Forged By Love

By Anonymous

>be adventurer

>live in a town near a mountain

>have some sword training as part of the volunteer town guard, though you're nothing special

>meet lava golem on travels

>cute, kind and sweet, the whole deal

>she loves you in an unconditional way

>start off by meeting each other near the base of the mountain

>eventually you take days off to go see her, pissing off your superiors

>you just cover your tracks with the "sorry, out adventuring" excuse

>oddly, this works every time

>wake up one day

>this is gonna be the day that you finally bed her

>excitement fills your entire being as you make preparations for your little nocturnal tryst later

>unfortunately for you, fate has other plans in store

>you leave the town to meet your lava golem love

>you know that there's a river that flows alongside the mountain, leading to a lake just to the east of it

>you've gotten to know the area a little better since you first met lava golem gf

>however, she isn't at the base of the mountain, where she usually meets up with you

>probably somewhere else deeper in the trail

>you take the trail, hoping to meet her along the way

>soon you reach a scenic overlook of the lake

>there she is, on the edge of the trail, though she's corned by a group of guys in armor

>six in total, two on horseback, the other four on foot

>oh shit, imperial soldiers

>nasty fuckers hellbent on destroying anything not sanctioned by the state

> your relationship with your lava golem gf

>you find a place to hide so you can see the proceedings

>you can barely see her face, but you know she's terrified out of her mind

>however, she's not fighting back

>you hear her say something that utterly breaks your heart

>"I won't let you lot have the pleasure of killing me..."

>you already know what happens next

>she backs off of the edge, falling off the trail and into the placid lake below

>you can't see any of it happen, as you're nowhere close to where those imperial soldiers are

>but your mind plays an abridged version anyways

>you spend what feels like an eternity sobbing

>you're too distraught to even try to fight back those assholes who cornered her in the first place

>you can't imagine how it must have felt as she died in that water

>you return to the town a broken mess

>spend all the coin you have on drinks

>stumble home in a drunken haze, hoping that you never wake up as you die in your sleep from dehydration

>in their infinite cruelty, the same gods that watched her die allow you to live to see another day

>you spend the rest of the week in a horribly depressed state

>one day you finally get the courage to go down towards the lake, the place where the love of your life died

>an idea dawns on you

>you'll have to salvage for her remains, as gruesome as that sounds

>but it'll be better than having her lie forgotten at the bottom of this lake

>you manage to get a boat, and begin to scour the lake for clues

>one of the denizens of the lake— a scylla— appears, attempting to at first take you for herself

>however with a careful combination of words and gestures you manage to tell her your story

the scylla much to your surprise actually witnessed your lover's death

>the sight of a lava golem plummeting into the water shocked her for multiple reasons

>for one, she didn't even think there were any more lava golems on the mountain

>the words "any more" make a litany of questions arise

>was your girlfriend the last of her kind?

>if the imperials were going around executing monster girls, then why would they kill off so many lava golems?

>the scylla couldn't answer any of those questions, but the did know where the remains of your gf were

>this was the spark of hope that you needed

>"She didn't leave behind a body, really— only a chunk of rock. But I'll gather some friends of mine and see if we can push it ashore for you. Come back later, please."

>you oblige the scylla and return to shore, going back to the town for the night

>as you go to sleep, you have a quite disconcerting dream

>you replay your girlfriend's death even though you didn't witness it directly

>however, you go to the edge of the trail to see the aftermath of her death

>in the water is a sword with a blade wrought of a strange material

>once you get to the lake you spot the scylla again

>this time she's on the shore, next to a large chunk of black rock

>...your girlfriend's corpse

>a kraken and a sahuagin are hanging out in the shallows not too far away from the Scylla

>"You're welcome for this... What are you planning to do? Find a n-necromancer?"

>you tell the scylla not to worry

>the person you have in mind would do a much better job anyways

>go back to the town

>meet up with the local smith

>he's basically an iron ingot with limbs, he's so jacked

>wonder why he's not married yet

>give him a request for a new weapon

>tell him that you've got some raw material, but you'll have to bring him to it

>you breathe a sigh of relief as he obliges you

>a short trek down to the lakeshore later, you finally show the blacksmith what you're talking about

>the chunk of black rock that used to be your wife

>"This is no ordinary black rock. This is volcanic glass... Obsidian. This is a chunk of obsidian. How'd you come across this?"

>you desperately weigh the paltry options you have, and try to explain what exactly happened here

>of course, gotta fill him in on the dream too

>"In layman's terms... You want me to turn the remains of your dead girlfriend into a sword?"

>you nod slowly and inwardly hope that you don't die of embarrassment

>but if this dream-plan of yours doesn't end up working out, then you'll probably end up dying anyways

>as long as you get to see her again

>"You know what... I'll do it. I've heard that volcanic glass can be used to create a really sharp edge... Though we might have to enchant the stuff, because it can be quite brittle. But I'm sure I can do something with a chunk this large."

>oh shit he actually agreed to do it

>even if you won't be able to see your waifu again, you'll at least have her memory at your side

>"Now go grab a cart, I'll need to haul this back to my workshop."

>you do so, and together you manage to get the chunk of volcanic glass onto the cart

>looking good so far

>after a short trek you're back at the smith's workshop

>"a project like this is going to take about a week and a half at the least. I'm not capable of inhuman feats, guy. Also, I'll need a down payment, too."

