AFT V Sabbath

By tipper

>Be me

>Anon W. Aco

>Currently standing outside some unsanctioned sabbath compound

>It looks like some odd mix between a idyllic suburban home, some sort of modern office and a church all rolled into one

>Be commanding ATF agent of siege of said compound

>Only reason were out here is because locale government wanted them gone with the biggest response they could get and said one of them has a gun

>They probably don't but oh well

>Swat, militarized vehicles and every locale law enforcement officer we could get surround the compound

>One of the swat units come up to

>Get told the negotiator isn't coming and I'll have to do it

>Hands me the megaphone


>Turn it on and begin to give them the usual spiel

"This is the ATF. We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up and no harm will come to you. You are all under arrest for trespassing, illegal possession of firearms, and conspiracy. You have five minutes."

>Turn to one of the officers near me and ask if we can get them on the phone

>He say's no, they don't have phone lines or known cellphones we can call

>Time to sit on my ass and wait then

>5 minutes pass by with not major incident

>I pull megaphone up again

"If you won't come out we will be forced to assertive action"

>No response


>I call in for the ramming vehicle to break the front door

>It gets halfway between us and the compound when it's wheels suddenly disintegrate into dust

>I look to the roof and see witches all across it

>They look different though

>All of them look to be anywhere between their late 20s and early 40s

>Some have huge knockers, some don't

>They all share one thing in common though

>Big hips and figures one would be hard pressed to not call motherly

>As the vehicle drivers begin to get out the witches start to fly towards them on brooms

>Call in over the radio to open fire

>Shot whiz pass the witches as they weave around them and the ones that look like they should've connect either stop dead, disappear or just straight up bounce off a magic shield.

>The men can't get back to the line quick enough and are snatched up and and flown back to the compound

>Guess that adds kidnapping and hostage taking to the charges

>Speaking of charges I pull out my radio and give a single order into the radio


>All at once every officer and vehicle makes it's way towards to compound as fast as they can

>The vehicles get the same disappearing wheels trick as the ram

>Some are just snatching up men from the ground

>Others begin slinging spells to slow down or disable entire units at once

>Then the real counter attack begins

>Witches, familiars and every other member of the sabbath begin pouring out of every entrance to the building

>Some grabbing men and bringing them back inside

>Some actively mobbing and holding them down so they can't escape

>And one lone figure with a scythe, just cutting my men down as she passes

>Her goat hooves and horns act as a dead give away as to what she is

>The head baphomet

>She's taller than every other sabbath girl on the field

>Tits big enough to smother a grown man standing up

>Hips one could only describe as childbearing and then some

>Fur, brown and shiny like expensive leather

>Eyes like the ocean

>A smile that would put a dark mage to shame

>And she's heading right towards

>Luckily I have a rare government issue antimagic charm so all I'll have to do is handle her physically

>I reach for my pistol

>And feel nothing their

>Looking down the realization hits me like a sack of bricks

>I forgot to pack my damn firearm

>Fuck it CQC time

>She's damn near in front of me now

>She casts a spell and is surprised when it bounces off me with no effect

>I use that split second to punch her in her stomach as hard as I can

>It connect solidly

>Rock solidly

>As in she had cast stone skin on herself and I just did the equivalent of punching a bolder

>I reel at the pain in my new broken knuckles swear loudly

>She takes the opportunity to hold me down and speaks

<"Ara ara, you shouldn't be swearing like that little boy~"

>She grabs the charm around my neck, takes it off and throws it away

<"You shouldn't be playing with toys like that either, what do you have to say for yourself?~"

>I swear at her again and struggle to get out from under her

<"So feisty, ok lets play a game them. If you manage to beat me before time runs out well release all your men and surrender, If you lose well, that's a surprise. Ready? Go!"

>She heals my hand as she speaks and releases me on the go

>I turn around and start throwing punches

>I notices that she's a little taller than before, must've cast a growth spell

>Each punch either misses entirely or she just blocks with ease

>As the fight goes on I notice shes getting taller and taller, forcing me to double my efforts

>Eventually she's so tall I barely reach her hips standing on my toes, forcing me to just wildly beat against her thighs

>She suddenly grabs me from under my arms and lifts me up

>I start to try and wiggle out of her grip but shes to strong

<"Ara ara, looks like time is up little boy, why don't you look around at your prize"

>I stop for a moment and decide to take her advice

>Then I see it

>Everyone of the men still on the field have been captured

>All of them look like little kids

>At this revelation I look down at myself and realize

>She wasn't getting taller

>I was getting shorter

>The baph speaks again

<"Your prize is all of your men get married to the lovely women in my sabbath. You get a special wife though. Not many boys have the courage to stand up to a baphomet, even fewer after seeing what she can do. No a feisty boy like you deserves the best, you get me, come here"

>She hugs and smothers me in her breasts

>It's stuffy in there and smells of fine wine and expensive perfume

>Exhausted from the fight I pass out


>It's been 3 months since then

>After the raid every person involved was considered MIA (Married in Action)

>The city council capitulated and allowed the sabbath operation to operate unhindered

>Apparently the only reason the raid was called is some flat chest sabbath was angry at the heresy going on and had infiltrated the city council to call for the raid

>As for me life isn't so bad

>Be married to a baph has it perks

>You get to learn magic and get to take life a bit easier since they like to be the ones running the show

>And being a shota isn't to bad of a deal either

>I'm sitting on the couch with my wife (who's name I learned was Susan) watching some mamonoflix

<"Ara ara Anon you look cold, come here~"

>She pull me into a hug, leaving me on her lap with a boob hat

>It's warm and comfortable

>Yeah being a shota isn't to bad at all


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