Sera the Dragon and the first date (4, 5, 6, 7)

By Anonymous

“You made her cry.” Sera stated impassively as you drove down the road. You bit yourself as you gripped the steering wheel, knuckles blanching out from the pressure and the slow, cool anger you were feeling. You had to calm down, had to bury it down, at the very least for Sera’s sake. She needed stability. “Is she a bad person? Did she deserve that?”

“I…,” you paused, biting your lip again, this time hard enough to draw blood. You needed to drop it, bury it, and at the very least be pragmatically honest. If anything Sera would be with you for at least another twelve years, if not more; no point in hiding things from her. “She used to be, I don’t know. Maybe not, I just… I don’t know kiddo.”

“Oh.” She let out, in a flat tone. Almost like learning something that didn’t matter. It didn’t though, even though it stung.

The rest of the drive was quiet and in a bid to escape that, you turned on the radio and let your local broadcast fill the void of sound to try and distract yourself from your thoughts. And even moreso, distract the tiny Dragon in your backseat from thinking back on the thick tailed Tanuki you had brought to tears for seemingly no reason.

As the sounds of the King filled your car, you couldn’t help it as your mind wandered to the incident and what you remembered of Jennifer. Before she had been lean and stalkish, taller than you and holding a gangly appearance because of it which was finished off with a mop of messy straw hair; not necessarily unattractive, but by the time she had become that woman and made the choices she had, she definitely was more than unattractive to you. She was completely repulsive.

Things had been almost dreamlike in middle school, and foolishly you had thought that you might even had been in love. But the young are stupid and full of worthless imaginings. You bit at your lip again before licking at the aching flesh. You were such an idiot to have ever cared.

By high school something had changed and you were no longer her awkward friend who had a mutual crush, instead you were her punching bag; at least metaphorically for her. Whatever saccharine puppy love had been was now gone and was slowly being replaced with something cruel and unkind. It wasn’t until the near the end of high school that things began to escalate and after physical altercation after another by random ‘boyfriends’ of hers for no reason you could fathom; you had grown to hate her. It had hurt at first, but the pain eventually dulled and all you could get out of it was a cold finality and sinking sensation that made you feel hollow inside. Why was she like this? Why had she changed? Had you done something wrong?

You weren’t truly ‘done’ however until college. You didn’t remember much through that time, other than the long nights of staying up and studying and the constant internal dialogue where you berated yourself for not taking up welding or something sensible; hell, you could barely remember the name of the one professor who had propositioned you in exchange for a good grade. But there was one memory in particular that was clear and sharp. Something you would never forget.

It was a Saturday, sometime around two in the morning and you had stumbled into a waffle house after a late night cram. After placing an order for an entire pot of coffee and a burger, you had gone off to the restroom; and there she was.

She was strung out, eyes unfocused as she stared up at you from the toilet she was perched on. Half dressed, a complete mess, and reeking of God knows what. Recognition played on your sleep deprived mind before you realized who it was and confusion bloomed. You could distinctly remember wondering if you had accidentally enter the women’s restroom before she amble up and grabbed at your hips before half crashing on the floor in front of you.

“Yer here fer…,” she trailed off in a slur, her irises blown out as she stared up at you as her hands futilely tried to work your pants open. “Jus’ gimme the pills an I’ll blow ya.” She gave you a dopey grin and you felt yourself gag, choking not just from the smell of whatever it was that was coming off of her but also of the realization of what was happening.

You ran, causing the order chef to yell at you angrily as you had effectively ordered and dashed. As soon as you hit the parking lot you had vomited while you fought to recover your breath. Eventually the cops came and after it all, you were more or less consumed with disgust as your mind rolled and bounded about as your entire reality involving Jennifer had changed.

And now she had apparently been recycled. You couldn’t really necessarily complain, if anyone needed to have that done to them, it was her. But not as administrative staff at a school, let alone one you were going to be sending your now daughter. Who the hell even approved that decision? At the very least the criminal record should have barred her. As you pulled into your driveway you sighed, realizing that you’d have to likely take time and sort some of this out; not just with yourself, but with the school.

“Can we have nuggets for dinner?” Sera asked and you couldn’t help but grin. As you threw the car into the park you glanced back at the tiny dragon.


