Aqua Teen Hunger Force vs. Some Really Horny Monster Girls

By snakeslitherer


>In a run-down home in a New Jersey lower-middle class neighborhood, on the planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy, in this Universe, which may or may not be part of a greater multiverse, which itself may part of even more multiverses, and so on...

>"Shut up! Move on with this stupid intro already!"

>Well, alright then, you don't have to be so rude about it! Now where was I? Oh yes, Jersey... run-down home... universes... oh yeah, so in that one specific place we just mentioned, there lived the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the greatest force of weirdness this side of the Delaware.

>The trio of sentient fast food items, created by the nefariously strange Dr. Weird, included Master Shake, the arrogant and childish milkshake who considers himself the self-appointed 'leader' of the group; Frylock, the box of French fries with all the brains; and Meatwad, the uh... wad of meat who's the cutest of the bunch, but also kinda stupid. He also gets bullied by Shake a whole lot. Now, there's also Carl, the Aqua Teens' next-door neighbor. He's kinda cranky and really depressed, who just wants the Aqua Teens to leave him the hell alone. Sometimes, you really can't help but feel bad for the fella.

>Today is a special day, though. You see, Meatwad just got a copy of the "Monster Girl Encyclopedia", or MGE-

>"Yeah, yeah, we know what it is! This is /monster/, for cryin' out loud!"

>Yeah, well screw you too, Dan! I'm trying to tell this damn story over here, and you won't keep quiet long enough for me to tell it!

>Pardon that interruption. Now, Meatwad's new book was not just any old book. It was a book about monster girls, and in his lonely little life, bullied by Shake and being stupid, he found himself drawn to the idea of monster ladies who would love him for who he was, and so, with that, he found himself reading it all the time, never leaving his room. Until one day...

>Shake went over to Meatwad's room, banging on it with a large curtain rod, holding a lit lighter in his other hand.

>"Hey Meatwad... I've got a present for you!"

>"Oh boy, a present!" Meatwad happily repiled.

>As soon as he opened the door, Shake started beating him with the curtain rod repeatedly, yelling, "Here's your present, buddy!"

>Meatwad started crying in pain, and ran from Shake.

>Shake laughed and charged inside the room, looking for something to burn.

>He rummaged around Meatwad's stuff, throwing aside all sorts of crap, junk, and crappy junk, before he found the MGE.

>Shake flipped through the book, and scoffed at the monster ladies.

>"Quit touching my book, Shake!" Meatwad cried in outrage.

>"Oh yeah? I wonder why. I bet you're really BEATING your MEAT to this!" Shake laughed.

>Frylock came up to the two, asking, "What the hell are you two doing this time?"

>"He's touching my stuff!" Meatwad exclaimed.

>"Oh yeah? And you're touching YOUR stuff, aren't you?" Shake retorted, giggling at his dumb joke.

>"Oh shut up, Shake. Lemme see that book." Frylock looked through the book, looking up at Meatwad and Shake a couple of times, before whistling. "Damn, Meatwad, these are some fine -- Wait, hold up. This book is too adult for kids like you. You shouldn't be reading this kinda smut!"

>"I don't care! It's good readin' for me anyways!" Meatwad replied.

>"You can't even read, Meatwad," Frylock reminded him. It was true, Meatwad didn't know how to read at all.

>"Yeah, he's only doing God knows what with his-"

>"Shut up, Shake. Now, Meatwad, I'm going to have to confiscate this book from you," Frylock said.

>"No! I need this book! I need these girls!" Meatwad exclaimed.

>"Yeah, gimme the book instead!" Shake said, quickly snatching it from Frylock.

>"Hey, what the hell are you doing?"

>"Watch this, Meatwad, watch and learn!" Shake giggled. He took the lighter and lit the book on fire, before quickly throwing out the window. It crashed through the glass and landed on the grass outside, exploding in a fiery blaze.

>"Ha ha, what do you think of that, Meatbeater?"

>"You sonofabitch!" Meatwad started crying.

>"Shake, you made him upset."

>"Yeah? And since when did I give a crap? So long, suckas!" And with that, Shake left the room.

