The Fever

By tipper

>Be me

>Anon F. It

>Have godlike immune system, never been sick in my life

>Work out too, have to with a wife like mine

>Manticore named Melisa

>Red hair, white mane and surprisingly, white wings

>She says it's some kind birth defect

>Naturally built too so I have a lot of catching up to do if I wanna be on top

>Considering it takes at least 3 spines to take me down I think I'm winning

>Go out on date night one night with her

>Some sort of new monster run sushi restaurant

>Beautiful decor and great food too

>Apparently all of the paintings are straight from zipangu

>...Even though that one looks suspiciously like mount Fuji


>Bring it up to wife but tell her I'm not bothered because

"I have more beautiful things to look at right now"

>This gets a smile and a blush out of her

<"Well then, why don't we get home so you can admire the art"

>Couldn't agree more

>We finish up, pay and head home

>During the nights passion I can't help but feel something is off

>Melisa notices too

<"Anon you alright? You're looking a little pale"

"Something doesn't feel right. I feel off"

>She suggestions we go to the doctor in the morning

>Decide why not, almost time for my yearly checkup anyway

>Feeling worse the next morning

>Nothing to bad just a bit of a stomach ache

>Ask wife to drive anyway just in case

>Only 3 other people there so we get to see the doc fairly quickly

>Apparently I caught some sort stomach flu from the sushi

>Doc says to get some rest and get comfortable cause this is gonna be hell


>Get given some medication and told to call off a week from work at least

>More vidya for me

>Melisa is a bit worried on the way home but I tell her not to worry

>After I get home I call out from work and make plans to hit the gym tomorrow

>Virus or no virus I need these gain

>Feel tired so I go to bed

>Wake up the next morning around noonish

>Apparently Melisa got me some soup from the store while I was asleep

>Spend the day sitting on the couch with her playing vidya

>Knew that doctor was full of shit

>Eventually get sleepy again so I tell Melisa to head up to the bedroom

>She pouts and instead brings pillows and blankets from the bedroom

>Works for me

>Put on some mamonoflix and eventually fall asleep

>Wake up feeling like my entire body is burning while frozen solid

>Melisa is gone and it's dark

>For once in a long long time I'm scared to my very core

>Shivering like a dog in the rain and can barely see

>Try to call out but it barely comes out as more than a whisper

>Think to myself and come to the conclusion I must be dying

>Start to tear up a little bit, don't wanna leave Melisa

>Suddenly something appear in my vision

>Can't make it out properly but I think it's a she

>I notice her size and from where I'm laying she seems almost huge

>Suddenly spot the pure white wings and it hit's me

>It's an angel

>She suddenly comes over

<"Anon you alright!"

>I can barely see already and the tears don't help

"Please I don't wanna die..."

>She takes me into her arms

>It's warm and I feel safer so I try to get as close as I can

>She pulls me as close to her as she can

<"Shhh it's alright I'm here now"

>I keep crying and feel like every wrong I've done has come back to haunt

>I start to apologize

"I'm sorry, so sorry"

<"For what"

"Everything I didn't do I should've done more."

>My biggest regret wells up

"I should've told Melisa I love her more, I'm sorry Melisa"

>The angel stops for moment and then starts to pet my head

<"It's ok, she knows"

>Eventually I calm down a bit and start to notices other problems

>My stomach begins growl angrily and my throat feels like a desert

<"Are you hungry anon?"

>I nod

<"Let me get you something then"

>She starts to get up and as she does I feel that soul crushing fear

>I grip her hand and hard as can though I'm sure a baby has a stronger grip

"P- please don't leave, I don't want to be alone"

>The angel looks around for a moment

<"You still need to eat"

>I'd rather starve than be alone

>This time all I can give is a weak


>I almost start to cry again

>She sees my distress and stop for a moment

>The angel snuggles close to me on the couch and shows her breast

>I'm surprised for a moment and don't know what to do

>Suddenly I feel like my head is being nudged toward it

<"Go on, you need to keep your strength up"

>She sound a little embarrassed over it

>I slowly start to suckle and she begins to pet my head

>I don't know how long I was in that position but I eventually fall asleep

>Then everything just feel like a blur and I'm not entirely sure what happened

>I finally come too and realize it's been about 5 days

>I see Melisa laying by me and realize she's holding me and has wrapped me up with her wing

>In a mix of fear that shes not real and elation that it's her I hug her as tight as I can

>My strength isn't back yet so I can't hug her very tightly but I do my best

>It's enough to make her stir at least

>She opens her eyes a bit

<"Mmh Anon what time is it?"

>I damn near start crying but I hold it back and just take in every parts of her from her smell of her fluff

"It's good to see you again babe"

>She seems confused for a minute but just returns the hug and starts to pet my head

<"It's good to see you too babe"


>It's been three weeks since I recovered from the flu and I'm back in tip top shape

>There's only one thing that's bothering me

>After I woke up from my five day haze the soup lasted longer than it should have and I don't recall Melisa buying more

>Oh well, guess some things are too remain a mystery


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