The condom

By spurged

<A-anon, I don't… I mean-"


>Your wife looked at you with a mix of concern, severe apprehension, and possibly disgust

>you had to admit, maybe this was too far but…

>she knew you were absurdly devoted to her

>hell, you were even on your knees when you had handed it to her

<"Where did you even get these Anon?"

>Your succubus wife brandished the box at you

>you couldn't help but flinch at the sight of it

>not necessarily because of what they were

>or that they were illegal

>but because you know it actually meant

>you were a degenerate

>there was no denying it

"I… I-"

>you frowned, face burning hotly

"Y-your the one who said w-we should try t-to-"

<"I know."

>her ruby colored eyes regarded the box of condoms with an emotion you couldn't quite place

>she had wanted to know more about your particular kinks

>and this was one

>or rather, the latex

>it hadn’t been a problem each stage of the way

>latex gloves

>latex thigh-highs

>a dress even

>even custom horn and tail covers that had cost quite a bit of money…

>slowly, bit by bit

>you had slowly gotten her to be okay with more of it

>methodically turning her into your latex goddess

>but you knew this would likely be a bit too far

>Mamono wouldn’t dare brook anything that might deny them what their natures demanded

<”It’s a latex thing, isn't it?”


>you found yourself unable to meet her eyes as your face burned with shame

>she sighed heavily, letting out an almost annoyed groan

<”The things I do for you…,”

>she muttered out as you heard her begin to tear into the box

>you couldn’t help but look up at her excitedly, your erection straining painfully against you pants as you stared up at your latex covered wife

>she frowned at you, her own face turning bright red

<”A-and don’t think I’m not going to severely punish you for this.”

>as she grasped at one of the acursed things, she dropped the box which scattered its contents messily on the floor

<”O-only one, then I’m going to wring you out so roughly-”

“I-I know. I w-wont ever ask for this aga-”

<”I-I didn’t say that. W-what if…,”

>she trailed off, biting her bottom lip as she regarded the object in her hand

>Slowly she shifted, extending one of her feet and pressing it against your crotch

>her action earning her a shudder from you as you looked away again, embarrassed

<”W-we’re only going to use this one, for now, a-and afterwards I’m going to drain you completely. I don’t want any complaints, a-any whining-”

“Y-yes Ma’am.”

<”Good boy.”

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