>Frylock floated over to Meatwad, and hugged the little meat thing with a fry. "It's okay, Meatwad. They print plenty of books like that. When you're a little older, you and I will go to the store, and I'll buy you a new one!"

>Meatwad was inconsolable. "No! I need them now! I'll never get over it!"

>Frylock sighed, and left Meatwad's room. He knew that Meatwad would need some time to get over this newest tragedy, but what he didn't know was that forces were conspiring to give Meatwad what he wanted, and then some...

>Frylock floated down the hallway and went past Shake, who was watching the TV in the living room. It was some stupid show that came on every Saturday, and Frylock never bothered to remember the show's name anyways.

>As soon as Frylock approached the door, he heard something very striking. He turned around to the TV, where there were two little puppets dancing around on the screen. He heard them sing. "Uh oh, you've made them mad!" over and over again.

>He thought it was weird, as it gave him a funny feeling, the kind of gut feeling that he did make somebody mad, but who, or what, he couldn't say for sure.

>He dismissed it as just another feeling, though, and went outside.

>Waiting outside for him was Carl, his protruding belly uncovered by the too-short wifebeater he always wore.

>Carl immediately went into action. "Hey, uh, Fryman. Do you know anything about some book exploding in my back yard?"

>"Uh, no, I haven't heard anything about that," Frylock lied.

>"Oh yeah? Well, I figured it was one of you frickin' morons trying to mess with me again. Because you're always behind that crap, you know?"

>"Uh, yeah. Well, if I find out who did it, I'll let you know," Frylock promised half-heartedly.

>"Yeah, you do that, Fryman."

>Frylock went back inside and shut the door, not in the mood to deal with Carl's grumpiness today.

>The TV was still going on with the song, but Frylock ignored it. Shake looked up at Frylock and asked, "Who was at the door? Was it those weird neighbor kids from across the street? Tell 'em we don't have any candy this year."

>"No, it was Carl, asking about that damn book you just had to burn."

>"Oh, that guy. Why does he always have to get into other people's business? He's so nosy!"

>"It's because of... You know what, you enjoy sitting on your ass, I'm going to my room!"

>"You are, huh? Fine, you weirdo!" Shake replied, as Frylock went into his room and slammed the door.

>"Wow, why's everyone being so rude today? You'd think people would just learn to live together!"

>Shake went back to watching the TV. Before long, he fell asleep, snoring as the puppets continued their little chant.


>Carl went back to his house, grumbling about the chaos the Aqua Teens always cause. Slamming the door shut behind him, he went to his computer, where his favorite ladies were there, naked of course.

>Recently, Carl had learned of a new type of naked lady: the monster girl. He found about them online, and he quickly became enamored with them and their beautiful forms.

>He began pleasuring himself to images and videos of the finest monster girls he could find, caring about little else. He was going to do the same today, before that damn book exploded in his lawn.

>Just as he sat down in his crusty chair, however, he heard a knock at his door.

>He sighed. "What do those freaks want now?" He murmured, before heading to the door to investigate.

>Looking through the peephole, he saw a single little girl, wearing a gray hoodie and a miniskirt, her pale face obscured by the hoodie. She was one of those new neighborhood girls who acted real weird. Carl could feel the weird coming from this girl in particular.

<"Onii-san! Open up, please!"

>Carl sighed, before opening up the door.

>"Look kid, what the hell do ya want? I'm busy right now!"

<"Onii- I mean, Oji-san! Do you want to play with me?"

>"No, frickin' go away, little girl! I ain't got time to play wit you, or wit anyone right now. Go away, go to your parents or somethin'."

<"S-so you don't want to play with me?" The weird girl mournfully asked, her happiness like a deflating balloon.

>"I just told ya no! Now quit botherin' me!" And with that, Carl slammed the door in her face.

>The girl looked shocked for a couple of seconds, before a real fire lit up in her eyes. She muttered to herself, "Oji-san, you're being a real meanie. Next time we meet, I'm going to do some bad things to you." To her, that wasn't a threat, that was a promise. Carl would be punished. Severely.

>Later that night, Meatwad was still mourning over the lost MGE, his tears constantly running down his face.

