By tercio

> toodling about town wearing your new hat

> you hate to toot your own horn but you are one classy guy

> what's this?

> oh no, one of those stupid "anti-fascist" protests

> way to go guys, chaos in the streets is sure to make people not want a police state

> what's this town coming to?

> why just the other day your friend ran into a situation just like this but with radfems and he-

< "Well look, if it isn't Anon."

> you know that voice, her name is Sylvia

< "Still a Nazi Anon?"

> the sad part is you liked her once

< "Or are you more focused on your species traitor monster girl sympathies?"

> she liked you too you think, then politics happened

> you don't know what to say to her

> look away from her and notice something

> those antifa idiots are yelling at an Ushi-Oni and her husband

> probably because the guy is wearing a "PRO LIFE. PRO GUN. PRO MONSTER." T-shirt

> are they really picking a fight with a guy who's almost certainly carrying concealed and married to a fucking Ushi-Oni?!

> one of the protesters yells "Get Fucked Nazi!" and sucker punches the guy

> holy shit, this is really happening

> Ushi-Oni starts lashing out

> she gets some solid air time with the one who hit her husband

> must have sent him a good 50 yards

> you're kind of enjoying the show

> then one of the twerps grabs her seal

> your blood runs cold

> you can feel the explosion of demonic energy from here as he rips it off

> Ushi-Oni goes berserk

> she's reverted to a primal state with only one objective: PROTECT HUSBAND

> you do not think she'll be very selective while neutralizing potential threats

> grab Sylvia's arm and start running

> it's an odd experience, running for your life while you have a raging erection

> the demonic aura seems to be affecting Sylvia even worse than you, she can barely keep up even with you pulling her

> or maybe that's just because she's put on a lot of pounds since you last saw her

> idly wonder how many of the soyboys here are going to alp after this

> make it a few blocks, see cop cars and parahuman response team IFVs whiz by

> probably safe to stop

> Sylvia falls to her knees and starts puking

> damn, she's even more out of shape than you are

> you live near here, offer to take her there to rest

> she groggily wipes the bile from her lips and silently lets you help her up

> talking seems to be too much effort

> she stops to vomit several more times on the way

> when you get home she makes a beeline for the bathroom

> you are starting to have a horrible suspicion

I feel the need to record Anon's hilarious speculation that "It's morning sickness! She got pregnant from holding his hand!"


> figure you should check on Sylvia

> but first you really need to crack one out

> three later and you're wondering what the hell it will take to make this thing go down

> fucking mamono mana

> decide to settle for leaving it at half mast and look in on Sylvia

> she's crawled into the tub and is drinking water straight from the faucet

> she looks a little sheepish

< "I-I'm so thirsty..."

> you put on a false smile, "Hey, no problem, you lost a lot of fluids. Just let me know if you need anything."

> she goes back to guzzling water

> yeah, that shit ain't normal

> sneak off and call emergency services

> they say that a priest will be by ASAP

> Church took to this monster shit like nobody's business (after at least after half the clergy alped and was kicked out)

> magic, monogamy, questing, appreciation for anachronistic outfits... there's a lot in common

> doing some research online and almost miss Sylvia stagger out of the bathroom and collapse onto your couch

> LoudWetSnores.mp3

> soon there's a knock on the door

> it's a priest in plague doctor gear and his knight bodyguard

> thank God for the orders militant

> if it wasn't for their autistic sword practice you think most lizardgirls would die virgins

> priest examines Sylvia

> this consists mostly of poking her with a fancy stick and mumbling in Latin

> she sleeps through everything

> priest gives you the diagnosis: "Virgin with that much mana exposure? I hope you like monster girls my son."

> he hands you a business card and a children's "Who's That Monster?" booklet

> "Give us a call when you think you know what she's turning into. We can send someone over to help with the transition."

> knight gives you a coupon and some kind of baton

> coupon is for 10% off at "Freya's Wedding Emporium"

> baton has a logo of a smiling cartoon boy wearing metal underwear and is labeled "Shota's First Stun Baton"

> "One's for if you want to get married. The other is for if you don't. Good luck bro."

> What the hell? They just sort of assumed you were gonna jump on this hand grenade?

> she's with Antifa and hates you

> whatever, you can figure it out in the morning

> go to bed and watch the evening news

> doze off watching footage of the Ushi-Oni from earlier being subdued with immobilizer foam and headpats from her husband

> but mostly by the headpats


> wake up to rustling in your room

> Sylvia is rummaging around looking for something

> she finds one of your, uh, spooge... absorbing.. things... from last night

> embarrassed, you're about to say something when she brings one to her nose and inhales deeply

> what the- oh riiiight. Monsterizing.

> "You, uh, OK there Sylvia?"

> she gives you a disturbingly hungry look

< "Hey Anon. I never noticed how good you smell..."

> oh shit, where's that stun baton?

> "Sylvia, we have to talk."

> she's crawling up onto your bed

> "Last night at the protest you were hit with a massive amount of mamono mana."

> is she sniffing your dick?


> she gives you a lust crazed look

< "Is that any way to talk to the girl who's about to rock your little world?"

