Girl Bully

By tercio

> be human girl

> long for the good old days before sex hungry rapefugees arrived from a fantasy realm

> Mom tells you how she once went three months without paying for a meal just by stringing guys along

> those days are over

> even fucking robots end up happily married

> blame men

> how can they betray human women on behalf of these weird cunts?

> get revenge by bullying boys

> ironically custom makes this easier

> wrong for strong monster to hit weaker boy

> follows it's wrong for strong boy to hit weaker girl

> ruthlessly exploit to target boys don't like

> usually because they like a monster

> teasing, spreading gossip, lying to teachers, sometimes even hitting

> kind of like one guy

> bully him especially hard

> basically stalking him

> valentine's day

> monsters fucking love valentine's day

> watch guy get love confessions from unicorn and elf

> rage.gif

> follow guy till he's alone

> bully the fuck out of him

> just shrugs off girl powered punches

> can tell he's thinking about the monster girls

> get really mad

> clock him with steel water bottle

> DownGoesFrazier.webm

> have guy passed out in isolated place

> rape him

> who's his first now bitches!?

> leave your phone number and a kiss on a note in his pocket

> should have done this a long time ago

> what monster would want used goods?

> pretty smug on the way to school next day

> locked down a MAN!

> wait, what's this little ar... row....

> wake up chained to a radiator in a basement

< clip clop

> wtf?

> two shadowy figures step into the light a single dim bulb

> elf and a bicorn

> recognize the elf but not the bicorn, you don't know any bi-

> oh shit

< "Flowerblossom, would you be so kind as to help our sister wife into her new outfit?"

> elf approaches with strange metal contraption

> swear to God her eyes have little hearts and crazy person spirals in them

> try to struggle but bicorn holds tight

> her passionate kiss muffles screams as elf locks chastity belt into place

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