Harem Household Sick Day

By tercio

> be husbandu getting ready to work from home

> taking care of the last few things in the bedroom

< "Uhhhhh"

> a mountain of blankets shifts slightly as Astrid, your bicorn wife, blearily peeks out

> she looks terrible and coughs wetly but her determination is clear as she raspily asks

< "What time? Need to get the girls ready..."

> you smile and pet her head between her two curved horns

"Shh. It's OK sweetie. Velma took care of it. You rest up."

> her eyes seem to close of their own volition as her head sinks back into the pillow

> you feel sorry for her but she should be better after a little bit of bed rest

> Vixie's probably immune (you can practically hear her asserting "The Lycanthropes are superior.")

> Velma's definitely immune

> and you seem immune too, probably because of Velma's mana

> that just leaves Astrid and your beloved daughters

> the twins were the first to get it and Astrid probably got it from them

> it's just a head cold but it seems to hit centaur types pretty hard, albeit briefly

> you're kind of embarrassed to realize how much you depend on Astrid to keep the household running

> with her down for the count everybody's pitching in extra

> speaking of which you finish collecting the dirty laundry and head for the washroom


> be best awoo

> you're too strong and tough for most people to deal with so they called you a delinquent

> who cares though, you were fine on your own!

> even if it was a little lonely

> and it was kind of hard scraping by all by yourself, with no pack, when no one cared about you...

> well, except that annoying bicorn lady

> why'd she always have to bother you, trying to be all nicey-nice?

> why'd she have to care?

> your vision blurs

> you definitely aren't tearing up though!

> it's just allergies or something from all this stupid laundry stuff!

> with the weak horsey sick you decided to take care of all her stupid chores

> if a bicorn can do it then it should be easy for a werewolf

> your claws fumble inexpertly as you try to fold a shirt

> it doesn't look quite as neat as when Astrid does it...

> whatever, folded is folded, move on to the next one

> as you get into the groove you start to hum a little song your Mom taught you before she died

< "♪ clean up ♪ clean up ♪ everybody everywhere ♪"

> you practically jump through the ceiling and let out an embarrassingly juvenile yip when you feel a hand grab your tail

> Husband deftly dodges your half hearted slap and chuckles

"You look good wearing a dress Vixie. You should do it more often."

> color rises to your cheeks as you remember what you're wearing

> a "sexy maid" outfit with a ridiculously short skirt

> there's no provision for your tail

> Husband must have gotten a good look at your underwear while your back was turned

> secretly wish that you were wearing sexier panties than your usual utilitarian white boyshorts

< "S-stupid! I'm just wearing it because everything else is dirty! I'm changing back into sweats as soon as this load finishes!"

> Husband draws close, gently squeezing the base of your tail, and whispers huskily

"I really like it."

> why does he have to know all your weak spots!?

> it feels so good - but you lightly push him away

< "Astrid got this for me. I... I think we should wait so she can see how much you 'like it'."

> staring at your feet so Husband can't see how embarrassed you are

> he gives you a very odd look before softly petting your head

"That's very thoughtful of you, Vixie. You really are a good girl."

> Husband's approval makes you want to cry tears of joy

> try to sound gruff as you extricate yourself from his arms

< "J-just get out of here dummy. I have a lot of work to do. I don't want Astrid to wake up to a disaster area."

> Husband kisses your cheek and leaves with a wry smile

> you keep your gaze focused on the laundry so he can't see how emotional you are


> be the ghostess with the mostest

> well, actually you were a kissless virgin shut in who died of terrible burns in a pop up dance club fire

> the ONE TIME you decided to try leaving the house to go to a social event...

> you try not to dwell on your personal knowledge of how well human fat can burn

> instead think about how Astrid was there for you

> you'd never even seen her before but she comforted you at the end

> held you in her arms despite you being a horrific mass of ruined, oozing flesh

> she even let you live with her after you came back

> and if it wasn't for her you're sure you'd still be alone...

> you can never repay her kindness

> you'll never abandon her

> you guess technically that means you're haunting her

> feel a familiar stab of insecurity inspired anxiety

> what if she's just been putting up with you out of niceness?!

> what if you're just a bother?!

> what if your undead presence causes her head cold to turn bad and she DIES?!

