Daughteru Wants Ice Cream

By tipper

>Be me

>Have over protective bogey wife

>Daughteru knows this

>Daughteru asks me for ice cream

“No honey, it's almost bed time"

>She pouts

<"Give me ice cream or i'll tell on you to mom"

>She wouldn't dare

"You wouldn't dare"

>She shouts at the top of her lungs


>A loud thump can be heard from the other side of house

<"HE WHAT!?!?"

>Giant bogey wife runs, into the room with a couple blankets, scoops me up, and wraps me up in them so I can't move

<"That's it mister, that's the second time this week you've almost tripped! Until further notice you've lost your walking privileges and are going to be cuddle carried until further notice!"

"Wait dear it's-"

<"No arguing!"


>She lifts her shirt, exposing her breasts and shoves my face to her nipple

<"I said no arguing! You just lost your talking privileges mister!"

>Daughteru is just standing there smugly the whole time as wife start to pet my head

<"Thank you for letting me know honey, knowing your father he wouldn't have told me at all!"

<"Your welcome mom, can I have some ice cream?"

<"Of course dear"

>Tfw daughteru gets rewarded for framing you

>Tfw you don't get any ice cream

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