The Slasher Sabbath

By spurged

<"So what do you think Anon?"

>You stared at your would-be girlfriend

>eyeing her suspiciously

>A fedora topped her horned head as she was dressed in a torn up and raggedy red and green sweater

>One furry hand was wrapped in a leather contraption with blades coming off of the fingers

>all of this was finished off with a set of barely existing cut-off slacks that drew attention to her small stomach and rather shapely thighs

>at least as shapely as a Baphomet could manage

>a frown painted over your features as you immediately realized what you were looking at

>One, two, he's coming for you

"What are you doing?"

<"I heard about the holiday and I figured I might as well work on assimilating,"

>The petite, child-like woman gave you a grin as her eyes shined at you

<"It's a sexy costume right?"

>your forehead wrinkled as you recalled who she was dressed as and what he had done

>something most people forgot or tended to gloss over

>A murderous child-molester wasn't exactly 'sexy'

"It's uh… definitely something."

>Dierdre huffed loudly before stamping one of her cloven feet in frustration

<"W-well the rest of you come out!"

>Immediately the space infront of your television is filled with her lackeys

>Shelly, Meryll, Cynthia, Megan, and Sara

>or rather The shape, Leatherface, Jason, Pennywise, and Pinhead

>You sighed heavily, shutting your eyes as you directed your head skyward

>What the hell had you done to deserve this?

>Constantly being semi-harrassed by your would-be girlfriend was bad enough

>Her lithe and childlike body being a big enough issue as it was

>you had only recently gotten over it enough to give her proper kisses but this…

>the constant push to get you involved in her little witches 'chapter' as a group husband was starting to be a bit much

>and now this, at this time of year was even somehow comically worse

>you swiped at your face before leveling your eyes

>giving Deirdre a particularly grumpy look

"So you finally settled on a theme then?"

>Deirdre sent you her own grumpy look

<"W-well yeah,"

"And you want me to judge your uniforms,"


>A smug look playing out over the tiny Baph's face as she folded her arms

"What for exactly?"

>immediately the look dropped as she turned to consult with her lackeys

>a look of worry playing over her face

<"W-well… y-you know how I was trying t-"

"Yes. I recall you trying to convince to be you girl's personnal cum-pu-"

<"You don't have to put it so rudely Anon!"

>Leatherface yelled at you, eyeing you angrily

>you frowned, partially because she was right as well as because of how Meryll was dressed

>though the small ghoul as a farmhouse cannibal was weirdly appropriate

"Yeah, it's not fair to the rest of us."

>Pinhead muttered

>you locked eyes with Sara, the diminuiative fallen angel as you sucked on your teeth

>This again?

>Were they going to try and bully you into this again?

<"We have so many things we could show you Ano-"

"Don't even start with that."

>You immediately cut Sara off

"Okay look, girls… Deirdre…,"

>you sighed, pinching your nose

"While I'm glad you finally got your club-"


>Megan the Bogie shouted at you from beneath stylized face-paint to make her look more sinister

"Right. Yeah. Look, I'm glad you guys figured out something for your chapter but… I'm not really a polygynist kind of guy. Each of you is great in your own unique way and I'm sure and each of you will eventua-"

<"Grab his legs!"

>Deirdre shouted, pointing a claw at you

>In an instant they were on you and you were running

>cool air hit your lungs as you sprinted out of your house and down the street

>You wanted to scream but knew you shouldn't

>some of your neighbors were Mamono

>They might take umbrage to your views and decide to help Deirdre and her friends

>All you could do was keep running and hope they'd be distracted in a few hours

>Maybe you could swallow your reservations and take Deirdre to pound town and the group-husband talk would end?

>Would you even be able to do it?

>just kissing her like a proper woman at times was hard to get over the feeling that you were doing something wrong

>What if that didn't work?

>Would you be able to even handle six diminutive women?

>you didn't know

>All you knew is that you had to run

>You were winded


>and frustrated

>sure human women had been bad, the worst even

>but in some ways Mamono could be even worse

>Something you were slowly finding out today

>your legs hurt, but you couldn't stop

>Even though your brisk run was now more of a winding limp

"Shelly, please."

