Immortality and it's Folly Greentext

By pkace04

>Be me

>A recently turned Vampire.

>In my quest to seek immortality, I foolishly put myself in harm's way so that a close friend of mine who was a vampire would share her blood to save my life.

>When she found out the truth about me getting injured on purpose for that cause, not only did I lose my friend, but I lost everyone else relevant.

>Family and other friends, all of them left me behind in disgust at what I had done.

>Vampires…the living nobles of the night.

>There was nothing noble about what I did nor what I am.

>Even with all the power I had gained from becoming a Vampire, I had no ability to go back in time to fix my mistake.

>I no longer had to fear illness or disease.

>But the constant, agonizing hunger for blood tortured me to no end.

>In my attempts to repent, I abstained from drinking blood.

>As the nights went on, the dryness in my throat continued to intensify.

>The feeling of dehydration, the pain that came from moving even the slightest muscle.

>I endured this agonizing hell in my attempts to repent.

>Finally, on the third day without any blood, I heard knocking at my door.

>I became emaciated, too weak to even move as even lifting my fingers caused excruciating pain to shoot throughout my body.

>Hearing the locks on my door unlock, my vision turned red as a violent, almost primordial instinct took over my body.

>Ignoring pain that would cripple even the strongest of creatures, I leaped at the first thing that came into my sight.

>With my fangs primed and my throat aching to quench its thirst, I lunged at the first thing in sight, blacking out in the process.

>The next thing I knew, I regained consciousness.

>With the blinding light of my room above stinging my sight, it took me a moment to adjust before seeing a group of shadows towering over me.

>As my vision cleared up, I saw that those same shadows were my friends and family, all smiling as they audibly cheered.

>I tried to move my body, but the lingering pain from blood deprivation still lingered in my body.

>Nonetheless, the actual hunger that I was once suffering is gone.

>I could feel it inside my stomach.

>I must’ve filled myself up with blood…

>But how?

>“Try not to move alright? While your hunger should be sated, it’ll take a few hours for your body to absorb all of what you’ve consumed.”

>That voice…

>“Once you’re able to move again, your hunger will return, so you’ll need to feed a second time to fully recover, otherwise you’ll relapse and go on a blood frenzy as you did earlier.”


>“Honestly…depriving yourself of blood in that manner? What were you thinking after everything you went through to become immortal hmm?!”

>With my head resting on her lap, my Vampire friend as well as my other friends and even family members came.

>“...why…why did you come back? I betrayed your trust. I…I betrayed everyone’s trust…”

>“Yes, you did betray our trust. To be honest, I’m still livid at you. But not because of the stunt you pulled to get me to give you my blood. I’m not so boorish as to let something like that keep me angry.”

>Looking around, I noticed puncture wounds on everyone’s neck. I must’ve feasted on everyone here to sate my thirst…

>“Th-that doesn’t explain why you and everyone came back though. What I did…it was…”

>“Childish, abhorrent, and absolutely selfish. That said, when you’ve lived for as long as I have, you tend to see horrors out there that make your actions seem tame in comparison. However, the real reason why we came is that, despite your mistake, you are still undoubtedly my friend. I am very picky when it comes to picking out friends. Therefore, those who I have chosen to befriend are irreplaceable to me.”

>Sitting close to me, my friends and family all smiled gently at me, nodding in agreement with my Vampire friend.

> “When you become an immortal like me, you tend to value friends that much more. That’s because in the time I’ve spent in this world, I can recall the deaths of my friends and family who have long passed due to old age. The circle of friends that I chose to have dwindled with time not because I was antisocial or anything like that…”

>When she looked back down at me, her scarlet eyes were wet with tears as they came falling down on my face.

>“The pain of watching my friends and family die was horribly painful to go through! So…even if you tricked me into making you into a Vampire, I will not subject you to the horrors of being alone.”


>“That said, I will personally look after you to make sure you atone for your sins! You are not allowed to die for as long as I live. If you insist on being immortal, then you shall bear the burden of eternal life with me, as my friend…”

>It was that painful realization that taught me something important that day.

>“I’m sorry…”

>With tears running down my face, I didn’t have the strength to wipe them away.

>“I’m sorry I made you recall such painful memories! And I’m sorry everyone! I…I don’t deserve your kindness!!!”

>While Immortality granted me immunity to disease and death by aging, the pain of watching those you love die before you were not worth it. And unlike me, my Vampire friend didn’t choose to be immortal, she was born that way.

>“Yes yes…let it out. You’ll have plenty of time to atone for your mistakes. Though consider yourself lucky, because I will not let you live that burden alone now that you’re immortal like I am…”

>To have friends as irreplaceable as her. A life of eternity that I’ve always wanted.

>Even though I just got it, I already wanted to take everything back.

>Eternal life isn’t worth it if it means watching those I hold dear die before me.

>And while I’ll have to face that grief someday, I’m blessed that I don’t have to bear that burden alone.

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