The three of you stared at each other as each of you puzzled out your current predicament. Edith stared at you while trying to supress a smirk while Sera was busy burning holes in you, all you could do was offer a meek and apologetic look. One of the three of you should have realized that this would be a problem. A mirthy look took hold of the large Troll’s face as she gave you a look that made you wonder if she had planned this from the beginning.

“W-we can’t go to the movies, can we?” Sera asked in a rather pained tone that made your chest hurt.

“W-well,” you started, not sure what to do about this. How the hell were you supposed to fit an eight foot tall woman into your lemon? Why hadn’t you even considered this as an issue the previous week? Tiny car, giant woman; how was this supposed to work out?

“We’re taking a taxi,” Edith answered, her own tone being an amused one. “I already called for one.” One large hand touched at your shoulder and gently pulled you closer as she bent down next to your head. “Don’t worry it about it too much,” She whispered softly, “At least it was cute to watch you worry over it.” A smirk played over her face and you couldn’t do anything about how your face burned.

“S-o everything’s okay?” Sera asked curiously as a pout crossed your face.

“Yeah, it’s okay kiddo.” you answered only for the large troll woman to give a chortle, reflexively you reached out and patted your daughter on the head. This was good, but also bad. You knew enough about Mamono to know what the soft bullying meant, as well the fact that this likely wouldn’t be the end of this by a long shot. She was going to keep at this until she carved out a troll shaped hole in your heart. The soft, now far more human looking face of your adopted daughter looked at you curiously as if trying to puzzle out your reaction. Her own expression completely over the top and seemingly exaggerated as she was still trying to get used to the sudden change.

At least you didn’t get people staring as you had before when you were leading around a literal lizard in a dress who was seemingly obsessed with the current iteration of Pokemon. Her Mamonoization ‘molt’ having completed, though a slightly clumsy little girl with too expressive of a face with shock pink hair did seem to pull attention anyways. In particular because of you and how you smelled. Something you had begun to hate, though Edith wasn’t so bad. So far anyways.

“So,” The large Troll cast her eyes and a cheery look to your daughter, her hands finding her knees as she bent down closer. “Do you think you’ll be able to help me keep your daddy awake for the entire double feature?” Immediately you bit yourself to prevent yourself from making a sound, dread building up in you as you recalled how irrate and ridiculous Sera would get if she was over-sleepy from staying up too late. And besides all of that, you knew exactly why Edith wanted her to stay up so late and it had nothing to do with the second movie being the original Godzilla. Though you were rather curious to see what your tiny dragon thought of it.

It had everything to do with her carving out that spot in your heart, or failing that simply ensuring the two of you wouldn’t be interrupted in whatever it was that she wanted later while Sera slept like the dead. Given her size and the usual preoccupation of Mamono, you weren’t entirely sure if you were in trouble or not. At worst, you’d just have to let how screwed you were to be a surprise.

Green eyes locked with yours as she gave you a knowing look, a coy smile playing out on her face while Sera was oblivious, intoning loudly that she could help keep you awake. She knew. And worst of all, she knew that you knew that she knew.

The trip over to the theater was rather quick, though it did give you a touch of worry about whether the weather would be a problem later; but then again, maybe Edith would have a solution for that as well. Anything involving Mamono tended to go smoothly or at the very least have a happy ending. That said, she could have had a family sized umbrella in her backpack sized purse. You weren’t sure what to expect, but the Centaur-owned cart that had brought you would definitely make for an interesting problem with the weather wasn’t on your side, you and Sera would still have to head back to the school for your car. As the three of you piled into the rather short line in front of the theater, you couldn’t help but frown as you overheard the handful of Mamono ahead of you.

Ordinarily you would have assumed them to be cruel or even absurdly rude if they happened to be human women. But that wasn’t the case, these were psuedo-succubi, so by and large they had to be serious. They sounded serious. You weren’t sure to feel bad for them as they began to wax on about how they’d happily seduce the lead actor for the nights primary movie, or laugh. And while you knew Mamono were definitely different about their standards, the odd and immediate devotion for Don Knotts certainly made you even more aware of the fact that Edith had begun to set her hand on your shoulder and had been doing so since before the taxi. Were you in trouble?

The wait for tickets was practically nothing, once the the three of you headed in it was a small matter of figuring out what concessions to get. Edith ended up with a large popcorn and soda, both of which seeming quite tiny in her hands, while Sera demanded a box of raisins which unnerved you to a degree. Were you raising a psychopath? Was this because she wasn’t getting enough of a female influence? Or worst of all, was she just going to be weirdo like you? You hefted your box of licorice and cardboard tray of chicken nuggets as the three of you headed in.

