The Outlaw Doom Queens

By tercio

> your parents moved to the insect forest zone after they got married

> the land was cheap

> the neighbors are weird, but usually nice

> mostly insect monsters, obviously, with a smattering of other sylvan types

> there's a nice elf lady who likes to visit your mom and sew with her

> friendly deer centaur girl who gave all you kids rides when you were small enough

> your human best friend lives next door in his dryad mom's tree

> everything is pretty calm and pleasant

> or it would be if it weren't for the fucking yellow jackets

> turns out the land was cheap because nobody wants to live next to a crowded neighborhood of loud rednecks

> it's jug band music, moonshinin', and hootenannies 24/7 with those people

> they're always building things and abandoning them to rot after they get bored

> can't go for a hike without stumbling across the shell of a log cabin or a half built trebuchet

> the worst is the groups of young girls always zipping around in chaotic swarms

> they tend to calm down a bit after they get a man but before that forget it

> they're constantly fighting in crazy internecine conflicts which make no sense to outsiders

> groups with names like "The Golden Supreme Wizards" fight gangs like "The Screaming Death Wings" for territory and glory

> when they aren't doing that they're snooping around in everyone's business looking for 'filthy bee infiltrators'

> you'd hate them all if it wasn't for the girl next door

> her mom's kind of an outcast

> she apparently lost a fight to a bunch of bees a long time ago and mellowed out a lot, especially after her sweetheart rescued her from what sounds like a pretty sapphic experience

> doesn't fit in too well with the other yellow jackets anymore

> Bzz'kzzt'k took after her mother and was a kind, bookish girl

> (you usually refuse to pronounce that stupid buggy jibber jabber and just call her 'Lemonade', much to her irritation)

> spent a lot of lazy days happily playing with her

> you were pretty sweet on her

> once


> "Stay close Big Brother!"

> laugh and pat your little sister's head

> she's been walking you to school every day for a while now

> it's cute how she's so determined to protect you, even if she probably couldn't do much against a determined monster

> you just wish she didn't have good reason to be concerned

> as a virgin boy you're never really 'safe' from monster girls, but some times are worse than others

> around the age of high school graduation (barely legal boys!)

> late college age (for the sophisticates)

> 25 (desperately lonely Christmas Cake monster girls are almost unstoppable)

> you've heard horror stories of legendary 'wizard' monster girls and their terrible drive to claim a spouse but you aren't sure you believe them

> the punchline is that you're prime bait for monster girls right now and the forest seethes with their practically tangible lust

> speak of the devil, you hear the distinctive drone of insect wings

> in a twinkling you're surrounded by leering wasps

> your little sister steps in front of you protectively, "Buzz off, you damn nigger bees!"

> this elicits barks of derisive laughter, and one of them steps forward

> she's wearing the bright yellow leather jacket of an "Outlaw Doom Queen" and a confident sneer

> "What the heck do you want, Lemonade?" your little sister snarls

> Bzz'kzzt'k seems a little taken aback, whether from the old nickname or your sister's fierce demeanor you can't tell

> unfortunately she came prepared and starts to fiddle with a lighter, flicking it open and closed, occasionally stopping to look at the flame

< "What's the matter half pint? Can't I stop to talk to an old friend?"

> your little sister involuntarily shrinks back in fear

> when she bumps into you she instinctively hugs you, seeking comfort

< "Now why don't you be quiet and let the grown ups talk?"

> Bzz'kzzt'k looks at you the way a fat man on a diet looks at a grilled steak

< "The big barbecue's coming up. You're going to invite me as your date. Be sure to dress nice. It's gonna be real romantic."

> she turns and mugs for her fellow Doom Queens

< "Just make sure you pick an outfit that's easy to get out of!"

> they all laugh like it's the funniest joke in the world

> this is bullshit

> you try to comfort your sister as quiet rage burns in your heart

> you don't say anything

> you just coldly stare at your ex childhood friend

> when you were frightened as a child your Dad would always encourage you by joking that you have your mother's eyes, and that she has pretty scary eyes

> maybe he was right because Bzz'kzzt'k can't meet your gaze again

< "Haha, yeah well, don't forget. You're taking ME, boy."

