Centipede Daughter: Cheshire Chateau Candy Caper

By midnightchan

>Be very excited centipede girl

>At Rissa's the day after Halloween, she's got the new Splatoon

>but even better, her mom had candy left over

>Monstergirls assemble! It's you, Rissa, Mandy, and Kim the spider-girl

>Play Splatoon

>gonna do daddy proud

>lay some blooper mines and stake out a sniper position like he showed you

>get Mandy with a mine, then spray her for the finisher

<"Hey, no fair!"

>Ha! All's fair in candy and Splatoon.

>Rissa's quicker. Dodges the mind, ducks your shot and hits you one as you reload

>run around the corner

>she chases

>doesn't see the mine you dropped


>so where's Kim

<"Right above you."

>"What! How?"

>she climbed up the side of the tower

>get inked before you can face her

>Boo! You'll get her next time!

* * * * *

>All inked out

>Rissa's mom looks at the screen and bursts out laughing

<"Oh, my! Faces all covered in the sticky goo at this age!"

>doesn't stop until Rissa's dad calls her back to watch TV

>adults are weird sometimes

>Wait until she's gone

>alright, time for candy

>Rissa's turn


>she's up on the counter


>Her mom's there the next, giving her the evil eye

>okay, making noise is out. Wait a bit, and...your turn!

>size up the cupboards

>wood on the side, start crawling up as quietly as possible

>get to the counter edge

>waaah! it's all slippery!


>that's gonna sting for a while


>Rissa's mom is here again. Laughing at you with the same stupid smile Rissa uses

>stops and leans down

<"Bet you wish you'd been good now, huh?"

>give her a defiant look. Don't give in and cry, don't give her the satisfaction

<"You know what they say, right?" she asks with a grin

>"What?" you ask suspiciously

<"Sneaky girl gets the grease!"

>laughing at you again


>curse you, Rissa's mom! she could probably give daddy a run for his money

>purse on the table rings

>she goes to pick it up and leaves the room, sparing you from further embarrassment

>this means war

>Mandy and Kim are afraid of more tricks

>Rissa helps convince them

>third try. Mandy backs into the hall, getting room to spread her wings

>starts running

>...aaand skids to a stop

>"What are you doing?" you whisper

>her ears droop

<"Sorry. I can fly, but I'm not so good at stopping yet."

-buck buck buck!-

>Rissa flaps her arms like a chicken


>tell them to focus on the goal

>Kim's turn. She's been quiet, thinking about it

>turn around, webs the cupboard. Nice!

>slides it open, webs the candy bag

>you can imagine it now. Come to mommy, sweet chocolatey marshmallow goodness!

>candy bag slides, and...


>falls onto the counter

>guess web isn't so good at pushing

>Rissa's dad comes over. Uh-oh!

>thankfully he looks mostly amused

"Why don't you girls do something else instead of getting into trouble?"

>"Like what?"

"Well, if you keep quiet about it I can show you a big girl movie."

>oh wow! except...

>"But wait, mommy and daddy said-"

"Your mommy and daddy don't have to know. And this time I've got the BEST movie: Predator!"

>that got everyone's attention. Better than Aliens? Even Rissa has stars in her eyes

>but, well, keeping a secret seems kinda like lying. And the sneaky girl gets the grease!

"Or maybe little miss centipede is afraid?"

>No way! You're a big girl now! You'll show him!

* * * * *



>the big reveal has everyone screaming

>that's the mouth of nightmares!

>keep watching anyhow

>come on Dutch, you can do this!

>yeah, get him in the trap!

>everyone cheers as he joins Anna in the choppa

>Rissa's dad is teary-eyed, looking proud of her

"So THAT is Predator. Don't think there'll ever be something as good as that!"

>"Why not?"

<"Because this is OUR movie."

>Rissa's mom is back and sits down on her dad's lap

>"Your move?" you ask. Didn't they say it was Ahhnold in it?

<"See, it happened back in college," she explained, stretching to get comfortable

<"I'd been chasing after this nerd, pranking him every day. Not once did he complain!

"Because he was too nice for his own good. See, that guy was my bro, and bros help bros. Would have failed calc two without him, so I had to help."