Most of the movie was rather uneventful, you had seen it a good number of times; there wasn’t really anything to surprise you. Meanwhile Sera managed to jump, flinch, and get spooked practically every time there was any call for it. It wasn’t until a rather overly large hand found its way to your knee and your eyes locked with Edith’s in the low light of the theater that you have flinched during the ‘horror’ movie and immediately the troll-woman grinned at you conspiratorially as her eyes shined at you.

You groaned as you hefted the tiny dragon, Sera clearly weighing more than she looked. You frowned as Edith struggled with the keys in her large hands, something that sparked of a wonder about her own living arrangements. Did she simply not have a lock on her door, or were her keys extra large to make things far more manageable for her? You couldn’t help but figure it as the former since her primary mode of transportation was the Centaur pulled carriage-taxi .

“Sorry,” the large Troll woman offered, casting you a sympathetic glance as her fingers struggled with ticking over the various keys and other attachments you had. How you had even let her talk you into this was a wonder, but then again that was the true nefarious nature of Mamono. It wasn’t that they were plotting anything, typically anyways, but that once they snagged you you’d find yourself completely enrapt and at their whims. It wasn’t all bad, the obsession would go both ways. But still: why had you agreed to this? “I can’t quite… M-my fingers,” She muttered out in a somewhat defeated tone in the dark of your porch. Slowly you reached out, worry blooming in you at the prospect of this being some kind of trick. You were about to give a Mamono access to your house, one who only some time earlier in the night had been trying, nervously, to hold hands with you. Gently, you grasped at the right key for her.

Even before handing it back, you knew you were in some kind of trouble. The three of you had taken a taxi back to your place, your car seemingly abandoned in the parking lot of the school. Was she planning on sleeping over? Or even more terrifyingly, not sleeping at all? It wasn’t all bad, she was nowhere near as intrusive or pushy as Ms. Morrin had been and so far the entire ‘date’ was quite pleasant.

You frowned as she gently and carefully inserted the key before opening the door. Moment of truth, or rather, intention. It wasn’t as if you’d mind suddenly being married, but were you ready for that? Was Sera? You had never really had a serious relationship before and the prospect of simply falling into one made you a touch nervous. It wasn’t as if Mamono pairings ever went bad, but still...

Slowly, the three of you made your ways inside. Edith immediately heading for the kitchen and flicking on a few lights as you headed off with the tiny dragon to place her in her bed. Posters adorned the walls while toys littered an area of the floor exclusively used for such, all of which were the end result of begging that made you feel weirdly nostalgic as your own memories of the exact same items and shows bubbled up. Power rangers, Pokemon, Star Trek, though you weren’t a fan of the remake of the mamono based street sharks. As quietly as possible you laid the tiny girl down, quickly tucked her blanket around her and shut the bedroom door as you went to discover your fate.

A rather large glass of wine was handed to you, only for a worried and terrified look to play out over the Troll-woman’s face. The problem and the cause clear and apparent to you, without thinking she had forgotten your size, much like you had in regards to your car. But you could work with this.

“So is this part of the plan?” you asked flatly, eyeing the drink only for the large woman to wilt. Her tail rapidly swishing back and forth behind her as her face twisted into a look of worry.

“I-I was just… the glasses a-and,” she started in worry only for you to let out a bit of snort and give her a grin. Immediately the concerned melted from her face, only to be replaced with a look of annoyance as her face began to burn. “Oh! You. Is that how it’s going to be?”

“Maybe,” you offered through a grin as you took a sip of your glass of wine. Edith’s eyes seemed to shine a bit before shooting you her own grin as she took a much larger sip of her own glass. “Is that a problem?”

“N-no.” The large woman offered out softly while refusing to look at you. Her tail peeking out from around behind her rhythmically. Slowly though, Edith began to look at you. The two of you sat there, regarding each other awkwardly with glassfuls of wine in your dimly lit kitchen. “I-I can handle a bit of teasing.” A smirk played out on her face.

“So…,” you started as you became infinitely aware of her eyes as they began to rove over you. Nothing too pushy, but you couldn’t help but feel it and blush as she stared hard at you that while it was a rather typical Mamono thing you couldn’t help but also feel that she was actually looking at you. Not just looking, but seeing. You weren’t just a slab of cock, you were a guy that she wanted to date. Maybe.

