Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

By tercio

> going home from your big job interview

> think it went very well, they kept you way over the scheduled time to talk

> but you've never been in this area before and are a little lost

> was it exit 13A or 13B?

> starting to get dark

> is this the on ramp?

> shit. totally lost now

> hear grinding noise coming from the engine

> maybe it's just the AC?

> see smoke coming out from under the hood

> well fuck you

> pull over

> at least now that you're stopped you can check your map

> where are you on anyway?


> ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit

> hear the sound of claws on pavement

> heart rate 120bpm

> see flaming eyes start to appear in the deepening gloom

> heart rate 180bpm

> hear doglike panting

> goodbye pelvis

> you can just barely make out the details of the first one as she steps out of the shadows...

> it's a trim middle aged hellhound holding her husband's hand with five little heckpups trailing behind her on a tether (which they are fruitlessly chewing on)

> it isn't long before you're surrounded

> mostly married couples out for walks with their children or pushing baby carriages

> there are a couple of young single hellhounds and a few awkward older teens trying to pretend they're the former

> you're helpless as they press in on you

> single girls are all pushing and shoving in a desperate effort to offer you assistance first


> the biggest, oldest looking hellhound lets out a quiet warning growl

> younger girls don't exactly submit, but they do calm down and back off a little

> the alpha bitch's flaming eyes lock with yours

< "I'm very sorry sir. The girls mean well, but they get excited so easily. If it's all right with you there's a repair shop down the street. My husband can run right down and bring the mechanic here to look at your car."

> you aren't in much of a position to refuse

> nod nervously

> to your shock a couple of the other men here give you knowing looks and pull your numb, unresisting body into a nearby building

> it's a frozen yogurt shop. given the colorful decorations the place obviously caters to families with children

> One of the husbands orders everybody a small yogurt as another one claps you on the back

> "A bit overwhelming, hunh?"

> you laugh and the tension breaks

> over frozen yogurt they tell you a little about the neighborhood

> how it used to be a crime ridden shithole but young hellhound families moved in taking advantage of the low property values and cleaned the place up, figuratively and literally

> you have to admit this area is pretty nice now

> clean tree lined streets, beautiful homes, lots of green spaces, thriving small businesses (most of which primarily serve families)

> you give one of the men a sharp look of betrayal when you see hellhounds lining up outside the glass door to the street

> he has the decency to look chagrined, "Look, just give them a chance, OK?"

> chaperoned by the alpha bitch the young hellhounds are presented to you one at a time

> Each one is afforded a minute or two to introduce herself before giving you her photo and phone number and then being ushered out

> sometimes by force

> it's pretty awkward and you start to feel really sorry for most of them

> your heart just about broke for the poor bespectacled girl who barely managed to stammer out her name and the fact that she likes anime before practically throwing her card at you and fleeing

> it feels like an eternity by the time what must have been every single girl in the neighborhood has finished

> but when you look at the clock barely an hour has passed when the mechanic comes to inform you your car is fixed

> despite your best efforts no one will accept any money for anything

> they insist it was their pleasure to help a traveler in need and invite you back any time

> looking back one last time before you leave you see a final sight you never thought you'd see

> the gathered families waving goodbye together before the heckpups break ranks to swarm their parents and older siblings while demanding they play with them

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