> there's a whoosh of air and you're alone with your sister again

> fucking yellow jackets

> no matter how much you try to cheer her up your little sister is still glum when you get to school

> it's only natural for her to be afraid of fire but she reacted like a little kid and she's ashamed

> wish she wouldn't be

> don't grow up too fast lil sis...

> you best friend immediately sees how she's upset and guesses why

> or at least who

> he slams his fist into his palm, "Just say the word man. I'll get some people together to end this bullshit."

> he used to be kind of pudgy but ever since he started carrying his greenworm girlfriend everywhere he's really bulked up

> she keeps getting bigger and he keeps getting stronger

> "Tempting offer, but I have a plan. If you want to help there is something your girlfriend could get for me though."

> the caterpillar perched on his shoulders stops munching a head of lettuce long enough to give you a curious look

> you smile and ruffle your sister's hair, "Of course the most important part of the plan is Little Sis here."

> pretty good to see how excited and special that makes her feel


> this is a nice spot

> massive gnarled trees form a thick canopy far above your head

> it's dark and cool at ground level with little underbrush

> you feel pretty comfortable here, even if most people would experience a vague sense of dread

> not too many would be sharp enough to realize why

> you hear buzzing

> the Doom Queens are right on time

> about to find out how sharp they really are

< "I got your letter Anon. Nice to see you're finally starting to understand your place in the world."

> you smirk, "I lied in the letter. I wanted to see just how gullible you 'Dumb Queans' are."

> the buzzing stops

> might have actually surprised them with that

> wait till they see what comes next

> "I figured it would be pretty safe to jerk you around. Everybody knows yellow jackets are all talk."

> you think you can hear their teeth grinding from here

> "But to think you'd honestly believe I'd want to get with a nigger bee..."

< "GET HIM!"

> that did it

> you effortlessly leapfrog out of the way, climbing with shocking speed

> you've always been able to tell the sticky threads from the structural ones

> too bad they couldn't even see the web

> "OH-HO-HO-HO-HO~!"

> your sister descends from the tree on a single thread, her arachne legs curling and uncurling ominously

> half a dozen yellow jackets struggle futilely, only managing to entangle themselves even further

> "Welcome to my parlor!"

> pretty sure she doesn't know what a parlor is but you let it go, she's obviously having a blast

> you help her thoroughly secure the panicked bug girls and set them up in an circle before grabbing Bzz'kzzt'k and leaving


> Bzz'kzzt'k has stopped struggling by the time you get home

> she's just drooling around her gag and staring at you apprehensively now

> a spark of hope kindles in her eyes when she sees your parents

> it dies when they pointedly ignore her

> Mom fusses with Dad's overcoat using her pedipalps and comments, "I hope little Inxena isn't being too hard on her new playmates."

> "Last I saw she was having a tea party and poking them with a stick if they disagreed with her propositions."

> "Propositions?"

> "Oh you know, 'Spiders are the best.', 'Spinning webs is cooler than flying.', 'Spidergirl would beat The Wasp in a fight.', that kind of thing."

> your Dad laughs, "Sounds like we'd better hurry up and rescue them! We'll text you when we get to your grandparents' house."

> then, after a final thumbs up from your Dad, you have the house to yourself for the night

> well, to yourself and your 'guest' anyway

> you lug her upstairs to your room

> the basement 'dungeon' would be better for this but it would be too creepy to do it where your parents fuck

> arrange her face down, ass up at the foot of your bed

> collar attached to a chain bolted to your bed frame goes around her neck

> affix spreader bar keeping her legs apart

> put her wrists in cuffs attached to the bar

> cap her stinger and tie it to the collar, forcing it into an uncomfortable arch

> once she's secure you start peeling off the spider silk

> and her clothes

> stop before you get to her gag

> she looks really pissed off

> pull up a chair and admire your handiwork

> she tries to stare you down but you just sit quietly for a long time

> her glare is starting to waver when you finally break the silence

> "Whatever happened to my friend Lemonade?"