>But even he could not stay awake crying forever. He fell asleep eventually. But in his sleep, he dreamed that he was surrounded by a gaggle of lovely monster girls of all types, beasts, harpies, reptiles, angels, and demons, all of whom were softly caressing him and kissing him sweetly. Each one was saying sweet nothings to him, like, "Oh Meatwad, I really love you," or "Meatwad, give me your babies!" Meatwad replied to each suavely, saying "I know, honey, I love all of you girls!" and "Meatdaddy's gonna give you all the meat babies!" The girls swooned with his replies, feeling the effects of the charismastic Meat Adonis. But then, all of a sudden, he felt something strange happen as the girls turned away from him and to some unseen being.

>Meatwad couldn't see it, but he could hear it.

<"Meatchild, you are a true monster girl lover," the voice boomed. "Would you like to come to the land of monster girls, where you'll be happy for the rest of your life, and have all the monster girls you could ever desire?"

>Meatwad was overjoyed at this news. "Hell yeah!" he squeaked, before returning to his more cool voice. "I mean, yeah, I'll come with y'all."

<"Then your fate will be with us, dear Meatchild. Come step into the portal, and you will live among us forever."

>A swirling vortex suddenly ripped open, and Meatwad gaped in awe. He looked to the monster girls surrounding him, and he said, "Well ladies, I guess we're going to y'all's place to party!"

>Meatwad charged to the portal, and then jumped straight through. The girls, one by one, followed him, each one lustily giggling or else imagining all the lewd things Meatwad could do to them.

>By morning, he woke up in a new land, the desert land of the monster girls.

>Frylock looked all over for Meatwad, but he couldn't find the little guy. He wasn't in his room, he wasn't anywhere else in the house, and he certainly wasn't outside. Frylock hovered in thought, racking his brain about where he could possibly have been.

>Shake waddled up next to Frylock, before innocently asking him, "What're you doing this time, Frylock?"

>"I'm trying to figure out where Meatwad is. I haven't seen him anywhere today."

>"Me neither, and that's alright with me," Shake replied nonchalantly.

>Frylock immediately suspected Shake did something to Meatwad. "What did you do to Meatwad, Shake?"

>"Nothin'. I ain't seen him either, Frylock."

>"That's bull, and I know it."

>"Well, genius, have you tried checking the tracking device he has?"

>"He has a tracking device?"

>"Yeah, you remember when uh... he got stuck in the Fifth Warlock Dimension, and you told me, 'Next chance you get, put this damn chip in him'?"

>"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do remember! Shake, that's the first time you've ever been helpful this year!" Frylock joyously went to his computer, pulling up the tracker program.

>"Well, yeah," Shake continued as he joined Frylock by the computer, "it sure as hell helps me find out where he is so I can give him a good ass-whoopin'!"

>"Why am I not surprised?" Frylock muttered, shaking his head.

>The tracker program took a while, but it finally pulled up Meatwad's exact location: the Monster Girl Dimension (MGD)

>"Shut up, you don't have to abbreviate every damn thing, you know?"

>And you don't have to interrupt me while I make a damn greentext, Dan, you absolute cockmongler. I swear, you piss me off!

>Anyways, Frylock stared at the computer screen in shock. "The Monster Girl Dimension (MGD)?"

>"You mean, the girls from that book?" Shake asked.

>"Yeah, I guess so," Frylock answered.

>"So, uh, when are we going?"

>"What are you in a hurry for, Shake?"

>"Because, smartass, I want to bang some poontang, even if it is a monster lady!"

>"Well, while we're there, we should focus on getting Meatwad back."

>"Oh yeah, whatever. Fire up the portal machine, Frylock! We've got monster girls to bang!"

>Frylock brought out the interdimensional portal machine, and brought it online.

>"Okay, Shake, let me remind you about this device. This machine will only keep online for about two hours. Any longer than that, and it'll collapse because of its inherent instability-"

>"Oh shut up, Frylock!"

>"Ugh, fine." Frylock prepped the portal machine to create the portal, a high-pitched whine ringing as it did so.

>After a couple of seconds, Frylock shot the portal out, which tore a hole in space with an immense roar. The interdimensional winds violently swirled in the room.

