Two for one

By spurged

>You knew you were possibly in trouble long before you had crossed the threshold of the house

>But now that you actually had, you were starting to realize how much trouble and exactly what kind

>When you had first started dating Lin, you had expected the worse

>She was a dark elf after all

>but that shoe never fell

>Hell, the most the two of you had ever done was hold hands and the occasional not so chaste kissing

>And while your friends often ribbed you about surprise butt-stuff and you even secretly feared the possibility

>it never was even mentioned at all

>For a time you wondered if it was just propaganda to either scare guys off

>That and the supposed predilection the Dark Elves had for femdom

>but after being asked to come over and spend Christmas with her and her mother, the fear reasserted itself

>Her mother had been one of the rare portal crossers and there had never been a mention of Lin's father

>The entire drive over, you were in a cold sweat

>Shaking as scenarios played over and over in your mind

>internet rumors and worse coming to the forefront of your mind

>Would Lin's Mom try to play "cave explorer" with you?

>inappropriate family bonding?

>something something husband-daddy insanity

>Was there even an appropriate way to politely turn down your girlfriend's mom for a Christmas threesome?

>But none of those worries or concerns mattered anymore

>You had a new set of concerns and things swirling through your mind as confusion stole at you

<"Anon, whats wrong?"

>Your eyes flitted across the livingroom as it began to turn beneath you

"I uh…. w-what?"

<"Here, Anon, come sit down and I'll uh.. I'll get you something to drink."

>Lin gestured to the extra large couch her Mother was currently perched on

>all you could do was nod swallow as you tried to process what you were seeing

>This was a better situation, yet somehow also worse

>mechanically you began marching over as your dusky skinned girlfriend left for the kitchen

>No sooner than you had sat down on the couch you heard the large woman next to you clear her throat

<"Alittle nervous?"

>Your neck creaked loudly as you turned to make eye contact

>a smug look played out over the mature woman's face as she eyed you

"I… confused, b-but yeah. Kinda was…,"

>She let out a low nicker as she tucked a bit of stray hair behind one of her horns

<"And she forgot to tell you that she was adopted?"


>you couldn't help the slight laugh at the end

>which she matched with a slight chortle of her own

<"So you thought something… 'terrible' was going to happen tonight?"

"S-something like that,"

>you sighed, relaxing now that you knew your ass was safe

<"And you came anyways?"

>your fists balled up as you looked the Bicorn more fully in the face

>actually looking at her for the first time

"This was… showing up was important to Lin and I-"

<"You must care about her a lot to be willing to possibly risk 'that' or other things,"

>Her statement hung in the air as she shifted her large body on the couch

>her forehooves being brought out and crossed in front of her as if they were normal legs

<"So Anon, why are you so dedicated to my daughter? What are you after?"

>The smug look returned as you felt your face burn

>While this was infinitely preferable to having to deal with an ornery dominatrelf, you still weren't necessarily ready or willing to discuss the big M-word

>let alone with your girlfriend's mom

"I uh…well-"

>her horse like ears jumped as a surprised look came to her face

<"Oh! Lin's coming back, act natural."


>Admittedly, you were terrified

>The most you had been looking forward to was a christmas dinner and possibly going further with Lin but this…

>utensils on plates drew you away from your thoughts as you found yourself at the dinning room table

>The two of them had demanded you sit at the head the table, something that immediately unnverved you

>The implication of such setting you on edge

>as did the placement of mistletoe in the various doorframes, thankfully though you had only so far fallen victim to Lin

>But you didn't like the smug look her mother would wear when looking at you

>Whichever it was, you still needed to get through this for Lin's sake

>Slowly Lin went back and forth from the diningroom to the kitchen, bringing out item after item

>Something the two of them had been insistent that you not help with

>you were a guest after all

<"So, are you going to tell me what you're after?"

>You swallowed hard, suddenly feeling awkward

"Well… yknow,"

>How were you supposed to articulate that?

>A guy and a Mamono, it should be straightforward

>what kind of a question even was that?

>Was she overprotective of Lin?

>It wasn't as if bad matches ever really happened since portal-day

<"What do I know?"

"W-well, yknow right? We're dating and things are… going okay and I rather like her. Like a lot and uh… yknow, nice things."

