Anon's Super Birthday Adventure!

By rekek

I woke up at 7:21 AM. The alarm clock rang in my ears, the godawful racket driving me awake. I pressed the snooze button once, but a few seconds later it rang again. I tried again, and yet it rang again. I balled up my fist and smashed the snooze button. With that bit of violence, the alarm learned its lesson and shut up.

"Fuckin' infuriating..." I grumbled.

I stopped and realized, "Today's my birthday." With a contented sigh, I knew today was going to be a great day.

And, as if to confirm that, three girls burst into the room, rushing to surround me. Before the bed stood a lamia, a centaur, and a banshee, all glancing down at me.

The lamia was a brunette, with messy neck-length hair so dark it might as well be called black, and pale-skinned. Her eyes were blue-grey with vertical pupils. She wore a long white T-shirt that reached down to her hips and a pair of boyshorts that fit snugly on her, the former showcasing her ample breasts, toned muscles and six-pack abs through it. Her tail was dark green and long, stretching five or six so feet before ending at a tip. Her slim face, as fresh and energetically youthful as ever, was covered in freckles and scars.

The centaur was blonde, her long, straight braided mane-like hair reaching all the way down to her horse-half, which was a dappled mix of palomino with bay spots, with bright blue eyes. Her face was the cutest form of homely, with a nurturing, older-sister appearance and pudgy cheeks. She wore a floral blouse, under which lay her massive tits and chubby belly. Her body was covered by a quilted skirt, like a caparison in the days of chivalry, which ended in a hole for her tail to flow out freely. The skirt went down to her knees, and at the end, below her tail, a tied string with both ends going all the way to her sides for easy undressing.

The banshee was black-haired, although dark-red roots hinted at her once copper-red hair from when she was among the living, with grey eyes. It was wavy, going down to her back, and was currently tied up in a ponytail. She wore a plain black dress, torn and dirtied here and there by the ravages of time, which covered her body all the way down to her shins, at which point what was left was covered by black boots. Her breasts were modest, and her legs shapely.

These girls, Jade the lamia, Christina the centaur, and Brigid the banshee, were my wives, and they came for a single purpose.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANON~!" they yelled in unison, raising their arms up high. Then those arms curled around me, squeezing me tightly with such forceful grips I thought I'd have died if they didn't let go.

"C'mon, we've cooked breakfast for you," Christina said with her husky voice.

"Let's go!" Jade shouted energetically.

"Our treat for our love," Brigid added softly.

I crawled out of the bedsheets and followed the girls downstairs. Jade, ever the excitable one, hurriedly slithered down the stairs, literally bouncing off the walls with a "plap" when making the turn down to the kitchen. Christina's iron-shod hooves pounded the wooden stairs, her luscious hair, wide hips and tail swooshing back and forth with each heavy step. Brigid, by comparison, was placid, her pace calm and methodical, and her dainty, cold hand wrapped around mine.

Brigid walked me down to the kitchen to join the others. There, on the round oaken table, lay the birthday breakfast. Big plates filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and grits, enough to fill a normal man up seven times over, were set on the table's center. Four plates were set up, with a knife and a fork set beside them.

My wives stood proudly, Jade with her big dumb elfin grin, Christina with a loving smile, and Brigid with a subtle and mysterious smile to rival the Mona Lisa's. I grinned. These girls certainly knew how to reach my heart.

"Thanks, girls," I said, my voice wavering with some emotion. Brigid guided me to my chair, while Christina and Jade worked on serving me. Christina scooped the hashbrowns and grits onto my plate, while Jade worked on my two pancakes, slathering all the butter she could, then smothering them with syrup. Jade then handed my plate to me, giving me an exicted peck on my cheek. Brigid's hand left mine, moving upwards to stroke my shoulder, and joined in giving me a kiss, before joining the others in making their plates. Christina reached over as far as her body could allow and gave me a kiss on the nose.