> shit, she's going to rape you, and given her altered mental state maybe you'll technically be raping her too?

> hitting a girl with a cattle prod might actually be the ethical choice here...

> ominousgurgle.mp3

> she suddenly looks more uncomfortable than lustful

> rolls off of you and half crawls, half runs to the bathroom

> notice something when her shirt rides up

> make a quick call to that number the priest gave you

> hear some panicked animal sounds and follow her into the bathroom

> your toilet is full of what kind of looks like greasy blood

> Sylvia is huddled in the corner mumbling "nononononononono"

> she gives you a look of absolute terror

< "I-I'm dying..."

> "No. I told you. You were hit with a mega dose of monster mana. You're turning into a literal monster."

< "I'm puking blood! What the FUCK makes you think I'm going to turn into one of those freaks, Anon?"

> bring her to the mirror and lift up her shirt so you can both see her torso

> which is now semitransparent

> her intestines are gone

> her heart and lungs are still working and you can see a tracery of veins and arteries still running through her body

> the transformation seems to have started at her core and radiated outwards

> it looks like it's converting the least critical parts first, preserving more essential parts until all the organs dependent on them are converted

> you guess that she's getting her energy from mana now so the digestive tract is mostly gone

> but the cardiovascular system is still needed so it's being maintained by the translucent material somehow

> actually pretty amazing

> you can see streamers of red gunk flowing from the major intersections of new matter and flesh to the stomach

> must be a waste product of the transformation

> guess that explains all the puking

> wonder why it went that way instead of keeping the anus and shunting the waste out that way

> a mystery of supranature

> really incredible to be able to see inside a (partly) human body like this

> wow, look at that heart go

> lungs too

> wait, shit - she's hyperventilating


> yep, total panic

> on the bright side the shock seems to have derailed the rape train

> should probably try to get a handle on this situation

> "Hey! Hey! It's OK! Are you in pain?"

< "N-no, but-"

> "Just stay calm. I have some experts coming over. Until then is there anything I can get you?"

< "I'm really thirsty..."

> set her up in the bathroom with some pillows and blankets

> she alternates between chugging glasses of water from the tub faucet and "expelling" more of the red gunk into the toilet

> calmed down, but still seems pretty upset

> ...

> goddammit, you're such a betmax

> sit with with her and try to comfort her

> don't say much

> she holds you like a comfort blanket between episodes


> finally hear a knock at the door

> answer it and see two monstergirls

> first one is a tall blue slime with an impressive rack

> ara ara

> she's wearing the standard over sized galoshes and raincoat to keep her from making a mess everywhere when in public

> you see a crucifix floating around in her chest

> along with a candy bar wrapper and a ring of keys

> "Hi! I'm Bluey!"

> second one is a shorter (much less well endowed) red slime holding a clipboard

> she's wearing what looks like a form fitting spacesuit

> she must literally pour herself into it

> red and black color scheme with crosses and fleur-de-lis, seems oddly familiar

> also wearing glasses

> obviously an affectation, she has to periodically adjust them as they very slowly sink into her face

> "Hello Sir. I'm Miss Red. We're from the Church. Can you please take us to the transformer?"

> Sylvia sneers when she sees them

< "Are you fucking kidding me Anon? I thought you were bringing experts, not ambulatory sex toys."

> Miss Red adjusts her glasses, "I understand that this transitional period is difficult. However, we can help yo-"

< "Are you going to stop me from MOTHER FUCKING DISSOLVING?!"

> "Er, no, I'm afraid we can't do that. But-"

< "Fucking perfect. So you're just here to tell me about how great it is being a dumb monster slut then?"

> Red looks a little defensive and starts to stutter, "That's a st-stereotype! My IQ is s-solidly in the m-mid 90's!"

> "I see. So you choose to be some guy's obedient little sex kitten in order to feed your cum addiction?"

> Red is completely flustered now, "I haven't had the p-privilege of f-finding a h-husband y-yet, b-but m-m-marriage isn't l-like that..."

> Sylvia laughs cruelly

< "Are you kidding me? How incompetent do you have to be to not be able to get laid when you're an actual sex monster?!"

> Damn, Sylvia's bulli game is on point. Miss Red looks like she's on the verge of tears. Maybe you should step in?

> Bluey, who hasn't said anything yet, puts her hand on Sylvia's shoulder and gives her a sad look

> "It's OK to be scared."

> Sylvia's bravado cracks in an instant and she puts head in her hands

< "Oh God. What's going to happen to me? What's going to happen when this reaches my brain?!"

> Bluey sits down and put her arm around Sylvia, "You're your soul. That isn't going to change. Bodies are just thingies our souls drive around. Like cars."

> Sylvia scowls

< "I'm not sure I believe that..."

> Bluey just smiles and gives her a hug

> "I'm totally biased but I think you're gonna get a really cool new car."

> Sylvia frowns and experimentally pokes at her belly

> Bluey turns to you and gives you an apologetic look

> "Would it be OK if we had some privacy? Girl talk y'know."

> you numbly nod and turn to leave

> as you go Miss Red hands you some pamphlets

> "These m-may help s-sir..."