“Tour?” Edith ventured and you found yourself choking on your drink. Her eyes met yours and then the two of you stopped and looked towards Sera’s room and then back to the opposite of end of the house and the lone door that stood there; yours. Slowly the two of you met eyes again, Edith’s face having turning a dark red while you were sure yours was much the same. “M-maybe not…N-not that you aren’t, w-what I mean is-”

“I-I’m fine with something slow.” you blurted out quickly, hoping to stem the issue to a degree and guess where she was going. Your stomach bloomed in the sensation of nervousness. And why were you nervous? Despite her odd planning of the night, such as abandoning your car at the school and coming to your house, it wasn’t like you were going to be ‘married’ tonight. Was the prospect from going from a kissless weirdo in his late twenties to having a girlfriend just after a conversation and movie? Maybe.

“I am too,” she sputtered out just as quickly, as she began to fidget nervously. “M-maybe we should just talk…?” She ventured as she began to move out of your kitchen and into the modest living-room you had. Gently and as carefully as she could, she sat down on your couch before giving you a smile and a look that wanted you to come join her. “C’mon, please?”

You weren’t sure how she had managed it, but somehow she had convinced you after only a few minutes of conversation over the drinks. It wasn’t as if you were some touch-starved idiot, or even so easily romanced or even drunk, but you had quickly found yourself on her lap. Her large hands and thick fingers running through your hair as she held you close on the couch and occasionally shot you looks that seemed as if she was desperate to try and kiss you, though she never did; instead, simply letting her face burn as her emerald eyes glinted at you. Maybe it was her second full glass of wine.

Your conversation had ranged from what the two of you liked, plans for the future, and so many other things. Through all of it she would occasionally squeeze you in her arms, eyeing you with a sly grin between bouts of seeming anxious. Then there was the moments where she would simply pat at your head; something you knew in regards to Mamono was quite a big deal.

“E-edith,” you started, only to waiver as her chest pressed against you causing your breath to hitch in your throat as you shivered and hoped she wouldn’t happen to glance anywhere near your crotch. Even if she was reasonably controlled right now, she might not be after seeing how you were quietly reacting. “Sera could… w-we.. m-maybe we should… I-” You were cut off as the large woman shushed you.

“W-well,” Her face was ruddy and flushed as she eyed you, “W-we’ll stop but… I… I do have to know something first.” Aw fuck, here we go. There was going to be some kind of a trick, some kind of a gotcha and then she’d carry you off to your room and fuck your brains out. And to think, you were actually looking forward to actually having a girlfriend for once, not that a wife would be so terrible, but you wanted to truly experience what you had missed out on growing up. Just being awkward and enjoying time with a girl who liked you and daydreaming about eventually getting married. “H-how about we make it a game then?” You knew you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t help it.

“Okay,” you answered out shortly, face burning. What the hell were you doing? You weren’t even drunk. What even was Edith after, besides the obvious?

“So here’s how this is going to work,” An overly saccharine grin played out over the Troll-woman’s face as her large elfin ears twitched excitedly.

It didn’t take long for you to realize that Edith’s game was merely an excuse to ask personal questions in between kissing you as part of a ‘penalty’. in retrospect, none of the rules actually made any damn sense and it honestly had to just be an excuse. Not that you particularly minded but if this got out of hand, you’d be in for an odd conversation with Sera in the morning. ‘Hey kiddo, here’s your new Mom,’

Green eyes poured over your face from a strawberry colored face as the large troll ran her fingers through your hair. A somewhat harried and needy look coming off of her, though with a touch of self satisfaction. She had more or less tricked you, though it had gone both ways.

Her lips had been soft and overly inviting, seeming to draw you in and admittedly you were having issues resisting. That and the teasing, semi-inappropriate touches that happened now and then during such lips locks; an accidental brushing of her ample chest against you, or how your hands couldn’t help but grip greedily at her hips any of the times she pressed close. Learning more about Edith wasn’t too bad either. She was one of the portal-immigrants and apparently wanted what most Mamono wanted, to have a large family and a husband to dote on; rather standard fair things. What wasn’t however was getting the rest of her family portal side and set up with an orchard and a bit of a small farmstead.

It was respectable, and even in your slightly enamored haze you couldn’t help but consider it. Your house would be barely bit enough to handle yourself, Sera, and possible wife but the lot of land your house was on was fairly reasonable. Five acres wasn’t too terribly much, but you had seen Mamono do more with far less. Plus it might be nice to have neighbors.