When everyone had their plates made, they joined me at the table. Brigid and Jade sat on chairs (though Jade's was altered to match her lamia physiology), while Christina, because of her body, could only lie down on some pillows.

After a short prayer, we ate. This food was absolutely delicious. Every single morsel was perfectly made, every season perfectly apportioned. I couldn't ask I couldn't have asked for a better meal if I tried.

"So how do ya like the food?" Jade asked, holding an impaled piece of pancake with her fork.

"It's damn good," I answered after taking a bite out of a strip of bacon. "Which one of y'all made this?"

Christina perked up. "We all did."

"But Christina did most of the work." Brigid added.

"Yeah, because her fat butt took up half the kitchen!" Jade said.

"I did not!"

"Did too!"

"Hey girls, don't start fighting this early in the morning!" I chuckled.

"Okay, sorry Anon," Christina sighed.

Jade just pouted, before sticking her forked tongue out at Christina.

Brigid smirked at their antics, chewing her food slowly.

After a second and a swallow, Brigid turned to me and asked, "Did you sleep well, love?"

"Yeah, it was comfy."

"Have any sweet dreams?" She continued, her voice becoming that mysterious type she had when discussing the magical and paranormal. Or, well, what I suppose is now normal since the Change.

Thinking back, I could remember part of my dream. It started off kinda cute, where I was in this field of rabbits, hugging and cuddling all of them. But it got worse, and suddenly those

rabbits were fleeing from me, and I morphed into some sort of vengeful dragon hell-bent on burning everything I could see. Then I was in human again, this time as a great hero, a long-haired, grim-faced man, completely nude, covered in mud, blood, and sweat, and wielding a great Dane's axe and a saxe. I stared at the dragon, who was still 'me', in a way, and roared out a challenge. The dragon in its arrogance complied, and the two of us fought. It spewed its noxious flames at me. I dodged it, and, holding my axe on high, slammed the head straight into its feet. As it roared in pain, I climbed onto the dragon, pulling the axe up as I did so, and made another strike against its back. The axe bounced off of the hard scales with a loud metallic ring. I grimaced, avoiding the dragon's paws swiping at me, and instead tore into its wings, one swing going into the left wing, the other onto the right. The dragon roared in its agony, its swiping intensifying. As I attempted to swing another axe, the dragon's paws hit me square in the chest, throwing me off. I fell onto the hard ground, my whole body screaming in pain as I fell. I tried to move, but I couldn't. Was I paralyzed? No, I could still move my arms. As the dragon stood over me, ready to eat me alive, I unsheated my saxe, and roared in pure, hateful defiance as its maw overtook my vision.

I recounted this story to Brigid, and she listened with a neutral expression. At the end, she nodded.

"You're still upset about Walter and Tyana, aren't you?" she said.

"What?" I blinked uncomprehendingly. Oh, that time my co-worker Walter and his dragon wife Tyana came during a party and after a few hours snuck off to our shed to make love. It was damn good fucking, apparently, since they ended up accidentally blowing it up, sending splinters and shards of wood everywhere. Honestly, I was more impressed than angry, even if I did give the two lovebirds some of the harshest words I've ever said. When I rebuilt the shed, however, I made sure to keep all the fertilizer, gunpowder, and other reactive chemicals tucked away safely and far away from any fire or fire-breathing creatures. Never again.

"Not really, that's in the past," I replied. "Plus, the explosion was kinda cool."

"Hah, yeah they were," Jade interjected. "I still remember how everyone ran for their lives. Oh, and Walt and Ty turned black as dark matter, you all remember that?"

With a heavy sigh and a facepalm, Christina said, "Do none of you remember all the work we had to do to pick each and every last piece of wood from the roof, the yard, and the fields? Or how Anon was that close to kicking Walt's ass after that?" Thinking on the events for a second, she added, "That was pretty cool, though, and we needed to expand the shed anyways."

We all chuckled and chortled at the memory.