> one called Shopping for a Slime catches your eye

> lists a bunch of products slimes use in their everyday life

> might as well, some of this stuff actually seems pretty useful

> "I'm going to pick up some things at the store. I'll be back."


> head to nearby shopping center

> see gang of orcs lounging on crude homebrew motorcycles

> pretty obviously undressing you with their eyes

> when you get close their leader sniffs the air

> they suddenly seem to lose interest

> hunh

> wander around a few different stores picking up things in the pamphlet

> a few cheap plastic covers and tarps to keep slimes from doing water damage to normal building materials

> grab a kiddie pool

> pamphlet says that slimes don't really need soft beds since they're soft themselves

> there's a little cartoon of a smiling slime in a bathtub with her husband using her as a mattress and pillow

> finally hit the supermarket

> apparently slimes can eat just about anything, but some things are tastier and healthier

> buy some fresh fruits and packaged drink mixes

> pamphlet strongly suggests something called "Ovalkwik"

> find out it only comes in bulk containers

> odd

> stick to the cheap, starter tier stuff but still spend more than you should have

> wonder why you're doing this

> it's not like she's your girlfriend

> but... you were friends once and you feel sorry for her given what she's going through

> maybe that's enough?

> or are you blindly helping a damsel in distress because you think that's what you're supposed to do?

> feel pretty melancholy

> notice an item on display

> quite the coincidence

> what the hell, what's one more purchase?

> head home

> not paying attention, almost bump into a black harpy

> shitshitshitshit

> she doesn't even leer at you, just keeps walking

> wtf?

> get home, "Hello?"

> "Perfect timing! We're just wrapping up."

> girls come out of the bathroom

> they notice the stuff you bought

> Bluey emits a happy squeal, "I love whoever wrote that pamphlet!"

> Miss Red is trying to look detached and professional, but she obviously really wants some of the slime treats you bought

> "Er, would you like to have something to eat before you go?"

> "Thanks mister!" Bluey cracks open the huge bin of "Ovalkwik" and pours some of the brown powder into cups for the three of them while Miss Red fills glasses with water

> take the opportunity to set up some of the stuff you bought in the living room

> notice out of the corner of your eye when Bluey grabs a banana and stage whispers, "Pay attention, this is a good trick, my husband loves it!"

> Sylvia and Miss Red watch intently as Bluey sticks the banana between her giant tits, presses them together with her hands, and sticks her tongue out in concentration

> the banana starts to move up and down

> Sylvia giggles

> Miss Red somehow manages to turn a deeper shade of crimson

> After they finish Bluey and Miss Red say their goodbyes and promise to be back tomorrow

> Sylvia seems pensive so you decide to try your cheer up surprise attack

> "Hey Sylvia, I set up the pool and the couch so you can lounge on them and watch TV..."

< "Oh boy, I'm like a wet dog."

> "... aaaaand I got this."

> It's one of those modern remakes of a classic console with a bunch of games preinstalled on it

> this brand even sells different versions with controllers designed for monster girls (you got "Slimes: Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant")

> the two of you used to play with one of these all the time

> Sylvia actually smiles and seems a little excited to try it out

> you spend the rest of the day trying your old favorites and some games you never had back then

> it gets late and Sylvia sleepily leans against you

> gently lay her down and cover her with a blanket

< "Anon... thank you. I'm sorry I've been so cranky. And about everything that happened... back then."

> get a lump in your throat

> "It's OK. For now just try to relax. You've been through a lot."

< "Good night Anon."

> "Good night Sylvia."


> wake up and head into the living room

> see Sylvia struggling to take off her now soaked shirt

> her entire epidermis is translucent blue slime now

< "Ah! Help me! I can't get out!"

> is she asking you to rip her clothes off?

> her skin is much gooier and wetter than it was yesterday, it must have undergone some kind of phase change once it converted the entire surface

> see the problem is that her arms and fingers have a lot more give now that they're slime

> she doesn't have much fine or even gross motor control with the new appendages

> Bluey and Miss Red didn't seem to have any problems though, maybe she just needs practice?

< "Please! It feels so uncomfortable, I can feel it wicking away my moisture!"

> Er, OK...

> use your SUPERIOR HUMAN HANDS to get her loose from her sodden clothing

> hesitate when you get to her underwear but she keeps fumbling with her slime fingers

> she breathes a big sigh of relief when you unclasp her bra and the underwire cutting into her is removed

> and her fat breasts swing free

> try to be a gentleman but you can't help but an eyeful when you help her take her panties off

> as a human Sylvia was definitely on the pudgy side of thicc

> she still is

> large breasts, thighs, butt, and a bit of a chubby belly

> her slime is a little more opaque now but you can still see some organs and bones being converted inside

> it's a little creepy but you're glad her now visible skull is blocking your view of whatever is happening to her brain

> finally free of the confining clothes she sprawls on the plastic covered couch

> all in all she looks pretty good

> on a human there would be sagging, wrinkles, and cellulite

> but as a slime shes smooth and soft

> her tits are much perkier than ones that size would have any right to be on a human and-

> focus, Anon

> avert your eyes and offer her a tarp

> she looks at you quizzically

> realizes she's naked

> starts to reach for the tarp but stops

< "Aw fuck it. I'm way too comfortable. It's not like I even have nipples anymore. Or holes down there. You won't be overcome with lust and rape me will you Anon?"