> what's wrong with you, you're horrible, horrible, horri-

> forcefully stop yourself

> remember what Astrid taught you and concentrate on your breathing

> well, you concentrate on pretending to breathe at least

> mini crisis over you return to making fresh squeezed juice

> Astrid made it for the girls when they were sick so hopefully it will help her out too

> really really want to make her feel better

> it's a tricky task: even after all this time you still need to concentrate a bit to interact with the physical world

> of course the process by which you've gained this power is pretty nice

> indulge in a mildly perverted snicker

> speak of the devil, you can sense Master approaching

> he gives you a little hug en passant and grabs a chilled water from the fridge

"I'm going to try to get some work done. Do you mind keeping an eye on Astrid?"

> you give him a sultry look and tell him 'Not before I get my morning sausage.'

> well, that's what you wish you were bold enough to do

> you actually look down shyly, hair curtaining your face, and mumble something which could be mistaken for assent

> freeze up as Master approaches

> he brushes your hair aside and gives you a soft kiss on the lips

"Thanks Velma. I really appreciate all the extra help today."

> you know it's impossible since, strictly speaking, you don't have any blood but you can feel your cheeks heating up

> almost imperceptibly mumble a 'thanks' at Master's back as he heads for his office


> be bicorn wife and mother

> feel horrible

> cotton mouth, sore throat, head's all stuffed up

> spend most of the morning slipping in and out of sleep

> vaguely aware of Velma popping in to offer you fluids

> your Darling Husband comes in around noon to feed you some soup

> feel a little better

> you manage to stagger to your oversized bicorn friendly bathroom

> Velma helps you get a big pile of pillows just right so you can lie down but still see the TV

> spend the rest of the afternoon watching a show Velma recommended

> this nutty mad scientist lady keeps "accidentally" stumbling into situations were more and more women end up living with her and her husband

> not gonna lie, you love it

> it feels like old times just hanging out with Velma like this

> back when you were single and roomates

> and Velma was super depressed about literally dying without ever being loved

> the poor thing is still so insecure

> even her idealized ghost form is retiring - complete with long ghostly hair to hide behind

> give her lots of snuggles and affirmation to compensate

> you've always felt a little guilty that you couldn't save her

> maybe a unicorn could have...

> never mind, you can't blame yourself for not being a super specific kind of monster

> eventually drift off again

> wake up to the clip clopping of little hooves

> the twins come galloping into your bedroom, still in their school uniforms, with Vixie and Velma in tow

< "Oh no! Mommy's sick?!"

> Ingrid, your bicorn daughter, looks concerned but Eir, your unicorn daughter, sounds frantic

> you try to calm her down but you can tell that your scratchy voice is just upsetting her more

< "Let me heal you Mommy!"

> you're taken aback

> you were never a unicorn and no matter how many instructional books you read you've always been a little nervous raising Eir

> you'd never forgive yourself if you did something to mess up her development

> should you let her try? what if she fails? will that break her confidence?

> but if you say no will it discourage her?

< "It's alright Sweetie, Mommy is feeling a little better already. You don't have to-"

> Eir gives you a heartbreakingly sad look

< "-but you can try if you want to."

> her expression lifts immediately and she clambers into bed with Ingrid right behind her

> the tiny bicorn clasps your hand and her sister scrunches up her face in concentration

> you watch with genuine fascination as Eir focuses her pure white mana

> her horn glows softly

> but then the light flickers as she clearly loses her grip on the energies

> her face falls and her horn stops glowing

< "I can't do it..."

> you give her a hug

< "Sweetie, that was very impressive! You gathered your mana really well, especially for someone your age! You just need to be patient. These things will come with time and practice."

> Ingrid joins the hug

< "Yeah! The white light was super pretty!"

> soon everyone is hugging and the adults are helping the children change out of their school clothes

> you and Vixie snuggle up with the girls and give them a nice curry combing as they excitedly tell you about their day in their cute high pitched voices

> Velma excuses herself and it isn't long before there's a knock at the door

"Can I come in?"

< "Daddy!"

> the girls cheer as Darling and Velma bring in trays of soup

"Since Mommy's feeling a little down why don't we eat in here?"