>Shake immediately threw himself through the portal, shouting, "Monster babes, here I come!"

>Frylock calmly followed after his friend through. The two 'fell', if you could even call it that, it was more like gliding in at least eight axes, through interdimensional space, before landing flat on their faces in the sand of the Monster Girl Dimension (MGD).


>In Carl's house, as soon as the portal ripped a new anus in our dimension, a second, smaller one erupted right on top of Carl, sucking him through the vortex like a vacuum cleaner. He landed his ass right in the middle of a stone floor. The land was hard, but Carl had been through worse. Far worse.

>He brushed some dirt off of his face, before analyzing his surroundings. He was in a dungeon cell, with only a stone bed built to the sides of the walls, and a little stinking trench for furniture.

>"Ah hell, I'm back in the frickin' Middle Ages again, ain't I?"

<"That's where you're wrong, Oji-san."

>Carl looked up to see that weird neighbor girl, here in front of him.

>That girl was no longer dressed in the hoodie, though. She was dressed in a black robe, the hood let down to reveal the girl's true nature.

>She had little curly goat horns, and hooves for feet. Carl had read about a similar monster girl, called a Baphomet, but as he looked at her, he realized...

<"Yeah, I'm a Baphomet. You may call me Lucia, Oji-san. Or should I say, Buta-san. You weren't very nice to me yesterday."

>"Look girly, I ain't got time to play any of your games. Just lemme go back to my house."

<"You're not going anywhere, Buta-san. Let me repeat myself, you weren't very nice, and I don't like mean people."

>"Yeah, so what? Join the club."

<Lucia growled angrily, and said, "If you're not going to be nice, then I'll have to punish you. Sexually."

>"Oh yeah? I'm gonna get raped by a little girl?" He realized what he said, and moaned, "Oh god, I'm gonna get raped by a little girl."

<"I'm not just a little girl, Buta-san," Lucia answered. "I'm actually 563 years old. I have lived many numerous of your human lives!"

>"Oh, so you're not actually a little girl, then?"

>Lucia nodded firmly.

>Carl sat thinking for a brief few seconds, before declaring, "Alright, it don't matter. None'a dis matters..."

>Lucia was startled by this sudden change, but quickly grinned evilly. She ripped off her robe, revealing her nude body to her new Oji-san.

<"As you wish, your punishment starts now."

>And with a swift movement, Lucia threw herself on top of Carl. She took his sweatpants down, and began bouncing up and down on him, crazed panting increasing with each downward thrust.

>"Oh God! This is the best! RAPE ME LUCIA!"

>And she did, perfectly. When her prey had come for the eleventh time, Lucia finally dismounted, licking her lips at the fat man who had given her such a good time.

>"You're mine forever now, Oji-san."

>Carl sighed, "Yeah, whatever..."

>Meatwad was in a beautiful palace, surrounded by even more monster girls of all types, each one fighting to be by his side, to carress and kiss him like before.

>The voice that had called unto him owned this palace, and that voice had belonged to the most beautiful and sensual monster girl of the land, the succubus Dread Queen, whose name was unspeakable for any being save her true love. For the three millennia of her life, she had remained lonesome, never hearing her true name spoken. Until possibly now.

>Meatwad had already been in her presence once, and the two talked about all sorts of things, from stories of his home and his friends to how he came to discover monster girls. The Dread Queen was impressed and amused with the childish little meatchild. His mannerisms were strange, and his form even stranger, but she felt that he would make a good husband in time. After all, he would have all of forever to spend with her, and what mortal man would dare to refuse?

>He spent some time in the royal bath with her, the warm water covered with fragrant lavender. The Dread Queen, nude as the day she was born, had her arm wrapped around Meatwad, keeping her close to her naked breast. He kept staring at her breasts, admiring her erect nipples and the areolae surrounding them.

<"Oh, you like them?" The Dread Queen asked, her soft, husky, sultry voice enough to make any man go wild.

>"Y-yeah, they're great," Meatwad stammered.

<"Well... I could let you... but I don't know... only someone who really loved me could do such a thing."

>"Well, uh... I wanna love you."

