High Goblin Greentext

By pkace04

>Be me

>Shortstack Thicc Gobbo Coworker offers to buy drinks after a stressful shift in the office at 9 pm.

>In line to get to a bar that she apparently frequents after work.

>"I.D. please."

>Bouncer upfront checks my card. He pulled his sunglasses down to take an exaggerated look at me.

>Who wears sunglasses at night?!

>"Hey buddy, we don't got all day yeah?! Hurry up and let us in!"

>Chuckling in amusement, the bouncer lets us in. Didn't even bother to check her I.D

>"Sorry about that champ. Lot'sa minors tryin to get in here yah know?!"

>I'm guessing she was a fairly frequent customer as all she had to do was raise her hand before the bartender served her drink.

>"It's alright, it happens no matter where I go to get drinks, not that I drink often."

>Gobbo laughs as I get my order. Whiskey sour.

>"Don't worry kid, you'll grow some hair on your chest someday!"

>"I'm in my late 20's! Don't treat me like a kid! Hell, I should be asking why they didn't check your I.D!"

>With a slight frown, Gobbo grabs me by my collar. I could smell the alcohol from her body alone, but my eyes were glued to her ample bosom, threatening to pop out of her shirt.

>"Kid, I'm literally over 50 years old."

>What the fuck?! 50!

>Letting me go, Gobbo jumps off her stool and sits on top of my crotch, pressing her equally ample bottom on top of it.

>"What're you doing on my-" Cutting me off short by shoving her drink in my mouth, I drank some of it as she groaned out loud.

>"PWAAAHHH! What the hell are you drinking?! This is closer to rubbing alcohol in taste than any reasonable drinks I know!"

>Turning around, I could see her camel toe riding up on her pants, purposefully rubbing it against my crotch.

>"Forget about your age problems and work for now brat! You've clearly neglected one part of you that you should take pride in!"

>Whatever she was drinking, it only took a small mouthful of it to get me all woozy and tipsy.

>"There's one part of you that stands proud and tall..."

>Reaching up to grab my shoulder, she rubs her chest against mine on her way up before planting a soft kiss on my lips.

>"Let's ditch this place! I'll give you a boost in confidence kid!"

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