Bunyip Short

By tercio

> helping friend by taking care of his rental property for a few weeks

> mostly minor repairs, not too hard even if some of the tenants are insufferable

> speak of the devil and she shall appear

> standard issue political activist hamplanet

> bossy as fuck

> seems to think you're a fixture included with her apartment that needs berating to function properly

> nice solidarity with the proletariat, cunt

> dragging along her beta orbiter (almost literally given their comparative masses)

> poor guy is totally smitten with her but she treats him like shit

> also dragging along that shrinking violet

> you can tell she has zero interest in whatever bullshit they're going to but doesn't have the confidence to say no

> don't think you've ever seen her manage to look anyone in the eye

> although sometimes when she's around you get the strange sense someone is staring at you...

> might as well try to be polite, "Have fun storming the castle."

> shy girl blushes and acts like her shoes are absolutely fascinating

> hamplanet just ignores you and keeps haranguing the guy as they head out

> they come back a few hours later

> holy shit, the guy is practically dragging the hamplanet by her hair!

> really hate to do this but..., "HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!"

> guy stops and looks at you with an absolutely placid expression, "Giving this bitch what she needs."

> wut?!

> he forces her mouth open and spits in it, "Isn't that right bitch?"

> she looks at him worshipfully, "Yes Master!"

> you think your jaw hit the floor hard enough to shatter

> they head into her apartment without further comment while your brain reboots

> judging by the rhythmic squeaking and muffled "YES!"'s you're pretty sure what's going on in there is "enthusiastically consensual" as the feminists like to say

> wow, didn't think that soyboy had it in him

> although the chick's behavior kind of makes sense in retrospect

> was she trying to get him to stand up to her this whole time?

> TamingOfTheShrew.txt

> notice the shy girl staggering to her apartment holding the wall for support

> "Are you OK Miss?"

> she stammers something which could be mistaken for an "I'm OK." and lurches into her apartment

> shit, that must have been one hell of a protest


> sweeping up that hallway later

> judging by the ambient noise soyboy and hamplanet are still going at it

> you're kind of impressed

> also hear sounds coming from shy girl's room

> hard to make out over next door but it sounds like moaning

> getting a little worried, not sure if of pain or pleasure

> hear a crash

> shit

> knock on her door, "Miss, are you OK?"

> panickedWailing.mp3

> fuck, this sounds bad, "Miss! I'm coming in!"

> wailing intensifies

> barge in and see her thrashing in her bed

> her eyes are rolled back and she's covered in sweat but the noises she's making are definitely of pleasure

> confused, you move to touch her but she literally starts REEEE'ing and you back off

> this is way above your pay grade

> call emergency services

> operator sounds harried, "What is your emergency?"

> quickly explain the symptoms

> "FUCK!" you hear them pull the receiver away from their mouth and yell, "Another one!"

> "Listen, just stay calm. We're sending someone right over.", then you get put on hold

> What the fuck is going on?! How many calls are they getting that they can't stay on the line with you?!

> stay with the girl and try to comfort her

> she freaks out when you approach her so you stare at the far wall and try to talk soothingly about how help is coming

> it might be your imagination but the sound of your voice seems to relax her a bit

> help finally arrives in the form of two surprisingly young nuns

> they look almost as scared as you are but they seem to know what they're doing

> pour some kind of glittery powder over the girl which knocks her out so they can load her into a stretcher

> they give each other an odd look when they hear soyboy and hamplanet doing the meaty mambo

> "We only have room for one." you hear the blond whisper urgently to her partner

> wonder what that was about

> help them get the stretcher out of the building and make sure you get the contact information for where they're taking her

> text it all to her emergency contacts once the nuns' groundcar peels out

> next few days are pretty quiet

> amazing how chill life is when you don't follow fake news

> or any news really

> soyboy and hamplanet are off somewhere

> haven't actually seen them since that night even if you did hear plenty of them

> they left a note on your door saying that they were going on their honeymoon and to hold all their mail

> good for them you guess

> haven't seen shy girl either

> just got a letter from one of her emergency contacts: her dad

> says he's very grateful for how you helped his daughter and would like to offer you a job

> provides directions to some place out in the country for an interview

> you figure it's worth a look

> head out to the meeting place

> turns out to be a luxurious hunting lodge

> you're ushered into a well appointed trophy room

> game mounts of animals from almost every continent

> neat, a Lee-Enfield

> hear someone enter

> shy girl's father introduces himself

> he's an older man but he has a weathered and tough appearance

> engage in small talk as he shows you some of the trophies

> you can tell he's trying to take your measure

> soon the interview begins in earnest and he starts asking you some hard questions

> pretty tense at times but he seems generally satisfied

> "Son, I'm afraid I can't tell you much about this job. It's the sort of thing you really have to experience for yourself. In some ways it will probably be the hardest thing you've ever done. But it's a job I've had myself and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world."