> glaring intensifies

> "She was such a nice girl. Friendly, kind, considerate."

> if looks could kill

> "I was always secretly a little sweet on her. I always wished she'd say she liked me too."

> "But she never did."

> she tries to keep up her angry front but can't meet your eyes and looks away

> you gently hold her chin as you remove her gag, "Do you know why my friend Lemonade went away, Bzz'kzzt'k?"

> she still refuses to look you in the eye but you think you can see the beginnings of tears glistening in her eyes

> anger and sadness war in her voice

< "Maybe she didn't want to be a pathetic loser like her Mom. Maybe she wanted to be a REAL yellow jacket!"

> "Is a woman who married a wonderful man and created a loving home a loser?"

< "She's a weak, retiring, nonentity! She might as well be a bee! She fucked enough of them!"

> "Lemonade..."

< "She's used goods and a failure! A true hornet is strong and fierce! Everyone should be afraid of us! We're supposed to be in charge!"

> "I see."

> you stand up and retrieve something out of her restricted field of vision

> "I don't think that getting teased by bees who she attacked makes your Mom used goods, but I'm not going to argue the point."

> she struggles frantically as you walk up behind her and pause to look at her quivering and surprisingly dry sex

> "You do seem to find yourself in the same position though."

> you set two items down in front of her

> "Unlike your Mom, however, you're going to get a choice."

> you sit down again and point to the key

> "Say the word and I'll let you loose."

> she tries to say something but you cut her off

> "If you choose that then I never want to see you again. I don't like strident and aggressive girls. Plenty of guys do. Find one of them."

> you point to the jar, "This is high grade Alraune Nectar, courtesy of a papillon."

> her eyes widen in genuine terror

> given what happened to her mother and how she feels about it you might as well be threatening her with a jar of acid

> "If you choose to stay I'm going to keep you tied up and use this on you. I'll spend the night drowning you in pleasure and trying to fuck the bitch out of you."

> there's a pregnant pause before she responds

< "Are you trying to change me?!"

> "I'm asking you to choose who you want to be."

< "Fuck you! You don't get to tell me who to be!"

> "I'm only telling you I will never love a girl who thinks bullying my little sister makes her tough. If that's who you want to be then fine, you're free to go. You just can't be my girlfriend. It's not like I'm the only guy in the world."

> you try not to get your hopes up when you see the indecision in her face

> you stand and head to the door, "I'll give you some time to think it over."

> after a sandwich and a few rounds of playing "Monster Mania" on your console you go back to your room

> to your shock the hornet girl is crying

> you rush to her side thinking that maybe the bondage is hurting her but she starts blubbering

< "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I just feel so angry all the time! I keep being so mean to everybody and I can't stop myself! Even Mommy and Daddy! Even the other hornet girls tell me to chill out but I can't!"

< "I was an outcast for so long. All the other hornets looked down on me because I was so meek. 'Takes after her mother' they said."

< "I don't know when I started overcompensating, but before I knew it I could only interact with people by being tough and mean. I finally had some respect! But I pushed so many people away... I don't think I have a single friend anymore. Just people who are intimidated by me..."

> she pleads with her eyes and implores you

< "Please punish me Anon. Please keep me tied up and fuck me until your friend Lemonade comes back."


> you and Lemonade are having a late breakfast when your family comes home

> Lemonade shifts awkwardly in your oversized t-shirt and self consciously fingers her collar as your parents take in the scene

> Dad just waggles his eyebrows and gives you another thumbs up

> Mom scuttles forward to give Lemonade a big hug and starts talking about meeting with Lemonade's parents to plan the official wedding ceremony

> little Inxena rolls her eyes and groans, "Geez big bro, you really couldn't do better than a jumped up fly?"

> "Hey! Be nice to your new sister-in-law!"

> Lemonade blushes as you reach across the table to squeeze her hand

> "You'll need to set a good example for your nieces and nephews."

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