> that last part part sounded almost hopeful

> blush like crazy and hastily excuse yourself to do something in the kitchen


> when Bluey and Miss Red show up again they start Sylvia on exercises designed to help her physically adjust to her new body

> the video game system is actually super useful here

> playing a game with a controller is a difficult fine motor task and Sylvia is highly motivated to get good enough to compete you again

> Bluey isn't able to help much, she's total mom-core

> she never seems to get over her initial impression that the video game characters are actual robotic people who live inside the computer

> she cheers them on by name, forgetting that they're being controlled by the person holding the gamepad

> Miss Red is perfect though

> she's never played video games before but her reflexes are great

> her inexperience is a good match for Sylvia's lack of dexterity

> as Miss Red gets more experienced Sylvia gets more used to her new fingers

> pretty intense competition

> unfortunately Sylvia likes to trash talk when it's really close

> pretty standard stuff but poor Miss Red isn't used to the bants

> you make a habit of grabbing another controller and joining in when it looks like Sylvia is bullying Miss Red too hard

> neither one of them is a match for you

> Miss Red always seems pathetically grateful to you for redirecting Sylvia's trash talk to you

> poor thing

> you just wish Bluey would stop whipping out her phone and playing ominous music when you pick up a controller

> Sylvia does a little less well with the gross motor exercises

> she's too shy of her new body to leave your home

> so she just does circuits of your living room

> she still manages to improve

> probably more /fit/ than when she was human

> can maintain a steady jog for quite a while

> and dear God the jiggling

> when her and Bluey get rolling...

> beardicus.png

> the slime training is a totally different story

> Sylvia simply cannot learn how to manipulate her basic form

> Miss Red is a master

> she can form arbitrary geometric shapes, look like another person, even form her hands into rudimentary tools

> Bluey admits to not being very good at it herself but even she can shift her mass around and take on alternate forms like a blob or a half woman-half puddle

> Sylvia is stuck in her standard form of a slime version of her original self

> despite a lot of encouragement she's obviously very upset about this

> you're trying to comfort her after a particularly frustrating session

> "Hey, don't worry. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you master blob form."

< "I don't care about that."

> "I don't understand. Why are you upset then?"


> wut?

< "It was the one thing I was secretly looking forward to! Monsters all look like models!"

> Sylvia hugs herself and looks like she's about to cry

< "Now I'm an actual shapeshifting monster and I still have to look like this! IT JUST ISN'T FAIR!"

> gooey tears start to run down her cheeks

> suddenly she digs her fingers into her gut, rips out a handful of slime, and throws it against the wall as hard as she can

> Bluey and Miss Red are frozen with shock

> you grapple her to stop her from grabbing another handful

> she doesn't fight you

> only sound is Sylvia's crying

> and an odd squelching?

> everyone turns to look

> the discarded blob of slime is slowly making it's way back towards Sylvia

> it's got a kind of bouncy little up and down compress-stretch form of locomotion

> quite jaunty really

> "Is that normal?" you ask

> Bluey and Miss Red just look at each other with their mouths agape for a moment

> then they turn to look at Sylvia with expressions of awe on their faces

> "THE QUEEN" they say in unison


> after some guided experimentation Sylvia discovers that she can control at least half a dozen independent little blobs of her own slime

> Bluey is literally vibrating with excitement

> she regales you all with tales of the previous Slime Queens

> apparently they're quite rare and some of them reached mythic status

> reading between the lines you suspect some of Bluey's stories might actually be bastardized versions originating from ancient times even before the succubus Demon lord

> it makes sense in a way

> slimes are traditionally considered one of the weakest monsters

> a champion who could inspire slimes and bind them together would be a true hero to them

> even a founder figure like a King Arthur or an Aeneas

> Sylvia is intrigued when Bluey explains that Slime Queens are infamously thicc and very bad at changing shape

> "But as they get bigger they can make all different kinds of themself!"

> Bluey launches into another story revolving around a Slime Queen who saved her people by allying with a great Hero

> by being every single other member of his party: an athletic knight, a voluptuous healer, a lanky mage, and a smol ranger

> you and Miss Red both look away embarrassed when Bluey gets to the inevitable confession and, uh, "marriage" scene

> notice that while Sylvia is listening intently her blobs are still moving in patterns

> her ability to multitask is superhuman

> when the story is finished Bluey says that Sylvia will need to put on mass if she wants to have “servants” more sophisticated than little blobs

> asks you to help her in the kitchen

> surprisingly Miss Red doesn't offer to help too

> when you and Bluey return loaded down with tasty slime treats it looks like Sylvia and Miss Red are just finishing a very tense conversation

> wonder what that was about

> after the meal Bluey and Miss Red leave promising to return the next day with some prominent local slimes who will want to meet a newborn queen slime

> Sylvia spends the rest of the day practicing with her miniature "servants"

> gets to the point where she can play a video game against herself

> kind of cute how she has a team of the little blobs working together to hold one of the controllers and work the buttons


> getting ready to go to bed

< "Hey Anon, I have something for you."

