By tipper

>Be me

>Anon N. Somnia

>Can barely fucking sleep at night

>Still sleep regularly but never well and never for long periods of time

>Some people say it makes me "moody" or that it's "psychologically damaging to both psyche and self image"

>And sure both those things might MIGHT be true

>But I have a secret weapon up my sleeve

>I have turned this weakness into a power

>By using my lack of sleep as a focal point I have expanded my mind into the arcane realm beyond the comprehension of those who sleep soundly

>My power grows by the day, all I have to do is make sure I don't sle- wait

>Who's car is that outside my house

>Why are my lights on

>Then it hits me


>Bust into my own house fire ball in hand

>The adrenaline rush of it helping me keep the energy up as I rush around trying to find the intruder

>Clear the place room until I bust into my bedroom

>See someone sitting on my bed

>A yeti with fur as white as snow itself, contrasted with a tan straight out of Hawaii

>Her Legs and chest, while filled out, were fairly sporty

>And finally arms built by tanks, be damn near impossible to get out if she grabbed me.

>Now I may be a wizard but there are some things magic can't fix if I haven't figured out how to yet

>Height for example

>If we both stood straight up I would most I might just crest the top her breast

>Decide to keep at range


>Suddenly my words are cut off as I'm grabbed from behind and lifted off the ground

>I'm pulled in between two orbs larger than my head and realize how big my newest assailants hands are

>A sense of calm starts to fill me as scents of lavender and vanilla fill my nose

>A soft motherly voice speaks

<"It's rude to yell at guests young man"

>Then it hits me


>Oh shit oh shit not good mayday mayday

>I start to struggle and realize with how high she picked me up I probably only graze the underside of her breast at full height

>I need to get the fuck out of here now

>Before I can start to act the yeti starts to speak

<"Sorry for the intrusion sir but we're with the health department of the city. We we're notified of a serious health issue where a person was neglecting their sleep and we're sent to rectify the situation. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation, now c'mere!"

>She quickly follows up on the bogey's lead and hugs me as well, filling me with a sense of warmth.

>Considering the danger I'm in I used non-somatic magic to lower my body temperature and root myself in place

>So long as I don't fall asleep or they don't get me onto the bed I can buy myself time to think of a way out

>The yeti speaks up again

<"We had a feeling this might happen so we brought one more person here to meet you anon. Oh Mary, come out please!"

>I hadn't noticed before because the yeti had been blocking her from view when I came in, but this was my most dangerous opponent yet

>The biggest, fluffiest weresheep I have ever seen

>I'm talking escaped domestic sheep levels of unshaven

>If she so much as touches me I'm a goner

>Begin to struggle, but in between two massive monsters it's not much more than a wiggle

>As the weresheep gets up in almost I stupor I have time to see the fate that awaits me

>She's about on equal height if not slightly taller than the yeti

>Her skin is white bordering vampire pale and her wool has an almost golden but muted hue to it, like itself was asleep too

>She has a near perfect hourglass and tit's to rival the bogey

>And she is about 5 seconds from joining this group hug to end my wizardry

>All I can do is watch as she take each languid step

>She stop dead in front of me and looks me in the eyes

>Then she slowly brings her arms around to join the hug

>Just being near her wool is enough sleep starts to take me slowly as I try to fight it off

>Then as she closes the hug and I feel ever closer to the precipice

>Finally she pulls me into her wool and I'm done for as the need I've put off for so long finally takes me


>For the first time in a long time I dream

>I'm laying on a blanket in a field

>It's summer

>For some reason it feels lonely

>I look to either side of me and seen them

>The bogey, the yeti, and Mary the weresheep

>They slowly move towards me

>I don't stop them

>Then they bring me into their collective embrace

>It feels nice




>I tear up a little

>It feels nice to not be so alone anymore


>I wake up surrounded embraced by the women on all sides

>I look at the clock

>8 hours, I slept a full 8 hours

>I look towards the women surrounding me

>The yeti speaks up

<"How do you feel anon?"

>I think for a moment

>I still have enough magic left that I could just teleport out and start going sleepless again

>Another moment passes

>I then snuggle up against my new wives and say

"Five more minutes..."


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