Yellow Team

By abeja


>Fairies in pilot suits run down the corridor with their helmets still on hand.


>Yellow team, composed of five fairies, run down the corridor following the yellow line to their Mech.

>They are the first to get into the hangar, but their Mech is not ready.

>The yellow fairy leader shouts "We are running out of time, ladies!"

>A huge door opens and a human male dashes to them and gets into position.

>In a matter of seconds, numerous attachments are put on him by enormous mechanical arms.

>The mechanical fairy team frantically tights all the bolts, while yellow fairy team get inside the cockpit located on the middle of the man chest.

>"Titan Yankee, move out the moment they tight the last bolt on you!"

>"Copy that, Yellow leader."

>A green light turns on in front of Titan Yankee and he dashes out of the hangar, but the weight of the attachments are slowing him down.

>"Come on ladies, I want this Titan fully operational!"

>"Reactor online!"

>His speeds start to increase.

>"Sensors online!"

>"What about weapons?!"

>Titan Yankee is already out of the hangar and the sight is not pretty.

>A malformed monster, with a thousand skeletal arms and foot under its black mass of ooze, spots them, its skull of a unknown predator animal locks on.


>Titan Yankee points both of his arms at the monster and brazes himself for the kickoff.

>"Weapons Online!"


>The weapons officer of yellow team pulls the trigger and projectiles shoot off Titan Yankee arm's attachments hitting on target.

>The monster screeches in pain while getting ripped apart little by little, but not fast enough.

>Yellow leader notices that they are too close to the hangar door.

>"Titan Yankee sustain fire and move to Nav Gamma! I want that hangar door clear!"

>"Copy that, moving to Nav Gamma while maintaining fire."

>He moves keeping his distance from the monster, it on the other hand tries its best to shorten the gap between them, but before it could lay a claw on Titan Yankee, Titan Whiskey clears the hangar and uses his flamethrower on it.

>"Yellow Leader, this is White Leader, formation L."

>"Formation L... Titan Yankee go to Nav Beta."

>"Moving to Nav Beta."

>They attack the monster from two different directions and push it away from the hangar.

>"Almost there..."

>And then the unthinkable happens, the ground behind them erupts and they are hit from behind, knocking Titan Yankee off balance.

>Yellow team screams while holding on their seat belts.

>Titan Yankee’s reflexes kick in, rolls and stands up facing their new opponent, a monster dug a tunnel behind them and manage to hide from radar.

>Its horn points at him and dashes to pierce Titan Yankee chest, he tries to evade but, the monster blob bony hands grabs his arm.

>The blob monster is using all his biomass to block the burning flames and its disgusting skeletal form is in full view

>Titan Yankee uses his arm as a shield and blocks the horn, causing all his attachments to explode in a gory mess, red blood shoots out and splashes the cockpit.

>"Ygor!" Yells yellow leader.

>The blob monster’s ooze turns into dust under the flames attack, just leaving is skeletal body.

>Titan Yankee's accelerates his heart to pump as much blood as possible to his muscles and with a titanic effort he lunges the piles of bones against the digger horn monster.

>The digger horn monster gets stun by a few seconds, time that Titan Yankee doesn't wastes and crushes the skeleton head with his foot against the digger's head.

>Taking this opportunity, Yellow Leader instructs the tech officer to ignites that foot jets to fry the monster head every time he stomps it, that softness its head and it gets crushed.

>The battle is over.


>In the infirmary, nurse fairies are removing pieces of metal from his giant muscles and putting back together bone and tissue, is a gory sight.

>"You will be in pain blockers until you are patched up." The doctor fairy tells me.

>"Thank for the work, doc."

>After a few hours and some kilos of scrap later, he is all patch up and resting on his bed.

>A small door opens and Yellow Leader flies into his room.

>"Finished with the report?" He ask with a calm expression.


>"How are you feeling?" She ask with worry in her heart.

>"All patched up and ready for action…"

>She interrupts him by landing on his cheek.


>He can feel her tears on his cheek "It’s all right, I’m alright." He puts his hand on her and they fall asleep.

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