> It's a check? Wow, it covers everything you spent on Sylvia and more. A lot more.

< "I really appreciate everything you've done for me."

> she pauses and looks like she's trying to muster her courage

< "I've had a lot of time to think and I've realized what an idiot I was."

< "I let go of someone who cared about me because they didn't care about my politics."

< "I hurt you Anon, but you still helped me without a second thought. I know I don't deserve it but..."

< "Do you think we could get back together?"

> you've been expecting this

> still aren't sure how you really feel

> "Sylvia, I do care about you. But I'm a little unsure about my true feelings. Besides, is this really the best time to make a decision like this? You've been experiencing an awful lot of transitions."

> Sylvia's eyes go a little crazy

< "Transitions? TRANSITIONS?!"

> suddenly you're on your back and she's holding you down

> you thought slimes were supposed to be weak and slow!

< "Do you have any idea what it's like to be this horny all the time?! And to have a kind, faithful guy RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?!"

> her hands run up and down your arms

> you can feel her grinding her hips against yours

< "Oh God, it doesn't even matter which part of my body I touch you with..."

> she lowers her head and starts kissing your cheek

< "... and your smell... the way you taste when I kiss you..."

> she looks you right in the eyes

> her expression is terrifying

< "I could make you mine right here, right now. No one could stop me. Then my mana would bind us together. Forever. Whether you want it to or not."

> you aren't sure it works that way

> still scared out of your wits

> this isn't who Sylvia is!

> something in your face must have snapped her out of it

> as quickly as you were attacked Sylvia is huddled in the furthest corner away from you

< "Anon, I'm so sorry!"

> she seems genuinely distraught

< "I- I really do care about you... you're not just a... a source of spirit energy to me."

> she laughs bitterly

< "This is the first damn thing Bluey warned me about."

< "I was so scared to lose myself. Bluey told me that the only way that would happen is if I chose to sacrifice myself to my new and stronger appetites."

> she smiles wanly at you

< "Red actually had the audacity to comment that it looked like I was used to sacrificing myself to my hungers. Heh. I really pissed her off that day. She's quiet but there's steel under there."

< "I guess she was right though. I claimed I didn't want to be a semen demon but I just tried to rape my only true friend in his own living room."

> "Sylvia..."

< "Anon, I don't know if you can ever forgive me. For now, or before. But... could you please not make up your mind about me just yet? I want to show you that I can be better. For you."

> "I promise."


> wake up early the next day

> let Sylvia sleep in, figure she didn't sleep so well last night what with everything that happened

> head to the bank to deposit that check

> human teller flirts with you

> pretty enough you suppose, despite one of those ill conceived half shaved haircuts

> cold eyes though, calculating

> realize this is the first time a strange woman has really come on to you since Sylvia started transforming

> her mana?

> whatever, you can worry about it later

> take your time and stop at a few stores

> with the extra money from Sylvia you want to by some nice things for her and the other slimes who'll be visiting today

> don't notice the van following you

> when you get home Miss Red is waiting for you at your front door

> "Hello Miss Red. You're early."

> "H-h-hello A-a-anon."

> she's shaking like a leaf

> "A-a-non... y-you've been r-really nice to me. I w-was w-wondering if m-maybe that was b-because y-you... l-liked m-me? A l-little..."

> she looks at you like an abused puppy who isn't sure if it's about to get hit or not

> "B-because I l-l-like y-you... m-maybe... a l-lot..."

> her voice sort of trails off at the end there

> this is pretty unexpected

> you're trying to figure out how to respond when you hear the squealing of tires

> a white panel van screeches to a halt in front of your home

> a bunch of Antifa thugs pile out along with a woman

> wait, is that the bank teller?

> she points at you and screeches, "There he is! He's the one who kidnapped our comrade!"

> "What the hell are you talking about?!"

> "You cashed a huge check from Sylvia! Where are you keeping her and how did you force her to sign that check!?"

> "She's my house guest! I'm helping-"

> "Enough lies fascist! She's been missing ever since that evil monster attack. Get them boys!"

> the men pull out baseball bats and start advancing on you

> well shit, why didn't you listen to /k/?

> to your surprise Miss Red steps in front of you

> "Walk away humans. Just walk away."

> what happened to her stutter?

> even her body language- she seems like a totally different person

> the teller stamps her foot in anger at being gainsaid and gestures at you

> "I said: GET THEM!"

> one of the Antifa slugs Miss Red right in the gut, his bat sinking deep into her amorphous body

> Miss Red simply looks at the guy like he's retarded and the Antifa back up, unsure of themselves

> she carefully puts her glasses away and dryly comments, "It's ironic you know. The incident which made me ineligible for celibate vocations also made me a far more terrible opponent than any human Sister Martial."