> "If you're interested then head out that door and follow the blue blazed trail. That will take you down to the river. There's something there you'll need to see."

> well, you were interested...


> you finally get to the river

> great hike, this is beautiful country

> and this river is so peaceful

> you stop to rest your pleasantly tired muscles

> that's when you feel it

> someone or something watching you

> try not to let on you've noticed

> start walking downstream casually while surreptitiously scanning you surroundings using your peripheral vision

> there! an errant ripple in the water!

> keep walking

> oh yeah, it's definitely following you

> not sure what it is but you figure it probably isn't friendly

> did that old man set you up?

> decide your best bet is to pick the time and place

> stop at a spot where the river and shore are broken up by rockfall and scree

> pretend to lean over and tie your shoe

> it took the bait!

> you pivot and axe handle smash the blur as it charges toward you

> it goes down with a crash

> some kind of strange furry snake monster with a beak

> and nice tits?

> wait, that's just a mask

> a mask knocked askew by your blow, revealing-

> shy girl

> her skin is a different tone, but you'd recognize those features anywhere

> well shit

> a lot of what her father said makes more sense now

> he had a pretty special "job" in mind for you

> snake monster shy girl is already coming around

> you look into her eyes for the very first time

> behind those inhuman orbs you see a scared and humiliated girl who wants you and is terrified of you all at once

> she quickly looks away and freezes, obviously paralyzed with fear

> your heart breaks

> you know what you have to do

> "A M-M-MONSTER!" you shout and turn to run away

> and pretend to trip and fall


> the acting in Scooby Doo is probably more convincing than yours

> but out of the corner of your eye you can see her fixing her mask and tentatively moving towards you

> "AAAH! IT'S GAINING ON ME!" you scrabble around like you're trying to stand up but failing to get any traction

> she's moving with more confidence now

> "OH NOOOOO!" while being careful not to look at her directly you sit up a little so she can easily grab your torso

> you're rewarded by her fluffy coils wrapping around you

> you gasp in shock, for real this time

> her embrace is both firm but tender, and the sensation of her fur sliding across your skin is incredible

> you shudder in pleasure as she readjusts her coils to bring her chest together with yours

> sharp claws effortlessly rip open your shirt and she hugs you close, her large breasts squishing against your bare skin

> she buries her head in your shoulder so you can't look at her and squeezes you like a body pillow

> it's like being covered in a warm blanket made of love

> you shift ever so slightly so you can hug her back and kiss her neck

> she tenses, but your hug and soft kisses soon put her at ease

> you lie there for quite a while, just holding each other

> finally some instinct deep inside her stirs and you can feel her claws at the front of your pants

> you offer no resistance and one swift slash later your bare manhood is pressing against her thigh

> you can hear her breathing pick up as she readjusts herself

> her heart pounds like a jackhammer against you as she begins to take you in

> you hold her tighter and make wordless soothing sounds as she slowly engulfs you

> by the time you're hilted her breath is coming in short gasps and she's hugging you almost hard enough to hurt

> it takes all of your willpower not to start thrusting but you know she needs to do this at her own pace

> once again you lie there for quite some time just holding each other, this time joined in the most intimate way possible

> eventually her breathing calms down a little and she starts to move her hips

> she falls into a pattern of making little mewling noises, speeding up, shuddering with an orgasm, and then slowing down before starting again

> wow, this girl is on a hair trigger, she's inadvertently edging you

> finally can't take it anymore and sneak your arms under hers so you can hold her head

> remove the mask and gently move her so your foreheads are touching

> she freezes as you lock eyes with her

> give her an Eskimo kiss and very slowly start moving your own hips

> you try to convey your feelings for her using your gaze alone as you speed up

> you don't last long, you can feel her almost continuously spasming around you as you move

> her eyes widen as you finish and she thrashes in a full body orgasm

> it feels like her insides are trying to suck your seed straight into her womb

> afterwards you both slump into each others' arms, exhausted

> at first you think you may have gone too far

> she still isn't looking at you

> but then you notice her staring at you sideways through her bangs

> she's blushing and there's a tiny, tiny little smile on her face

> she speaks very softly

< "H-husband..."

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