her and how things were currently turning out. And even more, the two of you bathing together and what that usually entailed. “I know a baph and she’s the best I’ve ever taste-” you stopped, realizing what you were saying as you slammed your hand on the desk. Fuck. Instantly, your chat and notification feed was flooded. Your text to speech beginning to be backlogged with over ten minutes of messages as your chat became a flow of unreadable text that sped by faster than it could render.

==Anons a cunny conniesseur!==

==Lmao, beegs btfo forever! Anons ours now==

==Nooo! Anon your supposed to marry a nice Mino and get crushed every night!==

Your hand snapped out, smacking the mute for the text to speech as you frowned. You shouldn’t have responded. You had no one to blame except for yourself, much like the time you had spat out that anti-orc slur mid stream. Thankfully that hadn’t been as big of a deal as you had first thought as you were still learning bits of Mamono culture, all it tended to lead wasn’t a complete loss of online activities or more; instead you had learned what Orcs were online had put a hit out on your virginity. Thankfully you were smart enough to not be doxxed. But this situation…

You groaned loudly as you watched the chat continue to flow out of control. You would never hear the end of this and you knew this was going to be clipped to hell and back. Hell, someone you or Morrigan knew might recognize your voice and make the connection. You bit your bottom lip, as your mind began to race.

It wasn’t as if they knew of you being an escort, so it wasn’t that bad. Besides, you were quitting. So at worst, maybe only Morrigan’s coworkers or possibly even Lyris might come across this. You flinched, a confrontation returning to you as your face began to burn as the memory took hold. Biyu would definitely hear of this.

“Oh fuck,” you grumbled aloud, controller in hand. Things had been rather chaste between you and the panda-woman but now with this, the changes to how things were going to be, and the fact that she was now aware of your ‘other job’ you were definitely in trouble. “C’mon guys, we’re here to game not talk about my alleged escapades. Let’s tone it down.”

Would she want the same as Morrigan? To feel your tongue on and inside her, probing and tasting while simply working on trying to elicit pleasure for the sake of it? Or would she take the current change of things into account and simply ride you until you couldn’t walk? It was currently part of her moon-cycle and the girls were actively discu-

Your eyes locked to your laptop screen as your eyes bulged and your blood pressure skyrocketed. The chat was continuing to flow too fast to read, and you knew why. It wasn’t just your fault, it was Morrigan’s. Slowly you reached out for the power button on your laptop as you peeled your headphones from your head, slowly you turned to face the petite woman who was apparently standing next to you.

“A cunny connoisseur?” she asked, frowning at you as she pulled her paw away from the section of the desk that your webcam was aimed at. It took a moment as you struggled to come up with an answer and it took an even further moment to realize that Morrigan wasn’t dressed.

“D-don’t read into it too much,” you cautioned, worried about where this was going or where it would end up. Your hand touched at a silicon capped button as you prepared to kill the stream prematurely. “T-they’re just talking shit an-”

“It’s time to fuck Anon!” Biyu loudly announced and you felt yourself cringe as you reflexively bared your teeth in pain. Your fingers blindly slapping at a handful of buttons on your laptop as your chair was suddenly dumped out onto the floor.

==You about to get raped boi!==

Your laptop suddenly announced by itself as you tried to orientate which way was up and what exactly was going on. Panic taking you as you glimpsed Biyu who was also undressed and even Karla just behind her, though she was hiding behind the door frame for the room. But everything considered, she was likely also naked. Biyu apparently having dumped you out on the floor as her claws gripped at the chair you had been in.

==Hes got more than one baph! Lmao, cunny counissor confirmed!==

“I am not a baphomet!” The large panda woman announced and all you could do was hold up your hands as if to warn her to stop; only to realize it was pointless. She couldn’t see. And even if she could, given what was about to happen and her current overly horny condition you were fucked metaphorically as she would have likely just continued anyways. At least for now, literally was moments away. “I am a gorgeous Ren Xiongmao and I am g-”

==Lmao! I just won a bet, I knw it! All this tiem, Anon was a haremfag!==

==Suck his cock!==

==Anons gotta get perma’d! Lol think he’ll be able t-==

Biyu frowned as the computer in annoyance while it was suddenly silenced, one of Morrigan’s thick paws hovered over the device; apparently having silenced it. Text still spilled over the screen, making you worry as to what was about to happen and if you still had time to reason with the girls. For fucks sakes, you were still streaming, something that horrified you as you realized there was a great likelihood that even though you could no longer hear the stream, your viewers most certainly could hear you. Or more specifically, the girls and what was about to happen.

“Wait-” you started only for Morrigan to clap her spare paw over your face.

“No Anon.” The onyx eyed Baphomet interrupted as a cruel grin played out on her face. “We aren’t going to wait.” you swallowed as you began to struggle against her grip, only for Biyu to grapple at your legs. “We have decided and it's time.”

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