When we were done eating, Christina stood up and took all the plates to wash. Jade and Brigid both got up to help, but Christina stopped them.

"My butt's too fat for you guys to help anyways," she reminded, sticking her tongue out at Jade.

Jade had a sour expression on her face, but didn't say anything else. That was a relief; Jade would've normally given a retort. I guess it being my birthday, she knew not to cause any shenanigans.

I checked the clock. 7:49.

"Shit, I'm gonna be late for work," I exclaimed.

"Do you really have to go today?" Jade sadly asked.

"Why not stay and relax with us?" Brigid suggested, a subtle sensuality hidden in that hollow monotone.

At that moment, it was very tempting to just stay home, but there was a major project nearing completion at work, and I had to go. With a heavy sigh, I told them as much.

"Anon, you asshole," Jade grumbled. It was her habit to call me all sorts of names whenever she was mildly inconvenienced, but it was never mean-spirited. It used to be a lot worse, but thankfully the tsun levels fell and now she's a lot more dere.

Brigid shrugged. I suppose she figured what the answer would be.

Accompanying the clatter of plates and silverware, Christina spoke up. "Make sure to get that bottle of red wine, honey. We'll need it for tonight!"

"Sure, Christy, I'll get it on my way home!"

After that, I got up from my chair and went back upstairs. I took a good look at the bedroom. It was sizable, taking half of the upper floor (the other half holding my office and a bathroom), since it had to accomodate all four of us. The flooring was simple varnished oakwood, the paneling made of pine, with a rug in front of the wooden dresser and another under the bed. The bed was extra large, made up of two king-size mattresses placed side-by-side. Even with that much space, fitting me, Jade, Christina, and Brigid onto the bed was a nightmare of tangled tails and limbs. It's quite awkward, but we manage to make it work, somehow, when Jade wraps her green tail around my body and Christina sleeps in a crooked position, with her body at the end of the bed and her upper half resting on the sides, leaving Brigid with the other to hug onto me and Jade.

We took a communal bath yesterday, so I just needed to quickly freshen up and get dressed before I drove out. I took my pajamas and old underwear off, throwing them into my clothes hamper. I hurriedly waltzed into the bathroom. Turning the sink on, I gave my face a good splash, rubbing it into my beard and cheeks. Looking into the mirror, the coldness fading, I looked into my reflection while slightly hazy images of last night's bathing swirled in my mind's eye.

The sun setting in the distance giving the sky an orange-purple hue... the different flavors of my wives' pale skin, glistening with warm water... the perfect innocence of their nudity... the swishing and swashing of the water as Jade playfully swung her tail around to, in her own words, "assert dominance" over us... Christina recoiling when Jade's tail whacked her belly and cutely blushing in embarrassment... Brigid sliding herself to be by my side, and laying her head full of sopping wet black hair on my shoulder... followed by Jade and Christy joining us for some much-needed cuddle time... and then leaving the pool, all of us covered in water and wrinklier than prunes, but our hearts warm with loving affection.

Returning back to reality, I looked down to notice my throbbing erection. "Soon enough, little buddy, soon enough," I sighed, gathering myself together and heading back to the bedroom.

Pulling open the dresser I put on my work clothes, one piece at a time. Underwear, white undershirt, khaki slacks, long-sleeve silk light-green shirt with collar, white socks, dress shoes, and belt.

I heard some knocks on the door before the door opened. It was Jade, slithering up to get ready for work herself.

"Hey honey," I called out to her as she began undressing herself. First, the shirt came off, revealing the fullness of her body. Her breasts, unrestrained by brassieres or chest wraps since our marriage, were D cups, nice and firm. Her nipples were large, like dark-red gumdrops, and her areolae were like slices of pepperoni on her ivory skin. Her body was svelte, her muscles emphasizing each curve. Her abs were perfect, and many a night I would lie my head on them, rising and falling with each breath she took.

