The other scholar

By spurged

>You were the wandering scholar

>The other, other, other one

>Honestly you were quite good at your job, unlike that deranged pervert

>Your Kobold entry was the cause of many marriages and even Kobolds being called "A man's best friend"

>Your entry on Trolls had gotten many a man to appreciate a bigger woman

>And even your entry on faggotc- er, Cheshires, had made them seem warm and endearing

>Thanks to you tons of people were learning to embrace and even fall in love with Mamono

>Though… despite your best efforts there were problems

>and that was putting it lightly

>Your eyes bore into the sheet and quill before you

>"Dark Elves" stared up at you at the top of the page


>How could you articulate this?

>How could you present this?

>Was it even possible?

>There really wasn't a good way to present any of it, was there?

>you groaned, leaning back in your chair

>slowly you reached into your desk and pulled out a glass and a bottle

>Whiskey flowed as your face became stony

"Another long night it seems…,"

>You groaned, slamming your head into the table

>There wasn't a good way to gloss over any of it

>"A close relationship with your kids,"


>"Family reunions will be a blast."

>Absolutely not

>"You dark elf wife will be an adventurous lover?"

>No, that wouldn't work either

<"Having trouble?"

>Glistening red eyes met yours and you couldn't help but shiver

>you patron

>Cassandra, a Demon

>one of the "radicals" who seemed to want to turn humanity into a species with absurd sexual dimorphism

>You didn't mind, though the way she stared sometimes…

"Kind of,"

>you muttered back, trying to avoid her eyes

>Would drinking more help?

<"So what's the problem?"

>Heels clacked as she came around and stood behind you to peer over your shoulder

>Something she had done thousands of times

>fingers twisted through your hair and you swallowed hard

>She was always so touchy

<"Ah. Yes. Them. Would you like some help?"

>She tugged gently at your hair and you found yourself staring into rubies set into an angelic blue face

"I- I guess. This is my job though an-"

>Immediately she was in your lap, hand grasping your wrist as she brought it to the parchment

>her spare hand placing your quill in it

<"Just write out more or less what I tell you,"

>your face burned and you couldn't help but respond reflexively

"Yes Ma'am,"

<"Good boy."

>You swallowed again, trying not to focus on the feel of her body against yours or the weight on your lap

>You were in trouble, in more ways than just the obvious

<"This variety of Elf is only just touched by the Maou's blessed power. As such they still retain a more 'monsterous' disposition."

>you hand moved across the page, scribbling out what she was dictating as fast as you could

>Slowly you fell into the droning and was merely writing what was dictated

>A scent of something sweet and soothing invading your nose

>Did she always smell this way?

>It wasn't until she began rocking back and forth in a slow motion that you choked

<"Are you paying attention Anon?"

"Y-yes. Yes ma'am."

<"Good. Try not to get distracted, I need you…,"

>She paused, shifting on your lap again and causing you to hold your breath

<"We… uh, we need you to finish out your version. It's much better for everyone."

>Was it because it would result in happy marriages?

>or because it was affording her faction of Mamono society a bigger say with the Maou

"Of course."

<"Where were we… yes. Only men wishing for a domineering wife who is lovingly bittersweet."

<"As they are more monsterous they will demand so much more than say, a kobold, and still retain behaviors that most Mamono revile."

<"The man's body will not be treated as his own, but rather something that belongs to her in complete."

<"Any man who wishes to give himself to a Dark Elf must resign himself to the idea that he completely belongs to his wife, and by extension, their children."

>She finished, though was still gripping your wrist in her hand

>Her fingers feeling your skin and tracing shapes absently into it



>Her hips wiggled, driving her rear further into your lap as she turned somewhat

>ruby colored eyes meeting yours

<"Would you like to do some research for your entry on Demons?"

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