> with that she explodes into action

> several Antifa go down in a flurry of blows

> you watch dumbfounded and realize the real purpose of her suit

> the standard striking points like elbows and fists are stiffened permitting her to land hard hits despite her body being soft and gooey

> it's also designed around flexibility far beyond that of a human martial artist

> she demonstrates as one of the Antifa tries to get himself some space by backing up while swinging his bat

> the suit's backpack tank gurgles as Miss Red cracks her arm like a whip

> the arm extends and shoots out to grab the man

> then with a backwards jerk Miss Red reels him directly into a devastating knee strike

> holy crap, she's practically Majin Buu

> suddenly there's an odd buzzing sound and Miss Red's head explodes


> the bank teller is hanging out of the van holding something with a lot of wires...

> shitshitshit- it's a microwave gun!

> you rush to shield Miss Red with your body

> it isn't like a microwave oven, that's just a name, you don't know how it works

> you do know that it emits invisible rays that tear slimes apart but just give humans mild topical burns

> one of the weapons invented right after the portals opened and people weren't sure if monsters where friend or foe

> Miss Red is making a horrible pained keening noise from inside her suit

> dammit, you somehow have to get to that bitch and break that gun off in her ass

> feel a baseball bat hit your side and hear a rib crack

> right, and beat up the shitstains Miss Red hadn't gotten too yet

> stand up and try to fight with one hand while holding Miss Red with the other and keeping your body between her and the microwave gun

> nail one guy right on the jaw but see stars as his buddy lands a glancing blow to your skull

> this is not going well

> so focused on the fight you don't even hear the shattering glass or the liquid scream of rage

> but suddenly your opponents are desperately clutching at slimy blobs encasing their heads

> and preventing them from breathing

> look around and see Sylvia storming up to the teller

> who is totally immobilized by slime tendrils

< "Rachel! You hurt my friends. I find my self wondering what your excuse is. Were you missing me? Or my money?"

> "You have no right! You're one of them! Fascist monster slut!"

> you don't think you've ever seen anyone as angry as Sylvia looks right now

< "Wrong answer Rachel."

> the bank teller starts screaming as the slime tendrils begin pulling her limbs in very unnatural directions

> you notice that some of the thugs are almost out of air


> fall to your knees

> turns out that yelling when you have cracked ribs isn't the greatest idea

> "police... and mizz red... hospital..." you manage to wheeze

> before your wounds catch up with you and you pass out from the pain


> wake up in the hospital

> see Sylvia and Bluey at your bedside

> they both look very upset

> "Is Miss Red OK?" you manage to croak

> "I'm OK Anon." you see Miss Red peeking over the lip of a big bucket with a bunch of tubes going into it

> turns out you missed a lot of excitement after you passed out

> the cops showed up loaded for bear

> and Bluey with a couple of cars full of the most powerful slimes in the region

> and most of your neighbors armed with whatever was lying around

> there was almost a lynching when they saw what had happened

> the Antifas' van was full of anti-monster weapons

> flamethrowers, mana disruptors, citronella squirt guns for Wan Wans

> nothing intrinsically illegal about that

> gun control is kind of hypocritical and pointless when there are monster citizens who can go one on one with a tank

> the arsenal does become a bit of a problem when you're captured with detailed plans to attack a pro monster political rally

> and, you know, you just tried to murder two citizens in broad daylight

> the pro monster media went nuts with the story

> there's a Ratatoskr commentator on the TV right now making hay over the incident

> she has a little video of your beat up ass getting loaded into an ambulance playing over her shoulder

> Bluey says that you're already getting love letters from monster girls who saw you on the news and want to nurse you back to health

> Sylvia and Miss Red both look a little irritated at that

> spend some time zoning in and out on pain meds listening to Bluey talk about the news and political stuff

> Sylvia and Miss Red are pretty quiet

> eventually a nurse comes by and says they need to wrap it up so you can go to sleep

> Bluey leaves first to go deal with some paperwork

> it's a little awkward being alone with two monster girls who were secretly competing over you

> even if right now they mostly seem concerned about your injuries

> you feel like such an asshole

> no matter what you do you're going to hurt at least one of them

> resolve not to be like one of those annoyingly indecisive Mongolian Harem Flip Book protagonists who leads the girls on

> you care about both of them enough to be honest with them

> you've made your decision







> be human wife and mother

> you're watching the slimes work while you wait for your order

> a big purple one waves some kind of wand around before pointing at a spot on the ground

> then a gang of different colored ones dig up what looks like the remains of a cache of old artillery shells

> they start feeding them to a cadre of slimes who look like they're boiling

> this whole area used to be a military reservation, there's a lot of nasty stuff laying around from then

> but the slimes moved in and have been clearing it acre by acre

> they're hard workers and those bubble?... bobble? ones can actually eat pollution

> they've tilled farmland, replanted parts of the forest, cleaned and stocked fishing ponds, the place is starting to look like a bucolic fantasy realm

> the news said that when they get together like this they can make a "Slime Kingdom"

> apparently that's a "safe pseudo demon realm" without enough monster mana to affect humans

> but just enough to let them produce some exotic compounds that the government is very interested in

> and really good produce

> speaking of which the slime girl at the farm stand calls out that your order is ready

> look at her name tag as you take the big bags of fruits and vegetables

> "Thank you Miss... 'Hippie Sylvia'."