<"Are you sure? It would be a big commitment, and you'd have to stay with me forever."

>"I'd love that, Your Highness, but..."

<"But what?"

>"I... I want to be with my friends, too."

<"Your friends? The milkshake and the fries?"

>"Y-yeah. I know Master Shake can be a real farthole at times, and Frylock can be stuck up, but I love them, and any life here without them wouldn't be perfect."

>The Dread Queen looked at him thoughtfully. She wanted her true love happy at all costs, and if he wanted his friends, then he would have his friends!

<"I'll do what I can, Meatchild. Will you be mine forever, if we bring them here?"

>"Yes! I'll marry you, Queen!"

>The Dread Queen smiled, and hugged Meatwad tightly between her chest. While he was distracted by the facefull of titty, he thought he could hear her weeping with joy.

<"Oh, Meatchild. You don't know how happy this makes me! I've waited all these millennia, all this time... for a good lover like you! We'll start the wedding preparations immediately!"

>But that was not to come... For suddenly, there was a major ruckus in the Palace: fighting and explosions happening suddenly and with great violence.

>The Dread Queen let Meatwad go and quickly jumped up out of the bath, putting only a loincloth on and grabbing her scepter.

<"Stay here, my love! I will deal with these impious brigands who dare to attack my palace!"

>And thus she ran out, leaving Meatwad to remain in the bath.

>Frylock and Shake had landed not too far outside of the palace. It had taken them only a half-hour to reach the Palace, walking across dry, dusty cliffs and narrowly avoiding falling to their dooms.

>But now they were here, and they were going to rescue Meatwad at all costs.

>At the front gate of the palace, there stood two huge Minotaurs with great halberds in their hands, standing on each side of the gate.

>Frylock approached the guards. They stared down at the two, with sharp eyes that told them not to mess around.

<"What do you want, food-things?" The left Minotaur said.

>"We want to know where we can find our friend," Frylock explained. "He's a small little guy, a ball of meat. He's a kid, and we're looking for him. Have you seen him?"

>The two Minotaurs stared at Frylock, before glancing over at each other.

<"And if he were, little food thing?" The left Minontaur asked.

<"Shut up, Bessie," the right Minotaur spoke, "if they found out-"

<"Don't call me that, Jessie! You know I don't like being called that stupid name!"

<"Well, that's your name, I don't see why you should be so mad about it."

<"I'll show you mad, you-"

>"Hey look, do you know where our friend is or not? Because we don't have much time to waste."

>"Yeah," Shake added. "We ain't got time to mess around with a bunch of big, dumb, gay, muscle cows! We want sexy, not gay!"

>The two Minotaurs glared angrily at Shake.

<"What did you call us?" They asked in unison.

>"You heard me, bitches! Big. Dumb. Gay. Muscle cows!"

>"Shake, shut up before we get our asses kicked!"

>The two minotaurs were shaking with rage at this point, and it was only a matter of time, indeed, before they got their asses kicked.

>"Quit repeating yourself, dumbass!"

>Dan, I swear to God, if you interrupt me one more time, I'm going to -

>Phew... Anyways, Frylock quickly lost his patience, and shot lasers out of his eyes. The two minotaurs hopped out of the way, which left the door blown wide open.

>"Quickly, Shake, get inside!"

>The two ran inside the gate, finding themselves inside the palace. It was an absolutely luxurious place, with all sorts of fabrics, furniture, and food from the world over. It was like an old Sultan's palace in all its glory. And of course, there were a bunch of pissed-off monster girls staring at them.

>"Ah shit, we're really in deep now," Frylock said.

>"Yeah, this was all your fault, genius. You just had to shoot your mouth off at those stupid gay cows, and now look at us!" Shake responded.

>"Shut up - ah, screw it. We're gonna have to fight these girls for Meatwad's location."

>Both grabbed pieces of the former gate, and began fighting the monster girls. They held their own against the many girls, but because of the girls' immense strength, it was only a matter of time before their asses were kicked. And kicked they were.

>Frylock and Shake were beaten and bruised, but surprisingly not bloody. They were tied up by the girls, and picked up by the two minotaurs to be led to their mistress.