>You called out behind you as you continued your slow escape

>muscles aching and protesting

>The last hour or so had been hellish and it wasn't getting better

"Shelly, we don't have to do this."

>You called out again, turning round to face her

>William Shatner's face sat atop all five feet of the overly large loli-Golem in her overly tight fitted jumpsuit


>She stood there, menacingly, staring out at you from under the mask

>Brandishing what could only be a demon silver kitchen knife

"Okay, I get it. You guys are a little more serious about this than I realized."

>you breathed heavily, lungs and legs happy for the sudden break

"I-I'm sorry okay."

>you looked round, hoping no one was watching

>The last thing you needed was some Mamono housewife to help her grab you

"Look… l-lets talk about this, like adults. alright? I'll sto-"

>you coughed loudly, as your throat began to dry

>you eyes locked on a nearby gas station sign

>it was the one at the edge of the neighborhood, right before the freeway

>Had you really just been running aimlessly in the neighborhood for so long?

"I'll stop running. Just…,"

<"Gimme your cock."

>The demand was curt and short

>And wholy inappropriate coming out of william shatners face with such a small and girlish voice

"Y-you know I-"

>you coughed, throat aching

<"Drop your pants or there will be…trouble."

>you groaned reflexively

"Thats Robocop. Shelly the shape doesnt even talk, like at all."

>William Shatner stared back at you expressionlessly

>Slowly she shifted her head, looking at her large stonework hands as well as the knife

<"Right. Sorry. Need to stay in character,"

>Immediately she began plodding towards you slowly again


>just as quickly you stirred your aching body into motion

>moving again as you began to try and establish a good pace to get away from her

"Shelly, be reasonable please!"

>The shape continued to follow behind you as you tried to move yourself

"Shelly, c'mon."

>undeterred she continued, plodding along

>despair and fear took you

>you were going to get raped

>was this what it was like on portal day?

>Maybe less awkward though

>None of those guys were getting assaulted while having to look william shatner in the face

>Painfully, you pushed yourself on

>maybe you could find help at the gas station

>You had burst into the gas station

>soaked in sweat whilecoughing and weezing

>Immediately noticed that the cashier was a pimple faced young guy and sighed heavily while thanking God

>you wasted no time in demanding access to the singular restroom

>your addled mind rationalizing that it was the only sane thing to do

>Just as before, you couldn't risk asking any Mamono for help

>more than likely they'd laugh at you and help the girls

>you weren't ready to get married yet

>Not just to your loli-bodied girlfriend

>but especially to her five other friends as well who were similarly built

>as you locked yourself into the bathroom, turned off the light and carefully moved to sit on the sole toilet in the darkness

>Silence and darkness bathed over you as you worked to steady your breathing and relax

>While it was likely that Shelly would figure out your ploy, she wasn't like to actually break down the door to get to you

>Despite current theatrics, she was reasonably well behaved for a Mamono

>except for this

>You sighed heavily, stress pooling out of your muscles as they began to ache

>Had the others given up?

>were they just waiting at home for you to come back?

>That didn't seem right, they weren't like that

>Deirdre in particular

>when she decided something it was usually final no matter what you or anyone thought

>you groan in the dark

>thoughts of your imminent polygynist marriage plaguing you

>And worst of all, what was next

>Deirdre was pushy, insistent, and demanding

>All things you enjoyed but sometimes…

>would the two of you even get to proper plan to have kids?

>Or would it simply be a matter of getting up one morning and being told it was going to happen?

>What about the other five girls?

>you groaned again, leaning against the cool tile wall in the dark

>somewhere outside your dark entombed room you could hear what could only be that poor guy having to deal with Shelly

>It almost sounded like yelling

>the muffled sounds not making anything clear

>immediately you held your breathe

>Was the poor dude freaking out?

>Or was it simply a typical demand of 'no masks in the store'?

>Whatever it was, silence filled the greater area of the gas station and you finally relaxed

>you exhaled

>then you heard it

>subtely at first

>barely there

>your eyes locked onto the door in the dark


>no no

>You heard the machine kick up again only to die

>the engine turning over

"Oh fuck, no."

