A Human Hero vs the Goblinoid Menace

By tercio

> be independent virgin who don't need no monster

> well, that might be a bit strong, but you'd at least like your autonomy respected

> just want to get through one damn day without some monster trying to lock you down into a life long commitment at age friggin eighteen based only on the fact she likes you

> but of course that ain't happening

> managed to keep your head down at school but got out a little late

> so you got to the gym late

> and got out of there late

> and now you're walking home a little late

> and of course now there's a fucking Redcap of all things blocking your path

> recognize her from school despite the fading daylight

> pale skin, long lustrous platinum blond hair, a sharp toothed smile that would make an industrial meat grinder jealous

> petite with a tomboyish build

> that said it's not only obvious that she's over the age of consent but you have personally seen notarized documents attesting to that fact

> in fact she's definitely over the age of consent in any and all polities someone capable of reading this might live in, now or in the future

> her people's "traditional blood soaked long cap" sits awkwardly on her head

> you're pretty sure it's just cotton with a synthetic dye

> it might be flattering against her pale coloration if she wasn't also wearing your school's green plaid uniform

> as it is she kind of looks like a Christmas elf

> she's tried to compensate by adding some MOLLE pouches

> all she accomplished was to make herself look like a mall ninja Christmas elf

> just another fight-y / dominate-y type monster who likes to play the hardass

> I wonder whatever could she want?

> she doesn't say anything

> just leers at you and starts walking in circles around you like she's appraising a horse

> you can feel her eyes running up and down your body

> her hand touches your ass

> something inside you breaks

> whatever crude comment she was about to utter is aborted by your fist

> she falls flat on her butt and looks at you with an expression of shocked incomprehension

> nobody starts a fistfight with a monster!

> you're reminded why when her instincts kick in

> her body probably thinks she's fighting an Order Paladin in the Old World

> her technique is unsophisticated but her speed and agility are incredible

> on top of that she's much stronger than she looks

> your instincts kick in too

> biological algorithms evolved over eons of eat or be eaten conflict in the hell of post Eden Earth kick in

> your body is flooded with compounds which could be accurately be described as combat drugs

> your muscles' everyday safety limiters are released

> it's the greatest and most evil of Sol system's sophonts versus the most bloodthirsty incarnation of the goblin race

> for a time there is only the sound of fists on flesh

> she gets some solid hits in

> but your size and weight tell when you manage to wrap her up in a one armed grapple

> she absorbs a string of devastating body blows from your off hand before wriggling free

> a trickle of reason enters your brain as she stumbles away with her hands up in supplication

< "No more! Please!" you can see tears welling up in her eyes, "I give up!"

> you stop your assault but hang back warily with your guard up

< "Why..." she wheezes before falling to her knees, "I like you..."

> her tears are falling freely now

> you start to feel a little guilty but are overcome with a sudden surge of anger

> "NO! THAT ISN'T FAIR!" you point at her, your finger shaking with barely contained rage, "YOU DON'T GET TO CRY NOW!"



> she looks at you in shock, tears flowing down her face even faster

> are you getting through to her?

> you calm down a little bit

> "You don't get to cry just because I turned the tables on one of you fucking monsters and for once you couldn't just take what you want."

< "But I love you!"

> "Do I love you? Did you even think to ask if I loved you? No. To the extent that you considered it you probably figured you'd just rock my world so hard of course I'd want to be with you. You really only thought about yourself."

> "That's the opposite of love."

> you're looking into her eyes when you slip that last knife in

> you're looking for pain

> you want to hurt her

> and you do

> you can see her little heart break in real time

> it's one thing to be insulted and criticized

> it's another thing when the one doing the haranguing is the boy you love

> gazing into her eyes in her moment of absolute vulnerability you know that much

> for all her flaws, she really does love you

> as evil as this Fallen world is, the Old World is crueler

> to give a mere mortal the capacity and desire to love truly is a more sadistic trap than any the uncaring Natural Laws of your world could devise

> you feel ashamed and horrified

> you're afraid that you could never live up to how she sees you

> especially now

> but everything you said is true!

> you really are scared of how monsters can physically dominate you

> it really is unfair how their crazy pair bonding commits you to one path forever

> your soul is torn between truths

> you know you're doing the wrong thing when you walk away, leaving the Redcap girl weeping inconsolably

> but you don't think you can do anything else


> the Redcap girl isn't at school the next day

> you spend the next six and a half hours convinced you're about to learn you instigated her suicide

> see her slumped over in a park swing on the way home

> she looks totally different

> she isn't wearing anything special though, just a standard senior class school uniform

> her hair might be a little neater than usual but it's basically the same

> she isn't wearing her cap, but you somehow know that isn't it

> it's her demeanor

> she's totally defeated

> it makes her pale colors seem more gray than white

> you're reminded of stories where all of the magic is being sucked out of a world

> she looks like a human girl

> you feel bad for her

> it isn't fair

> by what possible mechanism could her being sad give her a right to anything of yours, let alone your heart?

> she molested you, why should you owe her anything?

> if anything, her being performatively sad is manipulative!

> you find yourself walking toward her anyway

> you find yourself haunted by what you said yesterday about love being selfless

> or are you just rationalizing your behavior?

> neither of you says anything as you sit in the swing next to her

> you sit quietly for quite a while

> finally she breaks the silence

< "I'm sorry. I was only thinking about what I wanted."

> ...

> "Can't you love someone else? I hurt you. I wanted to hurt you."

< ...

< "I don't think it works that way."

> ...

> "I don't think I can ever be what you think I am."

> there's a very long pause after that

> realize she's crying again

> try to laugh it off, some tough monster...

> doesn't work

> try to get angry, she's manipulating you with tears...

> doesn't work

> you reach out with one hand and very gently brush her fingertips with yours


> it feels like the swing seat is leaving a permanent imprint on your butt

> your leg is getting numb from supporting her weight

> her head only comes up to your shoulder

> you can feel the wet spot her tears are making

> your arm is tired from stroking her back

> the sunset is beautiful today

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Man I wish anons would write about stuff like this more often.