“Anon,” Edith started, eyeing you as her ears began to twitch. “W-would you mind if the game got more… personal?” You sighed, the slight giddiness of the moment dropping out as your realized where this really was going. Of course it would go ‘that’ way. She was a Mamono after all.

“Edith, w-we can’t.” You answered, feeling a little bad about it but you had to be firm. You weren’t a slut, you weren’t going to be easy even if you were lonely and Mamono were basically made for happy marriages. Even if you did want to just give in, you couldn’t. You had responsibilities. “It’s only been the one date and Sera cou-”

“N-no. I mean,” The large woman bit her bottom lip, seeming to think things over before pulling you closer on her lap; her heavy chest threatening to envelope you. “N-not that I wouldn’t mind but… q-questions that might be… unpleasant.”

“Oh.” You hadn’t expected that, though if her goal really was to learn more about you it wasn’t a bad way to go about it. Not to mention being kissed after being asked something you didn’t want to really get into would likely make it easier to do. Was she after something embarrassing? If anything you were the wrong person to ask, it wasn’t as if your mom wouldn’t be happy to even show her pictures as well as tell her everything.

“How do you know Jennifer?” you swallowed, stomach dropping out as you sighed heavily. You didn’t really want to talk about it, but then again, that was probably exactly why she did. Clever. She had likely heard about the incident in the parking lot and now wanted to know as much as she could. Or not.

“Let me…,” you sighed again, as you began to wonder if this exact line of questions was what she was originally after. “I’m going to need my drink,”

You had took a large swig of your wine, eyeing Edith from her spot on the couch. It had been a nearly solid ten minutes and you still hadn’t answered her question. You hadn’t even attempted to try to answer, instead you found yourself stalling for time as your face burned and you fought the feeling of impending doom in your gut.


“Sorry I just…,” you trialed off, eyeing the drink in your hand before taking another large sip. “It’s not great. Gimme a minute.” You sighed loudly, thinking over the various different ways you could explain things or even how you could make sense of it without revealing what hurt the most about it. For a time, when the two of you were young and reasonably happy you had found yourself wondering if you’d maybe marry her one day. That you were in love. Would Edith let you just avoid all of that with simple straightforward answers? Or was she after deeper answers?

“Well,” you started, eyes locking to your drink. At best you figured a middle line would work best, or at least squash the possibility for follow up questions. Maybe. “We met in middle school, thought I liked her but it apparently wasn’t mutual. Then she began hanging out with the wrong kinds of people and… she probably doesnt even remember the last time we ran into each other. I’m still… kind of angry to be honest.” you looked up to catch Edith’s green eyes, only to frown as you realize your mistake. “I mean b-besides just recently at the school. Is that… is that why you’re asking?”

“Yes.” Edith admitted soberly, her eyes pulling away from yours as she folded her hands on her lap. A worried look coming to her face. “N-not that I’m the j-jealous type, practically all of us- the staff, have heard about you and Ms. Morren and…,” slowly the sober look melted away to be replaced with a almost predatory grin. “H-how about a follow up question?”

“Well, that’s a question.” you answered, only for Edith to frown at you as she stood suddenly, looming over you. Her large chest seeming the most imposing as she began to gently march towards you.

“Meanie.” She muttered, eyeing you with a terse look. “Do y-you… that is… bigger girls?” you choked mid sip, realizing exactly what she was asking despite the poor execution of it. Did you like bigger girls? You certainly weren’t opposed, and after sitting on her lap you did have to admit there was a very particular appeal to being gently manhandled and held…

“I uh… I can’t..,” you bit yourself hard, realizing that you had already made a significant mistake; your face burning hotly.

“You do.” her tone was overly pleased and yet somehow accusatory, as if your slightly burgeoning preference was something to convict you of. A grin split her face as large hands gently touched at your shoulders and you found yourself swallowing with worry. “Just admit it to me,” you shivered as her voice took on a husky tone, all you could manage was to look upward into her eyes.

“I…I do.” you answered, earning you the odd and perverse smile you usually only ever managed to see on a succubus as she pulled a man around by the arm.

“Prove it.” her voice came out velvety as she leaned down, eyeing you as her large ears twitched and you managed to just barely glimpse her tail swinging back and forth. “Kiss me, make me believe it.” The two of you stared at each other for a moment, locking eyes before both of you involuntarily glanced again at your bedroom door.