>It was Meryll

>Unlike Shelly, she wasn't as much as a good girl

>Which meant the poor wagie was mana deprived and knocked out behind the counter

>The engine kicked up again, roaring to life

>you whimpered in the dark as primal fears surged through you

>Immediately you flinched as you heard the teeth of the chainsaw biting into the wooden bathroom door

>light pouring in as well as the clear and sharp sound of the chainsaw as it screamed

>in seconds there was a hole in the door

<"Heeeeere's Johnny!"

>A faux-skin leathered masked face with shiny bright eyes stared in at you

"No. What?! Meryll!"

>The tiny ghoul gave you a confused look

>The chainsaw died as she continued to look at you in mild shock

<"W-what? Is that not right?"

"No. No it is not. That's the Shining,"

<"W-well Thomas doesn't really get any lines s-"

"Why not go with Choptop then?"


"His brother…?"

>disbelief played over your face

<"T-the hitchhiker?"

>you groaned, pinching your nose

>No, not the first one

>Choptop was a huge favorite of fans

>Hell, he even had his own movie in production at one point

"You only watched the first one then?"

<"W-well it was scary enough a-and I-"

<"I watched all of the Halloween movies Anon, even the bad remakes!"

>Shelly suddenly yelled into the hole in door from behind her conspirator

>Exasperation despite the mask was clear on Meryll's face

<"Well not all of us have time for that! Some of us have real jobs!"

>The Ghoul spat at the larger Golem

>just as quickly they were on the ground, apparently fighting

>And in that moment, you knew exactly what you needed to do

>You weren't sure how you had done it

>But you had

>As the two of them began to wrestle and even throw punches, you had quickly left and stepped over them and took off

>as soon as you were out the door, the panic from earlier returned

>what the hell were you supposed to do?

>Apparently all of them were actively looking for you still

>And if Meryll could find you, the rest definitely would too

>You grumbled as your legs began to protest again

>Immediately you began to scan the area for anything that could help you

>Or even better yet, give you a chance to properly rest

>You hadn't even mentally registered any of it as you filed towards the bus stop and the currently waiting bus

>wordlessly your hands found your wallet and paid the fair and took a seat

>The few others on the bus glancing at you

>the handful of Mamono wrinkling their noses with either looks of disgust, worry, or in one hellhound's case something worrisome

>Deirdre had marked you though, at least with a sigil

>sure you didn't smell claimed, allegedly, but it'd be apparent if anyone tried to grab at you without permission

>you sighed heavily, practically melting into your seat by the window

>in moments the bus began to roll out, and the slow movements and road noise brought their own comfort

>But then there was your ass and the seat and the proverbial love song between them

>it was cushioned

>it was mostly temperature controlled

>and best of all, you weren't having to stand or even hold yourself up anymore

>How far had Shelly chased you?

>Everything had begun to hurt

>had you pulled something?

>you weren't a fatass, but you definitely didn't bother with working out at all

>had to be something like three miles, at the least

>The two of you weaving in and out of everywhere

>and all of it had been for nothing

>you had been found rather quickly

>you groaned just remembering it

>What were you going to do?

>Where could you go?

>you sighed again with a yawn

>you blinked sleepily as you tried to formulate a plan

>You shut your eyes as you folded your arms across your chest and tried to think of something

>Maybe you could head over to one of your friend's houses and lay low?

>A hotel?

>what could you do?

>Where could you go?


>Something hot and hair touched at your arm and you felt yourself jump

>Your eyes locked with flaming red ones

>instantly you began to press against the wall of the bus while the stranger inspected you

"Can I uh… help you?"

<"You smell pretty good,"

>aw fuck

>Aw shit

"I'm uh… I'm taken."

>A frown played over her face

>realization of some of her features suddenly becoming clear

>She was much bigger than you

>Maybe almost a foot taller, even while sitting

>And most of her body, especially the skin that was exposed made it clear that unlike you, she did work out

>you swallowed

<"You don't smell taken."

"I-I am. Look, I'm just…,"

>You paused, trying to rack your mind for any bullshit excuse you could

>Sure Deirdre, and the others, were driving you insane

>Pushing you around and making absurd demands

>Even pushing social norms and boundaries you weren't comfortable with

>But you still liked them

>Deirdre though… you were definitely willing to at least admit that you loved her

>Most of the time anyways

>Today wasn't a good day and her antics weren't helping

>But still…

<"You think I give a shit about some magic nerd's crap?"