>You were floundering and the pained yet amused look on her face only made things worse

>Lin needed to hurry

>The mature looking bicorn gave you an odd look, her eyes glittering as she folded her arms beneath her chest

<"So you're intending for something more serious?"

>She smiled at you, the grin was full and warm

>sweat began to bead on the back of your neck


<"That's good."

>Her large horse ears twitched as sound came from the kitchen

>The unmistakable sound of something being dropped, clattering loudly as you heard a muffle set of cursing


<"It's okay, j-just stay in there. I've got this."

>You couldn't help but reflexively glance at her Mom, almost as if you were asking for approval that things were in fact 'okay'

<"If she says she's got it, it should be okay Anon."

"Right, yeah."

>you tried to relax, though images of Lin looking completely dejected while standing over a dropped ham or dish of loaded potatoes filled your head

<"Yknow, she wanted to make everything herself just for you."


>That damn smug smile reappeared as the large horse woman eyed you again

<"You must really be something. Any plans on how big of a family you want?"

>Your eyes locked to the table infront of you as you felt your face seize up

>aw fuck

>aw shit

>here we go

>the cold sweat on the back of your neck intensified as you felt your face beginning to burn

>Was this a trick?

>Was she proposing something?

>Even if she wasn't trying to push in on things, there was always the likelihood that this was just to screw with you

>Mamono were rather singular about their wants

>Either it was sex or bullying, you knew that much at least

"I uh…well… maybe three kids or so. It just… kind of depends, yknow?"

>you kept your eyes locked to the table

>It was a rather nice farm style one

<"So the two of you are already making plans? Just three?"

>her voice carried a rather pleased tone to it

>And you found yourself locking eyes with the woman, even though you didn't want to

>The odd awkward feel of it somehow worse than anything you'd ever felt before

"N-no. Not really. It's just something I… I-is that not enough kids?"

<"Well, you know how some Mamono are…,"

>You knew and immediately understood


>Either she was hinting at polygyny or…

>Images of one of your friends from school came to mind

>him and his fifteen and counting siblings

>His mom was an Amazon and apparently taken childbearing to be the ultimate proof of power and Mamono-superiority

"I'll uh… I'll talk to Lin about it."

>She shot you a rather coy grin

<"Good boy."

>yet again you found yourself swallowing nervously as your eyes returned to the table

>Were you in trouble?


>In one way or another

>Death by homemade army or social death by being your wife's stepfather

>You frowned, thinking it over

>Lin didn't seem especially baby crazy though…


>You looked up to catch your girlfriend appear from the a doorway that went to the kitchen

>a dish full of what could only be some kind of sweet-potato casserole topped with crisped up marshmallows

<"Sorry it's taking so long,"

>Lin offered as she shot you a smile and you couldn't help but return it, most of your worries melting away

>Everything would be fine, you had to trust that it would be

>So far no one had demanded to play 'cave explorer' with your ass

>So if anything, the worst you could have to experience tonight was a marked improvement over any of that

<"Oh it's okay dear, Anon and I were just talking."

>Lin shot you a look, one you couldn't quite place as her own elfin ears twitched

<"What about?"

>gently she set the dish on the table, her eyes boring into her mother


>you started, only to hear a hoof slam against the floor as the older woman shot you that damned smug look again

<"Well, he was saying that having three kids would be something he'd prefer-"

>you grimaced, face burning as you immediately shoved your face into your hands


>Was she one of those moms? Seeking out whatever she could to embarrass you simply because she could

>Or was it because you weren't willing to play along with what could be bicorn wiles?

<"D-do you really feel that way Anon?"

>you pulled yourself out of your hands to glance at your girlfriend

>her own face carrying a deep blush as she looked at you with a touch of curiosity

>The two of you hadn't gone very far at all, especially by Mamono standards

>Not that you didn't want to

>Or that Lin didn't seem to want to go further either

"I… w-well that is, not all at once. W-we'd still have to get married and a house an-"

<"Oh, the two of you don't have to worry about that."

>Both you and Lin looked to her mom, who simply gave a warm smile to her daughter

>Though her eyes gave you a different look and feel, something almost nefarious behind it all

<"I can take care of the two of you, besides I'd probably go crazy with the house being empty. So at the least maybe the two of you need to worry about it planning a wedding and moving in."

