Duty Communications Log: Volkov

By dirtyjoe

>1986 the Lenin memorial reactor melts down and creates an inhospitable zone

>Monsters and anomolies apear around the excursion zone including strange portals

>My name is Sergeant Demitri Volkov of Duty

>Recently I have acquired many rubles from clearing a few Freedom bases

>The PKM I hold in my hand is a trophy of my conquests, it cost me 107000 rubles to purchase from Colonel Petrenko

>My comrades tell me that this is waste of money and will never have enough 7.62

>Little do they know I found old military stash of 7.62 near the crispy train anomaly.

>However today I am worried, I have served Duty well and have lead many missions

>Though Colonel Petrenko has assigned me a task to collect a Moonlight artifact

>It boosts endurance and those kind of artifacts always attract the monsters for some reason

>I grab the soldiers assigned to me

>Pfc.Ivan Ivanov

>Cpl. Gregori Alexander

>We make our way to Agroprom trying to ignore the same Lone Stalker spamming the PDA's feed with finding another (worn) Makarov PM

>4 loaves of stale bread 2 canteens of water and a bottle of vodka later we make it

>I pull out my BEAR detector


<We're near comrades, keep your eyes peeled for any freedom faggots or monsters

>My hatred for the monsters rival even my hatred for freedom, there's been reports of freedom even fornicating with them, as a proud duty soldier I shall clean the zone

>I start to feel a tingle and stop my squad

>I toss a bolt and electricity explodes from the anomaly


>The private jumps back in shock as he almost walked into it

>I get to work

>The next half an hour is spent trying to figure out how to get past the anomalies and crawling under rebar or jumping from a concrete slab as my bear detector beeps faster and faster

>I finally pick it up with tongs and place it in my lead-lined container

>Another mission complete

>11:07 Reputation with duty increased

>11:07 Task Updated

>11:08 Sergei Petersky, Loner:Just found a Makorov PM(Worn)! You won't be needing that anymore brother

>pfc.Ivan Ivanov:"Huh is that a woman?"

>I freeze in fear as the private looks into a building

<Blyat! Stop you fool!

>It's too late

>I see lightening surge through my comrade as he spasms on the ground, his glorious Duty PSZ-9 model uniform stained white at the crotch

>A blue fox jumps from the building and squats over my comrade

>11:09 Obituary

>11:09 Death Report: Pfc. Ivan Ivanov has been raped by raijiu

>Location:Agroprom, near the Nerve Wracker Anomaly

>11:09 Reputation with Duty Decreased

>I lift my PKM and spit rounds at her direction

>Though she's too quick as she quickly grabs the private and retreats

<Corporal find a high place to-

>Suddenly I see electricity bolt into my man before a colorful bird monster grabs him in her talons and flies away

>I shoot up in the air in panic trying to hit the bird without hitting my man

>A few minutes of silence pass until my PDA updates

>11:13 Sergei Petersky, Loner:This kind monster is offering me a good deal on my Makarov PM's (worn). Wish me luck with this raccoon monster

>11:15 Obituary

>11:15 Death Report:Cpl Gregori Alexander raped by thunderbird

>Location:Agroprom, north of Nerve Wrecker Anomaly

>11:15 Reputation with Duty Decreased

>My heart beats heavily as I squeeze my grip around my trusty PKM.

>Things are quiet for a long time

>Suddenly a flash happens in front of my face as a cooked fox twitches where an anomaly was

>I quickly run while the anomaly recharges, the hair on my skin standing straight up

>I sprint home while chugging energy drinks and sucking down water from my two camelpacks at the same time so I can keep the pace

>I smile as I see Rostok in front of me

>I didn't even have to drop my PKM! Is good day!

>I feel a light tingle of grass stroke down my back before I fall face first into the pavement

>Godamnit…the fucking grass got me

>I feel close to death so I reach for my military issue medkit I always save just for situations like this

>"Oh? What's this? Trying to get home big guy?"

>I feel a shiver go down my spine as I hear a woman's voice, her shadow covering me like a cold blanket

>Turning, I see a large horned monster with a club resting on her neck and a gourd of what smells like vodka

>I'm dragged away, only a "Get out of here Stalker!" Fading in the distance

>I shake the fuzzy sensation from my head as I wake up

>The cold concrete floor and rusted overhead struts look familiar

<Is this Army warehouses?

