Manticore Nasheed

By tercio

> be engaged in exciting research

> advanced satellite imagery has revealed a long dry riverbed

> untouched archaeological site found along where the banks once were

> really enjoying ever so carefully removing sand to reveal ancient foundations and artifacts

> the midden pit has evidence of early heliciculture!

> the whole team from your mens' college is super excited

> but why does Eugene look so frightened all of a sudden...?

> wait, you hear it too now

> the roar of engines

> and the melody of a nasheed

> you look at each other and both start sprinting for the main camp

> but it's far, far too late

> you're quickly overtaken by technicals and grabbed by chanting manticores

> soon you find yourself bound and kneeling in a row with all the other men

> heavily armed manticores are grinning mischievously and chanting a triumphant nasheed

"Cirnaaah, Cirnaaah, Cirnaaah neko nee naaah!"

> look hopefully at handful of men among the raiders

> they're covered head to toe in clothes and wrappings

> tinted goggles so you can't even see their eyes

> recall that this is the mark of a radical, done so no one but their waifu may gaze upon them

> likely no help forthcoming from them

> older manticores who you assume are their wives, and therefore senior leaders, are discussing something

> they reach a decision

> announce something in the Old Tongue

> younger manticores start cheering

> and then start walking up and down the line examining the men

> oh God, they're picking husbands

> start panicking and thinking about running

> someone else has the same idea

> he doesn't make it three steps before he's taken down by spines and dragged off by his new wife

> guess she liked his moxie

> internally debating if you'd prefer a wife who wants a husbandu who struggles or one who wants a submissive boi

> might be the only decision you get to make here...

> suddenly it gets very dark

> a cloud in the desert?

> look up

> is that a flying pyramid?!

> raiders start shouting angrily and readying their weapons

> before you can make sense of what's going on beams of light begin shooting out of the pyramid

> hellhounds dressed in Starfleet uniforms materialize inside the beams


> manticores start chanting a jihad nasheed and shooting at the hellhounds with stunners dummied up to look like AK-47's

> hellhounds start spouting nonsensical technobabble and shooting at the hellhounds with stunners gimmicked to look like ray guns

> you just kind of sit there with your mouth open

> periodically see one of the monsters grabs a guy and sneaks away from the fight

> the sight galvanizes you to try to escape

> it's surprisingly easy in the chaos

> manage to stumble away, hands still bound

> make it to a sand dune and hide below the ridge line

> peek over to watch the madness unfold

< "Can you believe they do this every other weekend?"

> your blood runs cold

> very slowly turn around

> extremely amused looking anubis at the head of a patrol of mummies

> smirking sphinx scout lounging on a rock

> deadpan girtablilu mercenary stands off to the side

< "There's an oasis a thirty minute walk south of here."

> nononono

< "Pharaoh respects men with the resourcefulness to escape those weirdos."

> that sounded promising, are they going to let you go?

> anubis sees the hope in your eyes and smirks

< "We'll give you a ten minute head start."

> you run

> the shifting sands make for poor footing but the hungry stares of the monsters drive you on

> you fall several times but don't dare stop, you just crawl forward to get to your feet

> all you can hear is the pounding of your heart and your own rasping breath

> your terrified mind does some quick math

> 30 minute walk, human walking speed about 3mph

> for 10 minute deadline need to be 3 times faster to be sure to escape, about 9mph

> that sounds doable!

> you slip in the sand again and tumble

> panic increasing

> legs are burning with the effort of plowing through the sand

> can't stop!

> can't stop!

> stop

> the sand dune in front of you just exploded?!

> no, it was a tarp disguised with sand

> underneath is a woman on a hoverbike urgently gesturing for you to join her!

> you leap into the sidecar, the engine whines, and you're off

> suddenly wonder if you've jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire

> ask her to take you to the oasis

> she laughs

"If you want. But you do realize that if you beat them there it just means you'll be brought to their bosses to see if they're interested in you?"

> yeah that does seem like what a bunch of monstergirls might do

> ask if there's anywhere safe

"I have a sandcrawler near here. We can hide out there."

> true to her word she takes you to a well hidden tracked vehicle

> it's one of those long, low slung jobs with multiple articulated compartments

> looks like this one is set up like an RV with a rear living area

"Welcome to my home away from home."

> she gives you a nervous, tight lipped smile

"Give me a minute and I'll get the satellite phone up and running for you."

> you finally have the chance to give her a good looking over

> mousy brown hair chaotically sticks out from under a floppy beret

> wry green eyes peek out from over a keffiyeh

> she wears sturdy pants and boots while her hands are protectively wrapped

> the rest of her is shielded by an overcoat long since sand blasted to the ubiquitous yellow-brown of the desert

> her Mad Max ensemble is completed by a weathered backpack

> it's hard to tell with how she's wrapped up but there are no obvious abnormal features

> could she be human?

> she seems to sense your unasked question

"It's tough out here for a human girl. A lot of the monsters around here will monsterize a human as soon as look at her."

> she opens the door and gestures for you to enter

> somewhat mollified you accept the offer

> the inside of the vehicle looks like a dorm room and a cartography room collided

> maps of the desert cover almost every available surface

> personal items are crammed into the small amount of space remaining

> the girl seems a little sheepish as she clears some space for you on a narrow couch

"Sorry. It's a little messy. Why don't you take a seat? I'll put some tea on and we can talk while I charge the satellite phone batteries."

