Panda Games

By tipper

>Be me

>Anon B. Oard

>Keep getting harassed by a panda girl named Ling

>Always wants to "try playing with my stick"

>Going on about how she wants to show me her "pole techniques"

>How she has so many "games" to play

>Decide fuck it, she wants to play a game, you can play a game

>Spend 3 weeks working to have enough for this plan

>Once everything is set up you go for a walk in the park and "accidentally" bump into her

<"Oh hey Anon, in the mood to play any games with me yet~?"

"Sure, how about my place, 8 o clock."

>She's visibly taken aback I'm actually saying yes

>She quickly recovers though, taking a bite of bamboo leaf to try and play it off

<"Ara ara, so forward Anon! Of course ill be there~"

>I give her my address and start walking home

>8 rolls around, and just as I finish setting up the finishing touches my doorbell ring

>Open it to see Ling standing in sultry red dress

<"Good to see you Anon, may I come in?"

>Let her in without a word, notice she doesn't have her bamboo stick with her

<"Mmmm Anon, so what do you want to do first~?"


<"Oh M- wait what?"

>She actually takes a look at my apartments living room

>Sees that I've set up monopoly, a bowl of chips for me, some drinks, and a bowl of bamboo leaves for her, with other board games in boxes on the side ready to be played

"What, I thought you wanted to play games"

>She's in too deep now, has to play along

<"O-oh of course! I- I'll be the iron!"

>We spend the night playing board games

>I'm egging her on the whole time

>Wearing a shirt one size too small

>Stretching so she can get good looks at me

>It's clearly messing with her, she keeps getting more flustered, but shes trying her best to keep her composure

<"W-wow Anon, you got a l-lot of board games..."

"Yeah, always been a fan, just never usually have someone to play them with"

>Now the wind up

"Hey it's a little hot, mind if I take my shirt off?"

>She doesn't even get to take my shirt off

>Her blush covers practically her entire face

>Now the coup de grace

"Oh hey, forgot I had this last one"

>Pull out another game of Monopoly, Sex in the City Edition

>And that was the straw that broke the camels back

>She screams and pounces on me in an instant, tearing my pants off

>We spend the rest of the night playing a different kind of game, as she shows me all the pole handling techniques she was talking about

>Woke up the next morning surrounded by bamboo and scattered game pieces with her wrapped around me

>To this day we still hold board game nights

>And every time we make sure to end it the same way, with some good old pole games

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