By gisy

>finally escape the rat race

>end up in the far north

>late spring, ice finally gone mid May

>got a litle jon boat for fishing

>best part of the week, get to ease the cabin fever

>find a little lake on an even smaller river

>this boat bussiness is pretty great

>first time out, already got two rainbows

>reeling in third when a pair of hands grabs the side and a mermaid hoists her head above the rail

>not the cute cuckfish normally associated with mermaids

>she looks pissed

>"You asshooooooole!" she yells "Who the fuck do you think you are!"

>that's it, she's like a mershark

>might just be the teeth though

>this is apperently her lake, her fish, and I can go die

>she's worked up into a frenzy, her golden sclera and black iris' glazed as she gnaws on the side

>"Give it baaack!"

>reach into the cooler and grab a cheese filled smokey as a peace offering

>"You think you can bribe me with shitty hotdogs??" she's trying to lunge for the rainbows in the pail

>she's gonna flip the boat if she keeps this up

>stuff the hotdog into her mouth and she reflexively bites down before sliding back down into the water

>she's eyeing me up over the side as she chews

>she's got some sharp teeth, my blood is dripping from a nick to the finger

>"You deserve that!" she yells through a mouthful of smokey "Gimme back my fish!"

>ask her if she wants the rest of the smokey along with the rainbow

>she snactches it away along with the fish and dissapears back into the black

>at the local diner next day

>ask the local old guys if they know anything about her

>turns out she's a troublemaker and the other mermaids ran her out of the area

>she's a little different than the rest, being a Pike marmaid, so she never really fit in either

>there were some fights and she got kicked out of both school and work

>one of the guys felt some simpathy for her and tried to help her out but she was already gone

>back on the lake, tempting another encounter

>honestly, the fishing here is worth it

>as soon as the hook hits the water she appears

>"Get the fuck off my lake!!"

>came prepared this time

>pull out a whole package of cheesy smokies

>"No damnit! I don't want your hotdogs, I want you to leave!"

>offer her a deal: if she allows me to fish, she'll get half of what I catch

>we'll share the smokies

>she submerges up to her eyes and stares at me for the longest time

>finally get a mumbled "fine"

>eventually catch two and head into shore for lunch

>sitting next to the fire when a clump of black hair appears in the grass beside the boat

>she's staring again

>invite her up for lunch

>she reaches into the boat and pulls out the biggest of the two fish

>most mermaids have difficulty moving up onto land but she's having fewer problems than typical

>water's flying, soaking everything around her including me as she flops her way up the bank

>she's rather fetching for a fish, long black hair, green mottled scales, and those golden eyes

>a long green wrap around her lower half and another wrap around her flat unmonster-like chest

>even if she's dressed modestly for a mermaid, it's hard to conceal her ribs sticking out

>she angerly turns down the offer of help as she crawls up to the fire

>she stabs the fish with the proffered willow stick and sets about roasting

>impaling a couple of smokies and tossing a couple sticks on the fire sets a more civilized lunch

>her fish is only getting warm when the weiners are done

>a hungry glance at them catches my attention across the fire

>the second one remains speared over the fire while making a great show of eating the first

>she's looking longingly at the weiner

>after puttering through the cooler for a beer, I find the stick empty

>her face is pure ecstacy as she tries to act nonchalant

>the drink must have settled lunch, better roast another couple

>like last time, the first hotdog is "too filling", while the second mysteriously disappears

>she seems more relaxed as she rolls her fish over

>trying to not smile at the giggle and slight tail slap beside you as she peels handfuls of flesh off her prize

>a muted sigh and "so good" drifts over the crackle of the fire

>tell her that it's time to head back across the lake

>while repacking the boat, a beer and the second fish accidently get left behind

>might have accidently left the fire burning too

>being part time has the benefit of getting to go fishing a lot

>don't really fish much anymore, just catch one and then share it and a fire with the hatefish

>as the summer wears on, she talks a little more and the occasional smile leaks through

>at first it seemed like pride and anger were her downfalls but it became clear one day that it wasn't the whole story

>with mid-summer the heat finally caught up

>too hot to cook we lay in the grass on our usual bank, drinking and staring at the sky

>far too many beers coursed through us and she was drunk enough to talk about her past

>she had a crush on a boy, but when she had confessed to him, he called her ugly

>laughing, I told her that he was an idiot for telling the prettest mermaid that

>she flushed pink at that "But I'm NOT pretty, you 'tard"

>no amount of protest is gonna stop a drunk guy on a roll

>proceeded lecture her at length about how mermaids couldn't even compare and how she surpassed even mersharks

>"Bullshit, now I know your lying" she's deeper red now

>"It's true! Wanna know why I know?"