> she pulls her scarf down a little and gives you another shy, close mouthed smile before disappearing into what you assume is her kitchen compartment

"I'm Valerie by the way."

> the exhaustion of your desperate flight nearly overcomes you when you finally sit down

> this is the first time since the attack you haven't been terrified

> you luxuriate in the experience and mindlessly listen to Valerie tinkering about

> after a few minutes she returns and sits next to you, but at a respectful distance

> you get to talking and it turns out she's a bit of a scientist, just like you

> she seems genuinely interested in your archaeological work

> you ask her about her studies and she gets embarrassed

"Nothing as sophisticated as what you're up to. Just surveying and mapping with a little bit of observation of the wildlife."

> she chuckles

"And of course I need to keep tabs on all the crazy monsters you can run into out here."

> now that topic interests you a great deal and you urge her to elaborate

"Well, first there's the servants of the Pharaoh. They're pretty legit. They live here permanently and are creating a pocket demon realm. Of course they need mana for that. And that means husbands. Pretty interesting society actually. Lots of very different types of monsters working together. Like an Ice Realm. Or a Wonderland, kind of. Not super common."

> you're confused and ask why the others are here if they don't live here

"Dude, the hellhounds have a flying pyramid. They go where ever they want, living out whatever bonkers scifi inspired kick they're on this week. The crazy thing is that those philistines have accidentally created a research powerhouse. By obsessively kidnapping quote unquote 'white boi nerds' they've actually put together a great R&D department. Where do you think they got the flying pyramid in the first place?"

> you comment that that's an odd side effect of hellhound delinquency indeed

> expect her to continue but she doesn't

> Valerie sighs when you prompt her about the manticores

"Look, I'm not racist or anything but I kind of hate them."

> keep looking expectantly

"Ugh. It's just stupid. The ones around here have this whole stupid hierarchical system with a bunch of stupid rules and requirements and-"

> she's interrupted by a tea kettle whistling

"Hang on, let me get the tea."

> you're a little bemused by this whole situation

> can't believe you got out of this without getting raped

> really can't believe you were saved by a human girl

> feel pretty bad about all the times you said '3DPD' and 'roastie'

> get up to stretch your legs and look at Valerie's map collection

> hunh, what's this map with a bunch of dots and arrows pointing away from the dots?

> "Boy Escape Paths"

> no...

> you quickly scan the bookshelf

> "Predictive Modeling" "Bayesian Theory" "Statistical Analysis"

> "Field Guide to Animal Tracking"

> you dash for the door and frantically struggle with the handle

> it's locked!

"It's not polite to rifle through a girl's things you know."

> for the second time today you very slowly turn around, afraid of what you'll see

> Valerie has taken off her scarf and is smiling broadly

> revealing decidedly exaggerated canines

> her smile becomes smug as she sets down the tray of tea she's carrying and pulls off her oversized floppy beret

> revealing two fluffy ears

"Although it is nice to dispense with the subterfuge."

> desperately trying to break the lock now

> can see something moving inside her backpack

> there's nowhere to run as she hugs you from behind and softly blows on your ear

> spot the bulb out of the corner of your eye as it darts out of her "backpack"

> feel the fatal sting

> she giggles and releases you as you begin to sag, heat already overwhelming you

"Oh God, it's even more adorable than I imagined!"

> doing your level best to defeat the drug with willpower alone

> she takes off the fake backpack and her overcoat, freeing her tail and wings

> watch, sweating and flushed, as she indulges in a catlike stretch

> should have known those boots were too big for a human

> and those mitten like "hand" wrappings...

"Do you feel it? Do you feel my love coursing through your veins?"

> she's almost as flushed as you are

> really, really seems to be getting off on what her venom is doing to you

> she takes your face in her paws

"It must be so frustrating... but all you have to do is ask and I can relieve the pressure."

> on your hands and knees now

> the offer is so tempting...

> no! you still have your pride!

> angrily look away from her

> redouble your white knuckle grip on the floor

> Valerie releases you with a giggle

> makes herself comfy on the couch and grabs a cup of tea

> no screentime for her

> she just sits and watches you with the smuggest expression you've ever seen

> you don't know how long it's been

> you're curled up on the floor in a fetal position

> your dick is so hard it's literally painful

> don't know how much longer you can hold out

> close your eyes and start breathing in short, sharp gasps

> hear Valerie moving towards you

> she lies down on the floor behind you and starts spooning you

> moves her mouth to your ear and whispers

"Why are you torturing yourself? Let me make you feel better..."

> grit your teeth and try to ignore her blandishments

> powerless to resist as she moves her paw to your poor abused dick

> she must be touching you with no more pressure than a whisker

> but even through your clothes it's the most amazing thing you've ever felt

> you can't take it anymore

> "Ah, oh, please! Please!"

> there's a sharp pain as her claws dig into you ever so slightly

"Please, Mistress."

> "Please Mistress!"

> you hear your pants ripping

> there's barely an instant of the sensation of air on your member before it's engulfed in her tail bulb

> Valerie cruelly muffles your screams with her paw as you shudder through an orgasm which feels like all the fluid in your body is trying to escape through your penis

> the relief is only temporary however

> the warm, pulsating wetness of her tail bulb quickly brings you back to attention

> you whimper pitifully as Valerie tightens her grip on you

> she sighs in utter contentment as she nuzzles you

"Oh husband, I've waited so long for you."

"I'm going to make tonight unforgettable."

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