>"Oh, you're got us tied up, huh? I never was into that sort of thing, but it's alright if it's with you babes!" Shake said.

<"Shut up, cup-thing. You are stupid thing," Bessie said.

<"Yeah, you and your friend are bad food," Jessie added.

>"Playing rough to get, too? Oh man, I love you ladies!"

>The two were put down, right in front of a cyan-colored succubus. Clothed only in a loincloth, and holding a scepter, she seemed to be wet, as if she just came out of some water.

>But she smelled peculiar, almost like...

<"I am the Dread Queen of this land! Who are you, who dares to attack my home?" She boomed in a regal voice.

>Frylock responded, "I'm sorry about the mess, ma'am. We're just looking for our friend, I'm sure you've probably heard of him. Short, small, meaty?"

>Her eyes widened at the description, but yet she kept to her question.

<"I asked, who are you?"

>"I'm Frylock, and my friend is Master Shake. We don't have much time, we need to find him soon before we lose the chance to go back home!"

<"Hmm... so you truly are his friends then."

>"You know about us?"

<"Yes, the Meatchild told me all about you. He told me all sorts of things about you."

>"Like what, lady?" Shake asked impatiently.

<"He said you were mean, cruel, and absolutely despicable towards him. He told me that you, in particular, milkshake, were an absolute bully. If it were my up to me, I would have had the two of you fed to the Great Sandworms!"

>The two looked fearfully at the woman, who was this angry at them.

>"But, I must admit, your friend, my love, loves you as his best friends, and I must respect his love. So I will let you live, on one condition."

>"What's that?" Frylock asked.

>"That you, too, will stay here and marry some of my girls. Not all of us are yet ready to marry, for we do not intend to stay here forever. The Meatchild told us of his homeworld, and all of the men there... We will go there someday, on the orders of those above us, and we will become their wives. But until then, I ask that you stay here, to live with us in harmony and love."

>The two were dumbfounded with this request, but they couldn't just answer immediately. Yet...

>"Okay, sure, lady," Shake said. "I'll stay here. Gimme the best girls you got!"

<"And you, fries?" The Dread Queen asked.

>Frylock thought for a little longer, before deciding. "Ah screw it, I wasn't getting any good pussy on Earth anyways!"

<"Then that is settled, you two will stay here with my love and me, until it is time for us to leave for Earth."

>Out of the corner of his eyes, Frylock saw Meatwad roll up into the hallway from a side entrance.

>"Hey, Meatwad! It's good to see you, buddy!" Frylock cried out in joy.

>"Yeah, it's real good to see you. Do you know how much crap we've been through looking for you?" Shake asked angrily.

>"It's good to see you guys, too! Don't you know I'm getting married to Queen Mary here?"

>"M-Ma-... the Dread Queen?" Frylock asked, the true name never coming out.

>"Yeah, ain't she somethin'?"

<"Yes, I guess I am something," M-M-Ma, ah fuck it, the Dread Queen answered amused.

>"So, who are we marrying?" Frylock asked.

>"Yeah, I wanna get some of that poo-say!" Shake demanded.

>Bessie and Jessie looked at each other, mischievously grinning. They quickly untied Frylock, but left Shake tied up.

<"You've got a real big mouth, cup-thing," Bessie said.

<"We'll show you, big dumb gay muscle cows!" Jessie declared.

>"Oh God! Frylock, help! I'm going to be molested by these cows!" Shake pleaded, his last words falling short as the Minotaur guards took him away to their room, doomed to very hot threesomes with muscle cows who were, in fact, big, slightly unintelligent, and definitely into yuri.

>Frylock was quickly picked up by a crow tengu, and she quickly flew away with her new prey.

>Now it was just M-M-Ma- the Dread Queen and Meatwad.

>"I can't wait to marry you, Mary!"

<"Neither can I, Meatchild."

>The two kissed passionately, their love secure forever.

>"Oh great, now this shitshow's over! Thank God! There's definitely some molestation here, buddy. You molested ATHF with this monster girl crap!"

>Oh yeah, is that right, Dan? Git'cher ass over here, I'm gonna whoop yer ass!

>And Dan's ass was whooped really good.


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