>your eyes bulged in your skull

>Was she serious or after something?

<"Mom, you don't have t-"

<"Nonsense. It's my responsibility to take care of my loved ones,"

>She shot you that smug look again, a shiver running up your spine

<"Besides, wouldn't you want Anon to live with us? It would be nice to have a man around."

>you swallowed, worried as to what exactly she meant

<"I-it's jus-"

>A buzzer blared loudly from the other room and Lin jumped

<"Oh! The goose, one second."

>And in an instant, she was gone back to the kitchen

>Your eyes wandered, locking with older woman's who simply gave you a broad smile again

<"Is something wrong Anon?"

>you swallowed, unsure how to proceed

>on one hand you could come straight out into an accusation

>on the other, she could just be screwing with you

>Mamono or not, coming out and claiming that someone's mom was after your cock was definitely a faux-pas

>And during a Christmas dinner no less…

>there was at least, a diplomatic way forward

"Why are you doing this?"

<"It's my right. Is there something wrong with me taking care of my family?"

>The Bicorn shot you a rather worrisome look

>Her eyes half-lidden with a rather cruel smirk

>Was this just simple bullying or something more?

"W-why did you phrase it that way? Why not 'taking care of your daughter and her husband'?"

>Her only reply was a sly smirk

<"Oh come on now, you were expecting worse before you came over, weren't you?"

>you sputtered, unsure what you should admit to

>resigning yourself only to nod instead

<"Well you don't have to worry too much Anon, it's not as if I'd just force my way in."

"Isn't that what you're already doing?"

<"Not really. I'm just being helpful."

>She shifted, propping her head on an arm that she was resting on the table

>which coincidentally gave you a rather unobstructed view of her chest via her low cut shirt

<"Do you find me attractive?"

>you swallowed hard, suddenly very aware of the sounds of Lin the kitchen nearby

>you knew you couldn't answer this, it was a trap

>it had to be

>in one way or another

>Though you knew Mamono didn't really tend to do shit tests so…

>Could she even be serious or was she merely fucking with you?

>You weren't going to be entirely honest, but you knew that lying was a moot point

>it wasn't as if she was unattractive

>but to even admit such, especially when you had Lin…

>it was just wrong, dirty even

"You're a Mamono."

>Instantly she grinned at you, barely there crows feet blooming at her eyes

<"How diplomatic. I'll take that as a yes, then. She really has you, doesnt she?"

>She sighed softly, before shooting you another look though this one was fairly different

>hurt almost

<"I'm not going to just butt in, so don't worry. Just… possibly getting ahead of myself. Hurting myself."

>in an instant a thought occured to you and you couldn't help but feel like a bastard as you began to vocalize it

"So you were just planning this si-"

<"N-no. Maou no. I havent even as much looked for a man in years and I hadn't even considered that when I took Lin in, its just…,"

>She trailed off, horsey ears twitching this way and that as she began to consider her words

<"You're all she ever talks about and the way she just falls all over herself, like tonight with dinner…,"

>she sighed loudly as she took on a glum appearance

<"She demanded, for the last few months, to have you over and cook everything by herself."

>her eyes went glassy as she touched at her face for a moment, looking away from you

<"She's completely nuts about you."

>Another low sigh

<"Am I bad mother for being jealous? For wanting what she has?"

>you couldn't help but grimace, unsure what you could even say or do about any of it

>This was a bit heavier than what you were anticipating, even after realizing Lin's mom was a Bicorn

>At worst you were expecting to have her make a pass or three at you

>Or even surprise you with that her and Lin had been planning on trapping you into a polygynist marriage but this…

"N-no. Your not."

>your chest hurt, your gut dropping out

"Your not bad for wanting to be happy,"

>you swallowed, though this time it was due to a lump in your throat

"For wanting to be loved and have a big family."

>now it was your turn to look away from her, your own eyes getting a bit glassy as your chest began to hurt

>Why were you so soft?

>But what could you do?

>You weren't exactly into the idea of more than one wife

>Let alone the fallout that would happen once everyone else learned about you being your wife's stepfather

>Didn't MNN have a current year equivalent to Jerry Springer?