Slowly the two of you looked back to one another, both blushing darkly. The two of you had already agreed on going slow, but the longer this went on the clearer is was that the two of you were losing sight of that. Was it because of how things were going or was it merely an effect of what Edith was?

“K-kiss me.” Came her demand again, green eyes pouring into yours. Something in you felt as if it was tugged and you found yourself leaning forward, hands touching at her lowered shoulders as your lips began to lock with hers. Her lips seared against yours, this kiss far different from all the others from her game, this one made your blood feel hot as you felt yourself beginning to stir.

In an instant you found yourself tumbling back violently as you clattered to the floor, Edith crying out loudly while throwing herself to the floor nearby. The smell of smoke filling your nose and biting at your lungs as you tried to reorient yourself and figure out what was happening.

“D-don’t touch my Dad l-like that!” a small and shrill voice called out and before even properly putting your eyes on her, you knew Sera had apparently gotten out of bed. What you didn’t know, was what the hell was happening. Thick, inky smoke poured out of her mouth as she glared at Edith, who was now laying nearby you on the floor and looking as if she had just finished a shift in coal mine. The poor Troll-woman was covered in soot and nearly unrecognizable. Her clothes, her skin, everything wearing a cover of black ash that smelled terrible.

“What are you doing?!” you yelled from deep in your chest, sounding clear and more authoritative than usual; and immediately you regretted it.

It had taken nearly an hour to get Sera to calm down and stop crying. And even then, the awkward conversation with a lightly burned, soot covered Edith and you wasn’t too great. You certainly didn’t enjoy explaining that she was just kissing you, or that kissing was sometimes okay after a date. Or that you and Edith liked each other and that she hadn’t been doing anything inappropriate to you, the crux of which Sera’s argument was based on but she wouldn’t explain further; mentally you wondered if she though Edith was actually biting you. It wouldn’t have surprised you if she had thought that the gentle Troll had been trying to hurt you. She herself hadn’t had proper lips until just recently.

As soon as most of the situation had been resolved with apologies and admissions that it was okay, Sera had unceremoniously conked out. She was basically dead to the world and actually asleep, this time. Edith had cracked a window and after back and forth apologies and debates, one of you had convinced the other that washing off in your bathroom and staying the night would be okay; you still weren’t sure who had argued for what, but somehow your paranoid mind began to wonder if Edith and Sera weren’t somehow in cahoots.

The paranoid thought persisted until Edith had taken over your bathroom as she prepared to get washed off only for it to die as she handed her clothes to you from behind the bathroom door. Besides being completely covered and permiated with soot and the smell of smoke, her dress had large holes effectively cooked into it. One long skirt ruined, her woolen pull over shirt possibly ruined, and a rather large pair of flower print panties that looked lightly singed; you’d have to apologize and try your best to salvage what you could. Even worse, how was Edith supposed to leave your house? It wasn’t as if you had spare Troll sized clothes laying around. Regardless, you checked the tag and set your washing machine to handle the wool shirt and panties, as far as the skirt went though…

Maybe you could loan her a sheet to wrap up in? At least until she got home. Slowly you made your way back towards your room, arms full of more towels just in case. You didn’t have anything that would fit a Troll.

“A-anon,” Edith’s voice called out from your bathroom, drawing your attention to the door. Slowly you neared it, heart hammering away in you chest as you barely managed with the armful of towels.


“C-could you come here for just a moment?” The question was innocent enough, but you couldn’t help your involuntary reaction or the slight panic that took you. Was she going to try and take you in the tub? It was practically the only Mamono appropriate thing in the house you had; if memory served they called them ‘lover’s tubs’. Easily big enough to handle her and just a bit more. She wouldn’t try anything though, would she?

“I uh… j-just a moment.” You stood there, outside the bathroom door as sweat began to bead on your forehead. Even if she wasn’t going to try something, was she really okay with the possibility that you might glimpse more than you should? The two of you had agreed to go slow, was an eyeful considered slow by Mamono or…

Slowly the door inched open as part of Edith’s face cleared it, her brilliant green eyes grabbing up your attention immediately. A nervous grin split her reddened face as she looked down at you from behind the door, her ears twitching.