>Did duty intercept that monster and save me?

>I had taken this position from Freedom at least ten times for Colonel Petrenko but for some reason I keep having to come back

>I raise to get up but find my hands have been bound together

>Huh, looks like I wasn't saved

>My pants are on and I haven't been eaten by a bloodsucker so it probably isn't monsters, if it's freedom who has me they'd have done well to kill me

>A beep brings my attention to my PDA

>87000 rubles, a tier 3 PDA that is almost as useful as my rifle, money well spent. However I wasn't able to eat delicious boar legs or Flesh bacon for a week after, glucose shots were all I had left

>I lean over and use my nose to open the PDA

>17:34 Sergei Petersky, Loner: Well comrades it appears this raccoon monster has swindled me out of my makarovs (worn), rubles, and freedom. I don't know how, I thought deal was going great but now am married to monster.

>I wish I could palm my face but instead I use my nose to switch tabs

<Thank god…

>The PDA displays duty soldiers around me, though embarrassing that my brothers had to save me, I am thankful

>I stand up and hope to god the missing weight of 107000 rubles is sitting on the desk waiting for me

>I push open the squeaking metal door

>"Oi big man! You're finally awake! Come drink with us!"

>The large horned woman lifts a gourd of vodka in the air as well as her compatriots who are equally enjoying the anti-radiation medicine

>fuck you Ecologists, it works

>The beeping of the duty soldiers on my PDA are coming from the large woman's laps or under their arms

>They seem angry but at the same time…comfortable

>"What are you waiting for? Sit next to me and drink!"

>I gulp at the tempting offer

>I'm so thirsty and the thought of being in this woman's arms makes my weary time at the zone feel so far away

>I shake my head

<No! I am Sergeant Demitri Volkov and I am duty through and through! We will clean this zone of mutants and that goes for your kind too!

>I hold my head up high as I shout through my mask in pride

>The large horned women don't appreciate my thoughts as the one who had caught me stands up and takes a step towards me

>She has red skin and shaggy white hair, I can smell the stench of Vodka from here

>She's adapted to the weather and is wearing an old soviet overcoat and ushanka on her head, though I can make out her lace undergarments where her coat is open

>"Well Demitri, I was trying to be nice but it looks like you need a more forceful approach."

>The large women chuckle at me and hold their duty soldiers close, the men shed a manly tear as they applaud my bravery and service

>"Turn on the music!"

>The woman shouts and one of the girls presses a button on a radio

>The sounds of cheekibreeki, bass, and trumpets fill the room as bandit radio echoes inside of my helmet

>I had managed to pull out my hunting knife when I stood up earlier and have just finished cutting the rope around my wrists

<I warn you monster, I've skinned a lot of mutants with this. Don't think you'll get me without losing something.

>The monster growls at me before charging

>I swipe at her with my knife and try to push her down using her forward momentum while hopping out of the way

>A long cut goes down her arm as she turns and looks at me with anger

<General Voronin! I will bring back our men!

>I charge towards the monster my fist about to swing downward and plunge my knife into her neck

>Though before I can, I receive a healthy smack across my face, my mask cracking and my vision turning fuzzy

>I rub my mask, luckily I still have duct tape and a Russian Playboy to make some quick repairs on it

>I prepare to go for another attack but the monster is already on me, she ties my hands behind my back

>"Now, now. I love a man with spirit but I don't want to see you too hurt."

>I try to thrash in her grasp but she's stronger than a pseudogiant

>I find myself hugged into her massive breasts on one of the old couches as she drinks down some vodka from a gourd and offers me some

>I ignore her tricks and scan the room for a way out of this mess

>And there I see my greatest treasure

>107000 rubles resting on the dining table

>With this firepower I could get out of here no problem

>"Demitri, why do you hate me so much?"

>The drunk monster asks with a slightly pained expression

<You have captured my comrades and I! And mutants and monsters are a danger to the world!

>She squeezes me tightly and rubs my face into her big, red chest

>"I am not dangerous! I just want you to like me."

>I feel great comfort I haven't felt since my babushka had cuddled me, the zone is so tiring...so strenuous...