"L-look…the two of you should probably talk about this, but that said…,"

>you paused, taking time to look at the woman

>the both of you wiping at your faces while not bothering to acknowledge why

"I don't think she'd… look, regardless of everything… I'll talk to her about staying here after we-"

>A sly smirk painted across her face for a moment, despite the rather pained expression she had

>Immediately you realized you needed to rephrase

"M-me and Lin get married. And…,"

>you stopped, sucking hard on your teeth as your forehead knit together

>How much further should you promise?

>you could go further and offer that you'd be willing to try for more than three kids…

>But you still needed to talk to Lin about that

>What if she only wanted two?

>Some Mamono were strange like that

>The news story about that Anubis and her need for increments of three at a time came to mind

"I'm sure we'd be happy to have you help with the kids and anything really."

>A sniffle filled the air

<"T-thank you."

>Slowly she wiped at her face again

>a tentative smile starting to play out on it again, though this one seeming more genuine than any of the others before

<"S-so…any chance you'd be willing to call me Mommy o-"

>you choked for a moment

"Don't push it."

>this earned you that sly look from the older woman as she flicked one of her ears, her eyes glittering again with nefarious purpose


>Lin called out from the kitchen

>Slowly she came into view with a platter of processed and appetizing bird

>A rather proud and pleased look playing across her face

<"The goose is done, so it's time for dinner!"

>The two of you laid there in the dark

>your heart thudding away rapidly as you felt lightheaded and anxious

>This is not what you were expecting at all

>It was a possibility, but the two of you had taken things so slowly…

>fingers traced at your bare stomach as a soft leg wrapped on yours in the dark

>warm bare skin meeting yours and making you hunger for more of it

<"So what did you and Mom talk about anyways?"

"It's uh…,"

>you paused, not sure how to articulate any of it

>stating the obvious immediately threw red flags

>Clearly saying 'your mom wants to fuck' was a clear no go

>especially now that Lin was draped, nearly nude on you and seemed oddly more intent on touching you

>feeling you

"She… I think she's lonely. She seemed worried that we'd just take off, remember how she offered to let us just live here?"

>It was more than a half-truth, so it worked

>something like eighty percent the truth

>She was lonely


"Still… you should probably talk to her about it."

>guilt panged in you for a moment

>but you knew it was the right suggestion

>you highly doubted Lin would want to share you

>and knowing what was going on more emotionally with her mother wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing

>even if it meant that she might confess to making a pass at you

>best for the awkwardness of that conversation to not involve you if it didn't need it

>you sighed, as did Lin before shifting against you again in the dark of her bedroom

<"Anon, do you… i-it's Christmas and we've been dating for over a year…,"

>She trailed off and you bit your lip as anxious thoughts took hold

"I-if your sure, I don't…. Mamono standards aren't an issue but my mom will probably complain until we have a proper ceremony an-"

<"I can live with that."

>instant she grasped at your length, the cloth of your boxers wrapping you up

>her grip was sure and final and sent a shiver through you

<"Now, don't be too loud. We don't want to wake mom."

>you definitely didn't want to do that

>Lin had straddled you merely moments after drawing you into a needful and crazed state after only a few moments of touching at you

>she was ready and just and needful

>taking you into her folds after a minor bit of struggle

>your length twitching deep inside of her, slick and hot and causing your breath to hitch as you stared up at the rather lithe Dark Elf

>ruby colored eyes stared down at you in the dark

>and while you could barely see

>you could still tell that your newfound wife was completely nude while atop you

>Lin shifted, placing a hand on your shoulder as she grabbed something off of the back of the headboard

"Hey, what are y-"

>pain lanced through your other shoulder causing you to cry out for a moment

>Then the burning began which slowly began to radiate out from the spot

"Did you just spike me?"

>Immediately she shushed you, a wicked grin beaming down at you

<"Just relax and let me do all the work,"

>you shivered as your cock began to ache, your blood feeling as it was beginning to boil

<"I've held back for most of this time, but tonight… I'm going to break you in. You're…,"

>Her hips rolled, causing you to choke as you felt your turgid length slip greedily deeper into her hot folds

<"You're going to be mine completely."

>you moaned as she shifted again, rocking her hips forward

>your face burned as a strange nervousness took hold

>Was it just the lust or was Lin somehow becoming more of a dominatrelf?