“I… I need your help with something,” her voice was choppy, her tone all over the place as she eyed you. “Can you come in here and uh…,”

“Y-your naked.” you stammered out, the implicit threat of having your pelvis crushed clear and ever-present in your mind. Although, the idea of her massive hips and being able to touch and feel them whi-

“I’ll behave, now come here.” you shivered, part of your traitorous body stirring to action as you began to mechanically obey. You had no idea why you were doing it, just that something about Edith seemed to fully compel you to it.

As you neared the door, Edith turned and headed back further into the bathroom and your overly large tub; giving you a view of her large body and rear end. The place where her tail joined to the small of her back titillating you and pulling your eyes as if by magnetism. Quickly a strong leg was thrown into the tub, as was its twin, before she turned to reveal that she was mostly covered by a towel; not that any of that bothered you right now. Thick, pleasantly plump, and deliciously oversized. Even with what little you had been able to glimpse, you were more than happy with what you had gotten.

“Come on,” Edith implored, eyeing you from the tub as she moved to soak in the water. Slowly the towel she was holding to her front began to take on water. One of her large hands offered out to you. “I don’t bite.”

“It’s um… n-not very slow.”

“You’ll still be a virgin once we’re done.” a wicked grin played out on her face as she blushed darkly, hot water soaking up and around her ample form as she continued to hold the now fully wet towel against herself. Her large breasts straining against it.


You knew you shouldn’t. But part of you wanted this, needed to know where and what all of this would turn into; and it wasn’t as if Edith could just leave now. The risk of it all weigh on you, the possibility that she wouldn’t ‘behave’ or be able to properly control herself, as you found yourself biting your bottom lip as a determined look came over you. Slowly you reached out, touching her hand. Were you going to regret this or would this be something you’d reminisce about in your old age?

“Close your eyes,” Edith instructed.

In an instant you found yourself being half pulled and hefted into the tub, something that threatened to force you to open your eyes. Though you did your best to stay honest. Besides, you had already gotten quite an eyeful as it was.

Your pants immediately began to soak up water as a large, warm, and plump form pressed into your back. One hand grappled at your chest as the other snagged on your pants, something that immediately caused your eyes to shoot open as you tried to grasp at her wrist. Given her size and strength, you weren’t able to do much to stop her. In seconds your hard-on was in her large hand which elicited a soft moan out of you as Edith gave you an experimental pump.

“I can feel your pulse,” you heard her whisper from behind you, her spare hand pressing flat against your chest as she pulled you close and held you still against her massive bare chest.

“T-this is behaving?” you spat out, hands gripping at her wrist as you mentally began a funeral for your virginity. There was no way this wasn’t going to escalate out of control. You had heard about this, read about it online. First its just something innocuous and then next, rape time. At least you seemed to get along with Edith and she was reasonably sweet.

“Its just… t-this is how dating works right?” Edith asked, her strength undeterred by your attempt to stop her as she slowly began to stroke you. “We have a nice time, give each other looks and then… tease each other until it’s unbearable,” You shuddered, as her hand began to work you over faster, the sounds of her panting in your ear as the large Troll began to get just as worked up as you were. “A-and this’ll go on for a year or so?” You whimpered, fighting to focus.

“N-no.” suddenly Edith stopped and you found yourself relaxing against her body, panting as you had apparently been holding your breath. “Thats… w-where did you hear that?”

“It was in some of the assimilation books,” She answered quickly and matter-of-factly as an sureness snuck into her voice. “Its important to let your human know that you appreciated a time out an-”

“T-thats not quite right.” you muttered out, cutting her off as you didn’t want to necessarily misled her through omission. Edith simply sighed before giving your length a tentative squeeze before going back to stroking you.

“That’s not a ‘stop’,” she whispered to you, the water in the tub sloshing as she shifted behind you. She was right, it wasn’t. You shivered as her hand swept across your glans once more as a lewd sound filled the air from the simple motion. “Besides, I did enjoy tonight and I want to show you I appreciated it,” a mirthful laugh filled the bathroom, making your heart soar at the sound, “Especially just a bit ago when Sera scorched my dress.” You could practically hear the smile on her face and again the paranoid worry that somehow the two of them were plotting came to mind. They couldn’t be; Sera wasn’t that good at faking things or even lying, and her worry and freakout had been genuine. “Besides, if not this, what does it mean?” you shivered as her hand slapped against your base.