>I close my eyes as I sink into her orbs

>I wake up in shock as the nightmares of being strangled by bloodsuckers fade

>The warm breasts of the passed out monster kept me warm

>I struggle from her grasp and find a jagged piece of steel hanging off of an old oven to cut my bindings

>09:36 New Task: Escape

>I find my knife and slowly make it to one of my comrades who is resting peacefully in the red monster's arms

<Comrade. Let's go, the women are drunk.

The man wakes and nods but doesn't move


>"Yes. I'm with you sergeant…but maybe just another minute."

>I look at the duty soldier in disbelief

>Is he enjoying this?

>Sure there's not much for female attention in the zone and that may have been the most rest I've ever gotten here…but…

>I go to the table and quietly pick up my PKM, the belt jingling as I try to make sure the box is put on firmly still

>"So you still want to kill us Demitri?"

>I turn around and press my PKM into her chest

>I could literally shred her in half, glorious 7.62x54R doing duty's justice

<You're too dangerous to let leave the zone!

>"Have you ever met an Oni?"

>I shake my head, finger half squeezed on the trigger

>"Then how do you know I'm dangerous."

<We don't, and that's a problem.

>I pull the trigger and do my duty


>The pin struck the primer but nothing happened

>Though I found a lot of ammo in that stash it is quite (old)

>I'm ready to have my head torn from my body, but in shock, I instead see a wounded look on the Oni's face

>Large tears flow from her eyes as she realized what that click meant

>"If that's how it is, then leave. I won't stop you."

>The oni turns away and sits down before drinking from her gourd in melancholy

>I'm not sure how to feel

>She isn't trying to do anything, she's just sad and scared like the rest of us…are monsters truly different from these mutants?

>I pop the top and reload the entire box magazine, because this is how jams are cleared

>Once I lock the belt in and rack the next round I stand in the room

>In front of me are monsters, creatures I know I should fear and kill

>Though they look so cute and peaceful the way they snuggle with their men

>I sigh and rest my glorious, not-overpriced-and-waste-of-ruble PKM on my shoulder.

>Technically she saved my life…even if she kidnapped me.

>I decide to walk out and leave them be

>I even notice my bag is next to the door, the lead-lined container is still inside, she missed out on some serious ruble

>I leave and begin the trip home

>Rostok isn't far so I'll turn in my task and get some rest tonight


>The sound of a 7.92 mauser comes from the hill as I fall onto the grass

>I quickly crawl behind a tree and administer some bandages around my wound

>Agnovy Potsmokavich: "Die Duty dog!"

>Fucking freedom.

>I peak out from the tree and spray the hillside with my PKM

>09:53 Obituary

>09:53 Death Report:Agnovy Potsmokavich(Freedom) killed by Sgt Demitri Volkov(Duty)

>Location: Outside of Army Warehouses

>09:54 Obituary

>09:54 Death Report: Bloodsuckerfucker Gorgovovich(Freedom) killed by Sgt Demitri Volkov(Duty)

>Location: Outside of Army Warehouses

>2 more freedom patches that I'll need to collect

>The sound of my PDA beeps and I open it

>09:55 Boris Forkov, mercenary: I just saw some dutyer take out two freedoms with a PKM.

>09:55 Yuri Zaytsev, Duty: Look at the sun brothers, maybe the zone isn't so bad.

>09:56 Communications Centre, Ecologists: Blowout in 5 minutes Stalkers!

>I drop my face into the dirt.

>The alarms blare as the ground begins to rumble

>So this is it? I have no way to crawl anywhere quick enough. Perhaps I should kill myself so I don't zombify and cause problems for my comrades

>I pull out my makarov(modern) and put it to my head

<Long live duty!

>I feel a large weight pick me up and sling me under their arm

>I drop your makarov(modern) in the impact and look up to see the red woman

>She's running as fast as she can

>And as the last alarm ends and the blowout begins she jumps into a large concrete storm drain and drags me to safety

>I'm pressed against her feminine body as we both breath heavily in the cramped pipe

>A toothy grin spreads across her face

>"Hello again Demitri."

>10:01 New Task:Stay sheltered

>My name is Demitri Volkov. I am a proud soldier of

Duty. I have never once strayed from the path. Currently I am a Sergeant who's pending a promotion to lieutenant and am in the 100's rank for STALKER's in the zone


>Those two massive orbs peeking out at me from under her overcoat are causing me serious psi-damage

>"Demitri what are you looking at?"