<"I want you to put a baby in me Anon,"

>Lin shifted, lifting her hips before dropping down on you

>taking you in deep and pulling a throaty moan out of you

<"you're going to fill me up,"

>again she lifted and dropped down on you, causing you to again let out a moan

>The next hour was a hellish pleasure

>perverse demands and affirmations of love and what she wanted from you were all you could manage to make out in the haze as the manticore venom really took hold

>your cock aching and almost seeming to thrum in time with your heartbeat

>It wasn't long before you shuddered as you felt something welling up deep inside yourself

>and in an instant you felt yourself erupt deep inside her

>her reaction was immediate as she cooed softly, fingers curling into your hair as she collapse ontop of you

>the sound of her panting, ragged breath serving as a lullaby as you slowly began to pass out

>sunlight bit at your eyes and you rolled over, groaning

>your body ached and admittedly you felt some two pounds or more lighter

>part of you hoped it was from somehow being dehydrated rather than having been 'milked'

>though, part of you rather liked the idea of just dumping a large, thick load dee-

<"Oh, you're awake."

>immediately you flipped over, grasping at sheets and the comforter and pulling them around you

>fear and confusing taking hold of you as you tried to place why Lin's Mom would be in her bedroom and where Lin was

>and even worse

>what the hell was Lin's mother wearing?

>you couldn't place it, but it was definitely some kind of lingere

>it hugged and bit into ample flesh here and there, making you want to avert your eyes as well as let them roam

<"Good morning Anon."

>The large woman shot you a coy grin from the floor beside the bed, eyeing you in a way that was somewhat worrying

>how long had she been there anyways?

"Good… morning. Where's Lin?"

>your heart was in your throat

>you knew that typically after having sex Mamono would leave you alone

>you were owned

>typically anyways

>Bicorns didn't really have to play by those rules

>and you didn't particularly like how she was looking at you

<"Well, let me tell you."

>she leaned closer to the bed, slowly getting up on her hooves as her grin became a bit more predatory

<"The two of us had a lovely conversation earlier this morning,"

>your breath caught in your throat

>oh fuck

>maybe you should have let Lin know about her taking a pass at you

>her hands came down and grasped at the sheets

>quickly she pulled the sheet free, a quick laugh escaping her as you scrambled to hold onto the comforter

>Rather quickly her eyes dropped from you and you felt a touch of relief

<"And you know what Anon?"

>slowly she parsed over the sheet until your eyes caught what she apparently was looking for

>Emerald eyes met yours as she pulled a section of the sheet to her face

>you swallowed, your eyes tracking a rather sizeable stain of what could have only been last night's adventure with Lin

>her tongue emerged and you felt your eyes bulge as the cloth was brought closer

>and like a frog-girl seizing on a fly, the cloth was snapped up into her mouth as throaty moan filled the room

>her green eyes seeming to burn as they stared hard into yours

>part of you stirred, twitching hungrily as your mind addled and fought to fill in what her and Lin had talked about

>though a touch of fear boiled in you

>You barely even knew Lin's mom, you had barely met her the day before

>was she cruel? greedy? demanding?

>you didn't even know her proper name, and certainly weren't going to call her mo-

>the sheet was pulled clear quickly, drool and rehydrated mess dripping clear and down her chin and below

>some of which splattered against her chest

<"So…do you want to call me by my name or are you going to call me mommy?"

"I uh… I need an adult."

>A cruel grin split her face for a moment

<"It's Lucrecia, now come here."

>Shamefully, you stirred

"W-what about Lin?"

<"She's out picking up more spines and lover's fruits. Now are you going to come here, or am I going to have to make you?"

>you bit your bottom lip, confused as to how any of this had turned out

"I… Lin agreed to this?"

<"You think I'd lie?"

>There wasn't any shock, instead a hint of amusement

>gently she maneuvered her large body, setting her front half on the bed as she reached out and grabbed at one of your feet

"Well, no. I just…how did this…?"

>Lucrecia tugged at your leg, eyes smoldering

<"Because I'm a bicorn and I raised her. Now come here."