> Darling sets the girls places on a footlocker and they giggle about eating "Zipangunese style"

> Vixie just slams her soup directly out of a thermos

> Velma flits about anxiously as usual during mealtime, unable to eat herself but not wanting to be alone

> you sit back and relax as Darling pulls up a chair and feeds you by hand

> you could very easily have taken the tray yourself but sometimes it's nice to be doted on

> besides, Darling seems to like doting on you

> the warm soup soothes your throat but having everyone together is even better

> after everyone has finished Velma flickers through a wall and returns with a glass of fresh squeezed juice for you

> Eir's ears prick up and she asks, "Juice is good for sick people, right Mommy?"

< "Yes sweetie, it can help with a cold. It has lots of vitamins!"

> Eir looks thoughtful for a moment, walks over, and touches the glass of juice with her horn

> you're about to ask her what she's doing when she scrunches up her face and you see her white mana gather in her horn again

> just a little bit this time, and this time he glow fades smoothly instead of flickering out

< "I tried to make the juice even better for sick people Mommy!"

> your jaw hits the floor

> you're not an expert in healing magic but you think she just made the glass of juice a weak cure potion

< "That was amazing... Mommy's so proud of you Sweetie!"

> Ingrid rushes over to give her sister a big hug

> there isn't an ounce of envy in her, she's genuinely completely happy that her sister can do something she'll never be able to do

> you're so proud of them both

> you scoop them up and hug them as tight as you can

> only let them go when Eir starts yawning widely

< "I'm tired..."

"I'll bet you are! That was amazing magic little lady! I'll bet it took a lot out of you. Vixie, Velma, could you please help the girls get ready for bed? I can clean up in here."

> you say goodnight to the girls and Vixie and Velma lead them off for their bedtime routine while Darling starts picking up in the bedroom

> you sip the homebrew potion and listen to the clinking of dishes in the kitchen and the sounds of bathtime in the bathroom

> the potion is admittedly pretty weak but it is just a cold and you start feeling much better

> you're debating getting up to help someone when Darling returns with an armful of bedsheets

"Hop up. A bath and fresh sheets will make you feel better."

> your heart flutters as Darling leads you into the master bath's cleaning stall

> given your size it's cumbersome for a centaur type to give herself a complete wash

> being bathed by a man is a huge perk of marriage for your kind

> it's also incredibly erotic

> Darling casually strips you, not even reacting as your breasts swing free of your pajama top

> he's all business as he starts to soap you up with a giant sponge

> he knows exactly what he's doing

> you might be weird but the vulnerability of your nakedness combined with his cavalier attitude really turns you on

> it's hard to explain

> something about how exposed you feel combined with him acting like it's no big deal

> as a result these bath sessions often lead to sex but today he just bathes you

> Darling does take his sweet time about it though, carefully massaging and washing every part of your body

> you're quivering with excitement by the time her starts drying you off

> you're certain he has something special planned

> you stand by as he quickly showers himself and makes the bed

> the cool air on your exposed skin is driving you wild

> part of you wishes Darling would just push you down and take you now

> but you control yourself and obediently lie down when instructed

> you're on cloud nine as Darling sits down next to you and starts curry combing the floofiness out of your air dried fur

> you've achieved a Zenlike state in between cozy restfulness and sexual frustration by the time Velma floats into the bedroom

< "The girls are asleep. Vixie will be along shortly."

> picking up on the mood Velma lets her ghostly clothes fade away and snuggles up to you in a little spoon position

> you enjoy hugging your first sister wife like a body pillow while Darling continues to curry comb you

"Vixie and Velma were a huge help today Dear. Velma took care of the kitchen and Vixie did a lot of cleaning. A lot of cleaning..."

> that seems to have been a cue and you hear the bedroom door open

> your eyes widen with surprise and you start smiling uncontrollably when you see Vixie

> and what she's wearing

> she's blushing like crazy and is obviously super embarrassed, but she's actually wearing the sexy maid outfit you bought her!

< "T-t-this maid would like to know if the Master and Mistress have any more tasks for her tonight?"

> Oh God, she's even roleplaying, you couldn't be happier

> Darling whispers in your ear

"What do you think Dearest? Can you think of anything you want the maid to do?"

> you put on a comically pompous voice with a terrible English accent

< "Hmph. Maid, inspect the Master's penis. I want to be absolutely sure it's spic and span. Shipshape! No sloppiness! Hop to it!"

