Pyrow Greentext

By pkace04

>Be me

>Average joe of a modern world with a job I do to pay bills as I live rent by rent with no end in sight.

>No time and money for college, all of my friends are either too busy with their own problems or had forgotten about me altogether.

>Though I have a loving family that cares for me, I yearn for the kind of love you can only get from someone you marry.

>Problem is, I'm broke as hell and know damn well that I can't afford to take a girl out for a nice dinner.

>Jumping the gun though since I don't even have the courage to ask them out in the first place.

>Too shy and introverted to seek them out in public, and way too paranoid to do it online.

>They tell you that you'll find that special someone if you just tried, but they don't understand.

>So here I am, alone at a park sitting on a bench for no other reason than to just get away from the monotony of being surrounded by the things I use to keep my lonely ass occupied.

>I say that…but I’m fucking around with my phone ready to smoke a fucking cig.

>Just need to light it…light it…fuck. Lighter’s out of fuel.

> “Need a light old man?”

>Hearing a voice behind me, I turned to see a pyrow behind me.

>Before I could answer her, she already lit the cig on my hand using magic.

> “Thanks…but I’m not that old you know…”

>Jumping over the bench, this brat decides to sit next to me.

> “Eh! Whatever you say, old man.”

>This brat…

> “Oh don’t look at me like that. You should be thanking me. Now you don’t have to look like a total loser sitting at a bench all alone.”

>While boasting about how grateful I should be, she pulled out a vape pen between her cleavage.

> “Right…and what’s a brat like you doing out here in the middle of the day? Aren’t you supposed to be in class or something?”

>With a smug indifference, she took a hit out of her vape before blowing the vapors to my face. Smelled like a green apple.

> “Nah! Ditched that bullshit for the rest of the day…no point really.”

>I may have not gone to college, but I at least graduated high school. With the way this brat is talking, she’s gonna be on her way to being a dropout.

>It’s none of my business, but the more I thought about how shitty my life is now, the more I realized that I didn’t want others to go through the same shit.

> “I understand that school sucks ass. But trust me when I say that it’s important for your future…”

>The Pyrow brat furled her eyebrows in annoyance at me like I was about to bore her with a lecture.

> “Oh yeah? How?”

>With that started my ramblings about why it was important. I used my own life as an example so that it’d be as genuine as possible.

>Halfway through my story, I’d thought that this brat would’ve just told me to fuck off and leave.

>Instead, she listened the entire time without interrupting. Though more than likely she was just spacing out.

>When I was done with my story, she simply waved goodbye to me before leaving.

>I wonder if she took what I said to heart?

>HA! Yeah right.

>She’ll probably laugh it off as a virgin's tale and tell it to her friends as a funny story she heard from a pathetic old man…

>So with that in mind, I spent the rest of the day smoking it away before going home.

>I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t get that Pyrow brat out of my head. I only met her once, but I’m worried about her like I’m her father or something.

>So I’d go back to the part around the same time and day I met her in the false hope of seeing her again.

>But she never came…

>I’m not sure why I bothered after the 4th or 5th attempt, but I kept going back to that same spot on the same day of the week.

>As the months pass by, I grew more and more anxious to see her, to no avail.

>Then after a whole year, I’m here again.

>Nothing has changed for me during the entire time too.

>Still single, still doing the same job to pay to live, and hardly any friends to spend my free days with.

> “What the fuck am I doing? Why am I still doing this? She’s obviously not gonna come…”

>With a cig on hand, my lighter worked this time around as I took a big puff before closing my eyes.

>Just like puffing the smoke out of my lungs, I’m just wasting my life away.

>Maybe I should just end it here…

> “Oh wow! You’ve hardly changed at all old man!”

>As if I was hit by a defibrillator, my whole body shot up before I look in front of me.

>It was the same Pyrow brat from before. She was standing there with her hands behind her back.

> “Well, that was quite the hello. Nice to see you too old man!”

>I waited so long for her to come…

> “Check it out, old man!”

>With her toothy grin, she moved her hands forward to show me something. It was a high school diploma.

> “I avoided being a loser like you said you were!”

>Harsh…but she actually took my advice for granted.

> “Heh…fucking asshole. Congrats. What do you plan to do now that you’ve graduated?”

>Sitting next to me, the memories of our first encounter come flooding back like it was yesterday.

> “Lots of things…but right now, the most important thing I need to do is help out a certain loser.”

>She’s not even being remotely subtle there.

> “Oh? And how are you going to help this ‘loser’ hmm?”

>With a wide grin, she turned to face me.

> “Let’s fuck!”


> “Yeah, alright…”

>A few years later, I’m back at the park again.

>This time with two daughters to call my own as I watch them from a distance to make sure they’re safe.

>Unbeknownst to me at the time, Pyrow’s can apparently make the act of sex feel so casual that those they target will just perceive their invitation as normal.

>So I invariably ended up having sex with that brat of a Pyrow after she graduated high school.

>She explained that she got the high school diploma so that she could boost my confidence by showing that even someone like her who had nearly given up can still achieve something if they just try.

>Afterward, she supported me through every step of my life, helping me bring the life I ruined for myself back in order. Doing things together to help one another.

> “Why’re you smiling that old man? It’s kinda creepy!”

>Looking over my shoulder, my asshole of a wife brought me a drink before sitting next to me.

> “Oh nothing…I was just reminiscing is all…”

>Giving me a smile, she leaned closer to my face for a tender kiss on the lips.

> “Good thing I had you quit smoking. Your breath smelled god awful before…”

>It was certainly hard to quit smoking, though it helped that I wasn’t alone as she quit vaping around the same time.

> “Ha yeah…I have you to thank for that…no. I thank you for everything you did for me. I don’t say this enough but…I love you…”

>There weren’t a lot of things that could embarrass my wife, but telling her I love her always seems to work.

>Fixing her bangs, the wedding ring attached to her left ring finger shined brightly from the sun's reflection, as did her eyes.

> “You cheeky old man. You’d better be ready for a sleepless night once the kids go to bed. Cuz I’m gonna fuck you all night long…”

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