> kind of an odd name, even if it does fit her

> her head tendrils look just like dreadlocks with a scarf

> maybe the "Hippie" appellation is necessary for clarity

> for whatever reason a surprising number of the slimes here are named Sylvia


> "Dammit Sylvia! I need to get this tractor over to team two!"

> Nerdy Sylvia just smirks at you as she bounces up and down on your dick

> Oh God, you aren't going to last much longer at this rate...

> you can feel Ara Sylvia's enormous breasts pressing into your back as she holds you still for the other her

> she's kissing your neck and nibbling on your ear as she watches Nerdy Sylvia take you

> Sylvia really seems to have gotten into watching herself have sex with you lately

> wonder if she's eventually going to make a Horned Sylvia whose job it is to watch

> Nerdy Sylvia is getting close

> she leans forward, takes your face in her hands, and kisses you deeply

< "I love you Anon..."

> you can feel both Sylvias shuddering in sympathetic pleasure as Nerdy Sylvia goes over the edge

> it's all to much for you and you give in too

> finally catch your breath

> stand up and put your pants on, trying to regain your dignity

> they ambushed you when you went to pick up a tractor from the garage

> should have known something was up when you saw that nureonago mechanic leaving

> she must have known what they were going to do to you judging by the way she looked at you and giggled

> she could have warned you

> you're the Slime King dammit

> sigh in exasperation, "Sylvia, I love spending time with you but I also have responsibilities."

> Ara Sylvia pouts

< "I know sweetie."

> Nerdy Sylvia grabs you from behind

< "This is one of them silly!"

> you struggle in vain as Nerdy Sylvia holds your arms behind you and Ara Sylvia undoes your pants with her mouth

> just a few licks are enough to get you hard again

> fucking mamono mana

> Nerdy Sylvia bites her lower lip and humps your thigh as Ara Sylvia slowly backs onto your erection with a groan of satisfaction

> team two never did need a tractor did they?

> even your mana enhanced self is tired when they finally let you go

> as they leave Nerdy Sylvia turns to you

< "With this I almost have enough for another me. Which do you want first: Knight Me or Ranger Me?"

> goddammit Sylvia

> "... Knight You."

< "Good choice. Now be sure to drink lots of fluids, I'm all looking forward to seeing you tonight."

> it's good to be the king





> "How does that that feel?"

> "Good Anon. But it still seems like there's some delay in the primary valve."

> "What the fuck is wrong with that thing? Come on out and I'll take a look."

> you still have nightmares about the day your poor little Reddy's head exploded

> you've dedicated yourself to improving her armor so nothing like that can ever happen again

> your Reddy is super determined to help people but she doesn't look after herself

> for God's sake, one time a cranky Ushi-Oni practically punched her in half and she just shrugged it off

> between her willingness to put herself in danger to help others and your obsession with making her protective gear you've sort of become the Jeff Cooper of slime combat

> you love her so much

> you would do anything to protect her

> those feelings manifest in a rather less than Platonic manner as you watch her pour herself out of the test suit

> and reform as a gorgeous naked woman

> you grin mischievously, "Ok, Reddy. I need to give you a quick check now."

> she does her weird turn a deeper shade of red blush thing

> she knows what you're up to

> "Feet apart and hands on the wall."

> this is technically legitimate, there are a number of slime injuries which can be diagnosed by a visual and tactile inspection

> of course there's no need for her to bend over that far with her ass up to do any of those tests

> you can feel her shaking in anticipation as you run your hands all over her body

> just the skin to slime contact feels good to her and she obviously craves more

> but she's far too shy and polite to come out and ask you to give her the D

> even when she was stuck in her bucket and had a legitimate medical reason to guzzle her husband's cum she was reluctant to ask directly

> so you play your little games

> you stop touching her and pretend like you're done

> she looks at you plaintively, wanting you to keep touching her but too bashful to say anything

> you make a big show of ignoring her to review something on your clipboard

> she's practically writhing in frustration but still doesn't say anything

> goddamn it's fun to tease her

> but you're not a monster

> "Alright Reddy, I'm going to give you a spirit energy injection now."

> you walk over and start running a hand over her body again

> piece by piece you remove your clothing with the other hand

> finally nude you nestle your cock in her buttocks

> due to her history and skills Reddy always recreates the female form very faithfully

> you can feel the crinkles of her simulated rosebud rubbing against your dick

> "Now Reddy, I don't want to do this if you don't want me to."

> you know damn well she wants it, any other monster girl in her state would have you pinned and would be power fucking you by now

> it's just really fun to take her this far and then force her to ask for it

> "Y-y-yes Anon."

> "Yes what?"

> "P-please g-give me your s-spirit energy..."

> "You want me to jack off onto you?"

> "N-n-no! P-please p-p-put your p-p-penis in me! P-please c-cum inside me!"

