Captured by the Sukeban

By tercio

> you're getting hassled in the hallway by two bullies

> Tweedledee and Tweedledum here want some easy feelings of superiority and maybe some quick cash

> sadly you aren't /fit/ enough to defeat two corn fed bruisers at once

> currently in a protective cringe trying to figure out how little you can get away with giving these chuckle heads

< snickt.wav

> everyone freezes

> you all know what that sound is

> you all slowly turn around

> see a bunch of monsters all wearing the same weird black outfits

> immediately recognize their leader

> dusky skin, lanky frame, flat, huge 80's hairdo high on top and long on the bottom

> she's leaning against her amphora and casually feathering her hair with her infamous switchblade comb

> everyone in school is convinced she carries a real switchblade and does some kind of slight of hand switching it for the comb when she's searched

< "Oraoraora. Are you boys working for me now?"

> Tweedledee and Tweedledum just stare in shock

< "These halls belong to me after all. If you're shaking someone down here you must be doing it for me."

> bullies are just opening and closing their mouths like fish out of water now

> monster girl puts her finger on her chin and pretends to be thinking

< "But I don't remember ordering you to harass people in this hallway..."

> she puts on the scariest smile you've ever seen

< " couldn't be trying to muscle in on my territory, could you?"

> that's too much for these two

> they take off so fast you'd swear they left those little cartoon cloud outlines

> did the school Sukeban just save you?

> should you thank her or something?

> still trying to decide when she turns around and dismissively waves her hand

< "Alright Katia, collect our tribute from this putz."

> before you know what's happening a moderately endowed pink haired soldier beetle has you pressed up against your locker with her scissor claw

> grabs your face with her free hand and forces you to look at her

> gives you a long inscrutable look

> steals your first kiss

> not just a peck either, she really jams her tongue in there

> when she finally lets you go you collapse in a heap, shocked

> as the girls turn to leave their leader turns and points at you

< "You belong to us now boy. Anybody gives you shit and you send them to us."

> what just happened?


> from then on the Sukeban seek you out at least once a day and the soldier beetle roughly extracts the gang's "tribute"

> she remains deadpan throughout but something in her eyes scares the crap out of you

> read up on soldier beetles and try to offer her a big bag of candy as alternate tribute

> she takes it and molests you anyway

> start sneaking around after them trying to learn more about them

> they have a similar thing going with a few other boys

> notice that it's always the same girl collecting "tribute" from each boy and they never switch it up

> also notice that all the boys are specialists at something, like you

> watch a sahuagin roughly kiss school's biggest computer nerd from behind as she runs her webbed hands all over his body

> kejourou likes to hold down strange guy who is obsessed with 18th century history reenactment with her hair as she gives him hickeys all over his neck

> every day when his auto shop class ends the school's resident car nut is forced to motorboat a kakuen

> still trying to figure out the significance of this when the whole gang surprises you in homeroom

< "Listen up, shatei. Make sure you're cleaned up and wearing something nice tomorrow morning. You're coming to our party."

> you can feel the eyes of the soldier beetle boring into you

> don't dare say no


> you expected the party to be a booze and smoking one in an isolated spot where the monsters could molest their "guests" without interference

> it's actually a laid back barbecue at the local college

> the girls are all wearing modest dresses and there are a bunch of conservatively dressed adults here

> trying to understand why a bunch of Sukeban would drag you to what looks like a faculty get together when soldier beetle possessively grabs your arm

> silently guides you over to a middle aged arachne

> they give each other an extremely convoluted handshake

> arachne introduces you to her husband

> professor at the college in a topic you love

> so cool to talk about it with someone who knows as much as he does

> you forget that you were basically forced to come here by girl gangsters

> despite the fact that soldier beetle girl is still hanging onto your arm

> professor seems impressed by your knowledge and tells you he'd love to recommend you to admissions when you graduate high school

> out of the corner of your eye see soldier beetle and arachne give each other a significant look

> on a hunch look around and all of the other boys here are talking animatedly with scholarly types

> as their dates/escorts/jailers and an older monster girl look on smugly

> yfw when your school's gang of monster girl delinquents is an intergenerational conspiracy to find husbands and get them their dream jobs

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