> poor Vixie's face is practically glowing red as she kneels beside the bed and Darling presents her with his rapidly enlarging member

> you and Velma fall silent and watch with wide eyes as she places her hand paws on Darling's thighs and begins tentatively licking

> Velma has already started fingering herself by the time Vixie starts taking the whole thing in her mouth

> you aren't much further behind but you try to slow yourself down, you want to savor this

> but you can't last forever

> when you can't endure any longer you virtually growl "TAKE HER."

> Vixie gasps in surprise as Darling bodily picks her up and practically drops her on himself, cruelly hilting himself in one motion

> the werewolf hides her face with her paws and starts making the most interesting noises once Darling begins bouncing her

> you put your second hand to good use when you feel Velma phase out of your arms

> masturbation apparently forgotten, the ghost floats closer to the action

> she seems fascinated by how Vixie's lower lips expand and contract as they ride over Darling's manhood

< "Start taking it all the way out and putting it back in..."

> Darling chuckles and obliges

> Vixie is whimpering and gasping now but Velma is totally oblivious

> she's clearly enraptured by the sight of Vixie expanding to accept Darling each thrust

> finally Darling can't take it anymore and starts pounding Vixie more conventionally, and urgently

> the two clasp each other tightly and shudder in unison

> the sight sends you over the edge

> Velma is the only one not left gasping in the aftermath

> you scoot over to give Vixie a peck on the cheek

< "Thank you so much Vixie. You look amazing in that outfit."

> you can tell she wants to pretend she doesn't care but her eyes give away the lie and she just looks away from you, embarrassed but pleased

> wanting to reward her for being honest about her emotions you hold her hand and put your head on her shoulder

> as a result you can feel her entire body tense up when Darling pulls himself out of her poor oversensitive cleft

> and you almost laugh out loud as Velma zooms in to suck up the seed dribbling out of Vixie

< "Now, now, don't be greedy. Only what comes out naturally." you give Vixie's hand a squeeze, "If we want werewolf puppies we need to leave some inside her!"

> Vixie is back to whimpering as Velma heeds your admonition and switches to sucking on the werewolf's clit

> this time you do laugh out loud

> Velma really is a secret perv

> maybe it's for the best she isn't super confident...

> with one last squeeze you let go of Vixie's hand and reposition yourself behind Darling so you can watch the action from his point of view

> you hug him from behind and start running your hands over his chest

> you can tell the sight of two of his wives going at it is getting him hot and bothered

> you slide one of your hands down to check

> yep, the show and your mana have made a mockery of his refractory period

> a gentle push is all it takes

> Darling grabs Velma's hips and starts going to town on her

> there's nothing subtle about it, he's just pistoning wildly

> this spurs Velma to even greater efforts and Vixie starts thrashing under the oral assault

> Vixie finally breaks free, albeit probably after having to endure another climax since you hear her defensively mutter "dyke" under her breath

> you playfully wink and stick your tongue out at her before you both turn your attention back to Darling and Velma

> Velma's butt is in the air and Darling is pushing her head down into the mattress

> the poor ghost is practically going cross eyed from the pounding she's receiving

> Vixie smirks with a certain degree of vengeful satisfaction but you both know that the ghost's incorporeal body can take just about anything

> Darling understands that and is giving her exactly what she most likely wants

> you lose yourself in the grunts and squeaking of bedsprings

> somehow your fingers mysteriously end up inside you again and you ride yourself to another climax

> this exhausts even your libido for the moment and you help Vixie out of the stained maid outfit while Darling brutalizes Velma in the background

> Vixie wants to change into her pajamas put you give her sad puppy dog eyes and she relents

> she helps you arrange to pillows just so and the two of you cuddle up

> the skin to skin contact is strangely comforting

> your eyelids are getting heavy by the time Darling finishes inside Velma for the second (or was it third?) time

> the ghostgirl demonstrates her utility as the "clean up hitter" by sucking up every bit of the wet spot, her ethereal body converting the "love" energy into raw necromatic power

> we'll turn you into a powerful phantasm yet, Velma!

> spent, Velma drowsily floats over and drapes herself over you and Vixie as Darling gets up to turn off the light

> then you hear the bed creak and feel Darling's warm body nestle behind you, holding you in the best approximation of the big spoon position a man holding a bicorn can manage

> you might have felt lousy when the day started but it turned out to be a pretty good day

> you smile contentedly as sleep gradually overtakes you

> soon the only sounds in the bedroom are quiet breathing and soft snores

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