A Tsundere Plot

By tipper

>Be me

>Bored and want cuddles

>Can’t ask bogey for cuddle directly or I’d lose my tsundere rep

>Need plan


>Sigh loudly

>Wife comes into room

<“What’s wrong dear?”


>She knows somethings up

<“You wanna cuddle?”


>Sigh loudly again

<“You sure?”


>Proceed to slouch

>She walks over

<“Cmon dear let’s cuddle, you’ll feel better”


>Get up to walk away

>She puts a hand out to stop me

<“Somethings got you down let me cuddle you”

“Eh I don’t really feel like it”

<“To bad you don’t get a choice”

>I try to limbo under her hand

>She moves to stop me when I suddenly break into a sprint running through the house

<“Get back here!”


>When she finally catches me she doesn’t let go of me for the rest of the day

>She even makes me sit in her lap for dinner so she doesn’t have to stop cuddling me

>Just as planned

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