>time to break the bank

>you hand him a bag full of the amount he requested, which put a sizable dent in your rainy day fund

>that dream you had plays again in your mind as you watch him go to work

>and it keeps playing as you make your way home

>as soon as you get into bed for the night, you hear a voice

>you look around, but can't pinpoint its source

>"I'll come back soon. Be patient."

>sounded like her voice

>probably just a hallucination

>you drift off to sleep, the face of your beloved firmly embedded in your mind

>the next few days are a blur to you

>making coin by working with the volunteer town guard and doing other odd jobs has been fairly easy

>your real hope is to get enough to cover the amount of the rest of the smith's work fee

>that last 'down payment' took a fair bit out of your savings

>now it was time to pay the smith a visit, to see how work was coming along

>you're all but stopped in your tracks by the smith himself

>you walk with him to the workshop

>"I've never gotten work done this quick before. Felt like something possessed me, like my hands were moving on their own! I even managed to find an enchanting stone, though I had to contact a local mage to get it to work. Come, I'll show you the fruit of my labor."

>you arrive at the workshop

>the smith turns a corner to retrieve the weapon you commissioned

>as you wait for him to retrieve it, the voice from earlier pops into your mind once more

>"I'll finally get to see you again properly this time! I'm sorry for not waiting for you... But it's okay now, because soon we can start from where we left off!"

>sounds suspiciously like your girlfriend

>now's not the time to have pstd-induced hallucinations

>"I-I'll explain everything once we meet again. I promise you're not hallucinating."

>now the hallucination is trying to tell you that you're not hallucinating

>before you can muse on your slipping sanity any further the blacksmith returns from the back room of his workshop

>in his hands is an utterly beautiful work of art

>"Here you go. I'm surprised I was even able to make it, and in such a short amount of time too. Easily some of my best work yet."

>it's a longsword, with a blade of volcanic glass reinforced with a core of black steel

>the pommel and handguard are also made of black steel, though inlaid with small pieces of volcanic glass in a simple pattern of repeated diamonds

>in the center of the hilt lies the enchanting stone, glowing a deep orange

>it pulses softly in your hands like a beating heart

>you test the sword in your hand

>it's pleasantly warm to the touch

>strangely you don't really feel like letting go

>"I missed the feeling of your touch..."

>that voice is clear as day now

>you turn around, looking for its source, but come up empty again

>damn hallucina—

>"I'm not a hallucination, dummy! I'm in your hands right now! Though if we could go back to your home we can get to reunite properly..."

>you'll need to get used to this

>you thank the blacksmith for his work

>"You're welcome for the service, and thank you for the patronage. Oh, and before I forget...

>he runs off into the back room again

>"Oh right, he forgot the scabbard."

>wait, he made a scabbard too?

>"I was only guiding him a little. Luckily he's a very good smith, so all I really did was give him the creative input."

>now that you think about it, you only started hearing her voice after you came into contact with the chunk of rock that used to be her body

>...her old body

>the smith returns with the scabbard

>it's a simple thing, made out of toughened leather dyed white

>there's a slot that shows the enchanting stone when the sword is sheathed

>it's a nice contrast to the otherwise dark tones of the sword

>you once again thank the smith and prepare to leave

>after you say your goodbyes, you make the short trip home

>"I wonder what kind of place you live in... Human towns are really interesting!"

>finally make it home

>"Lay me on the bed already! We have to finish where we left off, remember?"

>oh shit

>you did say you were going to lay her that night

>but then shit hit the fan and sidetracked you

>you oblige and lay your new sword on the bed, first taking it out of the scabbard

>taking her out of her scabbard

>"Finally! Hope you're ready, because we've got a long night ahead of us!"

>the sword begins to float in the air, the orange enchanting stone in the hilt beginning to glow brightly

>the rest of the sword begins to glow as well, the orange light becoming brighter and brighter until it's almost blinding

>when the light fades you audibly gasp at the aftermath

>on the bed is your girlfriend, but she's not really a lava golem anymore

>she's got the same proportions as before

>still a head and a half taller than you

>prodigious bust, pillowy thighs, taut stomach, thick ass

>same face, warm and comely

>however, her body isn't the glowing orange color of magma

>it's a slightly glossy ebony color, like obsidian

>deep black locks cascade down her back

>long braided bangs frame her perfect, unblemished face

>there's pieces of dark metal on certain parts of her body, namely her chest, legs and forearms

>they seen to really be there to cover her modesty and provide a little bit of armor

>you do note that there's what appears to be horns coming from the sides of her head

>the way they curl upwards slightly reminds you of the handguard for some reason

>just above her breasts in the center of her chest is the enchanting stone

>but it's larger than it was before, and glowing even more strongly

>and her eyes

>they're vibrant orange sclera with white irises

>before you can make any moves your girlfriend grabs you and pulls you in for a hug on the bed

>she gently cradles you into her mind-numbingly soft cleavage

>no change there, though you'll have to get a little used to her new color scheme

>she looks down upon you with those bright eyes burning with love and lust

>"I don't know about you, but the wait has been too much for me... I need you now."

>the metal covering her modesty disappears

>she's completely nude now, rolling on top of you and straddling you now

>you wholeheartedly agree with her sentiment

>this is going to be a long night

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