>You shrank back, pressing more even into the wall and window

>Oh god, oh fuck

>While before there was a bit of desperation in running from Deirdre's friends, this was different

"I uh… w-well,"

<"So howabout this? In two stops the two of us are going to get off- heh- an-"

"I don't… I don't know you and I'm happy with my girlfri-"

<"You don't even smell like you've been kissed before."

>your face burned at the accusation

>It wasn't fully your fault

>you still had issues with it all

>And the two of you had kissed

>sure it had been awkward, but it counted

>it definitely counted

"W-we have so. W-we've kissed plenty of ti-"

<"I don't care about your made up stuff about your negligent girl. Either the two of us are going to be fucking or one us will."

>you swallowed, looking away and out the window

>Well now you were fucked

>Or rather would be



>Why had you run?

>You didn't need this, let alone want this

>You wanted Deirdre

>Maybe some annoying nonsense involving her friends


>Maybe in a few weeks you'd be more comfortable with that prospect but…

>You'd have to run and fight, kicking and screaming all the while in a just a bit


>You bit into your bottom lip as your anxiety bloomed in you

>Guilt, pain, and more blooming in you

>Why the fuck had you run?

>Slowly the bus came to a stop

>Airbrakes hissing loudly as you felt your stomach drop out

<"Well, that's one."

>A furry paw patted at your knee

<"Have you made your choice yet?"

>You swallowed

>Sweat beading on your forehead

>You didn't necessarily want to be a onii-chan for a tiny sabath chapter

>But the alternative wasn't much better

>At least Deirdre and co would be gentle and willing to go slow

>At least Deirdre knew who you were

>What you liked

>what you didn't

>And exactly what to do to annoy you or force a smile out of you

>At least she loved you

>And now you were about to lose all of it

>Your eyes got teary, regret and worry boiling up in you

>Screw it

>your eyes snapped to your would-be rapist

>Her eyes were smouldering as smoke jetting off of them

>her paws flexing and showing off her overly sharp claws


<"Good, so why don't you be a good little to-"

"Fuck off."

>The hellhounds eyes bulged as she choked on her words

>Shock, pain, and finally anger playing across her face

<"E-excuse me? I don't think I heard you right."

>Her voice came out smooth but with a rumble beneath it that seemed to threaten violence

>A clawed paw grasped at your knee

>the points of her claws biting into your pants and even into your skin

"I said fuck off."

>A growl escape her as your vision became a mass of black hair and fur

>You flinched, expecting the worst

>eyes screwing shut

>only for it to not happen

>instead a shrill scream filled the air, which was quickly followed by others on the bus screaming loudly

>As you opened your eyes you saw while and immediately relaxed

>A razor clawed glove was jutting out her stomach, covered in gore and blood and seeming to originate from nowhere

>Oh thank fuck

>you groaned, grinning as the rest of the bus errupted into chaos

>Only to immediately stop and freeze up, silence drowning out everything


>you found yourself looking up and over into the aisle of the bus

>Standing next to the figment of an attack was Deirdre

>Pouting, with a grumpy look while she kept her rather large paws on her hips

<"You're supposed to panic! A-and then I get to swoop in and drag you off to the furna-"

>In an instant you grabbed at her and pulled her into a tight embrace

>managing to squeeze a squeak out of the small woman and end the lecture

>you honestly had never been happier to put of with her antics

>you had to fight yourself not to sniffle as your eyes threatened to leak

"J-just be quiet. Take me home already Deirdre, take me to bed."

>immediately the tiny goat-girl struggled against you

>grumbling and trying to pull away

<"A-anon please… y-you're ruining the gag, w-we can do the mushy stuff later a-and I-"

>you relaxed a touch, grinning involuntarily as you let her out at least to arms length

>you were gonna hate the slasher theme so much in three months

>but none of that mattered

>quickly you pressed in and kissed her full on and completely

>you felt her bristle at first, only to melt in your arms before you broke free

"Deirdre, let's go home."

<"O-okay. y-yeah…,"

>her face burned as she stared into your eyes

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