>"Why, you drunken idiot?"

>pointing a thumb at myself "Because I fucking said so!"

>she dissolves into a fit of laughter

>the rest of the afternoon is spent getting to know a slightly different fish

>guess what they say is true, you get to see the real person when they're drunk

>she has a giggly laugh and a wide smile that shows off her impressive collection of teeth

>"You're alright for an asshole fish thief..." she suddenly turns serious and stares into nothing

>without a word she flips over and flops back down the bank, dissapearing back into the water

>she didn't reappear for the rest of day

>or the rest of the week, even when when the little boat took a few too many or the hook was bated with cheesy smokey

>a few weeks ago her absence would have been welcome, but now it's getting a bit concirning

>maybe she took off for a better lake

>maybe she found someone who would give her that tragic love mermaids apperently want

>good for her, she deserves some happiness

>might be a few drinks in, but another in a toast to her future won't hurt

>hook catches on something but a good reef on it should dislodge it

>As the boat flips the cold water sucks your breath out

>can't swim in rubber boots

>water floods into your lungs as you scream into the black water

>hurts to breathe

>a hiss from ventilator beside the bed timed to the pain

>blink a couple of times and the world is less blurry

>your arms and chest are deep purple

>the head of the hatefish is just visble over the foot of the bed, fast asleep against the wall.

>the duty nurse notices you're awake and bustles in to check you over

>the mermaid snaps awake at the commotion, at first snarling at the nurse before noticing that you're awake

>leaning against the handles of a utlity trolly and pushing herself with her tail, she scootches over to the side of the bed

>her face falls as your eyes meet

>"I'm sorry..." she starts

>the nurse interrupts her "don't say it you foolish girl!"

>the mermaid looks mortified while the nurse continues

>turning to you "before she says something stupid, you should know that she nearly killed you saving your life."

>pointing at your chest "She cracked every rib and very nearly both arms trying to restart your heart."

>"not only that, she swam from wherever, crossed town using her tail and dropped you infront of the duty nurse."

>the mermaid is trying to melt into the floor

>"We offered her a wheelchair but she told us that filthy garbage cart was 'good enough'"

>glancing at the cowering mermaid you ask the nurse to bring her a wheelchair

>she smiles back and dissapears

>"god damn it hurts to breathe, much less talk" you mumble at the girl

>"sorry" she whispers back

>"for what? saving my sorry ass? That's a rude thing to say"

>her jaw pumps but nothing is coming out

>"Thanks for saving me. I owe you one."

>"You're welcome" she nods at the floor, "the nurses say that you'll be here for a few weeks"

>"No doubt."

>silence hangs in the air

>the silence finally gets to her "Im gonna leave. Do you need anything?"

>"Yeah. I wanna know why you dissapeared."

>she's fidgeting

>you know the answer. The question is wether she knows it herself

>"I... I had things to do"

>supreme bullshit, but she's likely not lying

>"I gotta go. I'll see you around."

>she suddenly bustles out the door on her cart, looking very much like a one-legged grasshopper

>"Hey!" the nurse cries out of your vision "Get in the damn chair! I brought it just for you!"

>"Get away from me you harpy!" the mermaid cries in response as she speeds, apparently away, from the nurse

>the shuffling sounds speed up just before the clatter of a collision

>"Stop thrashing, I'm trying to help you!"

>more tail slapping sounds and a gurgle

>"Get in the damn chair!"


>"Do it!"

>"You're not my mom!"

>"Don't make me act like it then!"

>"Some people are trying to sleep, get in the damn chair fish!" another voice calls from a room down the hall

>"Fuck you gramps!"

>she's so endearing

>"Ellen, please use the chair. You're better than a garbage cart." you call from your bed

>hurts to yell too

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