"dark" Elf

By spurged

>You weren't sure how to feel

>None of it made any sense

>Well, it did make sense but you were trying to parse through so many weird feelings and what exactly was going on

>It was one thing to find out the girl you liked, liked you back

>It was entirely another to realize that she even had the same kinks as you

>But you absolutely had no idea how to feel about the rest of what you had learned

>Your eyes caught Melanie's but you couldn't help the odd surge of lust and confusion as she stood over you in strips of pleather and wearing nothing but pasties for her 'special' places

>the quiet and chubby elf librarian, now completely unrecognizable

>except you did recognize her

>shamefully you had admittedly found yourself paging through profiles on DarkDommes.mon, but what femdom fag didnt?

>you completely recognized the woman in front of you

>'Mistress Annika'

>admittedly you were a fan

>but once she posting about a 'boy' she was training you had stopped checking

>only now did you realize it was you

>you still couldn't understand how you had even agreed to this

>was it the embarrassed desperation or the confession you had received after her email?

>you weren't sure

>her out of character email had set a fire in you

>especially after catching the words 'femdom', 'romance film', and even referring to you as her 'faithful slave'

>Usually Melanie was sweet, soft, and overly submissive

>hell, the only time you had heard her even raise her voice was to stop a kid from wiping his snot in a book

>But now, you weren't so sure any of this was a good idea

>Gone was Melanie's usual flawless and milk colored skin

>Instead she had covered herself head to toe in boot-black, something you had gotten to watch her apply

>her beautiful blonde hair spray-colored white

>the only thing that remained was her soul sucking purple eyes that always seemed to draw you in, but when set to black skin…

>you shivered from your place in the chair apparatus, erection aching painfully in your pants as it strained against the clothe

>you had to acknowledge you were scared and oddly turned on

>all you could do was stare up at her, from what was soon to be her throne

>her nearly bare breasts giving an odd appearance of mountains that were trying to hide her face

<"E-eat my pussy d-dirty!"

>her voice warbled, her tone not coming off right at all

>you swallowed, biting yourself to stop from laughing

>Melanie simply sighed dejectedly, folding her arms over her chest before moving across the impromptu studio

>Her thigh high fetish heels clacking loudly as she took on a embarrassed expression and headed for a nearby camera on a tripod

<"S-sorry Anon, just let me r-reset it and I'll try again a-an then..,"

"No rush. I'm… I'm not going anywhere."

<I'm just… i-it's so different d-doing this..,"

>she trailed off as she began messing with the camera, trying to reset it

>you knew what she meant

>the only things 'Annika' seemed to post was general close in shots of parts of her body or her new 'clothes'

>then the messages about her boy, which now created a painful curiosity now that you knew it was her

>as well as what your chubby elf crush had been saying and claiming while larping as a Dark Elf

"If it's… would you prefer to just do it without the camera and then bring it in af-"

>purple eyes snapped back as she began to stare you down, an almost pained look playing across her face

<"B-but our first time is special Anon! W-we have to record it, even if we never post it o-"

"Post it?!"

<"W-well y-you know I'm on that dark elf site, t-the other girls need to k-know I didn't just make you up."

>you simply stared at her, eyebrows knitting together in worry

>having a fake boyfriend was bad, but being a fake dark elf was alright?

<"D-don't give me that look. I-I know you'll love it."

"Melanie, l-"

<"A-Annika. You will c-call me Annika a-and you will give me all of your cum."

>you simply stared at her from the low position in the chair-apparatus

>you own purple eyes boring back into yours

>the things you'd do for love

>you broke eye contact, sighing

>well, at least she was genuine with you

>Not so much with the girls she was bragging to

"Yes, Annika."

<"Yes Annika?"

>her voice came out smooth and husky

>you bit your lip, blushing as a shiver went through you

>you knew what this meant

>and you had to correct the mistake

<"Y-yes mistress Annika."

>this earned you a smile from the boot-blacked chubby elf

>and for just a glimmer of a moment, you knew you were in trouble

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