“L-like,” you bit your lip as you shuddered as her hand slid across your length, “T-taking me out somewhere or maybe-”

“So something like this is too much?” There was a heady need in her voice, something you had begun to pick up in with various Mamono who had at times attempted to flirt with you. An odd, seductive and teasing tone. Edith’s breath played on the back of one of your ears, something that made you almost want to just give in completely. But you couldn’t, could you? “Should I stop?” Her voice dropped in tone and fell into a whisper, reflexively you swallowed as your body shuddered. Something in her voice causing your will to weaken.

“N-no.” you muttered weakly, trembling as you felt yourself growing near. Or was it because of the possibility that she might actually stop. Would she have?

“Good,” she answered back, her breath tickling at your ear again as her efforts redoubled. Your legs slowly beginning to feel like jelly all while you fought the desire to buck your hips into her large hand. “Tell me once you’re close.”

“I- I am, already.” You shivered again, fighting against your instinctual need to assist as her hand worked you over.

“Then kiss me.” For the first time her words came out as forceful demand, causing your blood to boil in your veins as you felt yourself begin to cum. Instantly you complied, moving to turn your head as her hand clamped down on you; the two of you locking lips for a moment as you felt your hot seed spilling into her grip. You couldn’t help but moan into her kiss, shivering like a leaf as you felt a mix of euphoria and a sudden need to just give into her more. “Good boy,” she murmured as she pulled away from you, eyeing you with a touch of delight as she let go over your still throbbing length and brought her hand to her face. Instantly you were transfixed by some odd primal desire to see this, to watch her do what you were certain she was about to do. A mirthful look played across her eyes as her tongue peaked out and she began to slowly lap up your cum, her eyes never breaking with yours the entire time. It took only moments and as she began to finish cleaning her hand as a grin played out on her face, your own face burning hotly as you tentatively began to worry that Edith had somehow used some kind of magic to seduce you. To turn you into her own personal slave. Could Trolls even use magic? Or at least, magic that wasn’t nature based?


“I- I know,” she replied quickly, her arms wrapping against you as she held you close against her bare form. Her thick breasts pressing onto your chest as stared down into your eyes. Something about them didn’t let you look away. “We won’t… W-we’ll go slow. I just… I wanted to make sure that… y-you’ll keep me, won’t you?” You blushed darkly as your heart threatened to burst.

The two of you had gone to bed, eventually. Though this time most of the formalities were gone as Edith no longer felt the need to cover her want to kiss you behind a ‘game’. Half wrapped in a spare bedsheet and holding you close against her warm and ample body, you quickly found yourself falling alseep in the large woman’s grasp as her little spoon. Maybe marriage wouldn’t be so bad…

“I-I’m sorry about your dress,” Sera muttered out again and you couldn’t help but snort over your coffee, Edith simply gave her a soft smile in response. Sera however continued on looking like a kicked puppy.

“I know hun,” Was her response as she worked on her breakfast. “But it’s okay,” her eyes locked to yours from across the table and they smoldered as her soft smile seemed to take on an almost sinister and lewd tilt. Of course Edith didn’t care about the dress, she had gotten something so much more out of it. Your face burned just remembering the night before; in particular as she brought her tongue down to her hand an-

“I still feel bad about it,” The tiny dragon muttered, poking at her eggs with her fork. You couldn’t help but feel bad about it yourself. Eyes flicked to yours from beneath a sheef of thick pink hair, “C-could I have an allowan-”

“I’ll take care of it kiddo, okay?” your face burned, as you tried to avoid Edith’s emerald eyes as she shot you a rather pleased look. Was it because Sera was considerate, or because the three of you couldn’t stop talking about the dress and Edith knew what it was reminding you of?

“Actually Anon, would it be okay if just the two of us did that?” Edith asked, eyeing you with curiosity from across the table before her eyes flicked to the small girl. You couldn’t help but have a sudden pang of paranoia; were they working together? Impossible. Obvious Edith was just positioning herself to begin the process of being ‘mom’. That and probably cementing the idea for Sera that it was okay for her to be putting her… well, everything on and about you as she pleased since the two of you were ‘dating’. Hopefully. Were they working together? “Maybe we could get matching dresses, would you like that Sera?”

The tiny, pink haired Dragon just beamed as her own response; as if you had already answered Edith’s question of you. It’s not like it would hurt and it’d definitely give you a few hours to mentally process the night before; which you still could barely believe. Not that it was a bad thing. With Edith and Sera, what was the worst that could happen?

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