A Danuki Christmas (2022)

By quattrobajeena

>It's early Christmas morning in a old farm house

>On a rural town back road

>The sun still an hour or so from rising

>Two small Danuki creep towards their goal while everyone still sleeps

>One 8, one 10

>They creep down the stairs, skipping the top step, the one halfway down and two near the bottom

>The older one is in the lead, with the younger one softly following behind

>The older one is almost a mirror image of her mother, but with longer hair past her shoulders and her father's ice blue eyes

>The younger one, clutching her big bushy tail sports her father's short messy hair and the mother's amber eyes

>The two tiny prowlers round the stairs, through the dining room and into the kitchen

>So far so good

>The pair look left and down the short hall

>Two doors on the left

>One on the right

>and one at the far end

>The two creep closer towards the last door only to be stopped right before it

>A small wooden end table blocks their path, cushions stacked on top to block the door

>The smaller danuki looks to her big sister.

>a look of "what do we do?" on her face

>The older sister is engulfed in a puff of white magic smoke.

>Her big bushy tail and fluffy calves hidden away by magic

>Silently she crawls on her hands and knees under the table

>Reaching a hand out she slowly pushes on the door

>It opens.

>Did they think she would forget the door swung inward?

>She catches it before it bangs against the closet door behind it

>The younger sister watches her older accomplice disappear from under the table and into the room

<"Come on"

>Her older sister whispers from behind the door.

>The younger sister follows, though with more care as she can't hide her tail like her big sister can

>As she climbs under the table and through the doorway she sees her older sister holding the door in place

>A precaution to keep the younger sibling from moving the door and possibly springing the biggest trap in the treasure room

>The two focus there attention to across the room, their tiny eyes going wide with excitement

>There, near the wood stove, in a corner stood their Christmas tree

>And under it all their presents

>Boxes, rectangles and other shapes of various sizes

>At the foot of the fireplace lay their stockings, both filled to burst with treats

>The two creep closer and closer

>As they approach the couch the eldest stops her younger sister

>Their father had warned them about the "Christmas dragon", and how it would guards Christmas presents from would be present thieves

>There on the couch their father slept. Facing the tree and fast asleep

>The Christmas dragon

>The two froze up, staring at their sleeping dad. The final trap guarding the treasure that was rightfully theirs

>The eldest moved first

>Small, silent steps away from the sleeping guard

>Her sister following behind her as equally quiet. Clutching her tail extra tight in fear of it brushing against something that would wake the dragon

>One step

>Two steps

>The pair inched closer and closer till they were in front of the small mound of presents

>Excited, they got to their knees and began to sift and sort through the gifts as quietly as they could

>In seconds their tiny minds had sorted who had gotten what gift under the tree

>As quietly as they came, they left. Having fought the greed to take even one small treat back with them

>Past the sleeping dragon

>Under the barrier. The eldest sister making sure to reseal the door behind them

>As silent as shadow they retreated back from where they came

>Come morning they would race down the stairs they now crept back up

>They'd tear apart the barrier that blocked the door

>They'd wake the dragon from it's sleep

>They'd enjoy Christmas with their parents

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Cute. Also, fix your tags.