>he's petting Rissa's mom now, and she's purring

<"And that's how you met her?" Rissa asked excitedly

"Yep. Your mom here was a looker even back then. So I go up to her and says lay off him, pick on someone more her size."

>that gets a chuckle from everyone. He's twice as big as Rissa's mom!

<"But I could smell he was single," Rissa's mom continues

<"So I said if he's such hot stuff, why doesn't he have a girl already? A quick shot, maybe?

<"And you know what he said?"

"Quick shot? Quick shot!? I'm a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus!"

<"Ha ha ha! I loved that movie! And I'd never seen ANYONE wit the balls to use that as a pickup line."

<"Still, I wasn't quite convinced. I told him 'Prove it.'"

<"Did he ever! After that, I knew I couldn't let him go. And well, he's still here!"

<"And you know, I think maybe he should prove it again."

>then she gives him "The Look"

>you know "The Look". It's what mommy gives daddy before they go upstairs where you can't follow

>Rissa's dad shoos us off the couch with his other arm

"Okay girls, movies over! Go play some more Nintendo or something, dad needs to help mom with some business upstairs."


>as soon as you're off the couch the two of them vanish

* * * * *

>Rissa's parents are definitely gone

>strategy time. Call everyone over in a hushed tone. The candy awaits!

>"Everyone, over here!"

>talk it over

>if there's a crash, Rissa's parents will come

>this time you think they'll be mad

>think back to Predator

>of course we got caught! We went in alone and got caught one by one!

>this calls for teamwork

>agree on the plan

>Kim builds a web up to the counter

>Mandy and you climb up to the counter

>coil around her, she hold you up so you can reach the cupboard handle

>Rissa keeps watch at the bottom of the stairs, she can hear better

>you're reaching up

>come on, just a little more!

>Got it!

>a whole bag full of all sorts of candy!

>close the cupboard quietly

>You lose it here, you're in a world of hurt

>climb down, tear off webs, sneak out back

>split the spoils

>It's good.

* * * * *

>Ugh. Sooooo much candy! Your tummy hurts

>still worth it

>Rissa and Mandy also look sick

>wait, why is Kim okay?

>she grins and shows a web bag she hid under the back of her dress

>oooh. that was smart of her.

>Mommy and daddy come to pick you up

>Rissa explains here parents are "busy upstairs"

>they start laughing

>they look kind of shiny

>wave bye to Rissa 'n Kim, Mandy's getting a ride with you

>You shoot her a meaningful glance and she nods

>from this day forth you're sisters in silence

>Think hard. Daddy's driving, but mommy still might notice. If only you had something else...

>wait, that's it!

>"Mommy, Daddy, how did you two get married?"

>if this is like Rissa's mom and dad it'll be great!

<"Uh, heh, wellllllll-"

>"I mean you have to know how you married, right?"

>Right? You couldn't be surprise married, could you?

>that would just be scary. you'd have to set traps

>wait, mommy's blushing

>this is weird. she's never like this

"She was daddy's doctor! I got hurt when I met her, mommy just didn't want to make you worry."

>you don't like something about the way he said that

>Apparently neither does Mandy. Her brow furrows. Then her face lights up

<"Wait, did you have to give him injections? Like my mom does to daddy?"

>mommy blushes even harder

<"Eheh, something like that."

>you're about to ask what 'something' is when daddy interrupts

"So, kiddo, what'd you two do today at Rissa's? Gaming? Watch a movie?"

>share a frantic glance with Mandy

>you didn't work out anything to tell them!

>"Eheh, something like that."

>mommy shoots you the evil eyebrow

>the one that means she's on to you

>start sweating it out

>visions of little candies fleeing from your pumpkin bag flash before your eyes

>sink back into your seat

>too bad there's no river to hide in


>car pulls over at Mandy's house

>look out

>Mandy's mom is over waving

>comes up to the car and start's talking to mommy

>Mandy jumps out of the car and flies through the front door


>Mandy's mom starts talking doctor stuff with mommy

>Mommy gets out of the car and says to head home

>Thanks Mandy's mom! You are awesome!

>ride home with daddy, he keeps quiet

>maybe that's a good sign?


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