> happy to oblige

> you slip your cockhead past her simulated anal ring

> she's a slime so it doesn't really matter where you stick it but you find that the D is most psychologically effective when it's in a spot where a human woman would get fucked

> the "butt" is a great place to do Reddy because she still mentally associates anal with being dirty and naughty, even if that logic doesn't really apply to slimes

> with all the pre-game teasing it doesn't take long before she shudders in climax

> you don't stop, instead you pull her upright and hug her close for even more slime-skin contact

> you keep thrusting as you kiss her ear and whisper lewd little things to her

> like how surprising it is that a good girl like her came so quickly from being ravaged in her bottom

> this drives her wild and she starts loudly agreeing with every naughty thing you say while trying to meld her body even closer to yours

> you both climax this time and collapse, spent

> you manage to muster the energy to carry her to your bedroom where you lay beside her

> as always your cute little Reddy is a little embarrassed at how wild she got in the heat of the moment

> as always you cuddle her to let her know you love her

> today though your cuddles don't seem to be as effective as usual

> something is clearly bothering her

> "Anon... should we really be doing this so often? I don't need to gain mass anymore..."

> it's true, she's recovered all the mass she lost in the microwave gun attack

> "Reddy, I was thinking that once you got big enough you could just undergo fission."

> she blinks a few times as she processes what you said

> then her eyes light up and she hugs you as hard as she can

> you're looking forward to the hearing the splorch splorch of little feet





> "I'm sorry. You're both really amazing, but I can't be with either of you."

> Sylvia and Miss Red are both confused and more than a little upset

> but you try to make it easy on them

> you compliment them a lot

> it helps that the nice things you say about them are true, and that you mean them

> you would be lucky to be with either one of them

> but that fight taught you something about yourself

> it wouldn't be fair to either of them to marry someone like you


> you watch impassively as the chained Antifa woman spits insults at the Dark Slime

> Lady Pravus casually backhands Rachel with her scepter

> "Bitch, you've already been sentenced to death."

> "You can't do this! I have rights!"

> "Do you have any idea how many danuki families were going to be at that rally you planned on attacking?"

> Lady Pravus makes little air parentheses with her hands when she says "danuki"

> you can see all of the blood drain out of Rachel's face

> she starts begging, pleading, promising anything and everything

> it's far too late for that

> "Looks like you finally figured it out." you sneer at the evil human, "This is your execution."

> Lady Pravus looks at you one last time for confirmation

> not to ask should she do it, but how to do it

> "Full wipe." you confirm, "Just keep that fragment of personality we talked about."

> the Dark Slime Arch Mage slowly begins to envelop the Antifa woman

> Rachel continues to thrash desperately but soon she's writhing in pleasure

> just the slime to skin contact is enough to make her wet with desire

> little slime tendrils slowly encircle her breasts and she starts to pant and gasp

> she's no longer trying to get away

> on the contrary, she's pushing herself further into the dark slime now

> desperately squeezing her breasts and rubbing her clitoris, anything for more of these amazing sensations

> other slime tendrils encircle the woman's thighs, pulling them open and lifting them up to expose her maidenhood

> "Do it now Anon. Make her yours." Lady Pravus says breathily

> you quickly unbuckle your pants and hilt yourself in a single cruel thrust

> Rachel screams in a disturbing mix of total violation and uninhibited satisfaction

> the mana elixer you took earlier keeps you rock hard as you relentlessly pummel her and pump load after load into her womb

> she's a drooling mess now, cumming almost constantly, twitching and shaking spasmodically as her body and mind are overwhelmed by wave after wave of pleasure

> Lady Pravus begins her part of the ritual in earnest, dissolving the woman's body and compressing it into something... else


> the criminals load the stolen crates of weapons into the truck quickly

> if anyone found them now-

> "O~HOHOHO!" the newborn Dark Slime Lady Vindicta dramatically reveals herself on a nearby rooftop

> to their credit the criminals don't hesitate, they just open fire

> "IMPUDENCE! GET THEM!" she wails as she ducks for cover

> her masked GOO-ns quickly leap into action

> they're magicked to be ridiculously tough but they don't make much headway

> mindflayed condemned men don't really have the mental acumen to excel in a fight

> that's where you come in

> you leap off of a roof and do several flips with your dark violet cape riffling theatrically before landing in the thick of the action

> the criminals are no match for the incubus speed and strength of GENERAL GOO-N!

> you're just tying up the last of them when Lady Vindicta finally oozes over to you

> "General! You incompetent buffoon! You let them stop me from giving my speech!"

> she starts hitting you, "And you beat them too quick! I wasn't able to show off any of my weapons!"

> she's just straight up whining now, so annoying

> of course, she knows it irritates you, that's why she's doing it

> she's probably excited already, wondering how you're going to bully her in bed later

> (you plan to torment her core with ice cubes and then make her bark like a dog for the honor of accepting your dick)

> just keep quiet for now, Generals are supposed to be stoic

> give the GOO-ns orders to split up and meet back at the hideout and call the police to pick up the guys you just beat the crap out of

> lead Lady Vindicta to the GOO-Bot so you can go home

> can't resist reaching into her and grabbing what used to be Rachel the Antifa

> Lady Vindicta cums on the spot from pleasure (and a little bit of pain) as you squeeze her core hard


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