Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 2

By tercio

> she was tired of being the littlest sister

> she was tired of everyone assuming she was the mildest sister

> she was tired of people seeing the glasses and the shy demeanor and thinking "nerd"

> she was especially tired of it all being true

> maybe it was her dissatisfaction

> or maybe it was the fiery spirit which burns inside even the meekest hellhound

> whatever the cause when she saw the opportunity she leapt at it

> the stranger had nice mana

> everyone was distracted

> and his trunk was unlocked

> it was a simple matter to slip inside unnoticed

> it was hard to keep from giggling as she imagined bursting out and subjecting the man to "high velocity love"

> soon she heard the engine start and felt the car start moving

> she'd originally planned to pop out on the road

> but the unpredictable movement made her rethink her plan

> she didn't want him to crash the car and get hurt

> it would be better to wait till he got home

> she could take him in his own bed!

> she silently hummed the "sneaking" theme from her favorite video game

> finally the car slowed, took a sharp turn, and rolled to a halt

> she heard the engine stop and the car door close

> her ears perked up as she listened to footsteps moving away and a door opening and closing

> good, the coast was clear

> she fumbled with the back seats for a few minutes before realizing that there was no catch to move them from this side

> a few hard pushes accomplished nothing

> she mentally cursed her still developing muscles and modern over engineered "monster tough" designs

> it was OK though

> she knew that all modern cars have a glow-in-the-dark trunk-release lever

> she'd been looking at it the whole trip

> she reached out to give it a tug and escape

> she had no way of knowing at the time, but in the aftermath of this event there would be several major safety recalls

> all she knew was that when she pulled on the lever it broke with a sharp "SNAP"

> the fire in her eyes went out

> suddenly the trunk seemed impossibly small and cramped

> she couldn't move

> she couldn't breathe

> she was going to die in here!

> her last remaining confidence crumbled before welling panic

> she tried to thrash and slam the trunk door open but the lack of any real leverage stymied her

> each failure fed her growing claustrophobia and urged her to ever greater efforts

> all failed

> until she reached her limit

> she stopped struggling then, the strength flowing out of her limbs to be replaced by lethargic despair

> she really was a worthless runt

> small

> weak

> pathetic

> tears welled in her eyes as her heart broke

> she didn't care about pride or respect or husbandus or anything like that anymore

> she just wanted her Mommy and Daddy

> and there, in the darkness, she began to howl like a little puppy

> this wasn't the bloodcurdling howl of a fearsome hellhound on the prowl, announcing its diabolical presence

> it wasn't even the mournful howl of a mundane wolf, communicating with others of its kind

> it was the wavering, high pitched howl of a frightened heckpup

> you didn't need to know anything about canines to understand that howl

> it was a plea for others

> the sound of a small scared thing pitifully begging for someone to save it

> she didn't know how long she cried for help

> for that time all she knew was darkness and fear

> barely kept at bay by desperate, childish yearning for Mommy and Daddy

> however long it was she was starting to lose hope

> she wondered if maybe everyone would be better off without such a worthless excuse for a hellhound around?

> hellhounds were supposed to be untameable, unconquerable

> she'd been beaten by a car trunk

> but what would you expect from a "demon hound" who still watched cartoons?

> her howls were getting weaker now

> they wavered with the occasional sob

> it was for the best

> she should have known she'd never be able to get a husbandu

> Mommy and Daddy would be so much happier not having to support a failure like her...

> the wooden garage door shattered so quickly the splintering sounded more like cloth tearing

> a single mighty wrench tore the trunk door off and sent it flying

> before the girl knew what was happening she was in her mother's arms

> she had never seen her mother this scared before

> as she was subjected to a frantic examination for injuries she saw the family's scout car skid into a barely controlled stop on the lawn outside

> examination apparently complete she was wrapped in the tightest hug she'd ever gotten

> moments later her sisters crashed into them

> they were so emotional they started crying tears of relief and licking her like they were all little heckpuppies again

> her father wasn't far behind

> he took her face in his hands just looked at her for a moment, fear still etched on his face

> then he joined the group hug

> unable to find her words, she started cry too and tried to snuggle into the hug as hard as she could

> it wasn't long before a very confused Mr. Anon entered his garage, noise canceling headphones around his neck

> stupefied, he took in the shards of wood which had once been his garage door and the car trunk door embedded in his maple tree

> an entire hellhound family was crowded into his garage, desperately hugging a petite bespectacled teenage heckpup

> some hasty explanations, apologies, and phone calls later Mr. Anon was watching a bunch of hellhound husbandus swiftly and efficiently repairing the damage

> he got they impression they had quite a bit of practice

> the adventurous heckpup who'd started the whole thing was sitting on a bench

> still being doted on by her family

> but she still seemed sad and withdrawn somehow

> Mr. Anon thought about what might inspire a shy girl to enact such a desperate plan to get a man

> he walked over and crouched down so he was on her level

"Hey, how are you holding up? I'm sorry I didn't hear you."

> she couldn't meet his eyes

> Mr. Anon sighed internally

> he figured he had an inkling what was going on

"This might not be the time, but there's this guy I know..."

> Mr. Anon scribbled something on a piece of paper which he pressed into her meaty paw

"He's a little closer to your age. Good guy. He's really into that nerd stuff you said you like."

> hope and uncertainty warred across the heckpup's face

"Maybe just start slow with a video chat or an online game meetup or something? Trying to infiltrate a guy's house so you can rape him is very, uh, 'hellhoundy' of you..."

> Mr. Anon paused as the heckpup's sisters slapped her on the back and enthusiastically congratulated her

"But there's nothing wrong with taking things a little slow."

> Mr. Anon smiled sympathetically at the heckpup's parents

"I'm sure your parents don't want their sweet little baby to grow up TOO fast."

> Mr. Anon gave the heckpup's arm a gentle squeeze before excusing himself to check on the repairs

> it might have been his imagination but he thought that the heckpup seemed a little happier and more hopeful than before

> like she was giving herself permission to believe in herself and her future again

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