Next came the boyshorts. Jade insisted on wearing them because she knew how infatuated I was with them. With a rip of a velcro strap and a pull, they came apart. No matter how many times I've seen her womanhood, its beauty, and the beauty of Christina and Brigid's, never waned, not one bit.

With a flirtatious wink, she gave me another second to ogle her while she stretched. When that was done, she rummaged through the dresser and pulled out some new clothes: a new pair of boyshorts, a thick black skirt with blue trimming on the sides, a white blouse, and a quilted blue jacket, made courtesy of Christina.

"Whatcha think? Do I look good?" Jade asked.

"In what universe would I say you look awful?" I replied.

"Dunno, probably the same one where I don't love you?"

I smirked, "Can't think of a single world where that could ever happen."

"Exactly," she agreed, punctuating that remark with a kiss. "Now c'mon down, baby."

Holding her hand, we went back down the stairs. When I looked around the kitchen, I saw that Brigid and Christina were gone. Curious, I cocked my head at Jade. She smugly smirked and led me out the front door, which cried in agony as she threw it open. And with a booming thud, the oaken door slammed shut.

Outside. The wintry chill was prevalent throughout, silvery-gray clouds hovering aimlessly in the skies. I followed Jade down the porch, where our cats of all colors lazily watched us from the railings and rocking chairs. She slithered down the stairs, with me following behind, where she pointed to Brigid and Christina. They were standing beside the house, waiting to see me off.

Looking at the driveway, I saw my vehicle of choice: an old pickup truck, made 50-60 years pre-DotR, with a long, canvas-covered bed. That bed was metal, but reinforced with wood and holding special straps on each side for Jade and Christina, since they couldn't fit in the truck. To help the poor girls out with climate conditions, I had to provide a fan at the top and heaters under the wood to give them cool air or warmth. Since it was just me going out, that wouldn't be an issue.

I looked back at my girls. They all smiled, Jade exhibiting a big goofy grin despite her shivering, Christina smiling sweetly with her arms folded in front of her chest, and Brigid, again, with her mysterious smile, unaffected by the cold which was surely nothing compared to the cold of death.

"Ah, I can't leave you guys standing there like that," I said, my heart moved. Going up to them, I gave each one a kiss on their foreheads. After that was done, they all hugged me tightly one last time for the morning.

"See you guys tonight," I told them.

"Love you!" Jade said.

"Make sure to get that red wine!" Christina reminded me.

"May our love bless you today," Brigid whispered.

With our goodbyes said, I went into the truck. Pulling the key down from the visor, I put it in the ignition switch and turned it on. With the unique roar and growl of a diesel (rather, a biodiesel in this case), the truck rumbled into life. I backed the big sucker up, turned it around, and drove down the road out to the road, passing by our fields of corn and wheat, and pastures of cattle, hogs and horses and mules, turning left to go on down the highway. Within thirty minutes, I'd make it to work. The whole time I was driving, I was thinking about the party tonight. How I wish I could just turn time ahead...


After Anon left and was out of sight, Christina turned to Jade, hands on her front hips.

"Why didn't you tell him?"

"I-I couldn't ask him about that, not while he's got work."

"Jade, honey, we've got to have this conversation with him." Christina sighed, her countenance turning sad. "It's been two and a half years. With all the time we've spent... making love..., we should all be

pregnant by now. But we're not."

Brigid piped up. "It's been haunting him, too. I see it in his eyes, and I can feel it in his soul."

"All the more reason we should discuss it with him, Brigid," Christina countered. "I-I'm tired of seeing everyone else have their kids while we're stuck here... childless!" Tears welled up in her eyes.

"I know, Christy, I know," Jade answered. She said nothing more, holding a hand over her belly.

Mamono were slower to become pregnant than humans, but why was it that after all this time, and all the effort, they weren't pregnant? Was something wrong with them, or with him? What could possibly cause this? How could there still be this kind of unhappiness in a happy new world?


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