>The oni looks at me with a smug smile, her body pressing her orbs closer into me

<Nothing. Unfortunately your size is making this storm drain exceedingly cramped so I have nowhere else to look but…in your direction.

>"Oh is that so? You know I was real bummed out, thinking you didn't like me but…"

>Her pelvis gently pokes into mine and I realize why she's so cocky now

>"I think you might just have been shy."

>I haven't seen a woman in years, let alone a woman as beautiful as her.

>Her strong hands work their way down my chest as she flutters her eyes.

<Don't you dare.

>"Or what? Gunna go run out in that emission with a hole in your leg."

>I groan in annoyance as she reminds me of the debt I owe.

>"Let me take care of you. Here."

>Her hands stop at my waist and I bite my lip in anticipation

>She quickly pulls out a gourd

>"Ah the best! Let's drink! Hm, why do you look so disappointed?"

>I quickly snatch the gourd and gulp down the delicious Vodka

<Thank you

>I say reluctantly before passing it back to her

>13:35 Obituary

>13:35 Death Report: Sergeant Demitri Volkov, raped by Red Oni

>Location: Outside of Army Warehouses

>I place a wet kiss upon the Oni's lips as she smiles up at me hungrilly

<I can't believe I did that

>I sit up and rub my scarred face

>It was something I shouldn't have done but never have I felt so relaxed, so happy here in the zone

>"Hey, buck up. I enjoyed it. Each time."

>I reach for my bag and pull out a canteen and some bloodsucker borscht

<Want some?

>She smiles and takes a spoon full

>"You're going to stay with me right?"

<You aren't going to give me a choice right?

>She shakes her head with a toothy grin

>I chuckle to myself

<I've never seen someone smile so much in the zone.

>"Well now that I have my husband. I don't think I can stop."

>I sigh and look to the beautiful red woman

<I'm a dutyer. I will need to find Colonel Petrenko and tell him of all this.

>"But didn't you say he'd be angry."

>I'll probably be in a lot of trouble. But it's the only way.

>The Rostok checkpoint comes into sight, my old comrades pointing their weapons at me

>"Wait! Sergeant Volkov? You're still with us?"

<Yes comrade. I need to see Colonel Petrenko.

>I hold up the lead lined container as I limp forward

>"Oh of course…but the monster that's following you?

<She's with me, Junior Sergeant

>"Of course."

>They all give me awkward looks, but don't seem as surprised or angry as I thought they'd be.

>We march through the streets before going down the stairs towards the warm headquarters

>"Sergeant Volkov."

>I salute, then present the artifact

>"A mission success. Good work as always."

<Mission success? I suppose. I'm afraid that in my incompetence I've lost two good men.

>"You mean Ivanov and Alexander? They came back before you did."

>I let out a sigh of relief

>"Yes, in fact they too brought some monsters with them."

>I feel a sweat go down my brow.

>"Actually Sergeant, I wanted to speak to you about these monsters."

>I nod my head, ready to receive a lashing or worse a dishonorable discharge

>"There's been a lot of these monsters lingering about Rostok. In fact some of the men have taken to them."


>"Well…I assume you've grown attached to this monster here. Perhaps even, mated with it."

>I gulp loudly

>"You're scaring the poor boy Comrade-Oniichan! Just tell him what it means!"

>I jump at the innocent and high pitched voice unheard of in the zone

>A small goat girl wearing a cutesy form of dutyer gear had been hiding in his big chair and jumped up to hug around the colonel's leg.

<Colonel Petrenko?

>"Yes well you see…It turns out that the monsters aren't mutants. In fact, they aren't even from this world. So I see no harm in amending how we classify them."

<What are you saying sir?

>"I'm saying that these monsters should be seen as Stalkers. As long as they align with Duty I see no reason in seeing them as enemies."

>I feel a weight drop from my shoulders, if I can convince her to join Duty then I could keep her from being my enemy

>Before I can offer her this she's already swearing into the faction

<Wait! This isn't something you just jump into! Being a dutyer is a great responsibility and-

>she quickly buries my face between her red tits

>"Calm down will ya hubby? As long as you're here I wont break any rules."

>I heave a sigh into my new wife's breasts

>My name is Demitri Volkov, and from this day forward Duty has began to run missions with monsters. With their help we will clean this zone

>I am now a lieutenant, but more importantly, an upcoming father.

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