Haunted by a Banshee

By tercio

> new family is moving into the desolate moor next door

> Mom takes you to their crumbling keep to say hi

> guess they have a little girl your age or something

> she turns out to be a super pale, super shy thing named Gormghlaith

> tries to hide behind her Mom's shawl

> eventually the grown ups coax her out and send the two of you outside to play

> she just hides in the shadows and stares at you with wide eyes

> boring

> this is when you make your first mistake

> decide to run around and climb on the rocks a bit

> slip and fall

> ow

> little girl rushes to your side and starts crying

> this is where you make your second mistake

> you accept her hug and start crying to

> in your defense you were just a little kid

> but this error was irreversible

> from then on you can't get rid of the girl

> she follows you everywhere, crying sympathetically at every tiny little thing which goes wrong for you

> get a "B" on a test

< etherealWailing.mp3

> skin your knee

< inconsolableSobbing.webm

> your team loses the big game

< unearthlyLamentations.midi

> this goes on for years

> finally at the age where girls are enticing

> also at the age where monster girls are starting to attack

> or "enthusiastically pursue marital bliss" as the squirrel on the news says

> having a literal wailing banshee following you everywhere kind of cuts down on your suitors unfortunately

> kind of cuts down on most social contact to be honest

> having a rare moment of peace when Leanan Sidhe art teacher asks you to get something out of storage

> Hm, that's odd. That clay amphora looks new. What could be in it?

> something seems off here but you feel strangely compelled to open the jar

> realize your mistake the instant you remove the lid

> two impossibly strong arms grab yours and pull you inside

> you're floating in a strange place

> someone is spooning you

> you feel so safe and loved...

> you don't fight as the arms start to unbutton your shirt

> your reverie is shattered by the sound of pottery breaking

> you find yourself lying on the storeroom floor, surrounded by pot shards and covered in small cuts from the same

> a dusky skinned girl lies next to you, dazed and totally nude

> recognize Jinn of the Jar girl from your class

> Gormghlaith looms over you both

> expect her to start sobbing

> she cries when you get paper cuts for Pete's sake

> instead she just gives you a strange look

< "Could you wait outside for a minute? We need to have some girl talk."

> you have never seen her like this

> she's terrifying

> stumble out of the storeroom and numbly try to fix your shirt

> hear crashing and indistinct shouting

> door flies open and the jinn girl sprints out, desperately (and ineffectually) trying to hide her nakedness with her hands while running


> after a moment Gormghlaith calmly floats out

> she doesn't look at you, just frowns and taps her chin

> after a few moments she seems to come to a decision

< "Yeah, fuck the old ways. I'm not waiting for you to die. Especially if bitches are going after technically free guys clearly marked as 'childhood friend'. Gonna get me some hot living boy dick."

> ice cold hands, stronger and more sure than death, grab your collar and drag you back into the storeroom

> goodbye dreams of wizard powers

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