Dragon discovers homelab

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I made this 2 months ago but I decided I wanted to upload it to slash.monster too. There's lower quality stuff on here than this, why not?

>Portals finally open

>Want to get as far away from earth until the chaos dies down. Think back to the lore mge books.

>decide to head to Dragonia

>Show up

>Go through the tourist bureau

>Get dragon waifu

>Things go well. Get brought back to her cave

>Unpack my bag and get out my laptop

<What's that anon?

>Realize Dragonia has medieval level technology with magic compensating for things like pluming and streetlights.

>I guess the more loose, less hierarchical social structure of monsters made it unlikely for them to industrialize.

>Give her a brief lecture about the history of computers and the internet. Alan Turing, IBM, Darpanet, TCP-IP, email, http, unix, the history of online copywright law, newgrounds, 4chan, 8kun, online gaming, and the skinner-box globohomo social media


>Show her my folders of books, game roms and animu.

>I went to the store and got a very large SSD when portals started to be mentioned on the news.

>Brought the best of my years worth of stuff with me through the portal.

>The computer powers off after a few hours.

>Oh yeah, there aren't electrical outlets here.

>Shrug it off and go to bed cuddling waifu. Live the clown World free life and enjoy.

>As the weeks go by, I continue to explain to her about things like video games, and she seems genuinely interested in experiencing them with me.

>We manage to build a dragon fire to electricity generator.

>Let her keep using my computer

>She seems oddly fixated on all of my files, though.

>Let her keep reading and looking through the stuff I brought.

>She begins to get overprotective of my computer. I keep finding it in her pile of treasure.

>Wake up one morning to her not in the cave

>She shows up with a spool of fiber-optic cables in her claws.

>What's going on?

<One of the Jabberwocks helped me make a portal to earth. I found a gremlin and she told me this would let me to connect to the internet.


<So I can get more files.


<Where would I connect this?

>She begins to look through the series of bizarre openings on the side of my laptop, it's almost comical seeing her handling it with her large claws that are twice the size of the computer.

>I've already had to snap plenty of keys back on the keyboard from her claws pulling them off and there's plenty of claw marks on the black rubber coating of my computer.

>Guess that last thing is what I get for choosing a dark-web basket weaving collective approved laptop.

>As she tries to stuff the cable into the DVD drive, I explain to her that laptops don't have FDDI connectors for the fiber optics she has, and that she would need a PCI card or router that would accept them.

>Can you help me get this stuff working, anon?

>I look at her pouty expression as she drops the laptop and sigh. I hoped I'd would have someone to share my hobbies with. I guess having a home server waifu doesn't sound that bad.

>help her get a some decommissioned servers and office computers, enterprise hard drives, networking equipment and an assortment of software.

>Fast forward a few months and she has started using ZFS check-summing to prevent file data degradation, and has switched to Gentoo because 'I don't have to trust binary software to not have backdoors from the maintainers, and Ubuntu is for wurms, anyway.'

>She has already managed to fill about 14TB of space and shows no sign of stopping.

>I guess the hoarding instincts and treasure obsession of Dragons makes them obsessed with data hoarding.

Her new interests managed to spread though.

>Internet infrastructure was managed to be built very rapidly in Dragonia with the help of the dragon engineers.

>Dragonia IP addresses fill almost every torrent and download site on the internet

>Self hosting autism has really managed to take off. Scanning Dragonia IP addresses returns a unnerving amount of PFsense routers and complex setups.

>you showed your computer to your waifu and you accidentally created a national passtime for Dragonia.

There was almost a war when Danuki bought all the high capacity hard drives to mine crypto though.

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>data hoarding Damn this absolutely fits Dragons who would show an interest in computers. New headcanon accepted.