>you swallowed nervously, unsure of what was about to happen

>slowly, cautiously you edged to the edge of the bed

>to where the older woman was perched as she stared down at you with an amused look

<"Now, my body is a bit different than Lin's…,"

>her hands went to the odd lingere like clothes as she peeled away what functioned as panties from her front

<"So you get a choice Anon,"

>fingers pressed against a smooth and hairless sex, only to gently splay it open and reveal hot pink flesh as it began to hungrily drool


>Quickly Lucrecia hopped off the bed, shifting her large horse-like body

>her large and muscular rear coming into view as her tail hiked and shot you a view of something that made you choke

>reaching back she could just barely grasp at herself and she spread open the much larger opening

>thick, viscous honey dripped from it

<"Or two?"

>your blood seemed to boil in your veins

>your breath hitched in your throat

>Slowly, cautiously, you reached out to her

>your hand shaking as you suddenly grasped at her tail

>your hand grabbing tightly at her dock as you tugged and pulled a yelp out of the older woman

>her hooves clattered as she back up, your grip functioning as a guide as you pulled her back

"Fine. I'm choosing then."

>Lucrecia let out a surprised sound as you continued to guide her

>her large, muscular rear being brought down to an awkward squatting position over you at the edge of the bed

>heat rolled off of her body as she began to drip greedily on your lap and awaiting cock

<"Are you usually this forward? Were you like this with Lin?"

>you bit your bottom lip

>odd guilt blooming in you as well as your cock throbbing painfully in response

>Even after several years and the oddity of it all, you doubted you'd ever feel fully 'right' about being married to your wife and her mother

>But you did know something

>she wanted this

>Wanted it enough to have apparently begged her daughter for this

>to fuck you and insinuate herself into the two of you's life

>not to mention, did she have any right to know how you and Lin were intimate?

>It'd be annoying if you weren't so distracted by the hot, thick juices she was currently dripping on you

"Do you want me to stop? I can stop if you don-"

<"N-no. Don't stop.P-please,"

"Please what?"

>The large horse woman shivered, letting a whimper out

>It was annoying

>And while you could resign yourself to putting up with your wife's mother, she had to be taught a lesson

>or at the very least given enough cock until she wasn't so pushy and needy


"Please what, Lucrecia?"

<"P-p-please j-just d-"

>You gave her dock a rather rough tug, gripping it tightly as you pulled her closer

>and yet, still far away

>the tip of your cock just barely touching at her beneath her larger and more animalistic sex

"Stop stuttering. Just… tell me what you want, plainly and clearly or we're going to have to stop."

>Another shiver ripped through the mature bicorn

>her hungry slit practically drooling now as the muscles in her legs rippled and flexed anxiously

<"F-fuck me! fuck me right now! M-make me your second wife, please…"

>your breath caught in your throat as you felt your face burn

>the implication of all of it and what was about to happen making your hands shake again as you began to feel slightly lightheaded

>you sighed anxiously, not sure what to do other than what you wanted

>to break her of her bad behavior, to mellow her out

>maybe teasing was in order?

>you found yourself leaning forward, eyes locked with her hungry opening which flexed almost rhythmically at your presence

>slowly you extended your tongue, touching it gently to the edge of her wet and glistening sex

>immediately she shuddered, letting out a stuttered and whimpering cry as her legs began to flex and shudder

>an odd spicy and acidic flavor bloomed on your tongue


>you stopped, just as quickly as you started and pulled away

>Some of her juices leaving a line from her to your lips

>again, you tugged on her dock roughly as your own cruel grin split your face

"Whats wrong?"

>you already had an idea, the question was pointless and only meant to dig for embarrassing her

>it wasn't as if she didn't deserve it, at least a little

>besides, she was getting off on it

<"T-that's… i-its dirty an-"

"Your body is too dirty for me? Didn't you want to be my wife? to give me your body for whatever I want?"

>her hands found her face and she began to tremble all over

>her lightly fur covered ears turning beet red as they twitched violently and she began to mutter incoherently

>Maybe that was enough

>at least for now

>gently you tugged on her dock again, your grip on her tail taking on a softer hold as you began to guide her rear further down

>Slowly your tip prodded at her as she came further down

>As you began to slip inside she shuddered violently, letting out a throaty moan

>the heat of it hit you before the odd sensation of her body seeming to desperately try and milk an orgasm from you

>slick and tight muscles gripped and slipped on you, hungry for your cum

>admittedly, you had to fight to not react


<"O~oh yes~,"

>you couldn't help but smirk at her reply

>or the renewed desire to tease her

>While Lin was reserved but reasonably assertive

>Her mother Lucrecia was a submissive, needy mess

>maybe you could get used to this?

>you couldn't help but grin as a cruel idea hit you

"So, was it good for yo-"

<"N-no! W-we aren't… y-you can't!"

>angry eyes shot back at you as they became glassy and misty, a frown playing out on her face

<"Y-you have to cum in me! P-please, I-"

>A shocked look played over her face for a moment

>your eyebrows knit together, as you began to wonder at what the cause was only for you to realize what it was

>her rear legs dropped out as she pinned you down to the edge of the bed

>your cock buried painfully and deep inside her

>instantly the thick muscles inside of her clamped down and began to violently flex and grip at you

>you groaned loudly, toes flexing involuntarily as your chest seized

>your hands scrambling for purchase as you gripped at her legs

<"Y-you! You naughty! Y-you thoug-"

"I'll do it, I'll cum in you just… calm down. I'm sorry."

>a moan ripped through you as you felt her body begin to wring your cock

"I wont… I wont tease as much, okay?"


>her large body shivered as a moan was pulled out of you, her sex feeling hotter and slicker suddenly


>her muscles flexed again and it felt as if something was trying to pump your soul from your cock

>you shuddered, hands gripping onto her haunches for dear life as you moaned loudly


<"Y-you'll kiss me after this, r-right?"

>you couldn't help but blush and smile softly

>even after everything

>how ridiculously perverted all of this was

>in the end, she really did just want to be loved and wanted

>you shivered violently as you felt something like a knot being pulled deep out of you as stars filled your vision

>your breath caught tight in your chest and you collapsed against the bed, shivering and fighting to breathe


>slowly her rear lifted, a sopping mess of fluids dripping out and down

>your heart pounding in your ears and your vision slowly returned to normal


>The room was silent, besides the two of you panting as each of you tried to recover

<"y-yes Anon?"

"Didn't you want to kiss me?"

>Lips pressed down on yours, needful and hungrily

>Lucrecia's tongue probed, striking at yours while also making work of tracing at your lips

>despite your prior workout and the haze of your rapidly pumping blood, you felt yourself coming back

>Between the two of them you knew you were in trouble

>but for now…

>you could at least focus on enjoying this

>a cool hand grasped at you and pulled a gasp out of you

>in seconds she was greedily pumping you back to full strength

<"I need m-more, you'll let me, wont you?"

>there was a desperation in her tone

>something that made you swallow and harden involuntarily

>something that promised you wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon

>and that having to explain the dual pregnancies that were sure to occur would be nightm-


>the two of you froze, tensing in place

>both you and Lucrecia looked toward the bedroom door

>for a moment you were stricken with panic, fear, and terrifying idea that perhaps you had done something unforgivable

<"I can't believe you!"

>Immediately Lin stomped in from the doorway, a bag in hand

<"Ten minutes! We jus-"

<"Don't you take that tone with me!"

>In an instant the older woman was up, looming over the lithe dark elf who couldn't help but flinch at the sudden outburst

<"We had an agreement. He belongs to both of us now, I had every right and he was willing…,"

>Lucrecia's tone dropped back to normal, though Lin carried a still worried look

<"Now, even if we're going to sharing the same man, I'm still your mother and I won't have you talking to me like that."

<"Y-yes ma'am,"

>you swallowed, anxious about how life was going to be for now on

>should you interject?

>especially with this kind of a dynamic

<"N-now. Did you get the spines an-"


>Lin's tone was somewhat nonplussed, sulky

>She wasn't like this with you, not at all

<"Good, because it's your turn."

>The bicorn shot you a cruel grin, eyes glinting

>Lin simply grinned, a predatory look playing out over her face

<"Can I tie him up? I could untie him when I'm done so it won-"

<"Tie him up."

>you shivered, face burning

"Don't I get a s-"

<"Hush Anon."

>your dusky skinned wife interrupted

>her hands grasping at you, one in particular taking lead on your juice slicked joystick

<"Mom said it was my turn."

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